Pilates for Two

At-Home Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates classes designed for all stages of your pregnancy and beyond!

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What to Expect

Take good care of yourself during and after your pregnancy with this collection of 80+ online Pilates classes designed for all stages of your pregnancy, including some with your baby!

Featured Prenatal Classes

Prenatal classes designed for all stages of your pregnancy.

Prenatal Pilates Exercises (Second Trimester)

Side Leg Lift

Use this Side Leg Lift to build strength in your hips and shoulder girdle. Repeat on each side.

Clam With Kick

This Clam variation is a great exercise to engage your external rotators so you can keep your hips strong. Repeat on each side.

Standing Side Overs

You will mobilize your side body while you strengthen your arms and obliques with the Standing Side Overs. Repeat on each side.

Standing Side Leg Lift

Challenge your balance while strengthening your legs in this Standing Side Leg Lift. Repeat on each side.

Featured Postnatal Classes

Classes designed to connect you with your baby and your body.

Postnatal Pilates Exercises

Lunge to Kneeling Combo

This Lunge to Kneeling Combo will challenge your stability and glute strength. You will also improve your posture by focusing on keeping your spine long. Repeat on each side.

Roll Up

This gentle Roll Up will help you rebuild your abdominal strength and improve the mobility of your spine.


Bridging will strengthen your hamstrings and glutes. Plus, you can challenge your stability with the single leg variation. Repeat on each side.

Grand Plié

The Grand Plié in second position will work your inner thighs and hips as you move in this externally rotated position.

Meet Some of Your Teachers

Our 195+ teachers represent over 40 schools of Pilates. Be sure to participate in the forums and let us know how your practice is progressing!

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Carrie Macy Samper

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Courtney Miller

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Georgia Burns

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Michael King

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Leah Stewart

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Monica Wilson

What Our Members Say

Kyla Farrow Image
Kyla Farrow
Thank you, for the Prenatal Course with Leah! The muscular "holds" in this class make so much more sense than the "Ice hold" they had us practice in my birth class, ha! Thanks to my Pilates practice I made it through 36 hours of labor and delivered a healthy baby.
Molly Buell Image
Molly Buell
I felt SO many muscles wake up after doing this Pre/Postnatal class with Courtney Miller. I am 9 months post partum after my 3rd. Feel like I'll get the strongest I've been in a long time with your workouts and my new balanced body reformer! Yay!
Stacy Feldpausch Image
Stacy Feldpausch
I love Pilates Anytime and what it has to offer for the prenatal and postnatal woman. These sessions helped me to achieve four pretty smooth deliveries! In addition to feeling strong and less tired and sore in my body prenatal, it also greatly helped in my recovery postnatal.

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