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Pilates for Baby Boomers

Join Jillian Hessel in this series designed to help you maintain your healthy and active lifestyle as you age. You will build confidence so you can move through all of the daily activities you love with ease and joy.

Featured Classes and Exercises for Balance

Arm Lift with Weights

This Single-Arm Lift will challenge your balance by forcing one side to stabilize while the other side is moving. Alternate sides with control.

Single Leg Lift

This exercise engages your core and thigh muscles which will improve your balance. For more of a challenge close your eyes.

Featured Classes and Exercises for Mobility

Theraband Shoulder Stretch

This exercise stretches the shoulders, arms, and chest by moving through your full range of motion.

Hip Stretch

Stretch the deep muscles of your hips, which will improve your ability to get up and down from a seated position.

Featured Classes for Osteoporosis

Jumpstart Your Home Practice With a Program

These curated Playlists are designed to help you find the online Pilates class you need today

Meet Some of Your Teachers

200+ teachers representing 40+ schools of Pilates. Join us in the forums to connect with your teachers!

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