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The Pilates Center Training

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This is part of a series of discussions that profile Pilates teacher training programs. For the most up to date information about The Pilates Center please visit their website.

Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel
Chapter 1 Becoming Pilates Teachers 10m 32s
Chapter 2 Starting The Pilates Center 4m 20s
Chapter 3 Trademark Lawsuit 2m 01s
Chapter 4 Starting a Training Program 11m 38s
Chapter 5 What Makes The Pilates Center Unique? 10m 39s
Chapter 6 How Many Graduates are There? 1m 35s
Chapter 7 The Everything Pilates Book 2m 03s
Chapter 8 Training Program vs Certification 5m 26s
Amy Taylor Alpers and Kelli Burkhalter-Hutchins
Chapter 9 Director of Education Introduction 1m 45s
Chapter 10 The Intermediate Program 6m 03s
Chapter 11 Bridge Program 0m 57s
Chapter 12 Taking a Course in Boulder, Colorado 7m 02s
Chapter 13 Advanced Program 1m 36s
Chapter 14 Licensed Studios 3m 13s
Chapter 15 Case Studies 3m 41s
Chapter 16 Graduate Level Programs 11m 34s
Chapter 17 Continuing Education 2m 45s
Background Information
Chapter 18 The Pilates Center Studio Tour 17m 15s

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Apr 23, 2014
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We got into plots. It was really because Rachel was moving to New York. I had moved to New York in 1976 to go to college to go to Julliard. She was living in boulder. And, um, she just kinda needed a ...


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I'm so proud to be a graduate of The Pilates Center. So, so, so proud. I love who Amy and Rachel are, what they stand for as women as well as leaders in the Pilates industry. Thank you for posting this Pilates Anytime. It's great to have these fabulous women sharing their Pilates history, teaching style and personalities with us.
I love PilatesAnytime for creating such a beautiful & informative interview with these major Pilates players. I've worked with an instructor who graduated from the Pilates Center & frankly, I judged the entire program based on my experience w/ this zealous & extreme personality who said her training was the only training worthy of being dubbed true Pilates. I'm so thrilled to see the founders speak & hear their amazing journies developing their school. It makes me want to visit Colorado! They appear much more open minded than my previous co-worker & I'm thrilled to see this...
Oh Jodey, I have met people like that too. I've learned to question people who are so certain about things in all areas of life. I'm thrilled you took a second look and The Pilates Center and more specifically at Amy and Rachel. They are open and they have a wealth of knowledge we can all benefit from whether we've taken their training (yet) or not.

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