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Mat Workout
Diane Diefenderfer Deliberate Pace
Level 2 40 min
Studio du Corps Jul 23, 2014
Cadillac Workout
Rachel Taylor Segel Deliberate Pace
Level 1/2 45 min
The Pilates Center Jul 20, 2014
Cadillac Workout
Benjamin Degenhardt Moderate Pace
Level 3 40 min
360° Pilates Jul 15, 2014
Mat Workout
Monica Wilson Deliberate Pace
Level 1 30 min
Romana's Pilates® Jul 26, 2014
Mat Workout
Dawn-Marie Ickes Deliberate Pace
Level 2 60 min
Balanced Body Jul 28, 2014
Reformer Workout
Meredith Rogers Moderate Pace
Level 1/2 40 min
BASI Pilates® Jul 29, 2014
Postnatal Mat Workout
Daria Pace Moderate Pace
Level 3 20 min
Romana's Pilates® Jul 16, 2014
Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel Moderate Pace
Level 2/3 30 min
Power Pilates® Jul 01, 2014
Mat Workout
Adrianne Crawford Deliberate Pace
Level 1 30 min
Romana's Pilates® Jul 14, 2014
Reformer Workout
Amy Havens Moderate Pace
Level 3 60 min
Pilates Conservatory® Jul 22, 2014
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Laura Crosby
"With Pilates Anytime, I find I am doing Pilates just about every day for half an hour. It’s wonderful."
Keirsten Shaffer
"First of all, I need to tell all of you amazing people at Pilates Anytime that you are my weekly savior."
"I can't thank you enough for all the classes you offer and at an unbeatable price!"
Amy Sewell
"Thank you for creating a venue to bring Pilates into the home. I feel connected to the world of Pilates through using your website."
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Kathy's Cats
Blossom Leilani Crawford
1 hr 10 min (7 Chapters)
Workshop cost: $69 (CECs) Jul 18, 2014
Fascia Science Principles
Robert Schleip Ph.D.
2 hr (7 Chapters)
Workshop cost: $49 Jun 20, 2014
Defy Gravity
Amy Taylor Alpers
2 hr 30 min (12 Chapters)
Workshop cost: $69 (CECs) May 23, 2014
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