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Reformer Workout
Adrianne Crawford Deliberate Pace
Level 1 50 min
Romana's Pilates® Aug 07, 2014
Mat Workout
Carrie Macy Accelerated Pace
Level 3 20 min
Equinox Pilates Aug 18, 2014
Mat Workout
Shelly Power Deliberate Pace
Level 1/2 35 min
Polestar Pilates® Aug 05, 2014
Reformer Workout
Rebekah Rotstein Deliberate Pace
Level 2 40 min
Kane School Aug 19, 2014
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Rebecca Olson
"I appreciate the quality instruction for such an affordable price. It's also nice to be able to leave work behind and get my workout in at home."
Aaron Goldschmidt
"After not competing for at least 15 years, I was just ranked in the top ten for my 200m backstroke...in large part to the core strength principles and associated balance and awareness that I gain from Pilates Anytime."
Keirsten Shaffer
"I use your site to get inspiration and ideas to keep my sessions interesting for my clients. Thank you!!!!! It's very isolating when you pioneer a new Pilates studio in a place where no one has seen or heard of a reformer."
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Lumbo-Pelvic Pain
Brent Anderson
2 hr 40 min (9 Chapters)
Workshop cost: $69 (CECs) Aug 08, 2014
Kathy's Cats
Blossom Leilani Crawford
1 hr 10 min (7 Chapters)
Workshop cost: $69 (CECs) Jul 18, 2014
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