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Reformer/Barre Fusion
Tracey Mallett Moderate Pace
Level 2/3 40 min
BASI Pilates® Apr 22, 2014
Mat Workout
Sarah Bertucelli Moderate Pace
Level 3 40 min
BASI Pilates® Apr 23, 2014
Mat Workout
Maria Earle Deliberate Pace
Level 1/2 30 min
The Pilates Center Apr 03, 2014
Reformer Workout
Brent Anderson Moderate Pace
Level 2/3 60 min
Polestar Pilates® Apr 15, 2014
Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel Moderate Pace
Level 2 50 min
Power Pilates® Apr 05, 2014
Mat Workout
Benjamin Degenhardt Moderate Pace
Level 2 50 min
360° Pilates Apr 19, 2014
Mat Workout
Madeline Black Moderate Pace
Level 2 40 min
Madeline Black Pilates Apr 16, 2014
Mixed Equipment Workout
Adrianne Crawford Moderate Pace
Level 1/2 40 min
Romana's Pilates® Apr 17, 2014
Reformer Workout
Kristi Cooper Moderate Pace
Level 2 40 min
BASI Pilates® Apr 06, 2014
Mat Workout
Monica Wilson Deliberate Pace
Level 1 30 min
Romana's Pilates® Apr 21, 2014
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Robert Hearne
Thank you Pilates Anytime for making classes availble to us all (I'm from the UK) and at such a good price.
Laura Crosby
"With Pilates Anytime, I find I am doing Pilates just about every day for half an hour. It’s wonderful."
Keirsten Shaffer
"First of all, I need to tell all of you amazing people at Pilates Anytime that you are my weekly savior."
"I can't thank you enough for all the classes you offer and at an unbeatable price!"
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Bridging Consciousness
Marilyn Schlitz
60 min
Workshop cost: $29 Apr 11, 2014
Moving Imagination
Dawnna Wayburne
1 hr 20 min (4 Chapters)
Workshop cost: $29 Mar 28, 2014
Fascia and Movement
Dr. Carol M. Davis
2 hr 40 min (9 Chapters)
Workshop cost: $69 Mar 14, 2014
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Your Pelvis is a Bowl of Soup
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