Class 179: Mat - Additional Back

5 min
What You'll Need:
Mat, Hand Weights
This is the classical Wall Series. A terrific way to wake up your back after a long day of sitting. Feel rejuvenated and energized in only 5 minutes!
Jun 08, 2010
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nice basic teaching!
5 years ago

Short but feels good!

3 years ago

I had difficulty keeping the small of my back on the wall, even though its easy for me to keep flat when I'm on the floor.
1 year ago

Hi Liz, you are not alone when it comes to finding the strength in the small of your back. On the wall, if you are unable to find it, the best solution is to either walk your feet out a bit further and or bend your knees slightly. Romana, would even have people lower their heads and bend their knees if necessary. Every body is different, so find the position that works best for your body. Let me know if you have any questions
1 year ago

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