Class 288: Reformer Workout

50 min
What You'll Need:
Kristi teaches this challenging reformer workout that features side lying footwork, some of a clam series, stomach massage, side splits and assisted breast stroke.
Oct 07, 2010
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Thanks for the "Dancin Clam", reminder. I love this Site :D
6 years ago

I loved the fluid movement and cueing of the breast stroke. Keep more Reformer classes coming.
6 years ago

Great class, great cuing and nice choice of exercises. Thanks Kristi!
5 years ago

GREAT class, great pace..Love the way you cue getting on/off the reformer for side splits, breaststroke, etc : ) Thank you!!
5 years ago

Kristi Cooper (Moderator)
Very good to hear you are enjoying this class. Thank you.

5 years ago

Lovely workout! I appreciate the fact you give options to people who have a different reformer :)
3 years ago

Kristi Cooper (Moderator)
Thank You Tania! What kind of Reformer do you have? Just curious
3 years ago

Stamina's aero. No different color cords but I've had it long enough that I can gage how many springs I need for a few of the exercises.
3 years ago

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Kristi Cooper (Moderator)
3 years ago

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