Class 532: Monica Wilson - Mat Workout - Level 2 - 10/14/2011

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Romana's Pilates® Monica Wilson | October 14, 2011 | 30 min Moderate Pace| Level 2

Language: English | Apparatus: Mat | (No Props)

Mat Workout - The concept of opposition and the use of the cue of "in and up" of the powerhouse is explored throughout this class. A short intermediate workout that addresses everything to leave you feeling worked and stretched out and ready for the day.
(Filmed June 30, 2011)
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You're a great instructor!
3 years ago

Dear Monica,

I love your workouts so much, they move right along and still have so good instruction.
This one is a great one too, get's everything moved, thanks,
3 years ago

you are a wonderful instructor, and today you have a great teacher-student as well. How lucky we are to have both of you in the class. I enjoyed these 30 mins. with you. thank you very much. blanche
3 years ago

Great quick workout..really loved that extension in the front of the hip flexors. Felt great..thanks

3 years ago

Yes, Monica, you are an excellent teacher! Thank you! I really appreciate the leg lengthening with the in and up cue for the abdominals. I will come back to the class for a quick and complete workout.
3 years ago

This was a great quick work out! Thanks
3 years ago

Thank you!
My Thanksgiving, not too long, but really really good, class!
2 years ago

Nice combination of exercises, a good and varied workout. I teach Gyrotonic, and usually find Pilates mat classes to be stale and a bit boring. I felt you really kept this class moving, while keeping it short and sweet. Thank you!
2 years ago

great class. what do you mean by "don't hide your inner thighs" as a cue? I think you're cueing turnout, but I'm just not sure. Thanks.
2 years ago

Thanks Erin, The cue is meant to trigger the muscles needed to work in a turnout.
2 years ago

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