Class 429: Lisa Hubbard
Rhythm Pilates®
Level 2

Hi Paula!! Thank you so much, I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! P.S. I LOVE your profile pic so cute!
4 years ago

I absolutely love dancing and pilates--- what a great way to mix them together! great workout!
4 years ago

Hi Janet, We have something in common!! I love your comments- Thanks so much!!
4 years ago

Loved this!!!!
4 years ago

Love that you loved it, Shauna! Thanks a bunch :)
4 years ago

Such a fun class! Thanks!!
4 years ago

Hi Abby! Thank YOU. Hoping for a FUN Pilates workout! Glad you think so
4 years ago

I loved it! I smiled the whole time. =)
4 years ago

LOVE it Veronica! That's what I like to hear!!! XX
4 years ago

I thought the class was fantastic! Beautiful movement! Thanks for sharing with us!
3 years ago

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