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Workshop 389: Working With Seniors

3 hr 20 min
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No props needed
Lolita San Miguel brings 50 years of Pilates teaching experience to this important workshop topic, Working with Seniors. Lolita addresses breathing, posture, flexibility, proprioception, the feet, balance and more. Also stressed will be the importance of avoiding falls, teaching your client about "seniorizing" their home, as well as the emotional components common to the aging body. The final chapter of the lecture portion of the workshop includes a Bodywalk demonstration taken straight from Lolita's DVD.

The practical portion of the workshop is a "bed workout." In this extended workout, punctuated with good information, Lolita gives you an array of ideas to offer your clients when working with them in the studio.
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Oct 11, 2011
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This is very valuable , thank you so much!
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