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Kathryn Ross-Nash
Kathryn Ross-Nash began her study of the method in 1980’s. She is blessed to have worked with five first generation teachers and strives to carry on their work by teaching and training instructors through out the world. After years of studying side by side with Romana Kryzanowska and being her "demonstrator" for all the super advanced work, Romana began to call Kathryn her “Star of Stars.” Kathryn was the only woman asked to be in Romana’s Pilates Workout DVD’s and is also featured in Romana’s Legacy Edition demonstrating the various Pilates Apparatus.
Kathryn is the developer of the Red Thread™ workshop and the Add On Mat™ Class, a class format which you will find taught here on Pilates Anytime.
She authored Fix Your Feet Using the Pilates Method™ and the Fix Your Feet- using the pilates method™ workshop.
We look forward to Kathryn coming to Pilates Anytime in the near future to share some of her work with us.
Click here to view Kara Wily teaching an Add on Mat™ Class


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