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Our classes are designed for every level, with and without Pilates equipment, ranging from 5-60+ minutes. We add new classes every week, so you always have access to fresh, new workouts. Sign up on our website or one of our apps for unlimited access to all of our content on your favorite devices.

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Jumpstart Your Pilates Practice With a Challenge

Begin a healthy Pilates habit for overall health and wellness with a challenge you can do at home.

Featured Classes

Take a sneak peek into some of our classes. Many of our classes target specific areas of the body for an extra boost, but Pilates is designed as a full-body workout.

Beginner Pilates Classes

Our beginner classes are designed to guide you from your first day of class. Whether it's on a Mat, Reformer, or other Pilates apparatus, our teachers will teach you fundamental Pilates skills and exercises to empower you to make the right class choices for you and your body. These beginner level classes are where you will begin to see how a Pilates practice can transform your body and your life so you can live with more ease and joy.

Intermediate Classes

Our intermediate classes are a sweet spot for many of our members. Here, you will progress concepts you learned as a beginner and find the freedom and fluidity of movement that will challenge you and change the way you move in the world.

Advanced Classes

Our advanced classes are designed to get you moving so you can find your flow and empower your practice. While advanced Pilates is not necessarily a goal for everyone (nor should it be), these classes will explore exercises that will challenge your whole body.

Classes and Workshops for Pilates Teachers

Many of our members are Pilates teachers and studio owners looking to move their own bodies, add to their Pilates teaching toolkits, and to find inspiration from our world-class teachers they might not have access to otherwise. Our classes for teachers provide tips, inspiration for choreography, anatomical and business knowledge, and more.

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