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Pilates Anytime is an online Pilates studio, delivering world-class instruction anywhere, anytime, at an affordable price. Many people are unable to attend Pilates classes due to the lack of easy access to studios, schedule conflicts, and cost. Pilates Anytime was created as a result of our desire to offer the highest quality Pilates classes to everyone.

On Pilates Anytime, students have access to over 3,400 Pilates videos, including Mat and equipment classes for any experience level, all of which are available for streaming on computers, tablets, smartphones, and televisions in high definition video. Over one hundred highly skilled instructors film about six new videos each week. Students can fit classes into their schedule anytime, at home or wherever life takes them.

Unlike typical Pilates videos, Pilates Anytime films real classes with real students. People taking our classes online have the feeling that they are right there in the studio, getting the benefits of hearing student questions and seeing instructors suggest adjustments to the other students in the class.

Pilates Anytime does not focus on just one type of Pilates - our instructors represent over forty different schools of the practice. Pilates Anytime offers the chance for students to dive deep into Pilates related subjects with historical Pilates documentaries, discussions, tutorials, and over eighty workshops online, many of which allow Pilates teachers to earn Continuing Education Credits from the Pilates Method Alliance.

Unlimited access to our videos costs $18 per month. New members receive a free 15-day trial period during which they can fully evaluate the site and the classes.

We hope you enjoy Pilates Anytime and we always welcome feedback on how we can improve our service.


I love the variety of the classes Pilates Anytime offers! The instructors are top notch, and the options regarding levels of expertise and different formats, as well as length of classes makes me very happy to be a subscriber. Having practised Pilates at home for years I am very glad to have found this website.
M Heise, LMT
Thanks for the compliments, we're really glad you like it!
I, too, love Pilates Anytime! This site provides a valuable service to those who are interested in improving their fitness and lifestyle. I was apprehensive at first, but now "take a class" 5-6 times a week. After just a couple of weeks, my body feels and looks different, and I feel like a new person! Thank you! - NB, Chicago
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Hi NB, this is Amy... One if the regular instructors in the site. I am impressed with your personal commitment to your Pilates practice! I'm sure all the other instructors would agree with me when I say 'thank you' for taking class with us and we appreciate your commitment to Pilates Anytime!!
Hi NB- as one of the founders of PA, it interests me to know what allowed you to proceed beyond your apprehension? We're so glad you did! Thank you for your feedback. Kristi
Hi, Kristi - It was actually the trial period that convinced me to give it a shot. I figured that if I didn't like it, I could always cancel if it turned out to be something that wasn't for me. I've always been interested in expanding my experience in Pilates, so the interest level was already there for me. The fact that I could access as many classes as I wanted for a set rate was the initial attraction; the fact that I could control my own commitment was what pushed me to do it. I'm so glad I joined, too! It's really made such a difference!
Great information NB. Thanks!
I absolutely luv this this site! Thank you, thank you , thank you!! I am a certified pilates instructor and this provides me the opportunity to observe the best and to continue to learn and improve. I can't wait to see you with Rael!!!
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm Sue. Between all of us, we'll get the good word about Pilates out to the general public.
Pilates had me hooked from the moment i tried it, 7 years ago. I took mat classes 3 or 4 times a week at my gym with an amazing, inspiring teacher (Paul Liberti) and then, due to life changes, had to forgo my gym membership. For 3 years i have made do, with running, my own weights and playing tennis...and my body has changed...and not for the better!!! i missed my Pilates body!
Last summerI jotted down the name of your site and then forgot about it! Just this past week on a very rainy day, when working out outside was impossible, i found you! i had forgotten how much Pilates meant to me! The bigger surprise is that your classes are absolutely top notch quality, and a completechallenge. i am SO excited to have my own private Pilates classes in my home, that i can do anytime...finally i can get back my beloved Pilates body! THANK YOU! Keep up that amazing work you do!
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