How Well Do You Know Pilates Anytime?

Think you know Pilates Anytime? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!


I got 10/10, however I have an unfair advantage.
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So fun, I got 7 out of 10 correct. And agreed Kristi Cooper , the 'what drinks are stocked' question was not what I thought either. :)
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I have been member how many years and taken how many classes? Lots !and I still got 2/10. At least I'm better at pilates than this LOL
Susan, now you know! Thank you for all of your support along the way too!
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2 out of 10 ugh!!! I guess I’ve been paying more attention to the Pilates and less to the other stuff!
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I got 6 out of 10! Drinks (white wine), El Segundo employees, Meredith instead of Sarah,I answered onlyDolphins....🥂Cheers🥂
I should have done better! haha.. I was certain the fridge is always stocked with tequila...
Kaita Mrazek You know a few of us prefer that as a drink but we rarely have it in the studio... I got it wrong too :)
Andrea, Judy C and Susan, good for you for paying more attention to the Pilates aspect of the site. That is the indeed the point! Thanks for playing!

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