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Santa Barbara, California (January 23, 2010). Kristi Cooper White, co-founder of Pilates Anytime, travels the world as a principle instructor for BASI Pilates®. She has introduced Pilates to an impressive list of clients, including Oprah Winfrey, who has featured Kristi on her show. Now Kristi brings her expertise to anyone with an internet connection.
Many people are unable to attend Pilates classes due to the lack of easy access to studios, schedule conflicts, and cost. Pilates Anytime is an online Pilates studio, delivering world-class instruction anywhere, anytime, and at an affordable price.
Kristi and four other highly skilled instructors film new classes several times a week. Students have access to an ever-growing library of beginner, intermediate, and advanced mat and reformer classes, all available in high definition video. Students can take a range of classes, such as a sixty minute full body mat workout or a fifteen minute ab supplement.
Unlike typical Pilates videos, Pilates Anytime films real classes with real students. People taking classes online have the feeling that they are right there in the back of the studio, getting the benefits of being able to hear student questions and see instructors suggest adjustments to the other students in the class.
Pilates Anytime does not focus on just one type of Pilates-- our regular instructors represent different schools of the practice. Kristi Cooper White and Merideth Rogers are BASI Pilates® certified instructors, Monica Wilson and Adrianne Crawford teach Romana's Pilates®, and Amy Havens represents the Pilates Conservatory™.
Unlimited access to all classes costs $18 per month, about the price of one Pilates studio class. New subscribers have a free 15 day trial period during which they can fully evaluate the site and the classes. was launched on January 1, 2010. After only three weeks in operation, the site has over 35 classes available, with new classes being added all the time.

Media Contact: John Marston (424) 241-0269 - Email
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