Pilates Mat for Your Practice

A Review of Mats for Pilates.

Once you make the commitment to your Pilates Mat classes, and you decide to purchase a Mat, choose one that is comfortable and best suits your specific needs. Here we share pros and cons of five different mats, including comfort, price, weight, storage and special considerations.

Currently Pilates Anytime uses Ecowise Flat Mats in our classes, a comparable Mat is the Airex Fitline Mat.

Airex Fitline 180 Mat

Price approximately US $75
Dimensions: 72 x 23 x 0.4 inches
Weight: 3.6 pounds

Very comfortable when performing rolling exercises.
Rolls up for storage easily.
Relatively lightweight

Mat uncurls if not stored against something.
Directed pressure on the mat allows the mat to stretch which can feel unstable.
Sweat makes the mat slippery for the hands.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

Price approximately US $20
Dimensions: 24 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
Weight: 2.0 pounds

Very light; easy to transport and store.
If you also take Yoga you can use in both classes.
Pretty design.

It is thin so it can be uncomfortable when performing rolling exercises.

Manduka Black Mat PRO

Price approximately US $95
Dimensions: 71 x 26 x 0.25 inches
Weight: 7.0 pounds;

Thin yet still supportive enough for rolling exercises.
Sticks to the surface without feeling "sticky."
Durable and easy to wipe clean.

At about 8lbs it is heavy if you plan to travel with it.

Crescent Moon Earth Friendly ECOmat

Price approximately US $35
Dimensions: 69 x 24 x 0.2 inches
Weight: 2.7 pounds

Cool design that prevents the floor side of mat from touching the part you lie on.
Stores easily without the possibility of unrolling.
This mat contains no PVC, latex or rubber, and uses no toxic materials in production.

Accordion style can sometimes buckle during movement.

Gratz High Mat

Price approximately US $450 + US $100 shipping
Dimensions: 80 x 24 x 5 inches
Weight: 65 pounds

Very comfortable when performing rolling exercises.
Very solid base when performing exercises.
Available in many colors.
Should last a lifetime.

Takes up a lot of space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Mat should I get for Pilates?

Any soft, supportive mat will work for your Pilates practice. The most important thing is to cushion the spine, because much of the Pilates repertoire is performed lying on the back. If your Mat is too thin, you can move it to a carpeted surface or place a bath or beach towel under the mat for extra cushioning.

What is the thickness of a good Pilates Mat?

Around a half-inch is a good thickness. If it's much thicker, you may feel you are sinking into the mat. If it's much thinner (like a yoga mat), you may not be comfortable when performing the rolling exercises on your spine.

Is there a difference between a yoga Mat and a Pilates Mat?

Yes. A yoga Mat is designed to keep your feet from slipping in the poses. A Pilates Mat is designed to cushion the spine and other joints. For this reason, a Pilates Mat will be thicker and more supportive than a yoga Mat.

Can you do Pilates on a yoga Mat?

Yes, you can use a yoga Mat for your Pilates workout. You will be more comfortable, however, on a Mat that is designed for Pilates. You can double up your yoga Mat by folding it in half or by placing one yoga mat atop another, or add a towel or blanket beneath the yoga Mat to create additional padding, which will be more comfortable during rolling or supine exercises.

Do you need a Mat to practice Pilates?

Yes, a Mat is recommended for Pilates. Not only will it cushion the spine and joints (particularly important in the rolling exercises), but it also acts as a barrier between you and any dust, sweat, or dirt that may be on the floor of your exercise space.


Ted Johnson
Curious to know which mats people have. Mine is an inexpensive one from a company called Harbinger. It is fine for me.
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Mine is a balanced body. I love it..not too thick or thin and my clients really like it. Esp when we are doing rolling like a ball! Those with fragile backs or bony butts( like mine ..ha) really appreciate it then!
I have different mats for different situations. When I go to the gym, I take a decent yoga mat and then use two of the gyms mats underneath it. I'm very bony, so I need a lot of cushioning. At home I have carpeting, so I have a fairly thick Stott Pilates Express mat that I use. When traveling somewhere by car I take that one and hope for the best
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I like the balanced body super plush mat...
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I love the Stott Pilates Express Mat...nice & thick. But I put a sticky yoga mat on top of that mat. Keep in mind - if you keep your mat in your car, the heat breaks down the mat a bit so it kinda grows....you may be in downdog stretch and next thing you know you're in plank! Thus the stick mat on top of the thick Pilates mat. Hope this helps someone!
I have found the yoga mats will stick to my lower legs slightly during roll ups. This can become rather annoying having to straighten out the mat often. Which mats are less sticky enabling skin to slide along more?

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