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I come from the "Tanztheater" in Germany, am dance therapist, and Pilates has been a revelation for me in the 90s.... it was love at first sight, with butterflies in my stomach, i knew immediately, this is it! Since then Pilates became a very important part of my life, and a daily dear ritual to find out about the wisdom of our organism. I was lucky to have wonderful teachers, and my current flow is PiLolates, an integrative Pilates/Dance/Dance Therapy approach combining the experiences of my path - ongoing project.



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I'm: a Woman
Where I Live: Freelancer Worldwide
Language(s) I Speak: English, French, German
Other Exercise I Enjoy: Dance (Daily), Yoga (Most days)

My Pilates Practice

Years of Pilates Experience: 28
Practice Frequency: Daily

My Teacher Training

Jennifer Bury/San Francisco - Teacher Trainer (2000)

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