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I have a great love of Pilates - having worked with Pilates for over 20 years! I believe deeply in the "honouring of your body" and bring that into my instructing practise. I am a qualified and practising psychological therapist/counsellor which also informs and underpins my belief that "our bodies speak our minds" and that our Psychology becomes our Biology! This is also an aspect of my Instructing Practise. I believe that Pilates is a challenging,informative and unending journey and I continue to enjoy all the information and varied experiences!



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Where I Live: Sidmouth, East Devon UK
Language(s) I Speak: English
Other Exercise I Enjoy: Yoga (A few times a month)

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Years of Pilates Experience: 28
Practice Frequency: Daily

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Michael King Pilates - Comprehensive (1993)
Michael and Ton Pilates - Mat (1994)
Kathy Corey Pilates - Mat (2005)

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Pilates Institute - Member - Certified (1993)

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