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Elizabeth provides Physical Therapy and Pilates services in Seattle, WA. She completed a B.A. in Movement/Exercise Science at Chapman University and a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree at Western University of Health Sciences. While at Western University, she also completed a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program at Body Arts and Science International. Pilates is an integral part of her Physical Therapy treatments and is a perfect way to blend her love of movement with rehabilitation. Elizabeth enjoys working with patients of all ages and physical abilities.She collaborates with her patients to create individualized treatment plans that will meet their unique, personal goals. She utilizes orthopedic manual therapy techniques in conjunction with functional movement and training methods to help her patients return to their daily tasks and favorite activities.



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About me

I'm: a Woman
Where I Live: Seattle, WA
Other Exercise I Enjoy: Running (Most days)

My Pilates Practice

Years of Pilates Experience: 22
Practice Frequency: Most days

My Teacher Training

BASI PilatesĀ® - Comprehensive (2002)

My Memberships and Certifications

APTA, NATA - Member
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