Looking at Lolita's Life and Legacy

Today (October 9, 2014) is Lolita San Miguel's 80th birthday and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than by releasing her autobiography in the Pilates Legacy Project for all to learn more about her remarkable life and the legacy she is creating.

Not only is she the only teacher to be certified by Carola Trier, she is one of only two people who Joseph Pilates personally agreed to certify to teach Pilates.

In addition to her contributions to the Pilates community, Lolita has had a huge presence in the dance community. She has danced in many different companies, and she also served as Founder and Artistic Director of Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico for 28 years!

We are so privileged to have Lolita on Pilates Anytime and we are so happy that we can celebrate one of our Pilates elders on her birthday by looking back at her many wonderful contributions to both the dance and Pilates worlds!

Happy Birthday Lolita! Thank you!

Watch Her Biography Now


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