Romana Kryzanowska - The Eternal Flame

Romana Kryzanowska ~ Photo courtesy of Sean Gallaghers Pilates Archives™
Romana Kryzanowska, whose training by Joe Pilates began at just 17 years of age, remained dedicated to the teaching of Joseph Pilates' Method her entire life, and her profound influence continues today. Pilates Anytime is proud to share with you our most recent contribution to The Pilates Legacy Project, a biographical film exploring the life of Romana Kryzanowska entitled “The Eternal Flame.” Romana’s life and legacy is rich and deep, filled with zest, love, celebration, and fierce loyalty. With this biography, as told exclusively by her family, along with supporting materials from other contributors, we offer you a glimpse into that rich life. We are honored to have worked closely with Romana’s daughter Sari Mejia Santo, and her granddaughter Daria Pace, to produce this initial video. In a second video, still in production, we will explore the profound influence Romana had on of her former students, themselves revered teachers in the extended Pilates community.

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Monica Wilson, Daria Pace, and Sari Mejia Santo


I have one of her dvds, they are impossible to buy in the uk, any ideas for getting more ?
HI Julie, I would try contacting Romana's Pilates directly if you can't buy them on Amazon

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