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Amy Cady is back with a flowing Mat class that will keep you moving. You will extend your entire body while working on Saw, Double Leg Stretch, and Teaser. With all of these beautiful movements, you won't notice how hard you are actually working!
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Hi everybody. I'm Amy Katie and we're going to do a math flow class. So ladies, we will not use any props except our own bodies. We're going to start standing at the back of our mats and we're going to start warming up with those shoulders. Let's just do four shoe shoulder rolls. So inhale and exhale. Good inhale and excellent.

And what guys want you to think of really standing on your feet. Really plant in. Now we're going to take the hands onto the shoulders and we'll do four elbow circles growing taller each time. Inhaling and exhale. One more. Now we're going to add the arms. We're going to take the reach the arms up, turn the pumps to face the outside, arch the back slightly, and then we'll do that again.

Reach the arms up and exhale gorgeous again. Scrape those fingertips on the ceiling. One more time. I can almost reach it. Inhale and exhale. Now we'll do single shoulder roll up and hands on the shoulders. Circle the elbows and reach those arms up.

Now what we're gonna do is add a bend to the knee, half rolled down. Don't go all the way down. Drop the head. Fingertips are drifting. Round up and stand tall again. Shoulder rolls, hands on the shoulders. Arms are going to reach up. Bend halfway, knees, band. Drop it down.

Rounding up. We're going to do it one more time. We'll add on shoulder, rolling hand to the shoulders. Reach those arms up and then now let's go all the way down. Walk our hands out to a plank position for me and hold it right here. We're going to bend the knees so that they barely touch the mat. Pick it up to that plank position. That's two, two more and one. Hold it here. Walk yourselves back.

Stick your booties up in the air. We're going to reach those heels down, down dog position. Hold it. Inhale, bend those knees. Walk your hands back towards your feet, back towards your feet, and then we're going to round all the way back up to a tall spine again. Shoulder rolls for one and two arms. Reach up all the way down. Walk those hands back out. We're just going to do one knee pull, right knee pulls in and extends left knee, pulls in an extent, right knee in, extend left knee in, and just lower those knees to the mat. So we're in our, uh, flat back position. We're going to tuck those toes under, we're to go into an arch and then we're going to lift our backs.

We're going to do it two more times and last time and in. Okay, we're gonna take our left leg in front, slide it forward. So we're in sort of this position, um, that we do on the reformer, the Piriformis. We're gonna reach all the way forward over and we're gonna lift our backs up and look up towards the ceiling and arch. Beautiful back leg is lengthening, reaching forward and lift that back up. Good. Now we're going to unwind and go towards the leg.

So this leg is going to turn out and we're going to reach all the way over towards those toes. We're going to unwind, open up, and reach over in the opposite direction, away time meat. There you go. Beautiful. You guys. And then unwind this time. Flex your foot. Ooh, reach for those toes. Take the left arm in the right arm. Reach beautiful. Now we're going to add to it. We're going to flex that foot reach. Now we're going to roll onto our knee. Pick up those hips and look back behind us.

Stretch those hip flexors and then sitting back down. One more time, reach and then around cylinder warmup phase and reach and sitting back down. Before we go to the other side and which you to draw both knees in, we're going to hold it here. Reach those arms out. Take a deep breath in, rounding back all the way. Reach those arms above the head. Take those knees up to a tabletop position. Take a deep breath in here. Lifting the head, neck and shoulders off. Reaching the ribs towards the hips. We're just gonna stay here and breathe into.

We're going to do two more. Yeah, and stay right here. Hands on the knees. Pull the knees into the chest. Take a deep breath in. Rolling up. Now we're going to take the other leg to the front and extend that back leg behind us for that pair of form of stretch, where to stretch all the way forward. Beautiful. And then come up and arch. Lengthen up through the spine, stretch that back leg and forward. Take a deep breath in. Grow out through the toes all the way through the top of the head.

You try to lift that back knee off if you can. One more time. Stretch and lift back. Muscles are really pulling you up. We're going to unwind. We're going to reach the right arm over towards the left foot and then rotate away out the window and then rotate again. Flex that foot for a deeper stretch, unwind, and reach and again, breathe in and exhale. Now we're going to add the lift of hips up as we flex forward to start.

Put that right hand down and pick up that knee and stretch sitting back down. Unwind. Make sure you do it through the center that we're not moving distally and lift. Ooh, that feels good. Let's do it one more time. Just cause inhale and exhale, reach and left, and we're going to sit back down again.

We're going to pull those knees in towards the chest again and take a deep breath in here. Asks how? Rolling back. Pick up those legs. Arms above the head. Deep breath in this time. Let's come into our crunch and extend our legs into our 100 positions. Slight turn out of the feet. Hopefully there's not too much space in between those legs.

Squeeze those inner thighs and let's breathe them for [inaudible]. [inaudible] one more. [inaudible] hold it right there. Turn the legs parallel. Reach those toes all the way out. As a matter of fact, I want you to reach up. Try to touch my hands. Yes, reach, reach, reach, linkedin, linkedin, linkedin, and then bend those knees and lower down and rest. Extend the legs long on the Mat. Take the arms above the head.

We're going to do the roll up in how? Reach those arms up to the ceiling. Exhale, Chin to the chest. Come forward. Take your time. Now I want you guys to stay there for just a second. Flex those feet for me. Pull those abs in deeper as if I was behind you and it was pulling, pulling with a string and then slowly roll back down through the spine. Beautiful. Let's point those feet. Reach the arms up towards the ceiling.

Inhale Axa and rolling up. Gorgeous. Good in rounding over. Inhale, flex those feet and then exhale slowly draw it back down. Beautiful arms are going to go right down by your side. Bend those knees into the chest for the roll over. Extend the leg straight up towards the ceiling.

Take a deep breath in and exhale. Take the legs over. Good. Flex the feet for me. Open to a small, be slowly roll down. If you can reach those toes towards the mat without collapsing in the waist, it's the best way to do that. Point those feet and bring those legs. Zip 'em up. Inhale, exhale. Swing those legs over. Good. Flex the fee open to a small V. Beautiful you guys.

Slowly lower down. Bring those legs together. Zip All the way up. Bring those legs up to vertical. Good. Then the left legs that it's flat straight on the Mat. Right leg will stay up towards the ceiling. Take a breath in here. We're going to circle the leg over the other leg.

Come back to the center and circle too. Beautiful one. Hold it in the center. Both feet are going to grow in opposite directions of each other in Hale. Exhale, circle the other direction. Good. And then pull that knee into the chest. Just shake it around a little bit.

So you guys are stretching out those hip flexors extended down onto the mat. Let's devil pay the other leg up to this ceiling. We're going to take a breath in here and nice swooping circles across the leg. [inaudible] you guys are just perfect. What am I gonna do? So I lay down and workout. Come back to the center.

Inhale other side and sweep. Beautiful, gorgeous, and hold it right there. Both legs, both feet are stretching and reaching in opposite directions and then bend that knee. Hug It in and rest. How are we doing? Good. Nice. Okay. Let's say you're here. Let's bend those knees in. Hands on the knees rolling up to a seated seated position. If you need to come forward to the edge of your mat for the ball, we're going to pull the knees into the chest, lift those toes off, round that spine. Take a deep breath in and roll back and forward.

Now you are welcome to put your hands anywhere and for fun and challenge. You can put your elbows on your knees, which is lovely. No, that's fine. You guys keep going. I always just kind of, you know, saying what you could do and let's do that one more time. Beautiful. Gorgeous. You guys hold that position here. Let's draw the right knee into the chest and extend the left leg out.

We're gonna slowly roll back down for single leg stretch. We're going to breathe into sweat. Two more. Pull both knees in and rest. Let's extend both legs up to the ceiling just for a second. We're going to flex both feet. Let's turn out this time.

We'll go back to slight pointed foot. Let's let um, the right leg go down towards the Mat. Excuse me. Y right leg or left leg. Either one's fine. We're going to grab onto the back of the knee. We're going to breathe in. We're going to lift our head up. Just give ourselves a little bit of a stretch because we're getting ready to get into some stuff that you'll really love and we need a little bit of that stretch. We're going to bend that knee, allow it to lay down on the mat.

Head goes down, lift up the other leg, slightly rotated, come up into that crunch position and just give yourself a little bit more love in that leg. Whew. And let's draw both knees into the chest. We're going to reach out double leg out and in. Reach out and, and you know what I'm gonna ask you to do. I want you to grow, grow, grow, and in and out and in and lower the head down and rest. Let's take that right, like up towards the ceiling. Left leg, extended hands can go behind the thigh, the knee, the shins, or the cavs. Excuse me, the ankles, whatever. Look at Amy's, look at the Amy's. Go. Breathe in. Lift the head, neck and shoulders off and lift that left leg off. Let's pulse and switch one more and then pull both knees in and down you go. Let's reach the hands fingertip to fingertip behind the hair, the spree.

Then here as we lift the head, neck and shoulders come up into our tabletop position. We're just going to rotate to the right. Inhale and then back to this sensor and then the other side and center, right? Good and center and left. And now let's do our crisscross. Two breaths. Switch. Gorgeous.

Two more. Cause those are my favorite. I love obliques and both knees in head goes down and Ras grab onto those knees for me and just do a couple of niesters [inaudible] and let's reverse that. Oh right. Pull the knees into the chest. Take a breath in, chin to the chest. Rolling up. We're going to do a little bit of leg rocker. Yeah, everybody's favorite, right? So first we're going to start with extending that right leg up and Ben [inaudible] beautiful left and right. [inaudible] let's take the right leg up again and hold it.

Then we're going to take the left leg up and hold it right there. And you guys get to go back, rolling back and up. You go and hold and back again. Beautiful. And if you need to modify, you can certainly bend those knees. Good. One more time. Hold it right there. Squeeze those legs together. Hold it right there. Take the right arm off, take the left arm off, breathe in, and slowly roll down all the way to a flat back.

Beautiful you guys. Excellent work. How are we failing? Let's roll over onto to face me, whichever side that works for you is great. We're gonna start with some side side series and we're going to add some arms to it. Do you want me to flip the other way? Is that okay? Okay. Okay, so I'm up here. We're going to just lift and lower the leg. Bring the legs out to the front or to the back, whichever one. You can even have your hands back here if that'll work. But as we add the arms, we'll change that dynamic a little bit.

So for now you can just put your hand here. Flex that foot left and lower. Left and lower. Really pulled up. Yeah, left and lower left. Now we're going to add an arm rate. So I'm gonna reach for the arms and as I lower, I'm going to look over to the other side and look [inaudible] two more. Come back here, put the hand back on. We're gonna take the leg to the front and we're going to point sewing it to the back, right?

We all know we need to stay stable in her hips and reach and flex and reach. We'll do it one more time without the arms. Then we're going to add opposite arm and leg. Last time flex reach. So reach that arm here. You're going to flex and just reach to the back reach.

Now let's reach over in a diagonal and then reach. Flex that foot and reach long and flex. Let's do it one more time. Does this feel great? Now we're going to add so that some leg circles to do so. We'll do big swooping movements.

Now with that in mind, we're going to add the arms swooping up. Reach forward, right, confusing. But it's really fun to do. So we're getting beautiful movement in the shoulder. Beautiful movement in the hip joint. Let we do it one more time, but guess what?

We're not going to reverse it cause I have so much more I want to share. All right. Bend those knees in. Reach all the way over. Little Mermaid, Cleopatra, and then other side andF and o. Sure. Okay. Let's swing those legs around to the other side.

We're going to start with sidekick. Hands on the waist and we're going to lift and lower and three remember to really lift right shoulder out of the ear, reach the arm to the foot, and then over to the other side into the leg, away from the leg. One more time. Okay. Put the head back onto the hip. We're gonna kick to the front and then point the back and with that leg to grow out through the hip socket as well. And then push down on your Iliac crest so that you're reaching.

Now we're going to do opposite hand, arm, excuse me, to leg and reach. Flex the front and reach point again. Flex. [inaudible] one more time. We're going to go right into the leg circles. Big swooping circles. Arms reach long. Ah, yeah.

Up, up, up and reach. Gorgeous. Amy's including myself. One more time. Inhale up and exhale. Ah, beautiful. Okay. Bend those knees in and let's stretch over to this side. Deep breathing. You guys get warm and then reach. And again.

[inaudible] one more just for fun. All right, and rest. Okay, let's swing around to, this. Legs are out in front of us sitting in high on this. It's bones. Of course, if you need to modify, meaning, if you're sitting back here, I'd prefer you roll up onto those sitz bones, the bottom of your pelvis. Reach those arms out. Take the arms out to the side. [inaudible] hold it here. Grow Taller and want you to reach over to the right and just hold it right there. Inhale again, rotate a little bit deeper. Beautiful.

Come back to the center, to the other side. Hold it there on the exhale. Inhale, exhale deeper. Now let's pick it up. Inhale, two x Howes. Yeah. [inaudible] one more. Keep those hips really anchored into the solid reach. Dive forward. Palm in the back is up. Come back up, center, rotate to the other side and saw reaching up and saw one more up reach.

And so I'm going to swing around to the front. You guys are fine where you are, just so you can see what this is. My legs will be out in front of me and I'm going to do a side bend as I reach over and then I'm going to grow tall, grow up, grow tall, never grow up and over. Lengthen through the heels and over. One more. [inaudible].

Beautiful. All right, we're going to go over onto our tummies. Yay. So swing those likes around hunter. Our bellies, hands right next to are either to face the outside of the mat, the shoulders, whatever works for you. We'll start small, small swan. Breathe in, lift the back up. I like to say heavier the head so that you're not really pulling back into the neck. Beautiful. And then slowly lower down. Inhale, exhale. Again. Inhale. Let me see what you got. Exhale coming up. Beautiful.

One more time. We're gonna do a little bit of a catch and release. We're going to hold it here. That hands will stay here, but we're going to release and push up release and press one more all the way to full swan. If you weren't to, I'm out. Lift and lift and lift and lift, and then put those hands back down. Sitting back towards our heels, stretching out those backs. How to go. Yep. Excellent. I know you guys did. Beautiful. Beautifully back onto all fours. Come back onto our stomach.

Let's do our single leg kicks. Lifting ourselves up. Super easy to cheat, right? Going to do all that, that's fine, right? Push down away from the shoulders in. Squeeze those glutes. Press the pubic bone into the mat. Let's flex for two breasts and extend that back leg.

Flex and 0.2 breaths. Reach one more. Beautiful. Okay. Hands Back, double leg. Looking over to the right side. Pull those heels in three times for three breaths. Inhale, inhale, inhale, exhale, extend. If you need to separate those arms, do other side. Pause, pause, pause, reach again.

Pulse, pulse, pulse rate, longer, longer, longer. Last set pulse. Pulse, pulse and reach. Hold it right here. Reach those arms out. Legs separate slightly. Let's go right into swimming, right arm, left leg more all the way through the center of the back and rest. Let's push back again, sitting back towards his heels.

Good. You guys look great. Amazing. Really good. Okay. I'm going to have you guys. Let's do some side side stuff, so sitting on my right or left, whatever works for you. To start, we're going to reach up into our side plank and we're going to go into sort of this down dog position and then roll out and then sit down again. All right, here we go. Inhale side plank to start and exhale, come out of it and sit. One more lift and rotate and out. Beautiful. Guys, before we go to the other side, swing your legs to the front. You'll be in a butterfly position. We're going to sit tall. Inhale, go into a round back. It's a little Ron Fletcher staff.

Lift the right leg up and lower left. Now pick that right leg up and hold it. Pick up that left leg and hold it. Put that right leg down. Yes, and let's reverse left leg first, then the right then left, right it come up. Okay, art and then contract again. This time we're going to pick up both legs and lower left and Laura, you can add a little bit of a body lift and lower. Beautiful, little left and lower. One more time. Put those feet down. Inhale, exhale through art. One more into the teaser, my favorite.

Lift those lights up and extend those legs out to tease or bend those knees and lower down body and legs left and reach and bend and one more time and do whatever you can do even if it's at tabletop. Bend lower. Inhale here. Exhale round up arch and grab those legs for me and let's swing around to the other side. Remember we've got another side to do. I'm glad I remembered. Inhale into side plank position and then exhale, come underneath the waist, undo, reach, and then sitting down. Inhale, lift and exhale under. Open out and set.

Best time. Last time. Here we go. Inhale. I want to watch her reach and under. Gorgeous you guys. Simply gorgeous. Open, open, open, and lower down and rest. Very nice teasers. Since I brought that up, those arms out. Who did that? What do you mean? Did that and roll back? All right.

Let's start with those legs, that tabletop. We'll do a little teaser prep arms behind us. Take a deep breath in. Reach those arms up, lift up for torso and extend those legs, holding it there. Bend the knees to lower back down, back to a tabletop position. Inhaling, arms up. Exhaling. Reach up into the heavens, into the universal. Lengthen those backs. Inhale and exhale.

I get to watch this last time in. Inhale and exhale, reaching up. Gorgeous, gorgeous. You know I'm going to ask you to hold that and hold it. Inhale and hold it. Exhale and one more time. Grow Taller and lower all the way down and rest. Let's extend the legs out straight underneath you. Arms above the head.

We'll lift the legs and the arms at the same time. Breathing in here. Exhale, lift. [inaudible]. Inhale, gorgeous and lower. Let's see if we can go a little bit higher. Inhale and exhale. Lifting.

Really get those feet up. Arms reaching and slowly lower back down. Let's do it one more time. I'm gonna Watch it. Inhale and exhale. I love it. You guys are smiling and I'm going to ask you to hold it and I'm going to ask you inhale and grow and I'm going to ask you to exhale and Titan and I might ask you to inhale and slowly roll back down on that. Exhale and rest.

[inaudible] gorgeous. Okay. Knees into the chest. Let's come back up to sitting one more time. Okay, let me show you guys this way. All right, arms are going to reach out. Palms are going to face that. We're going to breathe in. We're going to go into round, back position. Now from here, I want you to take the right arm behind you and stretch back and then come forward and reach forward. Inhale and exhale. Reach that other arm back and come up.

This time we're going to open up into a small diamond and round back. Reach behind you and come up and back again, round back, and now take that right arm back from here. You're going to scoop the arm forward and reached to the opposite side. Same side. We're going to reach back, back, diagonal. Gather everything up and reach one more time and lift.

Hold it there. Let's hold it back cause this is always fun. And we're going to rotate sort of like a windmill and rotate. Three, two, one. Take that arm forward and just come forward for a minute. Stretch out those hip flexors for me and the back. Breathe in, lift up, sitting tall, arms out, facing in.

Go into that contractive position, left arm back and you're going to reach and then come up and then again and left high on those sits bones. And exhale. Let me say it one more time and back. This time we're going to scoop, gather everything up and reached to the diagonal back again to take arm out, gathered all in and release it and back and [inaudible] rounded up. One more time and back. And we still have to go back one more time because we're going to add the twist. Yes. And pulse. Pulse, sort of like a stuck windmill and seven and eight and round up stretch all the way forward for me and arrest.

All right, let's come on to all fours again. We'll do just a little bit of, um, [inaudible] glute work. So, or ab work too. We're going to hover our knees slightly and I want you to think of going into a little bit of a round back. So I want you to Tuck the pelvis and just hold that position. Breathe sort of like knees stretch. We're going to bring, we're just going to kind of rock the knees. Yeah, that's it. I get like a baby position, right?

Babies try to start walking and crawling like this, I suppose. And [inaudible] those knees down. You're going to extend your right leg back, lifted up. Extend that left arm and we're going to lift and lower right arm, left leg or whichever arm and leg you have out as fine. Lift. [inaudible] alright. Put that hand down. Then that knee in. Tuck the toes under. Pick those knees up, tuck that pelvis under and let's rock a little bit using those abs, stabilizing those shoulders.

[inaudible] two more rocks. Do you guys feel that good? Put those knees down. Extend the left leg out right arm, whichever. When you didn't use lift both and lower [inaudible] long backs. Try not to sit in that hip left one more and left lower. Let's Tuck those toes under.

Let's push ourselves up to down dog and hold that position a little bit of a deeper stretch just cause now I found out that Amy was a modern dancer. We're going to take that right leg behind us, Amy and Amy and Amy and really reached that. I want you guys to bend the knee and open up the hip and just hold that for a second and then extend that leg long and draw it back down towards the Mat. Other leg will lift it up. Oh yeah, you guys feel that stretch. Then the knee opening up that hip. Extend that like out and lower back down.

We're going to bend those knees. Walk it back towards the feet. We're going to round up this through the spine and stand up tall. We're going to do a couple of pushups. Exhale, Chin to the chest. Slight bend of the knees are straight legs, whichever you want. Walk the hands out and let's bend.

Inhale and exhale two, two more and walk back again. Heels go down. Knees slightly bent, rolling up through the spine. This time I want you to take your arms up with you because guess what? We're almost there. Rolling down. She did the chest, knees bit. Walk yourself out into that plank position.

Let's lift the right leg up and lower left, right, left. Four pushups then and two, three and four. Walk yourselves back. Hands to the feet. Heels reaching down. If you need to bend your knees, you may rolling up through the spine. Stand here for a minute. Breathe. Have everything balanced on your feet. Centers.

Close your eyes for a second. You did it. Open those eyes. Gather it in. Roll the shoulders, hands on the shoulders for to reach those arms up for three. Bend the knees and halfway down. Inhale, exhale, stretch. Reach those arms up above. Head, open the chest to the heavens, relax those arms back to the shoulder rolls two, three up. Ah Man. Grab everything in round that spine. Come up tall.

I'm going to step to the center. I want to thank you both for your energy and dynamics in the class. Matt, flow. Love it. You guys looked amazing. Thank you. Thank you.


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Great class to unwind after a long day. Thanks, Amy, for a lovely sequence!
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great! easy,lovely and effective. I love it :) Thank you!
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Thank You Amy for this lovely, flowing class. This is SOO in my taste! A favorite.
Sarah N
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Great flow! Loved the shoulder stretches. I did this class after a plane flight and it was the perfect way to unwind.
Thank you, ladies. Sarah, I am putting together a travel workout and thank you for the feedback as this is right on target!
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fun class! looking forward to more. :)
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Love the class, Amy! Thank you!
1 person likes this.
Class was perfect to do first thing in the morning. Loved the flow. Feel warmed up and stretched. Thank you!
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Thank You for a fun creative flow class Amy :)
I really enjoyed the sequences in movements !!
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great flow. loved the transitions and pace
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