Class #1004

Basic Reformer Breakdown 6

10 min - Class


In this 6th class of the Reformer Breakdown Series, Monica takes Maria through the Elephant and Knee Stretch Series. From the set up of Elephant through to Knee Stretch Knees off you are given detail that is sometimes hard to deliver during a group class.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Okay. All right. So we are going to do the elephant and first off, it's a one of the most unstable exercises when you're starting off the bar can hold up to 700 pounds leaning on it. A...


Hi - something is wrong with this vid. I can't get past 3 minutes. This has never happened before?
It jumps around and pauses for me.. but i did manage to watch it. Love Monica btw..such a great instructor.. going back to basics and giving some of the best cues and explanations of exercises.
Jamie & Jill~ I am sorry that you both experienced problems with this class. I just watched it, once in Medium and again in Auto-Detect, and it played through perfectly for me. I would recommend restarting your computers and then watching the class in Auto-Detect (and if that doesn't work switch to one of the video quality options). Please email if you continue to have problems.
Love Monica! Played all the way thru for me :)
Thank you!
Hi - Played fine the next day. I love reviewing the exercises one at a time so I can teach them to different levels. My clients love the naming of elephant and the idea of lifting a sagging rear end! Also it helps to review the why not just the execution. i.e., the purpose behind the hands distance in the back of the short box. Also loved your explanation of the lifting out of the hips into a large capital c-curve in stomach massage. This is all very helpful. Love it!
I'm so glad it worked!
I swear I was introduced to elephant as an abdominal exercise. Will be changing my focus. Thank you

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