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This is the 10th and final class in this series that takes the new student from Basic to intermediate Mat work. Building on the final exercises introduced in Class #9, students learn how to elongate their spine and legs while doing a backbend. Though the exercises are newly introduced, the repertoire and rhythm get closer to an Intermediate Level.
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Feb 20, 2010
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We going to start sitting down. So let's go ahead and start saying down about the middle of your map. And I'm going to get some towels and we're going to lie. Always forget those. And we're going to lie on down on your back. Yeah. Down on your back. Love the communication.

Okay. Yeah. Have your knees bent. Feet flat on that. Alright, class today is the last one of our series. We've learned all the exercises we need to know for the intermediate series. We're just polishing them up now.

So I'm maybe talking a little bit more about how we want to do our backbends or when we're on our stomach today. So on the last class we learned how to do exercises on our stomach and how to stabilize our pelvis from our powerhouse so that we weren't completely using our, uh, lower back muscles, um, or just our, or pushing out our stomach more importantly. And, but today I wanted to talk a little bit more about lengthening. So I want you to pull the navel to your spine and just especially think about that line from one hip bone to the other. And tried, have your navel down to your spine. And then we plot these as you advance. You want not just a pull that navel into your spine but actually pull in an up.

It's really important. It's what gives us great posture. It's what makes us light on our feet, not heavy. Um, hip bearing. We want to pull in and up. So I want you to imagine that your navel is pulling into your back and then pulling up under your chest bone towards your head and that each vertebra in your back. I really want you to picture your spine. It should be imprinted on the mat right now.

And I want it each one to have space in between each vertebra. Like you're pressing the top of your head, the crown of your head to the street over there. Really lengthening your spine. So in the beginning when you start off doing pilates, you start just pulling your stomach in. Or maybe you might squeeze your bottom, but as you get more advanced you want, and it's in this intermediate series, you want to be able to put in and up underneath that chest bone.

And then the bottom wants to be able to work at the same time. That's a tough Combo, but you'll notice as the exercises get harder and harder, if you don't use your seat with your stomach, you're not going to be able to do that exercise. So try to squeeze your bottom right now. I'm feel that it's tight and that belly pulls in and up. Okay?

So we do a lot of times right in the beginning how to see curve, how to curve your spine, cause it a lot of sense going forward, bringing your head to your chest and making a really, really round back. Or when you're doing the roll back, rolling back one vertebrae at a time. So you go down through your waistband and then your bra strap or bottom of your shoulder blades and then down to your head and you understand how to peel back up one vertebra at a time to instead of just popping up with a straight or arched back. All those concepts kind of make sense, right? How we articulate our spine. But when we're on our stomach, we have to articulate it the opposite way. And that's when people seem to get into trouble. So if you're on your belly, you're still starting to articulate going backwards one vertebrae at a time instead of just popping up all of the Vertebra at the same time.

I wish I could get down and demonstrate a few of these cause it is hard to really understand it, but you want to be, when you're on your stomach, try to think about that, that you still have to articulate your spine, you still have to put in and that and you need to lift one vertebra at a time instead of pulling them all together and smashing them together. Another thing to keep in mind when we're going to be doing our stomach work is that when you do a back bend, that means you're bending your back backwards. Not that you're pushing your lower back forward into the mat and moving some of it backwards. Does that kind of make sense? So you gotta be pulling the vertebras up away from the floor instead of pushing your lower back into the floor to try to lift your upper ones. Okay. Olympics is a best time to see that. Like when you see figure skaters, Michelle Kwan used to do plays and she was an excellent example.

When she would do a backbend, she would literally in um, doing her parallettes, she would really do a backbend. None of her body would go forward. It just goes backwards. So we want to use those kind of images while we're on our stomach. All right, let's try to use our advanced techniques here of pulling in our stomach as well as using your seat. And we're going to bring your knees into your chest using your powerhouse. Lift the weight of your head to your chest, using your powerhouse. Okay, so right here, long arms by your side.

You're getting ready for the hundred and you're thinking my belly is in, but also pulling up under your chest bone as you wrap in. Squeeze your legs long away, either up to the ceiling or a little bit lower, but your seat and powerhouse are working together today. And inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, keep moving. So show me that rap. Show me that squeeze. And really wake up your bottom here. Okay. Because it's going to need a work for the rest of the exercises. Great.

Maybe bring it up just a hair so you can sink just a little bit more. That's nicer. Good. That's 50. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Nice job. Keep feeling your stomach. Pull in and pulling underneath your transplant as if it's like on a rolling sidewalk. Good. And exhale. See a little bit more rapid. Squeeze from each Chelsea. There we go.

One more big breath. One more exhale and hug your knees into your chest. Great job. Use those like, sit right on that. Here we go. Right up ladies. And we're going to do the roll back to warm up our spine. Squeeze your legs together. Place your hands under your knees. Let feed her together. Go ahead and squeeze your legs together.

So show me that bottom work. Show me that seat and we're gonna articulate, rolling away from our legs. We're going to roll down your lower back. Leave your feet on the mat, Middle Back, upper the head touches, and inhale to lift your head and use your bottom to help pull your belly and more as you articulate forward. And let's do one more. Really trying to roll through that spine. Squeeze your seat rolling through the lower back, middle back, upper back. The head touches an inhale to your chest. Exhale, use more seat. There we go. And while you're up, length in your legs forward so they're straight and you're still wrapping and squeezing as you reach for your ankles. Good and head down to your chest. And the same exercise just with straight legs.

We're going to squeeze your bottom and roll back. Rounding your lower back under middle, back, upper and the head touches. Inhale, lift your head up and pull that belly in and up. As you articulate forward, stretch and rolling back a job class. Squeeze that seat, belly in and up. We're going to do three more and inhale, head up and exhale, rounding up. Good. Stretching forward.

If you'd like to add the arms, the arms can be parallel to the floor as you roll back. And if you can keep your back flat, they can lift up and back behind you and coming up together. Arms Up, head add, scoop in and up. Very nice and stretch. Watch the tension in your neck and rolling back. Wrap in. Squeeze those thighs, lengthening the legs in one direction, good arms lifting up and back and two more in with the ears. Arms come up and head and exhale. Scoop it in. Very nice and stretch and make sure you're rapping and squeezing as you roll down, pulling back with your powerhouse in and up.

And let's do one last one, arms up head and scoop it in wrapping and squeezing. Very nice stretch and rolling back for the last time. I'm sure you're looking at your feet, making sure they're wrapping and squeezing from your hips and stretch back. Good single leg circles are next so you can bend the knees and pace of place the feet flat on the mat and hug the right knee into your chest. Good. And straighten that right leg up to the ceiling.

Put your hands behind your thigh or your calf and give yourself a good stretch. This is an important time to focus on how the leg lengthens to the ceiling. Because when you're on your stomach, you want to feel that leg laying thinning away from your pelvis. So arms by your side, you're wrapping that leg from your bottom and pull that like up to your nose. Cross to the left around in a good cross around.

End up seeing that belly down, cross around and that there we go. And crusts around, up to more crusts around, up one last time. Cross around and hold, reversing it. Sweep it down, cross the body, run up. Good. Damn. Really keeping those hips quiet and still three more Dan around, up sinking the belly and in squeeze your seats. See if you can hold the Oh, that was a lot nicer. One more. Good job and hug your knee into your chest.

Place the right foot next to your left, hugging that left knee and straighten the left leg up to the ceiling and you stretch it turned out right so that those hips are square straight across. You don't want to feel like that left hip has hiked up. Arms by your side and use your powerhouse to pull that leg up to your nose so that belly really pulled in and up to help lift that leg and cross around. Lift good. Cross around live. Careful not to hide the inner thigh. There you go. Two more. Cross around, up. One more. Cross around, add, reverse down, pulling it all the way up as high as you can. Very nice, good.

Don't hide that inner thigh and that stomach is scooping in and up in the opposite direction of that leg. Last one. Doubt around and hug in that knee to your chest. Great. We're going to put that foot down and prepare for rolling like a ball. So we're going to roll up to a seated position. Lift your bottom forward to your heels a little bit so it's under you.

Good. And we're going to put your hands. Let's put 'em under your knees for the first two and balance in a nice sea curve. Let's see what a Sikh curve is. Good job, Chelsea. Nice. Really using the stomach balance with the feet up and then show off the mat. All right, so your belly again is pulling in and up. You're trying to are really separate the vertebral while you're here creating a big letter c, use your upper stomach a little bit more, Chelsea to bring your shoulders over your hips and we're going to rock back.

Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up. Hold. Really keep the energy of the exercise. It's not about rolling back and staying back for awhile. You use your powerhouse to roll back, but you need to use it right away to come right back up. Okay, here we go. And inhale, roll back right up. Come on up. Give me one more like that.

Inhale and use that power house. We'll right back up and hold and if you can challenge yourself, put your hands on your ankles to pug. Those ankles closer to your bottom. That's it. A inhale roll back. Exhale, roll up. Look at your powerhouse as you roll back and exhale, roll up and pulling the belly away from your thighs to roll back. Good.

That was better and up and two more. Everyone's rolling back and lift and last time roll back. There we go. And up and scoop. Scoop. Let me see that. Scoop that in and up belly. There we go. And rest your feet down. Okay guys, we're going to go into the series of five.

So you're going to put your hands behind you. Lift your bottoms back and we're going to, as you lie down, we're going to bring your right knee with you and keep in mind we're going to go one into the next on these. So you're going to bring the right leg with you, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee, and keep your head and shoulders up as you roll down. Left legs up to the ceiling. Heads are up. C'Mon. Heads are up. Legs are up and switch and switch. Really use that powerhouse to pull that knee into your chest. There you go.

Good. And you've got one leg lengthening, one leg reaching. Okay, wrapping and squeezing away. While that Belize point in and up, you're working hard to prepare yourself for those harder exercises on your stomach and grab both ankles, double leg stretch. Inhale, reach XL. It's all pulled together and stay together. Everyone's together. Hands on ankles, hands on ankles. There we go. Head between those knees powerhouses blowing those thighs. You okay everyone stretch. Exhale, pull it in.

Good and in how? Reach rapping and squeeze in those legs. Exhale, pull it in. Inhale, reach. That belly is pulling in and up and exhale, pull it in in how? Reach, hold it there for me and exhale. Pull it in one more time. Keep your head and shoulders up a little bit more. That's it. And exhale right leg, right up to the ceiling.

Left like forward and switch and left and right, left. Good flying through the air they're pulling. Don't forget this stretch is important for yes. Good powerhouses. In and up, in and up. Wrap and squeeze that other leg away from you a little quicker and relax. Feet last. Set both legs up, hands behind your head, one over the other and helps to lift up your head to your chest and the legs lower just a little bit and they pull back up to you in and up with your belly.

As those legs go down and pull them back in and up with that stomach. Don't let it push out. We've got two more scooping in that bill. I make it work. Turn out those legs are your quads. Don't burn last time and now bend the right knee to your chest, keeping the left leg straight and twist up to that right knee and hold it there. Good and switch. Pulling in that left knee. Keep pulling back that left elbow.

Keep it, keep it good and to your right knee, staying there, pulling up to getting any, any in. And last one to your left. Get that left shoulder and elbow to the left knee and hug in the knees to your chest to get to take a break. Rest your head down. Nice job ladies. All right, sit on up. We're going to do spine stretch forward. Good feet are a little bit off the mat. Where's that energy? Here we go. Let's sit up tall. Arms Straight in front of you. Good. And I go ahead.

Bend the knees a little bit, Chelsea, so he could sit up taller in your spine through that lower back. Good job. That's it. Arms straight ahead and inhale, lift off your seat and head to your chest and exhale as you articulate for that Belize, pulling deeper and deeper into your lower back. That's nice. Inhale, rolling up one vertebra at a time had comes up and squeezing off your bottom and inhale and an exhale to go down. If you can flex the feet, you'll get even a better back of the leg or hamstring stretch and inhale, rolling up. Good. And let's do three more in with the era and exhale rolling down. So we all are getting that articulating on the way down. And Inhale, rolling up.

Shoulders pull down before the head comes up last time. Inhale up and head to your chest and exhale. Good. So the shoulders right above right, right where the bottom of the shoulder blades are rolling back. Pay attention to that or where your bra strap hits. Once you get that part back, really roll through each vertebra, roll the shoulder blades down and then roll your head up. Great. Okay. Go ahead and use your hands to um, well first bring your legs together and then use your hands to lift your bottom forward a little bit.

Knees are gonna open and we're going to put our hands under our knees. We're going to do some balancing. First for open leg rocker. So feet we'll lift just an inch off the mat and I want you to find your balance. The knees are shoulder width apart from me, but the feet stay together there. That's it. All right, I need to see those stomachs look like you have tipped that bowl of soup towards your chest.

Or I've taken an ice cream scooper and I have scooped away your belly. Okay. The feet are just an inch off the floor. Focus on something hopefully in front of you as you extend just the right leg up nice and straight. Good. And bring it down and extend the left leg. And as you extend that leg, you're thinking about your box. It stays square.

Bring it down. Let's do the right leg. You pulled deeper into your back and bringing it down and to your left. Good, good. And Dan. Now we're going to do both at the same time. They both go open up, steady, steady, scoop in that belly more and bring down those feet and lift up those legs. Hold it right there and walk up your calves.

Walk your hands up to your casts. If you can get to your ankles, fabulous. But that's, hold on there. Make sure you're not supporting with your lower back. Make sure it's your stomach right here and we're gonna rock and roll. Here we go. Go. Keep those feet up. Here we go. Roll back and again, right back up. There you go. And inhale, roll back and exhale, scoop in, up in and up. There we go. Inhale, roll back and exhale.

Think powerhouse here. Nice. And inhale, roll back and exhale up. You guys are all really doing really well. Try to keep those legs up one more time. Inhale, roll back. I know this was not easy and exhale and hold it here. Hold. Lift those legs up a little bit straighter if you can, and stay there. Bring the legs together, squeeze them together. They're up.

And this is a preview to your teasers. You leave your legs there and use your powerhouse to roll down your back. Lower back, middle back. Good. And hugging your knees to your chest. Good. Take a little bit break. Maybe put your feet down and lift your body back a little bit so you're back on your pillow on your, so that neck alignment looks a little bit better for me today. Good. All right, we are going to go right in to corkscrew.

So I want you to hug your knees into your chest as is another time when I want you to really focus on how those legs wrap and squeeze and lengthen away from your powerhouse. Okay, so extend the legs up to the ceiling. Press your arms into the mat and rapid squeeze like you have $1 million check right between the back of your inner thighs and squeeze it. And I want you use your past to pull those legs up towards you a little bit and then circle them to the right around left and center to the left around right and center. Everyone's do the right around left and center to the left. Scoop in your belly, pulling in the opposite direction. One more set. Make it as big as you can control it and to your left around and center and use those legs to help. Sit Up here. Sit Up for sod now.

Okay. Again, same position as spine stitch forward legs are straight and a little wider than the map and arms. Reach out in your peripheral vision. Perfect. Okay, maybe bend your knees again a little bit so you can sit up tall and have your head back a little bit. There we go. Beautiful. All right, keeping your pelvis right where it is. Use your powerhouse to twist to the right and exhale as you reach past your baby toe and your left ribbon is pulling into your left lung and inhaling up and twisting to your left and as you exhale and reach forward, make sure your back pinky is lifting towards the ceiling and inhale up and twist with the powerhouse. Good and exhale down so that that back arm isn't just hanging out. It's actually working the tricep too.

And inhaling up twice using your powerhouse to the left and exhale down. Nice job. Very good. Reach past that baby toe. Inhaling up one more set. Use that powerhouse to twist and exhale down and enjoys direction and inhaling up tall. Using the past. Twist to your left last time and exhale down, stretch, stretch, stretch, and sitting up tall. Great. Relax your arms down by your side and bring your legs together. Great.

All right, so we are going to start those exercises that are on your stomach. Go ahead and flip over onto your belly and the crown of your head, not the crown of your head. Your forehead will be on that pillow. So you're just going to lie down. Arms long by your side. That's right, Chelsea and legs together. Sometimes our lower backs like to cramp up on us hair. So let me know if you get any cramps or your calf's or your feet.

It is common and I want you right now to pull your belly in to your lower back just like you do when you're on your back. And I want you to pull it in and up. So it's now pulling up under your chest bone and you're trying to create space between each vertebra as you lengthen the crown of your head to the street. Wonderful. You need to use your seat to squeeze and the legs to wrap, wrap in, squeeze and lengthen your legs in the opposite direction. So try to bring your heels together for me, and rapid squeezing $1 million check and pull that pelvis long away from your lower back. So you're stretching your spine in two different directions and keeping that nice stretch. Again, I don't want you to push your belly into the mat like a big balloon.

I want you to keep lengthening that spine as you lift up your head and now lift up your chest and keep pulling up in your belly. The feet. Stay on the mat for me, Jennifer. There we go. Come up. Only as high as you feel you're using your powerhouse. And then lower down. Try not to crinkle the back of the neck too much. You have some important arteries and veins that go through that spinal cord right there and you don't want to cut off that blood supply to the head.

So pull your powerhouse in length and your powerhouse in and up and start coming up. Just your head. Opening the chest. Nice. Try to squeeze. There's pencil between your shoulder blades so you're opening the chest, feet. Stay on the mat and control it down. Nice job. Go ahead and use your hands to push off the mat, round your back and sit on to your heels for a second while I show you again. Remind you what, um, the next exercise is going to be.

So we're going to do the same thing that you just did, but your hands are going to be under your shoulders and so you're going to be able to come up higher. Some of you might only feel comfortable coming up to, um, the, uh, Marie and Jennifer. You guys can sit up and I know that's a nice stretch, but we're gonna [inaudible] so you guys, when you're coming up, um, your hands will be underneath your shoulders and you can either come up if that this is about as far as your lower back feels is comfortable, that's fine. But if you feel like it, you can extend to straight arms, okay? As long as not hanging down in your belly. Okay? You want to keep supporting? Yes, you're going to arch. You just don't want to feel like you're pushing, letting go of the stomach.

So the thing I want you to keep in mind is this is called neck roll. And it's to relieve stress in your neck and shoulders. So if you come up and you're like this, you're not relieving any stress in your neck and shoulders. You want to keep, remember how we did shoulder rolls for a lot of times and we connected those lats with those ribs. You want to keep that connection as you're coming up. Keep a nice distance so that when you look over your shoulder, circle around here and look forward that you keep stretching that area that you're not all tight up in there. Okay? Um, also keep in mind, like I said, there's some very important arteries and veins. So when you come up into that back bend, when we look over one shoulder circle around, we don't come all the way back here. That's very dangerous.

You're going to be looking over one shoulder down around and then just look forward keeping the back of the neck long. Okay? So go ahead and lie back on your belly this time, placing your hands underneath your shoulders and then probably for you guys just a little bit wider. So to the sides of the mat on the mat though for me, Jennifer and a little few inches forward, a little bit more. There we go. All right. That unless you have a really, really flexible spine, it's hard to keep the hands under your shoulders, elbows straight back. You're still pulling your belly in and up under your chest bone, pushing the crown of your head to the street. You're still wrapping and squeezing those legs, lengthening them in the opposite direction.

And let's try to articulate the spine by lifting up your head first, then your chest, and you can use those hands to help push up again, coming up to whatever height you want. But you can go to straight arms. You want to use those hands to push up and good coming up. Oh, but watch those shoulders for me, Jennifer. Good. And we're going to circle the head to your right, this right down to your chest, around to your left, and look forward to your left, around to your right. And you're going to look forward. And as you come down, I want you to keep lengthening your spine. Good. Chelsea, does it hurt you to come up any higher on your back or you just kind of taken careful right now?

Um, it doesn't hurt. I just feel as tired. [inaudible] it's a really good stretch for your back, but if it does hurt at all, then you want to keep it down lower. So you might want to try going a little bit more. Um, alright. Squeezing your bottom, lengthening your lights, pull your navel in and up. And we're gonna start articulating up for one more time coming up. Good.

And I'm going to come down and just make sure that you feel kind of supported. Is that feeling okay? And look over your left shoulder. Circle the head down around here, right and look forward and look over your right shoulder. Circle the head down around to your left and look forward and try to keep those shoulders away from your ears as you roll down. Good job everyone. All right, let's develop some muscles on the back of our thighs and our bottom.

I want you to lift up onto your elbows and I want you to think about big two fifths. Push those two fifths, your knuckles into each other and open the elbows a little bit. Good. Imagine a big physio balls underneath you and you need to give that physio ball space, but not by becoming a hub back here. Keep that chest open. You just want to use those nice under our muscles to help. Good and I want you to squeeze your legs together, supporting with your powerhouse. Go ahead, lift up in your belly just a little more. Excellent and we're going to use those hamstrings.

Let's lift both legs up just a little bit, engaging them. Careful with the lower back. There you go. Good Correction Chelsea, and we're going to take that right here. We're going to bed it in twice. One, two left, two. Everyone's left to right to left two and they pass each other good. Right to left too. You're trying to stretch the quad or the front of the thigh and work the back of your leg and seat to pull that heel to your bottom. One more set. There we go.

Nice work. All right, now place your right facial cheek on the mat. Good and place your hands behind you, right between your shoulder blades if you can. You're trying to bring your hands up as high as you can, and everyone did a great job. No one laced her fingers. You just bring your hands together. Then try to bring your elbows as low to the mat as you can. That's a Jennifer.

Good. Squeeze your legs together and now we're going to work both legs together. Maybe look in the mirror. While you're doing this, go ahead and squeezing them together and lift them up off the mat a little bit. Go ahead and use those hamstrings and do a hamstring. Girl. We're going to kick in three times. One, two, three. Great. Now place those legs down on the Mat.

Keep them down and do a backbend as we switched cheek, so we're going to lift up with straight arms behind us like this two, three and switch cheekbones and bring your hands right back up between your shoulder blades, elbows down. Let's work those legs against. Squeeze them up a little bit and kick them in three times. One, two, three legs. Go down and lengthen those arms as you lift your chest with your powerhouse. Look to the mirror again. Look to the right and lower that head down. Wait for a second. We're gonna bring those hands right back up.

Lower those elbows down, and now squeeze those legs up and kick them in. One, two, three. Lower those legs down. Lengthen those arms as you lift with your powerhouse and look. One last time towards the left, towards the wall, the wall, and lower down your head. Left cheekbone should be on the mat. Hands up as high as it can. And last time, squeeze those legs together, lift them, and pull them in. One, two, three, and legs. Go down and lift up into a back bend one last time. Again, don't push your belly into the mat. Lift the belly up, up, up, and that's enough. Round your back and sit onto your heels.

What's really important to know about that exercise is that it's one or the other. Go ahead and sit up for a second and take advantage of a tiny little break here. So on that exercise, when as you advanced, you want to really work one or the other. In other words, you're either going to be coming up into a backbend like you were or those legs were working one, two, three. But you don't want your upper body coming up, Andrew legs off the Mat. So it's really, really important that if your legs are lifting, that you're trying your hardest to relax your upper body and not use it because as those likes come up, you might notice that you're trying to lift up. And then if you're coming up into a back bend, make sure those legs are relaxed on the mat because as we advanced, there's an exercise called the swan dive.

And you want to be lifting up your upper body as high as you can while those legs stay down or lifting up the legs as high as you can. And you do basically open like rocker, but on your belly, um, flipped over and you need to be able to get a lot of lift from here or a lot of lift from here. But if you're cranking both of 'em together, you won't be able to do those advanced exercises. So as you do the practice, the double leg kick, it's upper body or lower body, but don't engage both at the same time. All right, that was your tiny little break. Go ahead and turn over onto your bottom. Facing that way. We're going to start off with bent knees. Feet flat on the Mat and legs are hip with apart for the neck. Pool K, hands on your knees and I want you to pull your belly in, squeeze your bottom and sit up as tall as you can't. Take a big breath.

Sit up tall, tall. Come on, let me see longer spines up to the ceiling and exhale as you round your back and roll away from your legs. God, as soon as your head touches that pillar, you're going to inhale and Curleigh exhale all the way forward until your head is almost kissing your knees into a seat curve. Inhale, sit up tall, lengthening, lengthening up off your seat, and exhale, roll down. We're going to do this just one more time like this, and inhale, head to your chest and exhale. Rolling up into a beautiful c curve. Round it, round around it, and then inhale, sit up tall and exhale. Where's my Tall Chelsea? There we go and rolled down. Exhaling the rest down. Lengthen those legs on the Mat and point your toes up to the ceiling and hands are by your side. Let's keep going. No breaks here. Inhale, roll up and exhale round all the way kissing your knees.

Good. Keep your legs hip width apart. Inhale, sit up tall and exhale. Roll away from those legs that are hip width apart and inhale, rolling up. Exhale, nice job kissing your knees. Inhale, sit up tall. I love how nobody wants to keep their legs hip with a burn and all down. Let's see if I need to come back. We're doing good now. We're all on track. One more like that. Inhale, head to your chest.

Really articulating one vertebrae at a time. Loving, exhaling. Inhale. Sit up tall. You guys have gotten so much stronger and exhale, roll the rest down so you get to put your hands one over the other behind your head and you can kiss your elbows together if you want an inhale rolling up. Inhale, exhale, kiss those knees. Inhale, sit up tall. Rounding up. Let me see. Tall and exhale. Roll it down and you get one more. Inhale, roll it up, scooping in and up. Exhale all the way to those knees. Inhale, sit up tall and exhale. Roll down, lengthening away from your legs. Alright, sidekicks, everyone lie on your right side at the back edge of your mat.

So you should be facing the mirror, right elbow is at that back corner. Same with your tailbone is on the backside, but you can bring your feet almost off that front edge. Good. Bring them forward just a little bit more from each Chelsea. Awesome. Good. Same with you, Jennifer. Just a little bit more forward. Okay. Left hand is right in front of your powerhouse. We still have that box.

We still have your belly pulling in and guess what up? So it's pulling up this way and we're gonna lift that left leg just at the level of your hip bone, wrapping it, turning it out, and even try to make it longer than your bottom link. Using your powerhouse. Pull that leg forward to your nose and squeeze it back and everyone's forward and back and forward and back. Good and stomach and squeeze and powerhouses in and up. That leg, lengthening and fine. And Dan, don't work the foot. Pull it up and squeeze.

Work the upper leg and up and down and to more forward and back and one and back and legs together. Good. We're going to now take that like up to the ceiling, push it up and squeeze down. You want to use that outer thigh to push up thousand pounds and take your time squeezing down a thousand pounds and it's up and squeezing down. Good. Again, no footwork here, just squeezing and it's up and as you go down, powerhouses in and up. Last time up and powerhouses in and up and hold that like long working turned out rapping and five little circles. One, two, three, four, five reversing. I love how you guys are keeping your upper body stable.

Very nice. Two one and relax. Good. All right, go ahead and bring your feet forward too. We can switch sides. You can grab your pillow too. Cause we're going to end up with our heads on that side. Nice work. So left elbow is on that back corner. Tailbones on the back edge and bring your feet forward off of the mat.

Good powerhouses in under actually bring your back and elbow back just a little bit more for me and bottom two. That's it, Chelsea. Great. Okay. Right hand is a kickstand for you. Bellies in and up. Okay. Right. Like lifts up a hip level. Just I hit level. Yeah. And make it longer than your bottom was. It stays turned down and use that Paris to put forward and squeeze it back and forward with the belly and squeeze it back. And for now as that leg goes back, keep going and stay together. As that light goes back, you're doing a great job because you're not rolling forward, but I do want you to challenge yourself and try and take it as far back as you can with that rolling forward three, taking it back. I need you to, you develop more back of the leg, more bottom muscles last time, squeezing it back, back, back and legs together. It still turned out still long, still working.

And Use the outer thigh to push up and squeeze a thousand pounds down and up and laying. Then as you go down, make sure that top legs not getting shorter than your bottom leg in fed is trying to get longer than your bottom line. Two more. One more time. That belly pulls in and up. There's the leg reaches an old at here. And we're going to do five little circles. One to try and relax that foot for me and reverse it and stretch to relax that foot a little bit more. Four, five and lie it down. Nice.

Go ahead and lie on your backs. Bend your knees into your chest. Very good. And Hug your knees into your chest. And we're gonna s work up to our teasers. So hugging those knees and go ahead and sit on up. Place the feet flat on the Mat.

Make sure your bottom is in the middle with wides as well in that mat. So you guys are all centered. Squeeze your legs together and I need to see that bowl of soup tip away from your thoughts. And a nice, strong see curve. Okay. We're going to keep your legs where they are. Squeeze them together a little bit more and you're gonna roll away from your thighs. Lower back goes down, middle back, upper head touches. Inhale, coming up. Exhale.

Try to articulate a little bit more through the middle of your back and one more rolling away. Lower back, middle back, upper. And as you come up, really articulate, pulling those ribs, pull the middle belly and that was better, Jennifer, and hold yourself forward in a c curve a little bit further back from maitre Resa. There we go. And extend your left. I mean your right leg, both thighs are still rapping and squeezing and you're going to roll away from that. Those legs go and down. So you're really rapping and squeezing, lengthening your leg away from you. Head comes up and curling up. You're using your parallels to pull in and up. Is that like reaches? Let's do one more and really try to help wrap in. Squeeze. Yeah, that helps a lot. Hand coming up. Head to your chest and scooping.

Pull those hipbones back. Yes. And we're going to switch feet or legs. So left one up. Here we go. Wrapping and squeezing and rolling away and head to your chest and scoop it on up. Good. One more time. It's rolling away. Try to squeeze your bottom so you don't feel a little off balance as you come up and rolling up and you're holding yourself there with your powerhouse. So go ahead and lift both legs up there, right there, rapping and squeezing in your Palladia stance and roll away from them.

Rolling down. Good. All the way down and roll right back up. Scoop it in further, further, further touching my shoulders is what you're thinking. Head roll one more time down and then give it your best shot. I'm gonna come over here. Come on. You can use your arms for a little bit of momentum and you're going to come right on up. Give me your hands and head to your chest and nice scoop.

That's it. And Rolling. Oh yeah. Hug your knees into your chest. Good. Oh, we're staying down. We're going to sit on up. I didn't mean pretty guys this go down and then sit back up. What we're going to finish with seal finishing by massaging your spine.

So you want to lift your bottom forward towards your heels. That's the best lift I have seen in a long time. Use Your hands to lift your bottom forward. I'm still more forward cause you want to have full length. Good Job Chelsea, and drop your arms underneath your ankles. God. Exactly. And let's work a little bit more on that c curve.

When you lift your feet up, it's, you can look in the side mirror here, Chelsea, and make sure this is really round. Yeah. Fabulous. Really good am we're gonna use that seat curve to hold yourself. You're so strong there. We're going to clap one, two, three and now use your powerhouse to roll back. Exhale, roll it up and hold it there with that strong stomach you can pull on your ankles a little bit and clap. Two, three. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up. Most important thing clap is you think about massaging your back.

So roll through and articulate and exhale. Roll it up. I didn't get it really hard to do. And in how? Rowing back, you don't use your head. There you go and exhale up and you got it. And we've got one more, but scoop and pull that bull soup. Yes. And last one, rolling back and up and clap. Two, three rests down your feet and wonderful guys.

You guys all did a great job. We're all finished. Nice shots.


Great class! Hope Monica is returning soon.
Did you do the entire progression, Patricia?

P.S. She's coming back soon!
Hi Monica, If I want to continue on with your classes which class should I move on to from here?
HI Heather, I'll send your question on to Monica directly but in the meantime, I would recommend Class #300, or Class #365 if you have a Magic Circle...or Class #37. Have Fun!
Hi Heather, I love Kristi's suggestions. You might also want to try class #461 and if you want additional arms afterwards, class #462. Glad you're enjoying the classes! Thanks:)
Hi monika, I really liked your class.
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I just completed the series! Thank You Monica for a great beginner series. i appreciate your verbal and visual cues.
Excellent Series, Monica!!!! Thank you so much. Great guidance!
You are welcome! So glad you went through the series as it was intended. You must be ready for anything now!:)
Great Serie Monica! Loved it :)
Two questions for you :
1. For the teaser when progressing into the two leg stretches I can feel like my back isn't pushed into the mat anymore. What should I do? Stay with the one leg version?
2. What kind of classes or series would you advise doing after this one?

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