Class #1037

Tower Workout

30 min - Class


Lisa Hubbard guides you through a Tower workout with clear directions and cues. She teaches inventive exercises like a Reverse Monkey with no springs, Rolling like a Ball with the roll up bar, and so many more. This is a class you will want to repeat for the wonderful exercises that stretch and strengthen at the same time!
What You'll Need: Tower

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Apr 15, 2013
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Fabulous! This felt yummy on my back! Can't wait to share with my clients! Thank You!!
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This is an awesome class. Going to share with clients this week. Thanks Lisa.!!!!
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Great class! Tried it with my clients Today. Thanks
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Thanks ladies! SO very happy that you enjoyed the class and hope that your clients will as well!
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Thank you Lisa for another great class! I especially loved the diagonal single leg presses!
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Lisa, thank you for another amazing class! Luv your outfit
Thanks so much ladies! Anne-Marie, I love those leg presses, too. Makes you really work to stabilize & feels fab! Sue, I appreciate being in the category of 'amazing'! Thank YOU! I was told to keep those pants on (I arrived in them preparing to change) but Kristi said to keep them on
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Love this one! thanks for some great new ideas!
Thanks Leslie! Glad to be of service
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Thank you! Love the 30 min full body opening workout! Great cueing
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