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Mat Workout

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Monica Wilson teaches a Mat workout that focuses on upper body strength and back extension. She includes exercises like the Rowing Series with Hand Weights, High Bridge, and Rocking. Monica encourages you to make sure your arms are active in every exercise. They will definitely feel toned after this workout!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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May 11, 2013
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All right, Nia. Audra, how are you? So we're going to work on upper body strength and some back extensions and you're the perfect person to demonstrate that. So I'm excited. So we'll add some that rowing that we'll use some two pound weights and sometimes we might use the bar back there, which is great on the tower map. So without further ado, let's come forward a little bit. Nice. Pilati stance. Wonderful. One arm crossed over the other and lower yourself down.

Really feeling nice and lifted in your body. Put your hands halfway back and lift your bottom back and extend out nice and long. Reach your arms back overhead. Good. And reach long through those toes. So you really reach the one time. I'm going to let you do that. [inaudible] so you're just going to reach, reach, reach, extend, extend, extend. Good. All right. And now I want you to go ahead and reach those arms up to the ceiling and bring them down by your side. Just down by your side. Good. All right.

And so when we work on the upper body, we want to really make sure that the arms are connected to your shoulder girdle muscles. So really working to connect them here. A lot of times our shoulder blades will slide up, so I'll cued bring your shoulder blades closer to your tailbone or slide them down. And when we, um, we also like to collapse a little bit in our chest. And so we're going to want to really open, I'll say the collarbones to really open up that area using more of the back of the arm when we pump. And just really remembering that just [inaudible] created this method and that it's a strong method. And so every time we use our arms, we want to show definition and every single muscle and just really work in all of that. Okay. So we're going to draw our knees into our chest. Good. Lift the head up. And before you get those arms going, I want you already slide the hands long on the mat and then lift him up to hip level. Extend the legs out from you were at a comfortable place, and let's pump them. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Nice. I like how your collarbones are nice and open. Exhale, I really scooping in warm and up that powerhouse.

Try to have the head a little bit more into the powerhouse. Nice. Feeling the arms pressing down. You're doing a great job pumping with the whole arm. And not just from the elbow down or from the wrist, but really keeping the whole motion coming from the shoulders. Let's do two more. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. And last one. Last one of your warm up.

Exhale all the air until you can't XL anymore. And now lower your legs down and reach your arms overhead. Great. And I'm gonna let you use this strap. So go ahead and slide down a tiny bit until your feet are underneath this strap. Good. All right, so we're gonna do choo slow roll-ups, arms reach back and they're gonna go up to the ceiling. Hold them there.

You want to feel your shoulder bones on the mat. Excellent. Shoulderblades slide a little bit down. Even better, keep them there or you try to get your ears between your arms. Good, but [inaudible] get the shoulder blades to slide back down. All right, now we're going to bake those arms parallel to the floor. As you roll up continuously diving your head through your arms and the arms stay parallel. Great. And now you're going to roll back as if you're pulling back. Great weight with your arms. That's it. Nice and down here. Super important.

We keep the shoulder bones down yet we lengthen our arms as long up to the ceiling and then back so it's a little extra up and back right there. Arms lift to the ceiling, head through and now roll up reaching long through those arms yet keeping those shoulder blades sliding down. Let's pull that arm back in. Yes, and rolling back again, pulling a heavy weight, shoulder blades, sliding down. Good belly in and up. And then reaching the arms, a little extra up and back while keeping angered. Great job. Now to temper arms head unless you just have fun with it and see where it goes. But your keep trying to think about those shoulder blades.

Good and form more arms. Try to stay a little more connected. When you do the little up and back, I want you to stay nice and sealed and go right there and arms head diving through those arms and rolling back. Good and reaching back and to good and forward a rolling back. Keep the arms within the mat and last one arms. Good. Keep the left arm there. Don't let it wander and rolling back. Good.

And we're actually going to do the rollover, so we're going to bend your knees into your chest and press the arms. They're still a huge part of this exercise. Legs up, arms press open as you go over. Curl into yourself. Good. Open those legs. Good and rolled one bone at a time. Really a little wrong. Good. Sweep down as low as you can. Squeeze together in the shoulder, stay open as you go over.

Nice open and come down lengthening linkedin. Great. One more time over. You're doing an incredible job of keeping the back of the neck nice and flat as you go down, which is just fabulous. So those shoulders also, and we're going to go into the reverse. So open and over and squeezed together and come down, squeezing, squeezing, squeezing, and circle around over. Good. Squeeze them together and really hug this midline right here. Arms laying, running away from you. One more time, down around, over.

Good. So that's a great neck and the shoulder blades, the line, but really reach those arms long away from you as you roll down to keep linkedin and keep linkedin and keep linkedin. Great. And we're going to bring the right leg up to the ceiling and as your left leg down, great. We're going to go for single legs. Circles around to the right, around in a good cross around lift. Good. So upper body, your leg knows what to do. Reach a little bit lower for that. Yeah. Do what you can with your hips and last one and reverse. But your upper body is exactly what I want. You're using the back of the arms and triceps to really press into the mat.

Two more. And your back of your neck is staying anchored. Your shoulders are working. Good job and switch. Left leg, nice and cross to meet around up. Go all the way down. If you can't or reach out of the hip, what feels good to you and keep it scooped in here. Good. Love the arms again. One more in this direction and let's reverse reach long and out.

Good. Scooping it too and got to get out of your way because you have such range of motion and two, one more time going over towards the ocean. Great job. Bring that leg down. Roll up, sliding your arms away. Good, good. And lift your bottom forward to your heels. We're going to do rolling like a ball. Can we cross one hand to one ankle and grab the wrist with the other?

Fantastic. Good. So we're making a little more challenging. This is an advanced hand position. Then we're doing that to see if we can really work the upper back curvature and get the ears between your knees. Good. Now open the shoulders a little bit. Great correction you did on your own. Nice. We're going to stay tight as a ball. As you roll back. Inhale and exhale right on up.

That's it. And in with the air. And exhale, using that upper stomach to really get there. Good in with the air. And exhale. Great job. And in with the air and XL up. And one more time. Inhale and exhale up. Good job. Rest your feet down. Lift your bottom back to the line.

And we're going to sneak in some rowing here. So we're going to take these two pound weights. Good. And I want you to have the weights right out here like so good. And I want you to roll away as you row into yourself. Good. Hold it there. Open the arms.

Now keep your box right where it is and push back with the back of the arms. Good. Watch the belly and now dive forward as the hands come back. Good. And try to squeeze the shoulder blades together here as we lift up and around to your ankles. God. I'm going to give you the strap for the next so I can work on your legs. Good. So you're going to scoop in and row into yourself. Go ahead and open the arms.

Good. Press back from here. [inaudible] keep coming forward. Long arms, squeezing those shoulder blades together. Good. Lifting the belly in and up as your arms come long enough. Good and around and stretch. One more. Rowing right into yourself. Scoop in almost to the mat. Open.

They are pressing back with the back of the arms and shoulder blades and coming back. Good lifting with the back of the arms and shoulder blades. A little more. A squeezing that. Sit around to your ankles and stretch. Good job mantra riding with those arms. Good. Make sure the hand arms are starting more from here. So pull into here. Push into me instead of pulling away. That's it.

Lift up off of your seat and let's [inaudible] go back. Nice and tall. That's it. And forward reaching. Slide those weight straight back. Good. A little more lift in here. [inaudible] squeeze or shoulder blades as we come up and around. Good job near Dre. And right angle with [inaudible] those arms, but nice, tall spine. Good. From here, let's go back. Let's take our whole pelvis with the and back up.

Let get you reaching forward. Dive your head. Make it nice and fluid. Good. And squeezing the shoulder blades. Good. And up and around. Nice. One more time writing. Go pull that left elbow in a little bit. [inaudible] and forward. Good job in reaching forward and coming down.

Nice. More lift in here as the arms come up and scooping around. Excellent. All right, now we're going to do from the chest. That's it. [inaudible] Paul, that's there. Yeah, go. Elbows are going to be right here. And it's almost like your chest pressing a big wait here. Okay, so you're gonna push up that heavyweights at an angle. Good. And now push me down as you grow tall or great job.

Lift back up and palm slightly out and push me down as you lift in the weights. Lift in the waist. Excellent. And two more forward. Push down as you grow taller. This is all posture up to the ceiling and pour us into, pull into your upper back more as you go down. So don't let this hollow out. One more time pushing into me. Push down as you grow taller.

Good. And lifting up and turning the hands out to the side of the lift. Even off the seat. There you go. Now right by your hips, head to your chest and flow to your heels. Stretch and stack your spine up. One bone at a time. Opening up your call. Now even linkedin a little bit more. Keeping the collarbones open up to the ceiling and now push down a great way as you grow taller. Good. Two more. And in with the air, it's breathing as well. Exhale. Good.

Inhaling up and I imagine I'm hanging between two buildings and have to pull myself up, up, up, and one more time in with the air. And exhale. Good. And inhaling up. And here we go. We're going to pull ourselves up. That zig. Good job. Now we'll take her feet out of the stack and shaving. So let's first bring your arms right here. Good.

Soften the elbows a little bit and lean forward at a teeny bit. Good. A little bit more pulled and supporting your spine right through here. And now keep all of this as you reach your arms. Circle on up and make them come together straight, straight, straight there. Yeah, go. Good.

And now bend those elbows behind your ears and push 'em back up. And that's the hardest part is to keep the spine and neck there and the arms are what moved behind your head, not your head. Moving in front of your arms. We're gonna do two more. Try to open those as much as you can. You want to really keep the elbows behind your ears. Fantastic. Last one, arm staying up and you're going to open them in front of you as you switch legs for the hug Rolla. And we're going to squeeze the arms hugging around a big tree.

Now here you really want to push with the back of the arms to oh good. And You keep still a nice open chest bone. There you go. And working from the upper back and back of the arms. And one more. Inhale and exhale. And we're going to hold and take a breath and exhale and squeeze. Good.

And inhale, pushing away a lot of energy. And exhale. Remember Rabbani is a stand right there and you'd have to push her away. There we go. And let your arms hang. Nice job. I'll take this weights for you. Very good. And so now we're going to go into the series of five. So go ahead and lie on your back. Good.

And bring your right knee into your chest and right hand on your ankle. Left hand on your knee. Good. Lift up your head and lift up the left leg into position. Here we go. And switch. Good. Keep going. Good. So you can do these exercises in your sleep.

So now we want to really anchor the back of the AAHA. Good. Yet still curl your head up. That's it. And we can always get some arm work by keeping your elbows out and really work. And that's it. Good and switch. Nice. And one more set.

Grab both ankles and we're going to keep the angles a little higher than your knees when you're pulling them in. Nice and arms reach back. Good. So your arms are really low. Let's get them up a little bit. [inaudible] cause that's where your feet are. And now we're going to circle back and pull it and reach your arms. Or you can reach your arms lower, but your legs will have to go lower.

Do and then pull back. Good and reaching. Still keeping those really engaged and pull in and in how long? It's like you're going to pull yourself through water. So really scoop as you come in. Now that's the strength I want to and pool through auto.

Watch the hybrid standing in the elbow and pull through. I love it. Right leg up, left leg forward and little double pulse. One and switch. Good, good. Curling up. Just a tiny bit. Drop in the back of the shoulder blades. Good. And now let's make those legs fly right and left and right and left and right and left and right. Stronger than upper body's not moving at all. Last set.

Now we're talking both legs up, hands behind, come up a little higher and those legs go down. But you really push into your hands and come up. They want to hold a little bit lower on the school and we're going to go down to three and that's it. And down. Down, down and up. Good. Reaching the legs long. Long, long. We're gonna do one more and reaching down. Down, down and up. Good.

Now the crisscross. Bending in the right knee. Nice coming up. Good. All right. And come center. Let's hold for one second. We're going to bend the knees and rest. I'm going to just take you to another level on the crisscross because you can. Okay. Okay. So I love how your, um, elbows are wide right now, right? And the shoulders. And um, we want to keep this with the elbows behind your ears as we twist.

So we're going to try to avoid having one elbow come, keep coming over. Okay. Our goal is to imagine there is a pole down the middle of our body and our body can lovely wrap around that pole outright and bring your knees into your chest. Great. All right, so we're gonna lift up. Good. And we're going to twist this way. There we go. Good, good, good. And that's even better. I love it. Now come up center. Good.

Now we're going to keep those shoulders open. Elbows wide, not my nice. And we're going to switch one more time. Good. We have to add what pool around. I'm going to help you a little bit here. Stir and last time this way. Nice. Lift up higher. Come on. That's it. Straight Edge. Straight line.

Great job. Lie Down. Bend your knees into your chest. Now that I know, isn't it wonderful and sit up. We're going to do spine stretch forward. Good heels out. Flex your toes back and arms up at shoulder height and k. So I want you to use your arms.

There's energy not only long and straight and you're like pushing me down. Push me down to lifting your waist, lifting your waist. As you pushed me down more. Yeah. Now go down. That's it. So those arms really feel that energy and roll back up. One bone at a time and relax and you're going to pull it in and up as you push down on me and exhaling. Good.

Now let's make sure the lower back is stacked before the middle. Back, before the upper back. Good. I'm going to let go. Keep imagining that and head and you're pressing down as you lift in this nice c curve and ruling up up. And one more time and pushing down as you lift in that waist. Good. And reaching and reaching. And Roll. Stacking. Good. Let's go right into open like rocker. Good job and strong arms.

They're not gonna bend at all. When you're doing this, you're going to stay straight and you're going to roll back and exhale. Roll right up. A little more energy in there. Roll back and come right back up to see me there. Yeah, go straight arms. Exhaling up. Let's grab those toes because you can, let's keep them still apart and strong. Straight arm, shoulder blade, steam down. And that's it. And use that upper stomach. So that's when the upper stomach connects.

There you go to back and exhale right up and don't forget to breathe in with the air. Exhale your air and that gets you up. Squeeze your legs together. We're going to stay up Idaho and then we're going to roll down for our corkscrew. So go ahead and roll down and we're going to do a little combination. I want you to grab onto those bars but slide away until your arms are straight. We'll do a couple sets like that.

I'll move those weights for you but then I want you to also feel them on the mat and how it stabilizes their okay, so really long so that your arms come down a little longer. That's it cause then the weights can really feel that good and squeeze your bottom and lift your hips right on over. Good. Come straight down, keeping those shoulder blades sliding away, long pushing on those arms. Almost reach all the way to the right around and lets go up and long to your left reaching around and left. Go straight down to the right longer in the arms and ways good and up.

And this is your last one with your arms. Really reached it on. Don't grip. That's it. I liked that much better. And Roll Nice and long and then controlled. Stay there. Bring your arms down by your side, keeping that beautiful open collar and pushing down. Squeeze your hips and bring them back overhead and just one set each and roll down to your right. Really reaching those arms long.

Shoulders long and lift and last time pressing the back of the arms, triceps into them around scooping in and up. Good job and roll down. And we're going to sit up for our Salk. So you're going to sit up feet on the middle of the blocks. Very nice. And let me see every muscle in your arm. That's what I want to see. Nice. Long ways and twists to your right and exhale.

Beautiful. I want this pinky to be up to the ceiling and that is going to get your tricep to lift more. Nice. But keep the shoulder bones. There we go. Roll up through your spine. Show me every muscle twist to your left. Now it's your left pinky goes and you're going to reach past your left pinkie here. Beautiful Line your love it and inhaling up and scoop in your belly.

More tourist. Exhale, no bouncing here. We're just going to stretch down, reaching long and up. Good and scooping in stronger arms. I want to see more definition. This is great. And lifting up. One more. Set more into here. Good. Great alignment on those shoulders.

And you're such a good pupil here. And last time to your left and lifting up. Good. And we're going to do neck roll. So bring your legs together, flip onto your stomach. And we're going to do, yeah, we're going to do neck pull in just a second. So we're going to squeeze your legs together. Good. And start coming up. And we're going to pull these shoulder blades down. Good. Look over your right shoulder, circle the head down around to the left and look forward.

Look left around to your right and look forward and come down. Now this exercise can easily look like it's not very difficult, but we're gonna really scoop in shoulder blades back. Good and almost pull those bars behind you as you start bringing your chest in front of it. Good. Now we don't move this line at all as we look over our shoulder and now try to look all the way over your shoulder and then bring your chin all the way to your chest, scraped all the way as far over the other one as you can and forward. That is hard not to move those shoulders and then the other shoulder.

Look all the way down, all the way over your other shoulder and look forward and good. And now come down lengthening in front of those poles as you're pulling them behind you and you look good. We're going to come up one more time to go into the swan dive and we're going to come up. So what I love the image here is I want you to think about one of those big physio balls in your hand. And when you go into swan dive, I want you to reach that ball to the ceiling. K. So on the count of three, one, two, three, catch that ball into the ceiling with the ball. That's it. Into the ceiling with a ball on the feet to the ceiling into the ceiling. Good.

One more, Anne Melt. Beautiful. Nice job in the edge around your back and sit on your heels. Good work. Just for a quick little stretch. But then we're going to, we're going to go right back into single leg kick, go forward. And this is a lot of upper body tizzy. You're gonna have your forearms really pushing into the mat. Good.

And your chest under our muscles are really working shoulder blades sliding. Let's lift both legs long and it's going to kick one, two left to right too. That's what I want to see really work in showing me. That's it. We don't want to go into a cave or up or backgrounded. That's really good. Get work in those back of the legs and seat.

Left set and now right facial cheek on the mat. Hands behind you. So the goal is to get your hands all the way between, between your shoulder blades, but we work up towards that and then we try to get the elbows as low to the mat as we can. All right. Squeeze your legs together and kick me three times. One, two. You really got in there and we're going to pull up, this is my favorite, but you are just so flexible and switching. I'm going to come over here so you have more range. Tick two, three and we're going to pull up nice and lifted. And again, elbows down to three and scooping it.

And last time, one, two, three and reach long, reaching everything chest forward and enough round your back and sit on your heels. Great job. And we're gonna flip over quickly for netball. So we're going to slip your feet under and flex your feet. Good. And lie down. All right, so we have hand over hand. Good. Not Lacing the fingers right.

And we're going to try to keep our chest nice and open. That's what I want you to think. Not so much about the elbows, but if you cannot make the chest concave. All right, so we're going to try to lift, we using our powerhouse and exhale all the way forward. Fantastic. Inhale, roll up. And now really pull on the back of your neck at the very bottom of your school to length and out. Beautiful and open chest as you curl up. Fantastic. Exhale forward. Inhaling up and lift up out of the waist. More out of the waist. Good.

And roll the rest down and three up and exhale. Inhale, rolling up and pull into there so you have something in length in. There we go. Keep the neck relaxed as you come up. Nice. And inhaling up. Pull into your waist more and we're gonna pull on that next run and get really right under these two bones. That's it. Waston where's my waist? Pull it in more, yes. Than our talking last one on your own. Up and good. And inhaling up and get back under those bones each time.

That's it. And pull belly button to me. Belly button. Yeah. Woo. Nice job. All right. Now we're going to do jack knife again. And so I want your hands. We're going to keep them down this time. Instead of using the Poles, bend the knees in and extend the legs up God. Cause I want you to really feel how that adds just as much work.

You're going to take the legs over and then Jeff knife up. Good. And now the arms are lengthening and the next lengthening and two more over and lift at coming down length in those arms. That's it. One more time. Legs go over hips over and up and opening. Lengthening, good job. Sitting up for spine twist. Flex those feet, arms out to the side. Nice. And we're going to twist to the right, really reached, go ahead and center, breathe. And if you bounce, I want you to really exhale. Okay, so stay there. Go and then use like your waist to go. Another bounce if you're going to bounce. So here, aw, that's what I would like to see.

Twist and just did it more. Now we're talking and twist and grow taller and give me one more set. Pushing and nice reach. All through your fingertips and center. Every muscle in your arm is showing that's it. And come center. Great job. Relax your arms down. Let's lie on your left side for sidekicks.

Actually, no, let's lie on your right side. Good. And we're going to do it with our hands behind our head. So both hands a one on top of the other. No resting on your hand. Just like neck pull. Fantastic. Yep. That's it. So we're going to be right here.

That's the super advanced way of doing a, your legs. It's not so, Yep. So it's just like you're pulling again on those occipital bones. Yep. So you have beautiful posture and you're gonna hold here and at times right now, and you know when your basic or beginner, your waist tends to sink a little bit and, but you're gonna end up lifting in there. Not necessarily too much in the chest, but yeah, there ya go. Good. All right, so we're going to lift up this leg, reach it out, and we're gonna kick it forward and back and try to keep it all. Huh? And as you go back, that's the upper body going right into those hands.

Good. So our goal here is to keep this elbow reaching as if there's a sky hook and is just hooking on one of your trapeze hooks here and forward for four. Good. Keeping that very hard to keep this elbow, this stable while we're working on our leg. It's your job to make it look easy, right? And back. One more time. Forward and back and now legs together. Good. And we're gonna reach that leg long enough and squeeze and long enough.

Good. And as that leg goes down, you grow taller and longer and too, sorry to get in your way. Elbow up to the ceiling note. Yep. One more and belly in and up and up and hold. And five little circles. One, two, no movement in that upper body. Don't wave at me with that elbow. Reverse it. Two, three, four, five rust.

Lift both legs and go ahead and roll onto your stomach and make a small pillow for your forehead. Good. That's right. Good. And you're going to do 20 beats. One, two, three, four, five, six. Very, very nice. You've actually kept this super relaxed, which most people don't. There's a big bump here. All right. Once you've done 20 you're going to wool to your other side.

Go ahead and we're going to see what it looks like from the front. So both hands behind the head. No lacing of fingers, no resting on hand. Okay. See if we can put them one on top of it. Like that. Good, good, good, good, good, good. All right. I would like you to move on the shoulders forward, one or two inches, the elbow too. And now they're in alignment with your pelvis. Okay, so we're going to keep that sky hook, lift this leg, reach it out and pulse forward. And then we're going to really pull in beautiful reach and pull it in.

Nice. So the leg going back is working the hamstring and glute, but if you didn't support yourself so well in the shoulder girdle, you would just fall on forward. But you're doing a wonderful job holding yourself here. Trying not to waive this elbow at all. Two and back. And give me one more and legs together and now reach it long enough and then really grow taller and up and reach. Nice and left and re gen up and reach last time up.

Good. And now, five little circles. Still lengthening, growing. That's the posture I like. And reverse. Two, three, four, five and rest. Lie on your back. Bend your knees into your chest and shake out the legs. Good job. And we're going to do teaser one. So extend the legs up to the ceiling and the arms.

Reach back God and you're going to reach your legs long and down. Good. And we're going to roll up. All right, so from your strong center, lift your arms good and try to reach behind you as you roll away from your leg God and coming up. Great arms lift behind you from your waist and reach behind you as you go. One more time coming on up. Good arms reach and rolling away reaching behind you. That's very hard.

Come on up for teaser two. So now you're going to have to keep your upper body perfectly still as you reach for me with your legs and pull them up. Don't move those hands and up. Good. Reach those arms for me and up now. Arms up to the ceiling and reach them behind you as you roll everything down rich and reach and reach and everything comes up from your center.

Really Nice knee Andra arms. Lift and energy out your fingertips. Energy out. Oh and one more. Everything up, good and arms up and reach everything long, long. And we're going to go into another teaser where your knees will be bet now good, but then extend the right leg and keep those thighs squeezing and you're going to come up with your upper body. Good and reach up. That's better position. Good. And go straight down. This time as you come up, you're going to twist your upper body over your bent knee. That's it. Come Center and go back down.

Switch legs and go straight up. Good and arms reach up above. There Ya go. When you start twisting though, as soon as your head comes up, start twisting over this leg. So Ah, that's it. Much nicer. Come forward. Arms lift and reach away. Switch legs. It's a small difference but it's a huge impact.

So straight on up, good arms lift and really reach away. Reach energy out those fingertips. Now as soon as they had start twisting that sit and center and reaching away and last time and up. Good and reaching away and coming on over. Woo. That's difficult. And arms lift and energy. Energy.

That's what I want to see. Good hug in your knees. And we're going to switch for swimming's. Flip on over. Long arms, long legs and boy that Swan, if it gives us an idea of what your swimming's like. So lift all your limbs. Good. Now your right arm and left leg higher. Good. And really touch the ceiling and go. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five way to keep all your limbs in line with the mat, get their arms work and up to the ceiling and exhaling and melts into the mat. Round your back and sit on your heels.

We're going to be going into leg pull down and leg pull up variety into here. So you're gonna Tuck your toes underneath and glue your hands good. And you're going to go forward over into a pushup position. Good. So strong. I think the hands need to come back just a teeny bit. Strong. Open chest. Pull up in the call the chest scone. There you go.

So I'm open up maybe right through here and squeeze your seat down quite a bit. One more inch. There you go. Right leg goes up and take it back and come forward like you to look a little more like a straight piece of steel. There we go. Did I mess up your hands? Okay. And good and right leg lifts. There we go. And back and left. That's it. One more set, right?

Good job in Yantra and left. Good. And now we're going to do our transition making it Kinda look like the star, right? So I use my right hand to my left. Whichever way is easier for you coming up, hitting that good. And then keep rolling through it with your hips and hands changing when needed. Good. And now we're going to go up to the ceiling. Hands back and forward.

Forward. Nope. Sorry. That's you were correct. Yes. And right up and flex down. Left up and flex down right up and flex down. I like how you're keeping that perfectly. Still Watch the hyperextending elbows.

That's it. Strengthen those arms, right? And that's enough. Go ahead and sit down on your bottom and reach forward. Good. Good, good, good. All right. Now I would like to also do a little shoulder bridge here. So scoot forward just a teeny bit. Good and mad.

The knees bent and let's put your hands by your ear. So almost the same exercise as the leg pulled down, but we're really gonna open that chest and really lifts. We're going to press your hips together. Good. And we're going to lift up. Great job. Gorgeous. Highbridge really work. Now bring your head to your chest and I want you to go down.

Karola Nan, just warming up to it for the first one. And now our, I'll go into our develop it. So I always like to imagine that our feet are on a big physio ball and that it would roll away from us if we put too much energy into the mat. So you got to work just as much coming up. So press your hips together and go on up into it. Good. And our developers, you're going to draw the right knee into your chest, extend to the ceiling and extend it out.

Good jobs and up and reach. Nice and lift and reach and return that foot home. Beautiful Nadja. And we're going to bring it down. Good and left knee up. That's it. And up. Beautiful. One more.

And, and return that foot down the head goes to the chest as you unfold and roll it down. Wasn't that nice? A lot of fun. Go ahead and hug your knees into your chest. Very good. All right, so we're going to go into a mermaid now. So I want you to sit on your um, left hip. Good. Come just a teeny bit back. There you go. Stack your knees and good. Bring your right arm left arm up to the ceiling and reach over and stretch.

Good, good. And Go ahead and reach out, right arm up. Good support a little bit more here. Good. And reach out just down to that elbow for the first time and then come out. But Nice. A lot of energy out here. Yes. And reaching over. You're asking how far I want you to go out on sliding out here on the first one. Just get uncomfortable.

And now for the next two you can go all the way out if you want. Reaching out, good and calmer all the way up. Squeezing bats it and reaching good. So the arm is always trying to go to your head on this one. That's really good. And switching last one. Sliding out. Knees have to stay stacked and feet stacks so that when you come up, come on.

That's better. Good. All right, now go ahead and kneel up tall. I don't get to finish. Oh, okay. I think so. So now we're going to kneel up tall. Good. And I want you to stay there. Open your, bring your arms forward. Let's do a little chest expansion. You inspired me here. All right, good.

So I want you to keep your body like a weight, a little forward, more on your knees. Good. And I want you to push a great earth away as you open up your chest, look over your right shoulder. Don't move those shoulders left shoulder forward and exhale good hips forward over those knees and left and right and forward and release and like a great light is shining from your chest up to the sky and to the right and left and forward and release. And one more time pushing back and left and right and forward and release. Great job. Let's go for the other side of our mermaid.

Maybe sliding over just a bit this way to see you have enough room to slide out on that side, right arm up to the ceiling and we're going to really reach it up. Is that all right? And getting it close to your head as you reach over. Good. Allow that guy to drop. Nice. And we're reaching all the way from those ribs and we're gonna reach up to the ceiling and reach out. Just warming up on this first one, God had to come and back up and come a little forward with the upper body. There you go.

Keeping that nice and reach out as far as you want. Now Nia, Dra God. And then squeeze all of this to come up through your waist and coming over. I know you can do that and going over as far as you want. And then squeeze those inner thighs and press those hips. That's it.

But forward, forward for that to end. You get one more little stretch, right bull right into your a little bit more. That's it. Good. Come back up onto your knees, pushing your pelvis forward. And we're going to go into our snake and twist. So sit on your left hip again. Bring your feet on your legs. Almost long. Good, good. So the legs are almost long. This arm is perfect.

It's a little bit more in front of your shoulder. And this one tries to line up right with your shoulder. So again, imagining like your feet are on a physio ball or thinking of the pull up on the one to chair more Polonius terms. I want you to bring your head to your chest and scoop all into here. God. Now you're going to exhale as you press your hips down, but really draw those shoulder blades and open your chest and inhale it up and exhale, twist back down. One more in with the air up. Exhale the air, oh, opening that chest in with the air up. Head your chest.

Exhale bending. Pull those feet a little closer to you for this twist arm long by your side, palm down. Good, and we're going to lift into this beautiful rainbow, pressing your hips and lifting. Good arm reaches really long. Then we're going to keep lifting in here as you pull those ribs and d, those lungs as you go into the bridge, go forward with the hips and the arm returns. Good. Now try to open your chest as the hips. Try to lift to the ceiling. Get this hip up. That's it.

And Go back to forward and come down. Good. Well, let's go into a little bit of the m star. Okay. Okay, so now stack those feet good. And you're going to lift back up. Arm is here. Really press your hips through your hips.

That's going to give you a little more stability. Excellent. That's it. And if you keep your gaze and chest like this, there you go. So arm and leg, go forward. Good. And keep pressing your hip forward. Nice. And arm and leg. Go forward. Keep pressing your hips forward. Good. Great. Chest back. Good. Now full circle forward. And as that leg goes back, your hips go forward. Good.

Touch your toe to your head. Good leg comes back, look effortless and there you go. And full down. That was really nice. Very good. Swing your legs up almost into a teaser to switch sides. Good and bending. Yes. The first one is actually longer. Good. One in front of the other, right.

The right arm. That is exactly a little more in front of the shoulder. So we're going to pull up into our pole up scoop and in with the air. And do those lungs hips open in with the air. You can even hiss like a snake if you want. And bending. Good unfolding. And one more snake in with the air. Open this up. That's it.

Exhale. Yeah. Blown out all that air. I love it. Inhaling up open. That's it. And down. Now pull those heels in a little bit more. Good. And they're still going to be one in front of the other. Good. And we're gonna make that Nice. Maybe pull this in a couple in back. Yeah, there we go. And we're going to make this nice rainbow up with this hip.

Good and forward with the hips. A little bit more. Mm. Nice. Now really ring out those lungs as you go under the bridge. Good. And now bring the hips facing forward again. Arm overhead, face a little more forward and try to open the chest and the hips to the ceiling. Come forward and bend down. Good. Now the fetal goes stacked. Great job. And we're going to go for our star. Good.

RMCs right here. Long. You did a really great job though, pushing forward through the hips. And now arm and leg go forward. Top leg in our good and one goes forward. One goes back, they both go forward. Only the leg goes back, arm goes forward and re square off your hips. Open the chest again so it's right over that arm and you're going to go forward with both up to the ceiling around. Keep pushing your hips forward, wrapping around me. That's it. And then go back straight nice and long. Scooping it in on, back over here and full down at your hips like it was easy. Wonderful. Lie down on your stomach, right onto your belly and grab onto your feet for rocking.

Good. And we're gonna pull those heels to your seat. One, two, three. Push your feet into your hands and come up for a nice breath. No rock. And yet end down and press your pelvis down more. That's it. Two, three and scoop in. Really slide those shoulders. Oh Aha. And down. One more time. One, two, three and pressing. Good.

Now we'll rock keeping the head out of the equation. Yes, lift the chest bone, lift the chest bone and lift it. That was wonderful. That's enough. Melt into the mat and you get to round your back and sit on your heels again while you ponder the transition of crap. There we go. So we're going to glue your hands down on the mat while we lived into a beautiful sea curve. And your ankles crosses your knees. Pull through your arms.

Ready. One, you're just going to land on your knees as your ankles. Cross. Go all the way forward with your knees a little more. Good. Now plant the forehead on the mat and then roll almost onto the top of the head. Yes, great job. We're going to roll back and feed our crab back. Switch feet.

Nice and roll forward. Use the back of your legs to lift the hips over. Good. And Roll back and feed your crap and good and back. One more time and open those inner thighs a little more. Next time. Rolling forward lifting. Good. Very good. Control on the neck. Nice job.

Go ahead and roll back for your balance control. So we're going to go back and the fetal, go to the floor when you're ready and your hands will go back to your floor. God. And let's extend the right. That's fine. That's good. The right leg up. Beautiful Energy. Good hands. Go by your ears onto the mat.

Bend your elbows and put your hands on the mat by your ears. Looking oh here. Not on the bars, but right here. Cause we're gonna push up and stand down. There you go. So we're gonna push into Vic, make sure this legs really extended and push into the floor and come on up. Beautiful. That's it. And lift the arms forward in front of you is better.

Sorry about that. Nia. Hydra today, here. And then lift your arms forward. So the energy is, that said, I'm going to let go of this foot so I don't change your center. Keep reaching forward. So scoop. That's it. That's it. That's it. There you go. I'll go back up. That's right. And switch. So now this foot's going to go down.

Your hands will be there and you like to have a lot of distance here and hold on a second and we're going to come up with that upper body. Nice. And now reach the arms. [inaudible]. See that was gorgeous. And you're going to go back down with that. That's it. And I want you to Tuck your head under and roll onto your upper back.

Go right back down. Get the head back on the mat though. It's stuck. Yeah, thank you. Good. Now both legs up. Good. Roll down through your back, get you a little extra stretch there and you're gonna roll forward. Sit Up for seal. Okay, roll forward that set and clap. Two, three. Inhale, roll back. Good. Two, three. So you want to clap an inch off the floor here and then an inch off the floor. Although it's going to be not quite because it's the mat, right and rolling back because you can do that because you still don't put all the weight onto your neck.

You still have the bottom of your shoulder blades on the mat. And that's super important that the weight is on the shoulder blades. And you can lift all the way over to three and roll back to three and one more. Rolling back, cross the ankles and give me some energy and stand on up for your pushups all the way up. Go ahead, go to the front of the Mat, turn around and we'll do two sets of five. So we're going to roll off an imaginary wall. Good.

And walk out and minimum of motion. Get your body in a straight piece of steel and elbow straight back to your ribs as you bend them and go down, up one, down, up to get your bottom. Working. Two, three, yes and four. One more. And pull up and walk back to your feet. Good. And roll up one more time. Really reached through those fingertips as you go. There we go.

Walk on out into a push up position. Nice. Get into a straight piece of steel. Good. And down. Up One. Pull your chest bone up a little bit. Yes. Down. Up Two. I'll go straight back for me. Yes. And four and one more time. And now walk back up.

Good. Keep the weight more on the ball of your feet. When you roll up, soften the knees, curl and the tailbone under a little bit. Exhale is your arms reach. We're going to push down. Sorry. Exhale here, pushing down and really inhale as you lift up even taller and you are all finished. Really good. Nice.


Nice workout. Beautiful flow with helpful corrections.
Very nice, logical fast moving class. Couldn't finish but will do it again. Loved the crab to back roll to balancing arabesque. Thank you!
Hi anyone have any ideas how to do this class without the kind of mat/strap setup shown? I love the whole concept but I can only do this with a regular mat. Thanks!
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Perfect cueing...nice flow...thank you

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