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Leg Lengthening Mat

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In this Mat workout, Monica focuses on lengthening the legs in every exercise. She uses the strap to help create space in the hips and to engage the hamstring when you are doing core work, Saw, and other exercises. Even if you don't have a raised mat with a strap and a pole, you can still do every exercise and feel your legs working with your core for the entire hour.
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Apr 25, 2013
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Hi, Maria. Hi. So we're going to do an advanced Matt today. Okay. And we're gonna really work our legs. Um, ideally we're using a tower mat where we have a nice bar and a strap, a barge, really gonna add some, uh, umph to this leg workout today. Um, but you can also do it without, but let's go ahead and get started. This is but one arm over the other. Shift your weight back and forth to see if it's more on the ball of your foot or on the heel. And I want you to have it just in the middle of the foot.

Cross one foot over the other. Draw your powerhouse in and up. Good. And try not to sway your back too much as you go down. And I'm going to hold onto you to help give you a little opposition as you scoop in and, and, and lower yourself down. Wonderful. Put your hands midway back. Good. And had just stretch out nice and long and reach your arms long. And this is the only time I allow my clients to really just stretch out.

So reach through your fingertips. Good. And reach through your legs. Like you have a horse on each limb and they're pulling you in all four directions. Good. So really lengthening. So we're really gonna focus on not gripping today and not overdoing pelvic tilts and really working our hips. Bring your arms up and bring your arms down by your side. Great.

Go ahead and draw your knees, bend them for a moment. Great. And I want you to hug the right knee into your chest and just stretch it and then straighten your leg up to the ceiling. Good. And we're gonna put your hands behind your thigh and just give it a nice stretch just so we're on the same page on what we're trying to feel today in our advanced workout. We're going to push your arms down by your side and really push them down so your stomach can really scoop it. And then at a 90 degree angle here, I want you to think about your outer thigh and you're gonna Square off the hips. Super important. Our boxes always here, hips are straight across. Seal might have to lengthen one hip down.

And then keeping your hips straight across. I want you to try to reach that thigh long and touch your foot to the ceiling. Really try to feel like that thighbone is coming out of the hip socket. There's some space being created there. There's some fluid getting in there. Okay, and I want you to reach down the middle of your body.

Hold it there. Really engage the outer thigh, the inner thigh and your glutes with your stomach, keeping your back nice and flat. Lengthen your leg another inch and then pull it up with your powerhouse reaching long to the ceiling, yours. Sweep it down two more times. Sweep it down, using those advertised good and pulling it up. And last, really feeling that outer thigh. Get longer and longer and longer and pull it up. Really creating that length and hug the knee in. Excellent job. And we're going to put that set down and we'll do the left.

So we're going to hug in the left knee. Good. And then your extended up to the ceiling. Stretch it. Nice. Now let's make sure our hips are squared in our pelvis isn't too tilted towards us. There you go. Good. And now with your hip staying squared, really length in that side to the ceiling, I'm gonna let go here. Good. So you want this outer thigh really engaged. Always careful not to hyper extend the knee and really try to reach it as much as you can. Really feel that fly.

Get longer and then sweep it down as your powerhouse pools in the other direction. Good. And pull it out and you're gonna reach it down. And I'm going to have you hold it down like we did last time and reach it an inch longer. Good and pull. And one more. Really feel that outer thigh. Engage and extend and pull it up. Great job, Bethany. Hug it into your chest. Good. And put the foot down.

So when we're extending really reaching those hips, you have to pull your belly in like you did in and up to get that link. So we're going to bend your right knee into your chest and hug it. We're going to almost ready to begin. Bring the left knee into your chest. Good. Draw your head to your powerhouse using it. Go ahead. Long arms open and he's just a little bit good in a little bit of a plotty stance. And I want you to reach your legs long and low.

Wave from your power house. Good and pump four. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Squeezing the back of your inner thighs, feeling you're pushing down on my hand with your heels. And now I'm going to let go. So you're going to keep that feeling wonderful. So the back, your inner thighs are really engaged. Your stomach is scooping in enough away from your legs, but most importantly you just keep trying to get your legs longer. We sweeped one down and up and now it's like both of the legs are reaching down and out from your powerhouse.

I want you to give me one more big breath. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Reach your arms up and back and your head down as your legs go down. Good. I'm gonna use this strap here and I want you to come down a little bit and we're going to reach your arms up to the ceiling, head to your chest and curl up. Good. And reach forward for the roll up head right between your arms. Good and rolling back. Lower back, middle back, upper back, reaching up and back.

We're going to do one more at this tempo and then we'll speed it up. Curl and up. Good and reaching. Now on the way down, I need to see those legs get really long. So squeeze your bottom length in the legs to me. That's it. So they're not taking a break in this exercise and we're going to go arms had long legs reaching, had dives between those arms and roll it back. Lower back.

Those legs are reaching, reaching reach and good and back and arms head and scooping in. Try to stay under a low ceiling. So I'm going to put my arm right here. You're going to stay under it. That was a beautiful job. I bet you could do it on the way up though too. Arms Curl under me. Head curls under me. Excellent. And reaching and let's work.

Those thighs are rapping, lengthening. Great. Give me two more. Keep that, those ribs, the upper back, a little bit flat or down. That was nice. Engagement of those legs. Great job. Long legs and one more time. Arms head and stabilizing with those legs. That was your best one, Maria. Excellent. Reaching and rolling down. Long legs, reach and region. Region and stretch those arms up and back. Great.

Now I want you to come up one more time, so arms up head and curl it up. And this is our transition. Go ahead and sit up now we're going to add tree right here. So let's draw the right knee. Good, that's very nice. So you're trying to really lift long in the waist and not hike up that right leg as you extend it up. Then bend extended up and bend.

Extended up. Good. Walk up the leg to your ankle. Great. We're going to create more space. Beautiful. We don't like to be all cramped up in that hip. Good. And now roll back. Taking the leg with you, your waistband. Good. And now walk down your leg until your shoulders in her head. Go down.

This leg is really squeezing down into the mat. So head comes up. This one's pushing down with that back of the leg and seat. Fantastic. And stretch forward over that leg, getting the shoulders right over those hips. Good. Draw your belly in and up. Nice. And as you roll down, press your hips together so that your hips are square and reach that leg to the ceiling. And this one's really active. Really working to push down to the mat. Reach it up.

Good and stretch forward over that leg. And we're going to do one more pulling back. Good and rolling. Really reach out to this hip. Don't let it hike up on you. Head to your chest and squeezing that left leg down. Good reaching. Bring that leg a little bit forward first we're going to do one more stretch forward over the Aha so that I want this. There you go.

You see that difference? Now lift up tall and grab your toes and try to open up your chest as much as you can. Excellent. Switch legs. Very good. So drawing in the left, come forward over your hip. Your um, bottom is perfect, but you're, we're just hanging out to the back a little bit. There you go. Lift in that waist like you did earlier and extend the leg up. And Ben, be careful not to roll in the knee as you extend that leg. Good. And hold that leg up and he'll walk up the leg again. We're gonna make sure there's a lot of distance. Good.

And we're going to roll back, keeping your hips square as you do it. Then you can walk down, that's it. And head to chest and keep reaching that thigh long to the ceiling away from you as you come up. Stretch over that leg. Nice and rolling back. Good. Reaching that leg away as you go down. That's it ain't coming up. So you're pressing your hips for stabilization. You're reaching this thigh long, long, long stretch over it.

We've got one more rolling back. Nice job and nice and square. And even very good. Head to your chest. Rolling up one bone at a time. Don't forget to stretch over the leg on this one, but first pull back in the waist a little bit. Yeah. And now grab your toes and keeping it down the center. But open the knee kind of soften and open it a little for you to the side.

Yeah. Good job. Now put both legs under the mat, reach for your ankles. And then I want you to roll back down, rolling down your lower back. And remember we're gonna keep those a little soft, but use the hips to lengthen to me. Good. And I want you to reach back under those bars. And we're going to do single leg circles. You're just going to hold right under it. Good. It does. Slide a little bit back.

Fourth slide towards me until your arms are really feel stretched good. And now draw the right knee into your chest and extended up good. And you're going to co pull it up towards your nose. We're going to cross this way and as you go down, really reach for that ankle. And you feel this nice scoop in length and then pull it up. Good. And to tempo.

Here we go. Cross around and a cross around. Lift, cross around, reach to around lift last time and reverse reach all the way to that ankle and sweep to your shoulder. Good. Really use the back of the leg to lift up the leg up we go. Always stomach, but use the back of the leg and the seat instead of gripping in here last time. Reach it out and you can go ahead and hug that knee in and put the foot under the strap. And Go ahead and bring the left knee in. Arms underneath. Good.

Really use those arms to create the length all the way through here. Yeah, good. And we're gonna pull it up and you're going to cross over to your right shoulder down, reaching all the way to that ankle around them. Good and up. Cross around, lift, cross around, up, cross around. Lift one more around reach and reverse. I love how you're really stabilizing with the other leg you're actively working at, pushing into the mat. Scoop it up, reach that leg longer around, up. Last one. Don't lose a little bump in that area. Go and hug in that knee.

Good both legs long and keep them squeezing and reaching. As you sit up, God lift your bottom to your heels and it's time to get rid of the strap. We're going to go for rolling like a ball, so go ahead and grab onto your ankles, God and balancing. Great and imagine you have a ball between your inner thighs. You still want them squeeze and you still want your seat squeezing.

We're going to roll back your waistband first rule back and exhale. Come right on up God and in with the year annex, halt and in with the year. Lift that seat up and exhale. Inhale, lift the bottom up over the shoulders and exhale up. Great job. Two more. Lower back first and still hold with the powerhouse when you come up.

One more time in with the air. Exhale, come on up. Hold. Make the back of your legs work a little bit more to keep the heels closer to your C. Good. Give me one more. Trying to keep your hamstrings engaged. Go back hamstrings. Keep those heels there. Excellent job. Rest your feet down. Good job. Lift your bottom back. Nice. Alright, so I want you to bring the right knee into your chest, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. Then extend the left leg to me. Good.

So no gripping. We squeezed, we reach out and we're going to bring the right knee with us as we roll down to our bra strap. It's very important. We are going to reach and reach and reach. Fantastic. Open the collarbones a little more and we're going to switch. Hold it here. Put, engage the back of the leg and push down and you feel that back of the leg. Work and switch. And we're just going to get it one more time on this one. Feel that. And now to temple, right, left. Good.

It's always abdominal, always powerhouse. But you should be really working. The legs, you're lengthening out. You're squeezing that seat right and left. Give me one more set right and left. Bring both knees in. Good. Don't allow the knees to be lower than the knees. Good. Pull in.

Get yourself a lower back stretch and how. Reach the arms and good and stay here again. Both legs now are pushing down on me with the back of the inner thighs and draw them both in. Good and push out. Good. Squeezing those lights and pull in one more with me. Long wrapping and squeezing and pulling. And now inhale, reach, ditch and exhale and inhale, reach and exhale and tomb in the lower. Yeah.

Are Your arms because your legs are lower and one more. You don't need to lower your legs. Just your arms in the belly anymore. Oh yeah. Nice. Good. Right leg up to the ceiling. Good. So here, push down with the back of your leg. Avoid the need. Yes. And switch. Same thing here. Noni, back of the leg. Good. And here. Now quickly tempo. Good.

You're really want to reach those legs long to the ceiling again, the thigh is out of the hip socket. You have some space in the hip sock. It's not gripping and pulling in. You're reaching those like out to the other side of the room. One more is that right and left? Both legs up, hands behind your head. Good. Hugging this right here.

The back of the legs squeezed down to three and pull up. Good as you go down, make the legs longer longer. Imagine that they're reaching longer to come up and squeeze and reach. Reach and reach them out to pull up. Excellent. Your head goes, pushes into your hands to help those legs get longer. It's a good angle. You don't need to go any lower at the head. Reaching, reaching, reaching and last time skip the belly.

[inaudible] and up and now bend the right me and the left one. Watched the knee. It's always squeezing from here and twist up to three and switch. Ooh, squeezing up. Good. Beautiful. Really avoiding just bending and straightening the knee, but wrapping and squeezing it straight. Last time, wrapping in, squeezing it straight and hugging both knees. Fantastic.

Good. We're going to sit up and we're going to put your heels just right out here as fine, a little bit wider. That's it. Hand. I want you to sit up with your arms. Shoulder height for spine stretch forward. So we're going to come back a little bit through here. Lift in the waist. Now we're talking legs, so squeeze a heck app off your bottom and exhale. Push those heels away from you. Push the heels away and then inhale, lifting off the seat and give your bottom a little break and squeeze around the lift up and exhale down. You're lengthening these legs away.

You're pushing your heels away as you go down and you're really pushing them away as he come up and relax and give me two more like that up and those legs are reaching long, pushing your heels away and you're going to roll up. And one more. Lifting up, pull back those pinky toes pull back. Really pushed the heel away. Awesome. Rolling Back Cup and relax. Good. Now you're still lengthening those legs so we can go right into open like rocker wants you to pull your waist away from me. Keep pulling back so that the weight, your weight is a little bit back. Good. And reaching those legs long, they just float right up. Nice job. Little less energy in the toes.

Good. And if you can sit a little more on your sip bombs whenever you come up. Beautiful. Okay. Remember we're always keeping a nice flow there and we're going to inhale. Roll back. Exhale right on up, pushing into your hands. Inhale, lower back. Exhale up. God, I always like to visually picture.

I have a magic circle here so I engage my inner thighs and the inhale, lift my hips. Exhale right on up. Good. Always reaching those legs away and pushing those into your hands. And one more. Try to keep the elbows straight so those legs really lengthened and stay here. Great job. Squeeze those legs. Reach 'em out of your hips.

Get a little less depend on your hands. Great job. Keep them right there. As you roll down your waistband, futile, your middle back, your upper head goes down. Good. You're ready for corkscrew. Perfect. But I want to use these bars, so bend your knees and put the feet down and grab onto those bars and slide away until you really feel like you're long and waist and scooped in and that from your lower back, from where those legs attach, you can draw those knees into your chest. Bending, amend, scoop in the belly. Good. Extend the legs up. Press your hips. Now, if I had a street pole and it went right like this, you'd be able to rise your bottom up like it's going up an escalator. I want you to really have that image and squeeze your hips and we're going to lift your hips over your shoulders like it's going up an escalator. Good.

Now extend the legs up to the ceiling, trying to really lengthen and reach out. Great. I want you to roll down through straight through your spine to come down. Really squeezing, really lengthening the spine. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Good. And now really reach away to the right to circle down around left and right on up. Right up to here. Good and scooping in, hugging that midline length and those hips away from the chest.

Now let's see how long can you make your legs go left? How low to the floor can you go? How right and right on up to the ceiling. Good. And lengthening down a little more. Fluidity to the right. Really reach those eyes all the way over. All the way left and up and laying things down. Net.

You have these bars. I want a little bit more energy to the left. All the way around. You're not gonna fall over pulling up one last set. Reach Long. Go all the way to the ocean this time. Take those feet all the way to the floor, all the way to the ocean. Yeah. Now we're talking around lift and one more time to the left. Pull it in.

Long, long, great hips. Reach those hips. Reach them all around, scoop it in and up. And now really enjoy laying, sitting down. Always as if you're doing a tower. Feels fabulous. Great job. Let's do saw. Sit right on up. Heels are going to be a little open. Good, and now long arms. Good. We're still talking legs, so squeeze your bottom up. Push those heels away and twist your right and exhale.

We're really pushing away your heels. Nice. Roll up through your spine on twist left and exhale. Let's see if you can lift even more through here and lifting up and twist and exhale. Lifting even more through here as we stretch and up. Good and twist. Good and pushing away the heels.

Lifting off your seat, scooping your belly in and up and twist. Great, and reaching down. So the more we lift out of here, the less we're going to grip in those hip flexors and up. It's all about learning how to lift in and up with your powerhouse. Would you do a great job? Otherwise we wouldn't be doing an advanced mat and up last.

Once you're off the seat and you keep lifting up in that long ways to exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhaling up and arms come down. Squeeze your legs together and you're going to flip over onto your belly for neck roll. Come forward so we can use these bars again. So there your shoulders are right here, right at the same level. A little more forward there a thank you. Thanks Maria. So I love the image of a mermaid tail here.

So I want you to press your hips together and really reach those legs long like you have a beautiful mermaid tail. So we're going to start off with neck row. We're going to try to squeeze our legs so that when we go to swan in a second, we still feel this really good length. Okay. So we're going to start coming up with our always stomach engaged. Good, nice open shoulders. And we're going to look over your right shoulder down around left and look forward and left around to your right and look forward. And as you go down, keep lengthening this way and keep lengthening your spine the opposite way.

One more set. Loved it scooping in. Reach those hips long, like a mermaid tail. Look over your left shoulder first. Try to keep that right shoulder quiet and ry good. Looking forward and it's as if you're pulling those poles behind you. You're reaching these legs behind you, chest forward. Good.

We're going to come right back up, coming up. Same thing scooping in and on the count of three we'll reach your arms forward with the palms up to do swan. But those legs want to stay squeezing together and up. So one, two, three and it's arms up and good up and squeeze and lift them up. And one more leg squeezing up. Alright, round your back. Sitting on your heels. Good.

Always nice to get a good stretch. Now we're going to do single leg kick and double leg kick. You know what that looks like with the elbows bent and the knuckles try to shoot in one single motion. Getting nice and up off your chest into the there. Kay. Ready? And one, two, go for it. Shoot on out. There you go. Nice. Good. All right, so I want to see the longest legs you can give me here. Bring your elbows for just a couple inches. Boom, boom. Good squeezing, lengthening that mermaid tail.

I want to see both legs lift up off the Mat without losing any. Heightened your chest. Great. Always supporting your lower back. It looks good. So I want you to double kick your right heel only. That's all right. Good. Stay there. This one's gonna. Let's actually do that again. We're gonna lift always first and keep it high as you pull it into your seat.

Kicking one, two and then kicking up. Lift up that too. Good. So one leg lifting while the other one's really reaching long and kicking left and right too. No leg is ever on the mat. Try to lift up in your powerhouse and chest there. There we go. And right two and left. Two. One more set and left two and you get a little break as you put your right facial cheek on the mat. Hands behind your back. Good. So now both legs are going to kick. So we're going to press your hips together, reach your thighs out of the hip sockets to lift a lot of light under your knees. Kicking one, two, three and then they get to reach long as you lift higher, higher, higher, and lot on the light under your knees as we press one, two, three and reaching to three and again, lift and kick. One, two, three and reach to three last time. Lifting those thighs and knees.

One, two, three and lift. Two, three. Nice work. You gave those. You're all very good. Round your back. Sitting on your heels. Wonderful. Good. All right, we're going to flip over for neck pool. Parallel. Good. There we go. And I want you to start with [inaudible] hands, one over the other. [inaudible]. So lift up out of your hips, squeeze the heck out of your bottom and push your heels away right now. Push them away with your seat and you're going to roll down. Go ahead and roll away from those heels that are pushing, pushing, pushing.

Excellent. Inhale, head up. Exhale, scoop. In. Inhale, lifting off the seat through your powerhouse and exhale back. Go back like that a little bit, a little bit, and now curl the rest. Stand right back up though. And exit. This is a different momentum from your roll up. So pulling in and up, push your heels away. Pull those pinky toes back and in with the or. Exhale right on up. Good. Inhale, roll up to the spine. Push the heels away.

Really use the outer thighs. Come on, push. That's what's giving you a shake. Now try to keep that on your way up. Keep pushing these away. That was even better. And inhaling up and regain length in the back of your legs. Pull these pinky toes back. Push those heels away.

The last one with that length in the leg as you come up. Oh yeah. A nice job and rolling up and get the back of the upper back. Nice and yes, lifting off the seat, pushing those heels and you're done with the neck pull. Very good. All right, we're going to go into um, Jack Knife. We're going to bend the knees into your chest. Good. And extend the legs up to the ceiling.

I'm also going to have you use the bars on this. Just grab on back. Great. Do you feel long enough? All right, knees into your chest. Extend the legs. Press the hips. Longer legs. I want to see long, long, long. There we go. And remember we're going up that escalator.

So we're going to start from the hips to go up the escalator and then up to the ceiling. Excellent. And then down through the upper back, the middle back and the lower. That's very hard. And he made it look really easy. Let's make those hips go up the escalator and then up to the ceiling. And then keep hugging this midline and keep thinking as if you're on the Cadillac and doing tower and you're enjoying resisting that bar down. And we're going to do it one more time.

Hips up over and then up to the ceiling and really enjoy getting a little bit more length and then we're going to come down. Stretching. Nice. Great job. Alright Benny, the knees hug 'em in for a second. All right, we're going to go into scissors and bicycle and shoulder bridge. So extend the legs just up to the ceiling first. Good. And you're going to bring the legs back over like you just did. Place the hands very nicely cause you want to imagine that you've got your spine corrector here so the hips aren't quite over the shoulders but they're not too low either and then now reach the legs long to the ceiling.

The challenging part on this is is really a hard exercise no matter what. But leg one leg stays exactly. Put sorta going to keep the left leg here and for scissors. The right leg is going to reach up always and then out down the middle of your body down that way the, I was holding the wrong leg wasn't I. So once we have that level, you're like Monica and just when you thought the exercise couldn't get any harder and good but I'm not going to hold you anymore and just try not to let it come too much over to me, but reach as low as you can more down than to me that's it.

And switch more down then that's it. Because we want to get this working. Go as low as you can with this leg. That's it. And up and reached down, out and down. Yes. And one more out in, down since we started on that leg and out and down and reach and reach and reach. Good job. Both lights up. Roll down your spine as you shake out your wrist for a second.

We take a little break in between the scissors and the bicycle. Okay, we're gonna squeeze those hips, pull them back over. Hands Go. Good legs are trying to be a little more upright. So you're trying to have absolutely no weight in your hands. You're trying to squeeze your bottom up towards the ceiling.

And we're going to go ahead and start with our right leg. This time reaching out and down. Imagine you can touch the floor with these toes as you bend the knee. Bend at good and ride your bicycle. Good. Now Ramanak you know, cause she could always touch the floor with her toes on this one. So it's always our goal cause even today she can do it.

And so you're going to lift up your hips and go for it. Good. And last one with your left and then I want you to reverse. So you're gonna try to touch down. Very nice. Pressing your hips, working those hamstrings, working your seat to try to get as low to the mat as you can. Lifting your bottom up off your hands. One more on your left. And now bring the legs up. Good.

And this is the transition into shoulder bridge where you're going to bend the knees. Good. Keep your hands underneath and you're going to see, nope, keep your hands on your hips. Good. And we're gonna lower your toes down to the mat as you lift your bottom up and the toes lightly touch. Good. Fix your hands so that, and you can do it. Okay. You want to straighten out your leg. There we go. That's okay. That is a crazy hard transition. So where do you feel that and where might you get your hamstrings or the calf as you're going down? So now we're going to put your feet flat and try to get your back in that upper position. Sometimes it's too much with your hands underneath.

And so you can take your hands away either way. What do you feel like doing today? Feels good. Okay. So we're gonna Beautiful. Bring your feet in a little more. That's it towards you. And draw the right knee into your chest. Extend the leg. Good. And now as that leg reaches down, I want you to lift that hip up higher. Lift, lift, lift. Good. And kick it up. And now flex it down as you reach, reach, reach, reach, and up and long leg.

One more up. And as you flex, reach it. How? And let's switch legs. So this is going to bend. Good. Let's start off with this one. Long on the floor. This time. Good. And kick it up and flex and reach it out. You can lift with your hip is coming up and flex. Reach it even higher, higher, higher. And one more pointed up. And Flex it down. Reach it. That hip lifted up another inch. That's it. Return the foot.

Take away your hand. Shake them out and roll down through your spine. Nice job. Sit Up for spine twist. So your fleet feet are going to flex and they're together. Arms are out. All right, so we're going to lift up off your bottom and really push the heels, especially the opposite heel as you twist. So we're going to twist to the right and push your left heel away. Away. Away.

Good. And sitting up. Tall breath is. Inhale here. Exhale as you twist. Empty the lungs, pushing the right left heel away on this one and center. And so right heel away. Good. We've got to get my rights and left straight today and scooping in. Belly in and up. Push that left. [inaudible] deal. Don't let it get shorter.

Awesome. One more set light on that bum. You're getting lighter and taller, right? Heel awake. Good. And one more. Lifting off the hips for some left. There we go. Good job. Nice and relax. Good. So now we're going to go into our sidekicks. Want you to lie on your right side? Yep. Nope, it's cool. I like it.

I like it cause we're going to see your alignment. So I want you to have this elbow back a little further back. Good and right behind your head. Great. Beautiful, beautiful. And then bring your feet just a tiny bit forward. Nice. Alright, so when we're doing our sidekicks here, it's never going to get shorter into you. You're always trying to create your leg longer and to get that length, your stomach's going to be pulling in and up. So we'll lift it up.

So it's just the level of your hip bone. We're going to turn it out so I can see your inner thigh a little bit. And we're going to really try to make this top leg longer than our bottom leg. All right, reaching out of our pelvis. Do a little double kick forward. One, two, and a back little double kick. One, two. Good and forward. Now to tempo and back to and stomach in and work the back of your leg and use your powerhouse and back of the leg and seat. Good.

And forward and back. Give me four more and forward and back. Reach it longer. Make it longer as it goes forward. So it's longer than your bottom line. Give me two more little double poles. Make it longer than your bottom. Like one more time forward with your powerhouse.

And keep your powerhouse in here. [inaudible] good and legs together. Now try again to make the leg a little longer and I want your left hand on your left hip right there. Good. So that we really don't shrink in the pelvis as we come up on this one. So you're going to hold that pelvis long and use that outer thigh to push up good and squeezed down. You can lift it up a little higher even if it moves a little bit. Yes, and squeeze your inner thighs completely together.

Push up and then squeeze your inner thighs together, up and lengthen out. Lengthen more and more and more. And one more time and really retreat. Treat. Now that legs really working a little more inner thigh shy and five little circles. One squeezing the inner thighs together as you circle and make sure you go be hind the leg also to one reverse circle. One, you're aiming the heel for the arch of the foot. You're making it so long. Two and one and relax it for a second.

Bend the knee and place the foot on the mat. So the knees up to the ceiling and you can grab in front or behind the ankle. Now make thigh bone slide on the mat, another n on the mat, another inch away from you, like it's so long, like I'm pulling it. Great. And we're gonna have a stack of books right here. And I want you to lift up these books and lift them up a little higher and a little higher. And one more good.

And now I like to imagine my Louisiana Sugar Pot right here. And I want you to scrape all the sugar off of the each rim, all the way to the top, all the way forward, all the way back, all the way up. Good. Don't allow your knee to roll in as you do this. I'm going to let go and you're gonna do one more in this direction, reversing it all the way forward, all the way back. Come on, lift up those heavy books that are on that fire. That's it. Really using the inner thigh to lift up the leg and keeping it long. It's easy to Torque the knee and use the foot.

Make sure that you're using what counts. Get that inner thigh and the leg gets to go down. Long leg. Both legs are long. There you go. Good. You want to still keep this long and this angle forward. Good. Alright, we're going to do a little hot potato. So we're going to take this heel and it's going to go for five counts.

Right in front. Flies up, five counts back in, it switches to four, four, three, three, two, two and four sets a one instead of two sets as one at one up, one up, one up. He exhausted yet. All right, so you're gonna work that thigh. Lengthen it out and start with your heel just in front. And he re I'm gonna start the count for Ya. All right, ready and hits. One, two, three, four, five, up. One, two, three, four, five, up to your ear. One, two, three, four, up. There you go. One, two, three, four, up three. Now. One, two, three, one, two, three. Up. Can Use your stomach. One, two, up real close today and go. And now force it to one, one and higher and get it up. Use that out. They last one and legs to gather. Nice job. All right, so press those legs together like the Mermaid tail length and away from your powerhouse that's pulling up. And then we're going to lower those legs down again. Lower them down.

Good reason why is I want you to stay a nice straight line through your spine. And then I want those legs forward at a little bit of an angle. I don't want them to pull back too far behind you, so we're going to lengthen them away from you. Squeeze the back of your inner thighs to lift them up. Good. And your waist. Of course, staying there.

I want you to bring one leg forward and one leg back as far as you can, holding your tights and reach 'em out longer from your hips now and switch with them lifted, reaching them out long and lifted. Beautiful and switch. Reach, reach, reach. Good. One more, switch. Good. And now we're going to pull them again in front of you in this angle. And we're going to do what we call quick Manhattan Walk. We're going walk really fast. Inner thighs, back of the legs, really squeezing, lengthening out. Good. Good, good, good, good. Two, three and rest them. Damn.

Squeeze both legs up and now roll onto your belly. Keeping the legs up. Make a small pillow for your forehead. Good. So those legs are squeezing like that Long Mermaid tail. And we're going to do 20 beats. It's one, two, three, four. Really squeezing those inner thighs. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10 more. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

Hold them tight and lifted as we roll to the other side. And Great. They're in position. Love it. Nice work. Maybe slight a little bit forward. One inch. So you're on your mat a little more. Thanks Maria. Same thing on this leg. Reaching it really long powerhouses in and up. Reach, reach, reach. And we're going to do a little double pulse. One, two and back to, so you can't make your leg any longer.

It's reaching out to all the corners, one, two, and back to and reach to and reach it out of that hip to and forward and back of the leg. And it's powerhouse and the back of the leg and seat and forward and back. And we've got two more and scoop it and with energy here and back and last one, forward and back. Good job legs together. And as if you're pushing something away from your pelvis, put your right hand on that hip just like you've done the other way. Push it up and in. Squeeze your inner thigh.

It's all the way together and push it up and then squeeze and push it up. I like how high this hips coming up. I can't wait for hot potato now and squeeze one more time and squeeze and stay there. And five little circles still like you're pushing something away with your leg while your stomach is scooping in that way and reverse it. One, two, three, a little more stable in the upper body and relax it down. Bend this knee, but the foot flat grab there in front or behind the ankle.

Nice. We're gonna on the Mat. Lengthen the leg out from you. Then you have a stack of books here. Let's lift up those books up and a little higher and a little higher. Great. Now we got that big sugar pot and scrape all the edges. Hula-Hoop because a hula hoop worked better for you. A big circle.

I need you to really make that leg work in all directions. One more here and we're going to reverse it. Let's go back. Good. Always reaching out of that pelvis. Always lengthening fuel. Those thigh muscles, not just tightened, but really reach out of the pelvis. Give me one more using that inner thigh, not the knee.

And we're gonna bring the leg down. Great. Both legs long. Good. A little bit forward. Just a teeny bit. Good. So now we're going to do our hot potato. So we're going to start with a heel. Good. And we're gonna do five k. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Up. Let's see. The powerhouse went. Two, three, one, two, three. One, two, one, two, one. Up. One up.

One up. One more ad. God likes to Cather. Good. So now we're gonna squeeze both legs together. That Long Mermaid tail and the obliques are going to lift up the legs. Excellent. And we're going to bring one leg forward and one leg back, but they're reaching longer out of the pelvis. Good switch.

You can get that link back to me. That's it. And switch. Really tried to take one forward and one back and last time and now legs forward but still lifted off the mat. And this is our quick Manhattan walk, but reach and reach and we're going to go quick, quick, quick wait. Treat, treat, treat, treat, treat, treat and low of day. Nice job. Excellent. Go ahead and lie on your back. Did I skip any on the other leg? You might not. Tell me this chest. Hug a man.

Your legs are going to be okay. Bring your head just a little bit over and you always want to shake out those thigh muscles. So go ahead and extend the legs up and really make those thigh muscle shakes or they're not going to cramp up on you. When we do our teasers. Good. So teaser one legs go up straight to the cle, arms go back. Good. And now you really want to think about that long circle line as we first lower the legs hugging this line to a 45 degree angle, I'd lower them lower and lower.

And even if your back pops, it's okay. And now you're gonna be your head to your chest and keep reaching those dyes out of your center and enroll away from them. Keep the legs right, they're reaching good. And we're gonna roll up and our thighs are long and long and long. And we're going to roll away from him. And one more time lengthening out of your pelvis.

And we're going to hold our upper body there and we're going to reach our legs out and pull them up and out and down and up. One more. Reach them out and down and up. And now everything goes down re and now everything comes up, scoop and reach. Good. And everything goes down. Really keep the length in the back of the legs, squeezing back of the legs, squeezing and pull up. That was better and reaching long. You didn't grip on that lift. Last one. Coming up, reaching long, long, long. Good. Now think of corkscrew.

And we're going to circle the legs one way the arms one way. And they're going to meet center. So retake your arms. Good. And reach your arms that way as the legs go. And we're gonna come. There you go and go the other way. Now I know you're going to do it really well on your own here.

So reach your arms and one set each way. Yes. Good. And circle the arms the other way. There you go. On Your Brain, on your Gordon nation. That was good. See you. Circle your legs one way and arms the other. But we're going to go on to Cancan. So I want you to sit up and I want you to slide back and you're gonna come back a little bit further and say seated good little bit more back. Good.

Cause we'll transition, transitioned to hip circles in a second. So once your knees bent and we're going to go back onto your elbows so you can lean back on your elbows. Nice, good. And bring your knees up to the ceiling and toes right on the mat so they have to be right there on your tippy tip toes to be tip cause we're going to go dancing. I know. No sinking. Okay. Scoop in and lift. Use those elbows to push it and use that powerhouse.

Squeeze those inner thighs to get the knees. Good. Good. And you're gonna use the hamstrings and glutes to keep your toes on the map. All right, you're going to go to the right first. You're going to let your knees and thighs go as far to the floor on the right as you can, as far to the left, as far to the right. And then keep them there and try to kick over your shoulder. Okay, so we're gonna push it up. Here we go. Toes on the mat, squeeze those inner thighs and we're going to go right, right all the way over.

All the way, all the way left toes on the mat all the way, right? And now kick over your shoulder. Good and hold. Keep your knees over that way. Good toes on the mat. Lift up. That's what I wanted to see. Left and right. Use your powerhouse left and now over that shoulder. Beautiful. One more set, right. Lift up out of those shoulders.

There we go here and pull them over that shoulder. Wonderful. Last time, left and right. Use your powerhouse. Left and long legs. Good job. Straighten your legs forward, reach over your ankles. Good. And now I want you to slide back one inch with your bottom and then grab those poles behind you. There you go. Good. All right, so that feel okay. Okay. Bend your knees to your chest. Good. Alright. Feet on the floor. So you use those. The bar really helps you.

They are good. Maybe a tiny bit forward with your seat. Good. All right, now try to bring your legs all the way up so we're always lifting from that long lower back. So no, jabbing the thigh bones into your body. You reach 'em out and reach them far to your right around and sweep 'em around. Nice job left, reaching around. Pull them center. Good, right, all around. Great powerhouse and squeeze those inner thighs that help them out. And give me one last set, right all the way around and pulling up and left. Reach those long legs that were working. Good job. Legs down to the floor.

Reach over. You deserve a stretch. Fantastic. Good. We're going to go right our swimming slide forward a little bit. Flip onto your stomach. Good. Arms Long, legs long. So the mermaid tail, we're going to press, we're going to reach those thighs out. Reach up your right arm and left leg higher than the others. Get your head up out of the water and everything though is up off the mat.

So your left leg also all of them, but one his right arm and left leg or higher. Higher, higher. There we go. Switch but hold. Get it up higher. Longer, switch and hold. Lifted up higher and longer. Now to tempo. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four. By really never touching the floor but up to the ceiling.

One more big breath and exhaling and melt into the mat. Bend the knees and round your back. Good job. We're going to go into our leg. Pull down and leg pull up. So keep your, let's Tuck your toes under. Good. Crawl your hands away as far as you can from your pelvis. Good. Plant your hands there and squeeze your hips.

Lift in your belly and go into a pushup position. All right, so we're going to keep pressing here. Good. Scooping in. Nice. Lift up your heads, your nice straight piece of steel. We're going to start with our right leg. We're going to lift it up from here and rock back and pull forward and put it down. Left. Comes up back. Good. Now really pressed the hips together though. As you lift that leg. There we go.

Rock back and left. Press beautiful. I'd rather this pressing together than the leg coming up too high. One more time. Higher if you can. Good. Right hand to left and we're going to reach for the sky as you flip over. Good. Good. And now we're going to take the right leg.

Three times kicks up and flex actually switched. Sorry, left and beautiful, right. Reach it out. Left reached to me one more time, right. Reach that hip to me. Left. Reach it to me and now today. Sure. Go ahead and sit down and then we're going to Tuck your left knee under so that we face this way. Good. We're gonna bring your left knee for kneeling.

Sidekicks, go ahead and lift up onto that knee. The foot can hang off the little bit and you're going to put your left hand is every left good right there. Good. Stay right there, right hand behind the head though. And this leg is going to be right here. All right. Now I'm sure you were thinking about where did I put bicycle in that side? Leg series, right? You were just thinking that whole time about that.

So keep the stomach in, reach this leg longer on the mat and then lift it. Good. And let's do a three set of bicycle, kicking it forward. Bend the knee, take that knee back as you keep it up high and extend and reach it forward. Just keep a nice flow to it, given it the best you can and extend back. Perfect. That's what I want to see these hips trying to stay right here as you reach out. And one more. Yes.

Reaching back now extends straight out from your body and reverse reach long and back. Bend the knee. Take it to your chest. Extend. Try to keep it high. Take it to your bottom. Good. Need a chest and extend. Last one, lifting it high as you go. Taking it. That's all right. Heel deceit. Need a chest and extend. Good and hold it out. Now hold it out. Squeeze that bottom forward over this knee. Good. Now bring your pelvis is always want to go forward as we transition.

Oh, that was great job. And now take your right hand to the floor as your left leg extends out. Good left hand behind your head. Nice and behind. Scoopin. So before you lift it, always try to get your pelvis to go forward over that knee. Looks pretty good and they'll reach that leg long as we lift. Good me.

And Hey, get back and extend. Lifted up high as you go forward. Good and extend. Try to keep your seat always pushing for as your last one in this direction and taking it back. And now reverse high as you go back. Try to touch me back here. Need a chest. You really went for it. Nice and back over here. Good. Need a chest and extend. Last one.

Try to keep that pelvis going forward. Staying over your knee. That hip is burning. Now. Hold it there. So we're going to pull it right here. Use that sit. Good job. Bring both knees together. Nice job and sit on your left cheek and we're going to know, just do a little mermaid to stretch it out a little bit. So reach up your left arm. I use the right one.

All right, and we're going to keep your knees stacked and holding onto your ankles and round over to reaching over. Good, strong. Hold in everything. And now reach long to the ceiling from your raced and you're going to go out just to your elbow. So I'm not too concerned that there's not too much mat here. The most important part is when you're coming up that you squeeze these inner thighs together and you push these feet into each other so that you have something to lift up from. Good and reaching over. Okay, this hands gonna go onto the ankles again. There you go. And now press those legs together so you can reach away to the ceiling.

There we go. Good. Reaching away from that waist. So really squeeze these legs together and reach up to the ceiling. That's it. And hand on ankle for the last one stretch and last time, reaching over longer. Let me see some energy in those arms. You gave me a lot of energy in those legs. And now backups, reach up to the ceiling with the leg. That's it. Good. All right. Now I want you to swing your legs up to your nose and over to this side.

There we go. Bring the heels back quite a bit more. That's it. Okay. Right arm up to the ceiling. That's it. Scoop it in and reaching up and over. Get that arm. It's close to your head, not your head. Do your arm and then reach long. Good.

And then reaching. There we go. So feel the stacked legs as you lift up to the ceiling. All right, now we're getting somewhere. And is that left hip? That's stronger for you anyway and reaching good long and up. Last stretch here on this side and reaching it out. Good. And I want to see those heels pressing into your thighs.

Squeezing in as you come up. Let me see that press. Good job. Nice work. Now I want you to extend your legs long that way and sit on your bottom. Good. Cross your right ankle over your left, right. We're going to go for boomerang. Super important. We're not going to hinge back to lift our legs.

Instead we're going to use our stomach and the back of our legs. So imagine the legs getting longer on the mat as it is going to sit up tall and try forward looking up if you're tall. There we go. I'll try a different cue. And so you're going to give region, right? So we're going to try to lift him up just a tiny bit. Good. And now strong. Make it feel every muscle in your leg. Good. Roll Up. Very nice. Hands back behind you.

Now reach your spine long touching your head to your angles as you control down, circling around good hands. By your hips and scooping in, lifting those legs over you go. That was a bit more hinge back than we want. Right? Scooping in. Good hands behind you. And now really feel how I'm holding you. The adss it and reach your rounds. We have one more set. Sit Up tall for me. Don't hinge back too much this time. Just lift from the back of your legs as we come up better. It was better though.

And we're going to back to the ad set and back. Open. Close, rolling up. Good hands. Go behind you and reach the legs out as you go down. And we're going to do one more so you can come back to you. Touch my hand. All right, but lift up those legs. Good head two looks at your belly. Good. All the way over first over and now open, close and roll up to your teaser.

And now hands behind and regional legs. Very nice. I barely helped you on that one. All right, now we're going to go into the seal. Lift your rod and forward. Good and inner thighs are going to be tight and the flippers [inaudible] and roll back. And the breath is super important. So we're going to inhale so you can really squeeze out all your areas. You come up in with the air. Two, three, exhale, your air.

Inhale. Don't forget about those inner thighs. Exhaling. Two, three, two more. Exhaling. Two, three, last one. We're going to let go of our ankles and roll up and we're going to reach up. Good. And I want you to turn around and we're going to finish with some Arab beske pushups. So I want you to find your balance there. Again, reach your arms up to the ceiling and give me a right leg arabesque.

Good. Now it's super important here that you're really reaching out your fingertips and really reaching in opposition as you go down. And now walk yourself out. Feel this leg working and let's give me three pushups down, up, one down. Have to work both hips here. That's it. And now walk back to your foot. Look at your foot and make sure it's a stable foot for you before you come up.

Reach his leg out. Reach long through your fingertips, reach through your fingertips. There you go. And now the other leg, probably through your balance off there and when we're gonna reach that left leg back, good. Really reach for me as you reach that leg up to the ceiling. Good. Maria, walk out into your up. Good. A little more forward with your hands. There you go. So you can squeeze your bottom down. Nice. And down. Up One. I need more. Bottom squeezing down, up to lift your leg up a little higher so I can get that bottom squeezing. Good.

Three. And now walk back. Look at your foot. Make sure it's stable, and now reach for me as you come up. Reach through your arms. There you go. I want you to turn out your arms and I want you to exhale here. Exhale, lifting through your body and inhale and you are all finished. Nice job, honey.


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Bent-leg side kicks are the bane of my existence.
Hah! Me too!
Great class. It surprised and challenged me like nothing before. I thought I was doing everything perfect and learned so many new things. Your instructions were spot on and helped me stretch my legs like never before. I loved the student. When you corrected her it was so clear to see the difference and helped me adjust. She was normal!! Small things like in the boomerang you held your hand to her back before she could lift her legs. Small but powerful adjustment! You gotta love pilates...always something new to learn about your body.
Great energy, great instruction. A big thank you to Maria too. You both kept it so real! That was probably the best set of hundreds I have ever done.
This class is excellent ... Terrific instruction ... Thank you Monica
Monica I love your detail instructions and hands on corrections you are terific
It didn't get any easier the second time I took the class either. <g> I hope that the more I take the class the more the messages/instruction get internalized so that I "hear" them no matter who is teaching the class.
Missing a grand rond de jambe on the 2nd side! :)
Erin ~ Thank you for letting us know. It is easy to forget an exercise on the second side, but we hope to catch those kind of errors in the future. I hope you enjoyed this class!
A really great challenging workout with a very gentle pace. Good side work. Some modifications needed for shoulder issues and such.

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