Class #1042

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


In this Mat workout, Monica focuses on lengthening the legs in every exercise. She uses the strap to help create space in the hips and to engage the hamstring when you are doing core work, Saw, and other exercises. Even if you don't have a raised mat with a strap and a pole, you can still do every exercise and feel your legs working with your core for the entire hour.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


Hi, Maria. Hi. So we're going to do an advanced Matt today. Okay. And we're gonna really work our legs. Um, ideally we're using a tower mat where we have a nice bar and a strap, a barg...


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Bent-leg side kicks are the bane of my existence.
Hah! Me too!
Great class. It surprised and challenged me like nothing before. I thought I was doing everything perfect and learned so many new things. Your instructions were spot on and helped me stretch my legs like never before. I loved the student. When you corrected her it was so clear to see the difference and helped me adjust. She was normal!! Small things like in the boomerang you held your hand to her back before she could lift her legs. Small but powerful adjustment! You gotta love pilates...always something new to learn about your body.
Great energy, great instruction. A big thank you to Maria too. You both kept it so real! That was probably the best set of hundreds I have ever done.
This class is excellent ... Terrific instruction ... Thank you Monica
Monica I love your detail instructions and hands on corrections you are terific
It didn't get any easier the second time I took the class either. <g> I hope that the more I take the class the more the messages/instruction get internalized so that I "hear" them no matter who is teaching the class.
Missing a grand rond de jambe on the 2nd side! :)
Erin ~ Thank you for letting us know. It is easy to forget an exercise on the second side, but we hope to catch those kind of errors in the future. I hope you enjoyed this class!
A really great challenging workout with a very gentle pace. Good side work. Some modifications needed for shoulder issues and such.

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