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Kristi teaches with energy and flow while providing detailed posture reminders along the way. A great workout with some subtle but fun variations on a few classics exercises.
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Mar 05, 2010
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Alright, so let's just go ha. Sit Up. Nice and tall, nice and tall. My personal goal, and actually I think is Debra's goal too, is to become a little more centered. So let's just see if we can do that. Holding on behind the legs, finding your sit bones. Inhale and exhale. Taking tonight to just feel your body. You know everything I'm going to give you, I think in health.

Can you allow yourself to be a little taller as you exhale and just find the support. And with that inhale, begin the exhale. Feel the ads we are going to roll about. Halfway down. You can hold on, you can let go. Whatever you need to do, but use it as a means for loosening up the low back hold. Inhale, eyes forward. Exhale, feel the abs pullback as you roll forward and straightened back up at the last moment. Inhale here. Exhale, roll down. [inaudible] checking all your landmarks, right. Check your collar bones. Feel the stretch to your low back. Inhale, exhale to come back. [inaudible] and lengthening. Lubricating the spine. Inhale, exhale.

Take it back down. I don't want to give you a little more space over here. Inhale, hold it there. Exhale to roll back up. This is your place to take inventory and pelvic call. Might be better light on and exhale down, holding it here. Inhale, let go. If you feel ready for it, exhale. Just sink into the abdominals a little more in a lighten up everywhere else.

Again, inhale, speaking of center, put your attention there. It may not feel like it's there yet, but that's sort of the first goal is just to attempt one more time. Inhale, exhale, go all the way down. Set your head down. Adjust your feet for comfort so that you're in a pelvic curl position and you feel your entire upper back spread out. Inhale, begin. Exhaling. Roll right up through your spine, dragging the hips on that diagonal line towards your knees. Inhale and exhale to roll down.

Part of sort of going more for the feeling tonight than the mind and I'm, I'm a, I'm assuming that I'll get to the mind part. Eventually. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale rolls up is I'm going to use a tactic of adding just a little more speed than we normally do. And that's partly for the point that we don't overthink it cause sometimes I think we do do that. And if we look for what our body already knows, we're inhaling at the bottom. Exhale, roll up. If we just sort of let our body do what it's used to with all the practice we've had maybe surprised in here.

[inaudible] and exhale, let's go right into the spine. Twist supine is a bringing the Nisa to tabletop. Bolt them together so the legs feel like one. Take the arms up over your chest. Hug the space here, going toward the front of the room. We inhaled, so rotate. Keep the knees lined up. Okay. If the hip lifts the little exhale and draw yourself back to center, keeping the arms still. Inhale as we go to the other side. Exhale, draw the legs back to center.

This can be done with the feet on the floor and sometimes you'll feel it more. So what do you need tonight? Exhale, Poles back to center. There's a sense of heaviness in the ribs. Inhale over. Excellent. You look pretty centered already and tomorrow. Externally, rotate those arms, Andy and back to center. One more time to the back. Inhale and exhale.

Center. Now turn the palms away. Oh, that sounded so back to where Andy was. I'm following him. Reach the arms back overhead. Not quite the power trip. It sounded like it was. Exhale, leave your knees where they are and curl your head, neck and shoulders up for like a hundred prep. Looking forward, making sure the lower tips of the scapular on the shoulder or on the ground. Inhale, take it back down lightly. Touch your head. Start exhaling and feel the ribcage pressing into the ground to bring you back up. Yeah, inhale, go back down. Generally, we're trying to curl more, not necessarily higher.

There's a different squeeze to the inner thigh and inhale back and exhaling up. Changing it a little bit. Inhale back. This time when you come up, take both arms toward the front of the room. Exhale. It feels natural to me to just have the palms facing each other. You don't have to go all the way back. Just inhale through middle. Exhale, other side in health through middle. And again. Now here comes that speed again and, and I am not taking the arms fully behind my head.

Now just kind of up to go over lower body still and press and press and press. Go to the front, hold it to the front, take the knees to the back, keep them lined up like they were. They'll go slightly slower. Here comes and change both. So the knees go to the far arms to the back end change and sort of pivoting around the middle and eyes remain forward and allowing that upper body to twist. Good. Let your knees go opposite. Now getting, I've made it a little bigger so the knees go to the one way chest goes, the opposite. Keep going. Yup.

Woo. Isn't this fun? Last four, they're very to back to the center. Let the knees come down. Good job. Reach the arms back. Separate the feet. So they're about sitz bones. Distance apart. Inhale. And as you exhale, reach the arms to the air. Peel the pelvis and spine. Up so your heads are going to stay down. I'm doing pelvic curl through. Yep. That's it. That's it. Good staying there. While you're here.

Feel the inner thighs pressing toward each other. Let's actually try and feel the entire lower body, I guess. Not the entire. Let the lower legs relax. Inhale, and exhale. We roll down. Alright, here's your prep. Bring in the knees, backup arms, reach overhead, getting ready for the a hundred adjust where you need to in terms of position. Inhale. Here we go. Xcel right into place. Hold for an inhale in case you have to adjust anything and now it's exhale. Two, three, four, five and email and putting your focus in or email.

Letting the rib cage expand three dimensionally and and Ian. Email sending energy out the feed out the crown of the head. And inhale. Here's number six two three, four five an inhale. Let it heat you up. Let it set your pace. Sure. Can the breath be any deeper and inhale, one more. Full cycle starts now. Two, three, four, five. And inhale.

Exhale, draw. Draw the legs in. Set the feet on the ground, reach the arms back one more time. Extend your legs out on your map, turning the palms to face each other. And really that's coming from the shoulder girdle. Press the legs, not only together, but slightly into the ground. Here comes your roll up. We inhale, exhale to lift off, playing with the breasts, not playing with it. Using inhale and exhale. Down we go. Keeping them not fast, but rather probably faster than I normally do. Them inhale and exhale. The further forward we go, the more you press the air out. Inhale, and down we go.

So tempting to toss ourselves. If you're feeling like you need more challenge, you leave the arms up a little longer, but it should mean it's more fluid. Pick your head up just a little. Yeah, and exhale. Imprinting. Good, good, good. And in her leaving some space, so your neck is rather long. Starts dropping the shoulders. There you go, Jim. Excellent. Yes. And inhale, let's say start looking forward right now. Andy just says, there you go. Now we can see you. Oh, last one like that.

Yeah. So from here we're going just to the shoulder blades where you can let your shoulders fall a bit. And here we go. Down just to the shoulder blades. Once you get their hangout, inhale, take the arms away, back, seep out, stretching out the shoulders, way back, way back. That's it. Wendy XL. Circle their arms around and come up one inch. Inhale down to the shoulder blade, reaching back.

Exhale all the way around. Come up two inches, but we're not going into teaser. Keep the curve. Inhale down to the shoulder blades. Reach back. Exhale three inches. So it's one to ring out, three and down. Let's think about this. Inhale, reaching back. Hold it forward and exhale. Eight small presses hole. Relax the legs. Let them turn out the re. Nothing for focus higher tonight.

Fi six really relaxing like seven and I said eight, right? So put the feet back together. If they weren't, come up, come up, come up, come up, come up, come up. Just before you think you're done. Go down. Check your neck and all the way down. Arms to a t position. Reach beyond what feels like would be the end of the arms. Just so you have an energetic exchange through the Eric's taking the leg closest to the back. Bend it to 90 and support yourself. Reach up for your leg circles.

I'm going to flex. The only reason I'm flexing, right? Well not the only reason, but why? I want you to think about, oh no, we're not thinking. Here we go. Like circles. Inhale and exhale. I'll just say opposition. Inhale and exhale and inhale. Stability to exhale. I'm going the same way every time. We'll, this is the last exhale on this direction. Stop. Other way, same leg. Inhale around, up. Exhale around, up, finding your rhythm. Inhale around, up and exhale.

Try not to make it about the the leg that's moving. It's more or less to do with the center. I just lost the breath. Somebody helped me out. Exhale, stopping there then, right? I don't know. Bend the knee crossover from stretch, snap, crackle, pop and bring it back. Slide it out. You notice stabilize yourself and essentially I've stabilized.

Doesn't mean anything to you. Looking for stillness. Flex the foot going across the midline first and inhale. If you're feeling tight in the back of a leg tonight, first been the lower leg rather than the top leg. Then if that doesn't work, you can make any adjustment you need to exhale and inhale. Last one here. Exhale up whole other way. Inhale around. You might place your fingertips on the hips and check for stillness or sometimes a better way is just to feel the bony landmarks in, in the Mat, not change and last breath cycle or finish your exhale.

Bend the knee and crossover. All right, coming back, taking your arms up above your chest. Keep your arms up to the ceiling for the moment. Hug the space so there's energy through your chest. Curl on the head, neck and shoulders up to look forward. Arms didn't change much. If you can then continue, forget about the Arabs.

They're are going to stay where they are for a minute. Continue taking your spine through there. Forward, right. Your arms are going to adjust, but that's, I'm not really thinking of them as much. Then they're going to fall. But your spine is still somewhat long. Yeah. Okay. Lean forward a little more. Pull the hip bones around your low back, back.

Then draw the legs and so you're still very routed of getting ready for rolling like a ball. So Lalanne, I'm going to make, I don't know exactly but I'm thinking this for the sake calm. Okay. Don't roll past it for sure. Alright. Everybody get is tight or in small as you can be. If you have it available to you to put the ribs on the thigh, unless of course your ribs are bruised. Andy, that looks great except just drop the shoulders and I think if you pop the elbows out to the side, it'd be okay if you are touching your thighs. Try to just pull the abs away enough that they barely come off, but don't open the ball anymore. Okay, here we go.

Jennifer's ready and inhale back. Exhale up. Don't worry about landing and if you don't hit, especially if it's tighter than normal, inhale back to exhale where you start, you stay smaller. Yeah, the breath can do a lot here. Tips for keeping it feeling like it's working and not just filler. Right. This is a great exercise. Try to draw the sit bones together. Keep a sense of posterior tech the whole time, especially in the back when you're up and Kinda hanging out. One more [inaudible].

You know the drill. We're going to go through a series of abs here, so listen to your body. Slide. Hands up to knees are going, double leg, single leg, Chris, cross, etc. Here we go. Slowly lowering yourself down to tabletop. Sit bones are still drawn together for the double leg stretch. We go. Inhale, hold it there. When you get there, do you feel your low back relaxed into the mat? It should be. If not, bring everything up. You want to work your abs, right? That matters. Here we go. Exhale, bring it around and inhale and around. Inhaling, open. The arms and legs are just secondary. They're just your weight. You put all that energy in the middle. The more you stretch, the more deep you go in the middle, the center.

Remember that's our goal and you finish your movements, but only as they come from the middle. Couple more, two more. We go and around an one more to hold onto the back leg, extend the other one and change and and so you have the sense of the core, right shoulder, shoulder, shoulder to hip, hip to hip, all of that working. Need a neck break. You should take it. Don't let your awareness to that. Give yourself four more singles one and two and three. Here's your Chris. Cross, hands back and twist on.

There's lots of ways you can modify it and still keep integrity and still keep intensity. You can minimize the leg length, right? Whatever you need for more singles. It's one lays those fingers together. Three, come back to the center. Bend the knees, squeeze the inner thighs. Inhale, lengthen your head down, your back, down. Exhale, curl up. Do it again in hill. Maybe give yourself traction on the way down.

Gently pulling on the head. Exhaling. I'm doing two more. Inhale down, exhaling, and the last one. Inhale down. Exhaling up from here. Let's extend the legs up. Turn the legs out from the hip joint. Rest your head in your hands. Really try to feel what that is. If you need to put your head down, you can do that here and then returned to parallel from the hip joint. Turn out again like my legs, totally relaxed as much as possible.

If your knees are tight or your legs are tight, you can do it in a diamond shape and backless to one. Get that feel one more time. Return to parallel. Head goes down, arms go down for the rollover. Starting from here. Inhale, it's a pelvic curl. Homos right up and over to horizontal. Make sure you are lifted up off yourself. Inhale, flex your feet. Separate your feet. Take a moment cause I think all of you do this next part, you're about to lower your legs, right lightly. Touch your middle back just lightly, however it works for you.

When you lower your legs, you're, you're not to fall back into your hands at all. You just lower the legs. Now you can move your hands and roll down appropriately. We don't want to back away from ourselves on that part. Circle and close. Inhale. Exhale up to go over keeping that length. Inhale, flex separate, lower and down we go.

Chest pulls away. Good. The width of the legs. When you circle, go ahead. Inhale to 90 degrees. Exhale up and over is about hip distance, not very wide. The most yoga mats, width. Yes. Gym. I could chill. Lovely. Forget the correction we were making last time, but you look great and up to go over the last one like that and I just, when d almost touched that bench flex and separate, lower to come down.

We will reversing it tonight. So let's just take our time and go ahead. Up and over. I'm on this pace. Closing the feet when you get there and I suggested it, flex the feet and hug the midlines. You get a good stretch. Good job, Wendy. Come and down. Hey Sandy, go ahead and roll down. Cheap opposition. Look, great point. Just give yourself two more. I know it will be sort of an odd number, but it's slightly different paces and I prefer, I like the way we're working at now here. When you bring the legs together, squeeze the sit bones to do it or maybe imagine you are and down.

All right, Deborah, do you want one more challenge? You can take your arms overhead, which this part will be easy. It's the last one for you going over. Anybody who wants to go over. Sometimes it makes it easier depending on your body type. I suppose. For me it makes it harder. This is it. This is it. Come on down.

When you get there, hug your knees to your chest. Yes. Yeah. Lovely. All right. Putting the feet down. Can I keep it to the pace you guys find with pace appears though. Okay. Shoulder bridge, inhale, exhale, rolling up and I, it is worth it. I think every time, no matter how connected you are to find the hamstrings, so let's just stay here for a breath. Inhale, no matter how tough do you think you are.

Attempt to bring the pubis closer to the sternum and draw your hips toward your heels a little more. Take off the back leg closest to the back, see about trying to talk a little more. And here we go. 10 exhale, kicking down on inhaler. Exhale two. And trying to initiate from the glute and I don't tiredly mean that, but make sure that you have some energy around the lower edge of your, your core and core skilled enough to remember at least to try around the ribs. But sometimes we forget the other end. Last ones coming up. Keep it down there. Keep it down there. Sorry if I just went too slow. Bend the knee, drag it back.

I'm not done with this leg or you set that foot down, but remember which one it is. No problem. You're back where you were. Right? Same like Bree lift, just the heel. So I'm just, you're rolling right up to the ball of the foot. Slide the leg out. I'm like hovering it off the ground to do that and then ball of foot down it, my knees bent a little, drag it back in and then pick it up. Let's just pick it up and put it out there. Same leg, drag it back in from a high glute. You should feel the pelvis rise a little. It might gently sink, barely, and then tuck to pull it in one more time.

Support like should be working like mad foot down. Roll halfway down your rib cage tucking to do it. Enjoy and roll right back up. Taking the other leg off. Stretch it up slowly, Huh? Very slowly perhaps. Yeah. Here we go.

10 exhale Ang one and up. Good. The goal really isn't to get to the ground. If you can, that's great, but don't do it at the expense of your back. Having to arch to do it. I'm on seven and an eight and up nine and Oh, let's go one more just because I forgot to tell you to hold it down. That right there. Bend the knee, drag it into place and find your position just in case. Same leg picks up just enough to take it out further to the ball of the foot and drag in it and pull one again.

Let's do five touch and drag too. Yeah, nothing too special about getting it back out there. Three all of a sudden feel like Mr Ed. Wow, that's so weird. Why didn't I feel that on the other side? I think we all got more graceful. That must be it. Inhale and exhale down. Not that I think Mr Ed is particularly graceful, however that is what was called to mind. Take your knees up just for the moment and when I say actually what I noticed him doing is as I hugged my knees and I'm trying to pull my tailbone into the ground to get a glute stretch, that's why I'm doing it, but let's take the front leg to the mat.

If your hamstrings are flexible enough to have the other leg straight, if not, you'd lower the actually now leave as right. Top leg is up also extended. If that's not working for you, curl your, you can bend it, but curl up. Here's hamstring pull one first things first. Draw the leg in is comfortably close as you can. Making sure hips are level. Yup. Press the lower leg into the ground and by that I mean your hamstrings.

It's a nice position. Jennifer. Now keep your hands exactly where they are. Pull the leg to your nose. Change. Hold it here. Get a good stretch and joy. Resist the temptation to look at the foot in the air. Can look at the one on the ground. Maybe check it, hold it. Yeah, hold the hands and start to from under the chest really is where this com you're going to start drawing the leg in.

Leave the hands where they were and pull the like forward. Yeah. Switch. Here we go and it's pulse. Pulse and pulse. Pulse. Truth is is you do get to bring those arms with you, but let's not rely on them. Right. You could do this whole exercise and never use your abs if you're not careful. If you're, if you wanted to, but we don't so much so that we can let go completely.

Put your hands behind your head last for four. You can make it smaller. Three, three to do. In fact, everybody make it smaller a little quicker now. Tiny. One halfway there, two, three, four. Just breathe however you need to. A little smaller still and a little higher. So we're up here and a little quicker. Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh. Absolute stillness in your back. Eyes are forward. One, two, three, four out of 10, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Draw the knees in.

Ruck yourself up. I like to see right. Just waiting tables. Yes, exactly. Table talk with the legs. I Dunno if I'm any more centered than I was, but I feel better already. Squeeze the glutes if you want to let go. I'm not going to, I'm rolling halfway down just to the shoulder blades. Yeah. Squeeze your inner thighs, Jennifer. It'll help even more, although it does look good and then we're coming back up.

You are welcome to let the thighs come away from you. Just don't straighten your knees. That's gonna be tough position otherwise. All right. I'm inspired. Helen's looking like it's just so easy. So I'm letting go this time. I may go back to grabbing on, I'm it decided. Oh yeah, Jeez.

A prep maybe harder than the actual teaser. That's tempting to overthink it. No need, no need, no need. And once you get here, pull the legs in to find your open like rocker. Okay, so back as long [inaudible] and we go inhale, roll back, shoulder blade. Exhaling the same thing we focused on in the rolling like a ball is what you do here. Again. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up and [inaudible] you keep everything drawn together back here so that when you get near the end, you don't roll over that tailbone. You're behind it. You don't have to throw your head back in balance. You can even look down. Don't cause it would be out of alignment.

But so too is when you're trying to stop yourself by looking at the ceiling rather than let go of the ankles for a moment. Keep the Tuck of the pelvis and at the last minute, stretch your upper back. Two more. One of Lee Meredith. Good, good, good. Keeping that tack. Look at the control. Next one up. Stays up, holding it there. Excellent. Bring the feet together.

Separate them. Feel the chest. Just getting the longer, close them up and separate them. If it feels like you want to try it, we're going to let go. Otherwise you'll sit your feet down. But if you let go, imagine drawing the legs, the top of the like deeper end of the hip socket first. Don't like hang on, don't let him be alone there. You've got to draw deeper into the core so those legs almost feel effortless.

And then bend the knees, set him down instead of dog. Widened the stance of your leg. So it's definitely wider than your mat. Yup, exactly. And I come down here if you don't mind. Can I put my feet on your mat? Yeah. Oh, I know you don't care. All right. So we're kind of, oh, I'd put the hands down in case this is a big stretch. For some of you, it won't be a big deal.

Bend the neither or right knee and turn the leg over carefully. The hip is lifted and yeah, let me, oh carefully. I'm offended a tiny bit more and yeah, use your hands. I'm actually trying unload the uh, Ham, uh, those things. Yeah. And Yeah, I'm hoping for some version of here. Here. Oh, you're feeling it there? Hey, you know you are special. Is it okay.

Okay. Unwind. Interesting. Let's go. Don't bend the knee a little first just because if you need more of a stretch you would straighten it out. But I'd rather I feel safer that way is now, is it also on your right hip? Okay. All right. It's interesting. I don't, I don't know what it means yet. Will you just might have different, oh, it means you are special. That's all. Should we do it again and wind and make, enjoy it by going the other way. Alright. Is this stuff okay? Okay. And if it felt like nobody would, I would try.

Jim is moved the f the right leg out further. First. Go back to parallel knee to the ceiling. Bend it. Bend at first. The knee. I'm sorry. Bend the knee first. Dango got it. Okay. I'm looking at Wendy and even Helen and Jennifer. Mary, you guys might, I'm not going to be a good example of this, but in that you're assumed a little tuck. You might like that better.

So it's like a to feel it more up here. I'm kind of fine and unwind. Oh, don't lose the energy. Other side. Take your time though. Alright, so just rolling. It's all coming from the hip. You may not need your hands. I, I'm quite comfortable leaving them there. Use them almost as a support to keep you upright rather than back here. You're fine. Is that enough for you Deborah? Okay. If it gets to knee pulley, lifts the knee a little and see what would you do?

It'd be knee lift first and probably heel closer to okay. Going into it. Starting it. Hmm. Okay. I don't know. Let's unwind it carefully. Returned to upright, Huh? Well, I don't know. It's one of those things right here.

Alright. For the moment, cause I'm going to have you here for a second. I don't want to undo what we just had. Bend your knees comfortably. They feed her flexed and relaxed. Check your position. I want your elbows. You want your elbows straight off your shoulders. Yep. Good. A gym. You can actually bring your elbows forward a little easier.

Right now there's the heaviness of the neck and shoulders just falls. That's it. Nice deep breath. Well, chop elbow basically stays where it was. So check it out, make sure it didn't go forward, back or down. Lovely. And without any use of your back muscles other than what it takes to sit here. Rotate it to where it was plus back a little, but don't throw us the elbows any more forward. They'll rotate, but they're not gonna transfer forward. Yeah.

Huh. It's like the forum itself is quite relaxed. Maybe gently initiating, I don't even want to say that. It's like a heaviness to the shoulder blades. So Q that I wanna remember that Mary says, and it's not coming to me now, but just getting a little rotator cuff lubrication. One more time, leaving it there. Slide the legs back out. So they're about the width. Maybe a little wider than your mat for the sauce. Starting like so. We inhale, rotate to the front. Lifting as you go.

Arms are quite relaxed when you've gone as far as you know, you can extend the arms and reach hopefully outside that little toe. Inhale, come back up. Exhale, center. Inhale, rotate to the back. Exhale as you reaching forward, extend your spine. You'll be rounded, but you're focusing on length. Inhale, come back up in the rotation. Return the arms and center and inhale and exhale. Inhaling up and center. Inhale, rotate.

Not really cuing the arm part of it cause I just figured out when it's natural. Inhale up. Once you're up to upright, they comment, inhales, twist, exhale, reach. Inhale, reach further and center and you could all, if you have plenty of room and you don't like the rotator cuff, Stephanie Moore, just leave your arms straight about the spy and opposite hip of course stays down. Last one. Yeah. Yeah. And Center. Closing the feet. Bend the knees a bit. How are you doing on the shoulders and get them back out there?

Everybody shrugged your shoulders carefully. Dee Shrug. You Shrug more than you would naturally go. Take it forward again, Anna and forward. It's like your elbows. Just pivoting. You can take your elbows a little higher. Jennifer [inaudible] there you go. As soon as the hands start to come up, that's when the shoulder blades just get heavier. Yeah.

Cool. Let's leave it here. Oh, my arms are suddenly quite heavy. You can leave your knees or stretch 'em out together. Pull the rib cage in, double exhale to the front and center and, and take the bounce out. In fact, his two movements, but go further on the second one. Don't back up on the first one. How's that? Yeah. And we can get a little more length out of your lowest part of your back, Jim. Just a tiny bit. Even if you want to bend the news, and I think last one's coming up to the center, reach the arms up. Still heavy in the shoulders. You know what we're doing.

We're just rounding forward for a brief moment. [inaudible] wherever you landed, let's you, if you need to bend your knees to do what I'm gonna ask for next, please do. We'd love, we want to hold somewhere around the side of the feet, so feel free to bend your knees. In fact, it's probably a good idea if we all do this. The truth, just so we get what we really want, which is going to be some back extension. So for the moment we're rounded, we draw the shoulders down against start flexing the feet, pushing the feed into the hands to flatten the back. So you're coming up into a long, almost like a teaser position.

Then you push the balls of the feet into your hands to round or to pull the abs back to point the toes and round over again. Now if you're real flexible and you want to do this with straight legs, you should. And then as you flex the feet, you drawn the shoulders down your back, elongating your spine out on the diagonal. So it's not just forward. In fact, put your chin down just a little. Pull the Rhomboids together more. Yeah, you have to bend your knees a little. You'll get more. Yeah. Now pull the shoulders way back. Oh my God, that feels good. Looks good. Anyway, and then push into your hands to around your lumbar spine, keeping the collarbones wide. So Andy, keep the collar bones where they were, but round your low back. Yeah, the upper back will round. It's true, but it's just, we don't give into it. All right, where are we must flat in one more time. Here it comes. Inhale, flatten, flatten, flatten. Lovely. Keep pulling the shoulders back Jennifer. Yes.

Elbows can bend a little cause you're that flexible. So keep what you have but just reach your chest towards my hand up over there. Yes. Yes. Chin down. It's great everybody let go. Take the arms up. Put 'em down and find your feet. You don't have to grab it and just put 'em up again. And, and with that round all the way over and roll up, taking your hands behind you for the either the, well let's just do straight back into back support. Um, quick options for you.

I'm going to ask for straight legs if that works for you. Otherwise you go into tabletop and put, if you're going to do tabletop though, use it to your advantage and pull weight into your feet. As you look up pointers, I want you to use your hamstrings. And then there was one more 0.0, risks. You can turn your hand sideways, but probably not to the back. Rather you use your fist or wait or ideally forward.

Right? Here we go. If your feet are earned, eggs are going to be bent. They can be apart. Shoulders down. That's the most important part. So you feel your back muscles. Let's go lift up. Take a second. You don't want to be looking behind you. You want to be able to almost be able to see what, um, almost see your collarbones and the knee injured the hips to come down, lightly touch, go up again.

I would encourage you to squeeze the glutes first and down, lightly touch. Squeeze the glutes first and then lift and down. One more time up. If you're doing a straight like version, it's relatively easy. Get those toes down by using more glute. And then everybody down. I'm offering tricep dip next. So your knees are bent. Hands are in the same position. Debra, if you don't mind, hips lift up. Anybody. Helen, if you want, this is an option. Oops, that's actually, that might work just fine. But, and then it looks at that put, there you go. Sorry.

I look forward. Here you go. You're just bending your elbows. Bend down and lift up one and too. Yeah. Good. And keeping your neck free. Did anyone else want to know? Yeah. Okay. Someone's counting seven eight oh boy. Who's going to win? How many of you wanna do, I was going to say 30 but that's easy for me to say, isn't it? Okay. We've got two. That's what she said. Three, four, five, two, two. You've been missing 18 rate change legs. If you're doing this version last 10:00 AM to three 79 it's really easy not to joke when I skipped the first 10 whatever. No media, good job are. Do you have for, you've been weight training? Probably let it go.

Relax. Shake it out. Whatever you need to do and it is time. Hmm? What's it going to be? That would be touristy. All right, let's do it. Nepal, I was behind your head. Okay. He has a lot of options here. If you don't want to go into the whole thing, you'll bend your knees.

You could do roll-ups. You could do pelvic curls, otherwise squeeze through the glutes first. You want to feel the pelvic floor people, right? Keep the toes pointed. If you can hinge back a little bit, that means your entire pelvis went with you. Eyes are forward on the horizon now from the inner thighs. Start articulating, yes, Annie, gorgeous. Lightly touch you back your head, and here we go. Inhale, looking forward, trust the hamstrings and inner thighs, or at least use them. Exhale to go o over all the way for the flexible people.

You got to hold back at the hips a little. Inhale, roll up, inching back a bit, and then exhale. Eyes forward. Yup. Yup. Great money and inhale to come forward. Don't psych yourself out. That's the hardest part about this is what we tell ourselves. Remember, we're not thinking tonight. We're just feeling, let's go ever so slightly faster. On the up part, right here, I'm all for precision on the way down here. I'm all for proof decision throughout, but to to go, this is the net pool without actually pulling on the neck. Inhale, unfurl. Keep the glute squeeze lightly. It'll protect you, makes it a smoother ride as well. Nice Job Maddie. Nice correction.

The last one, it's getting tough, right? So it's tempting to really hold and then enforce air. Let it out. You go roll it up and we stay here. Yeah. All right. Just similar to earlier, we're going to do the quick mermaid. So kind of for a stretch here, kind of sorta. So we're just facing front.

Um, Yep, exactly. The forward leg is bent. I like to kind of connect the bottom of the foot and the knee. You don't have to just give me a circle of something to hang on to. All right. See you guys are opposite, which is absolutely fine. Go toward the knee that's bent. So we're reaching out. Good. Exactly.

Lean into it so that you find a diagonal line. I did slide my hand. You probably want to, you know, so that just means be light. Then from the rib cage turn, you will not most likely land with your hands. Even. That's fine. Then traction earth. So that means the hand or the shoulder, that's more forward, pulls backwards and the other one tries to level out just to get more rotation.

And then we unwind that forward hand comes off the same way it did before and lift up. Good. I'll save this stretch and reach out. Find it, land it rotate. If you want to slide out further, you're welcome to. Where you get some benefit is holding the hip back a little bit. So there's your opposition tractioning the earth and then reopen. Big Inhale, start the exhale so you feel your support as if someone were pulling you up. What'd you see me cheat there? You know, reach out, find the ground, keep going a little more, little more. Exhale, turn. Inhale, open. Exhale, come up and then find the opposite knee for support first reaching up.

If this creates a lot of pressure in the side of the hip, you may decide you don't like the stretch, which would be totally fine. If you need more. Of course, maybe point toward that where the ceiling and the wall meet opposite you. It's not meant to be. Feel much in your back. So if you do a simple tuck or ab contraction may be enough. You can stay here if you want, or if you want maybe a little more front of the hip, put the hands down back, kind of where you were.

Just turn toward it and then lifting your chest. A little tuck of the pelvis to follow the lift of the chest. And that's working for me today. I got to tell Ya. But I've been sitting and unwind messing chancy. Just come right on down to same side to the tip of the elbow. You're welcome to.

I am going to leave my, like I'm doing sidekick sidekick. So if you wanna stretch out and challenge yourself with balance, go ahead. I'm calling jetlag, I'm calling up the jetlag card tonight and I'm balancing cause I want to focus on the important stuff. Here we go. It's exhale forward and you nail, you're stabilizing, right? So Jim, if I'm you, we're just gonna pick our head up that that's all and good and forward, forward and back. And it's going to be some movement, right? So don't be so rigid that you're straining but it's pretty minimal. This is going to be it. Hold it there, hold it there and we are gonna come forward.

Just let the leg be soft lifted up. This is going to be kind of smaller than you're used to. If you're used to doing it all the way down, start turning the leg back. Do not lean back on the hips. Let's do it again. So basically what I'm trying to do here is keep the hips in place.

You might want to put the top arm down just to feel for it and mid, take the leg bone through the range of motion in the socket so it's a ball and socket. So let the like spin turning it to reach behind you one more and you are welcome to go to the ground with your head, neck and shoulders if you prefer. And then we come to the side hold, take it straight back and go as far as you can without arching your back or changing your hips. It's not that far as it. It won't be very far when you lift either cause the waist horn drop, you're gonna have to turn the leg. Mom's most likely out up to bring it in front. Three more.

Yeah. When you're lying all the way down, they look bigger. They probably are bigger. Actually. One more time ish and there we go. Help yourself up. Swing Round from Mermaid. Nice. Debra. She's, oh, would have been cool if we just went for it. Huh?

That's on the DVD. You and me. Here we go, Amy. I felt that. So yeah. Good. Exhale rotate. You're taking care of those ribs, right? All right. Inhale Rio. Here's a place to check everybody that you haven't arched your back.

Just check and it's a subtle, I don't know. Check. Inhale, go-kart, reaching out. Find the grounds. Lovely and exhale, turning the spinal column. The arm will follow will tractioning the earth and inhale to reopen. Take your time. Andy.

Think I'm going a little bit faster for bruised ribs and inhale, reach out and exhale. If you are doing this sort of pulling back on one arm and gently guiding it. The other to make sure it's not about the hand, but it's in fact coming from the shoulder area. Reopen as if someone pulls you up or you use the breath. Last one, reaching out to find the floor. Taking your head.

Excellent. Ian. Now open and here comes the stretch. You get to hold onto the Shin and knee. Good. Ah, nice position. Very nice. If this feels okay to you, you then start to inclined toward the side of the room, but make it feel good. I kinda like this for a lat stretch almost more than anything.

Keeping it real close, real close. Alright. Then we twist it into it. So you leave your legs, you'll look over. I kind of like to brace here, but you might feel better on the meaning. I just sort of pushed into that knee. That's nearest me. As we lift the chest, you tuck the pelvis a little bit, finding oppositions and not, you're not just leaning forward and not feeling it, but that back foot is somewhat anchored. The back knee, certainly anchored and ah, okay.

Unwind enough to come down to the side of the body onto the tip of the elbow. If you bent the lower leg before, probably a good idea to do it again, if not. Same role. All right. Oh, all right. So Deborah, just check your bottom shoulder, unload it and pull it down. Down, down. There we go. Alright, here we go. Kicking forward, press, press. I'm ex inhaling on the way back and exhaling forward.

Inhaling back and kick, kick. Good back and kick, kick and back. Even here now, especially here, you have that opposition. As the leg is going forward, you almost feel like you're tilting the pelvis like by sticking your tailbone out. Thank you. Kick and kick. Kick. Last one, kick, kick, hold. All right, take this top hand. Put it on your hip, check it out. Coming forward. Let's go slow on this first one especially cause I think right around here it gets hard to know what to do next. That's as high as I can go without having to lean back.

So I'm going to actually turn the leg inward as I reach back, cause I just know that's going to give me more space, getting as far back as I can as I come down. Bring it through her again. So really, I hate to even say turn it now. You just want to kind of make it feel like it's going through the hip socket in a meaningful way that gives you range. So tempting to go for height and drop the waist. That's not worth it. Rather just enjoy. Is that fourth? Okay, reverse it. Then we go to the back. Check here.

This is where you're gonna want to drop the ribs. Don't let it happen. Now I'm turning my knee up to bring it around the front. What? You guys are fast. Okay, I'll get you two more and think of reaching like right when you hit the little wall of resistance and regional longer. This must be it and bring it around. Okay. Turn onto your forearms and abdominals. Take the elbows out from underneath this a little bit. Cool. Cool. Lovely. Yup.

I know. I always tell you to bring them under. You meet you more Jim up tonight. We're going to go a little lower, so move your elbows even more forward than you haven't. Good. All right. Collarbone, super wide. Uh, let's start at the feet. They're parallel not together as if someone pulled you by the ankles. Stretch the legs.

Feel the hamstrings and glutes now before anything else and even lift them, but you can because that is what they're going to do. Go ahead and am with you. Tuck your pelvis and draw the abs in if you haven't. Looking forward. Collarbones wide. Here we go. It's kick, kick, straighten one leg kick, kick, straighten, switch and kick. Kick strain and kick. Kick stirring, hugging the midline of the body. Lift up a little out of your forearms on yes. This kid, we're proud. She thinks I don't want, she thinks I doubt. Ah, and I actually want a doctor's note for a week or two there too, by the way. One more time like that. And we're going right into this passing.

Soak. It's kick, kick, kick, kick. Inhale two, three, four. And exhale. Two, three, four. Inhale, two, three, four. And exhale. Two, three, one more like that. Inhale, two, three, four and exhale. Two, three, four. Straighten out both legs. Again. Walk your elbows so far out in front of you. You can lift them and place your hands at your forehead. I don't need you to be high. Yep. Recheck the abdominals.

Make sure you're still parallel. You do not need to be high. It's not even slightly the goal. Same exercise. Let's go pick a leg. Inhale two, three, four and exhale. Fill the stillness. Hard to go as fast as we were, and two, checking shoulders. One more breath pattern. Two, three, four and exhale to be both legs.

Straighten how we doing inner thighs. Stretch the arms overhead. Looking probably down at the floor, maybe slightly forward for swimming to breath cycles and exhale. Arms are straight. Legs are straight, and exhale, stretch everything out and relaxed to the floor completely. Letting go. Bringing your hands by your side. Press yourself up, rounding back, and to really get the lumbar stretch, you may decide to separate the knees or just to Tuck your pelvis alone. [inaudible] all right, gang. Almost there. Coming back up onto your forearms, please.

This can be done. Why not? Either one, it just for funds. Can I have a three of you? Just turn back to the middle. Sorry about the bad transition there, but in case I don't want you to have to look back. We're just going into the farm plank. You guys are good. The forum plank or front support on the elbows, but I'm gonna add the kicking to the side in a moment. So elbows below, shoulders for real this time extend one leg back.

That means your hips are going to be in the air higher than plank. That's it. Now tuck the pelvis a little just so you can feel the hamstrings and then the other foot in place. Theatre slightly apart, and then lengthen yourself into a plane. And if you decide that that puts you too far in front of your elbows, I'd rather you adjust your feet backwards than you adjusting your elbows at this point. All right, just breathe for three inhale. But as you do your exhaling and reaching energy through the heels and the crown of the head, the middle of the body is just a straight line for getting there. One more like that.

Pick up the leg closest to the back of the room. Not very high. Well, I shouldn't say that. As high as your hip if possible, and now a little higher still want and it comes down to touch and up again too. I keep the foot flexed for the next part of this one more holding it. Their foot is flexed and the toes are pointed to the floor. Take that like directly to the side. Nothing else changed. Toes are still to the floor.

Bring it back and again going out and bring it back and out. Don't turn the toes out. Resist it. Last one and let the knees go to the ground. Pull away from your arms. Now for long rural right back up play. See Elbows. You know where they go one foot at a time, but without all that set up, roll yourself in. The other leg comes out.

Both feet are flexed and we lifted one and reaching the two. Reaching this three. Easy, easy. Hold it up on this one. Take. It's at hip height now directly to the side. We did one slow one. Almost lean into it with the hips cause you're gonna want to lean away. Bring it back.

Three more and out to pull in and out. To pull in one more time out to pull and put the foot down. Check it out. We're still here. Pipe the hips. Keep the hands or the elbows where they are. Walk the feet in closer. Trying to get a stretch here. Bend the knees a bit.

Heels are high. Stretch the chest toward your knees. And then carefully we're going to take one hand to the mat. So I'm coming up from here. Other hand. Stretch into it. Walk your hands back towards your feet or your feet to your hands. Either way. And from here, the feeder again apart a little bit less hanging your head for the moment just to get into this next one. Eat.

Bend your knees a tiny bit and reached the tailbone to the sky. So I'm going into this lovely anterior tilt, hopefully [inaudible]. Then you'll decide. So you want your butts sticking up to the air. That's what I'm wanting. I'm wanting a long low back. All right from there, extend. Straighten the leg closest to the back of the room. Do it carefully because you're going to leave that other leg where it is.

Hopefully you can even bend the opposite so you can even bend the opposite knee more and put your forehead on it. You can even stick your butt out toward that straight leg. So long as you keep the weight on the inside edge of that straight leg. I would secure your feet a little Andy. That's part of the problem. Just a little but the other heels down.

Just don't put the feet together and slowly pass through. Both knees bent and go to the other side. Both heels are down, maybe different, maybe easier. You never know. Those of you who can push beyond straight with the knee. Try to resist that or you'll lose the stretch. Hips are out of alignment on purpose for head hanging out on the knee and nice job. And then level ourselves out with bent knees, hands above the knees. We've been down here a while, so let's recommit to the core rolling up, rounding up.

Oh, okay. I'll be with you in a minute. Y'All go ahead. Once you're up, if you still don't fill your center, in fact, cool. Or if the whole room is spinning, let's add in freedom. Find some freedom. Still trying not to think. Yeah, I'm going to end this with those big deep breaths where you collect energy and then drop some settling and winding. You can do whatever you feel like you need an inhaling. Bring it in and exhale, and I'm going to go three more giving myself one more here and I get to the top. I'm stretching more. If you need more, please take it. Inhaling and let it go. Thanks for coming. You guys. Good work.


Great pace and energy in this class. Thanks.
Teehee... it's another great one!
Great workout & i'm in a way better mood now Loved the energy of the class. Thank you!
My pleasure!! Thank you!
The video ends abruptly at 21 minutes in. Any ideas?
Isadora ~ I am not sure why the video stops abruptly at 21 mins, but we are checking to find out what happened. We hope to have this fixed soon.
Gia, whatever you did worked for this class. Could you check out class #158 as well? It also cuts off abruptly. Thanks!
Isadora ~ I'm glad we were able to help. I have let our video editor know about class 158 and hopefully it will be fixed soon as well. Thank you for bringing these to our attention.
Worked. Thank you!
I really needed your class today! Feeling centered and flexible thank you Kristi

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