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In Monica's Mat workout, she focuses on doing every movement precisely to get the most out of each exercise. She shows how you can progress exercises to make them more challenging as you get stronger. She also uses many props like the Overball, Magic Circle, Theraband, Weighted Bar, and Towel. You will feel more connected to your powerhouse and your back will feel more open after taking this class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball, Theraband, Magic Circle

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Jul 30, 2013
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Alright, Candace, let's go ahead and get started. Let's go ahead and lie down and I put a towel for your head. We're going to be doing a place mat today. We're going to put this under your tailbone with um, a few stretches in the beginning that are more prepared bodies, if you will. And I believe my friend Jay Grimes taught me some of these.

Go ahead and bring the ball a little bit more forward so that if you're thinking about your triangle bone between your hips, that sacrum, it's just under your tailbone, barely under your tailbone so that the lower back can kind of be nice and opening and stretching. Okay, so it's almost hanging like a hammock and I still don't feel like your lower backs hanging enough yet. Maybe that's possible. So while you're relaxing and allowing it to hang, I'm going to get you in correct position. You're just a little bit with your shoulders and head to the right. It's a perfect, everything else was fine. So good on, you're trying to really relax the legs.

And I know you just came from a tennis clinic, but if you were about to start a game, this is a great workout to just to really work on everything that's important for tennis. So we're stretching up lower back very often. Our back is tight when we play tennis. So I enjoy these stretches, uh, to warm my body up, to really feel my powerhouse and get the right muscles working. So once you feel like you've allowed your lower back to open, I want you to think of a circle and from the back of your neck down your back, I want you and then to your knee. I want you to create a circle so that we're going to bring your right knee into your chest. But I don't want this part lifting up off the mat. I want it to almost circle, sink into the mat as you bring this right knee into your chest and just hug it in. Nice. Good. Because when we're tight, we even try to arch our back in.

This stretch is a super important stretch for you. Um, and playing tennis. Cause when we go for our volleys will, a lot of times we have to dip down below the net. So you want to really work on stretching the hips. Go ahead and put this foot down. And now same thing. Imagine that nice sinking circle and bringing this left knee and give it a good stretch. Isn't that feel heavenly? Yep. And then we're going to keep advancing on that little by little.

So we're going to bring that foot down and we're going to do the same thing, bringing in the right knee. Good. And stretch it in. But now we'll straighten it up to the ceiling. So go ahead and straighten. Good. And your put your hands behind that thigh and with a nice straight leg and still not arching the back off the mat, rather seeking it and circling it into the mat. Give yourself a good stretch. Good. And while you're doing that, the ankle needs to warm up too. So I want you to point and flex and point and flex and point and flex.

And then now I want it to circle a couple times and now go the other way. Three times. Good. And now bend the knee back into your chest and place it back on the mat. Good. And bring this knee into your chest again. Always thinking in goes. Your powerhouses being allowed to start sinking in and work even without you trying too hard. Nice straight leg.

And put your hands behind your thigh and stretch it towards you. And do three point and flex. Good. And now three circles of your ankle. Great. I can feel that warming up all up. You're like, can't you? And then go ahead and bend the knee and place the foot back on the mat. Good.

Now we're going to bring this knee into your chest and hug it again. Nice and circling. You're back into the mat, straight and the leg up to the ceiling. Good. And this is a really important part in, um, in pilates is how you pull your belly in and up as your leg reaches out, down the middle of your body. So you're gonna put your arms by your side and you're gonna keep your stomach sinking into your back and your back towards the Mat while you reach your leg. Let's start with it.

Just 90 degrees up to the ceiling and with your hips straight across, try to reach your leg up to my hand. So we're not going to lift that hip up. You're gonna keep the hip down. In fact, you're gonna pull the thigh out of the hip instead. And now reach that leg along and down the middle of your body while your belly pulls into that back and pull that leg up with your belly. That is great. Two more reaching down nice and long. That thigh reaches out of that pelvis and pulling up. Nice.

One more time. Great job. So you're using more your stomach than your leg muscles to lift that leg up. Fantastic cog that knee into your chest. Good and play. So it's very important that we understand that when we straighten our leg, go ahead and bring this leg in, that that back is not allowed to arch and pop up and straighten this, that you're always pulling your belly in to support your back.

I don't want you to think about neutral pelvis or what any of that. I want you to just think support. Okay. So stomach anchoring, keeping your pelvis in place, and then reaching your leg long and you're gonna reach it long down the middle of your body while your belly stays supporting your back. And you pull up with the stomach. And two more long leg reaching and pulling up. God. One more time. Long leg, good and up. Good job. And then the knee.

And we're going to place that foot. So I've used a little ball to put onto your tail bump, but we're gonna use a lot of props today. We're going to also use a magic circle and we're gonna use a, um, a band am we are even going to use a weighted bar. So, and some what? The towel that's under your heads. A few different props. Okay. So we're gonna take the ball away now and we're going to put it down by your side. So lift your bottom up, take your ball away.

And you can use a ball for this next part. But just staying traditional, I'm going to use a magic circle. Okay. So I want you to place it between your inner thighs, good and your feet. Even though the circle makes your legs want to go wide. I want your feet still to be in line with your hip bones. Excellent. Good. And maybe a tad more into you with your feet closer to you. Good. All right, so we're gonna just stay here and I want you to go ahead and tell your pelvis towards you like it's a bowl of soup and it's dumping into your chest.

Fantastic. And now I want you to dump it away so that you can let a little mouse run under your back. And I really like to have this awareness exercise for my clients because when we do leg exercises, I need you to make sure your stomach is supporting your back like it is right now, not the opposite. So when we do a Tufts series called the series of five, I don't want your back like this when you're doing it, I want your stomach supporting your back in the tunnel that that mouse crawled under through is gone. Right. Okay. So now we're just going to stay there. Now that we know what we're talking about and we're going to squeeze the circle without even tilting. That's the best.

If you can just pull your pelvis together, use your inner and outer thighs. Now start tilting your pelvis towards you. Good. So that you're thinking more like pelvic floor in powerhouse, pulling in and up. And now continue using your hamstrings and glutes to lift up your seat. Good. And then the next bone in the next bone till your one bone at a time lifted all the way up and you're trying to be a straight line from your knee to your shoulders. And that is very difficult.

I'm going to have you try to lift up through the hips a little bit more. Hold the hips there and articulate. Melting down one bone at a time. Upper back. That chest bone goes down first. And as you do that, see if he can also lengthen. So we're not just contracting cause that is definitely not politesse. Now we're going to add some beats while we're up there. Okay.

So you're gonna press your pelvis together, squeeze, tilting good, and keep tilting until your waistband is up and the next bone and the next phone until you're all the way up in a straight line from your knee to your shoulders and you want to lift up your hips all the way to here, almost thinking big in your knees. Now hold it there and 10 beats with a circle. One, two, see your hamstrings and glutes should be on fire. And I was going to say, and if we cramped, that's what we're working towards. So those muscles have to work really hard in tennis. We need to really get those to balance out so that we don't have any problems because if we only use our quads, then we pull our need too much in one direction.

We need to balance it out with the hamstring and glute. So injury prevention. Okay? Okay. All right, so we're going to squeeze tilt towards you. Good. And try to come up and we're going to hold it up and we're going to go for 10 beats. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold it tight and roll down. So most of the exercises today, and that's how you stretch out a cramp right there. And we're going to bend the knees. Good. Ah, you okay? Okay.

So most of these exercises today are going to start off in one spot, but as you feel like you're up for it, you can keep advancing it. Okay? So in that case, that exercise, if all you could do is lift up to a straight line, that's fantastic. And just then you just roll down. And then the next thing would be to lift up and do a set of 10 beats. And then finally we want to get to where we're not cramping and we can actually do two sets of 20 beats and then come down.

So something just progressing each time. Okay. How are we doing? Good. Do you want me to do it again? One more time? Just lifting straight up. How about that? So pressed together. Curl towards you. I like that. Eager attitude and lifting up until you're a straight line. Good.

So this is a great spot where you're feeling those hamstrings and glutes and you're not cramping yet, and then go ahead and rolled. Really articulating good. It's important to know the goal and where you're going, but it's important to walk and not run to really make sure you're getting all those points and be in between. Now we're going to put your hands behind your head and preferably one hand over the other. Good. And we're going to think about a core set and how we really pull in our waist.

And again, your stomach pulls in to support your back, not pushes out. Okay? So I want you to lift your head as you inhale and look at your stomach. And then I want you to exhale and try to pull everything in and lift up as high as you can. Then keep your belly in and push your head into your hands as you roll down one bone at a time. Nice job. We're gonna do a couple more of those. Inhale, looking up at your belly. Exhale, pull your voiced muscles in and now roll down pushing your head into your hands so that you get a nice neck stretch. Yeah, and we're going to do that one more time. Inhale as you lift, inhale and then exhale, scoop in and come up higher. Pull it in, pull it in.

Good. Stay there. And I want you to reach your arms long by your side and I want you to pump them up and down. Inhaling and exhaling. Good belly. Good. Inhaling. So we're starting to put in the hundred here on the next exhale. I want you to think about squeezing that circle and floating the knees towards you until your feet are in a tabletop. Good. On the next exhale, I want you to keep your legs like that. The lower your head back down and keep pumping so everything stays, but you're going to give your neck arrest. Good.

We'll do one more with your head down. Now I want you to on the next exhale, come back up with your head. Inhaling and exhaling coming up, scooping in. Good. And this is a great place to stay for the next 30 but if you wanted to advance, you could reach your legs forward at a 45 degree. Reaching them out, keeping that scoop nice and exhaling. And we're going to do two more. So we're really obviously working on our powerhouse, on what people call their core. We're going to do one more and less than I gave you a magic circle because we often have quads that are too strong.

Benji's and rest your head and you can take away. Actually don't take away the circle. I lied. I'm going to stretch you though. Hopefully not popping it up. Now you're going to go ahead and rock up to a seated position. So we're going to sit up and your feet will be right there. Good.

So we're going to put your hands under your knees and we're going to start with the roll back. So your feet again are still trying to stay hip width apart and you're going to round your back. There's definitely some lymph nodes that can hurt through there. So round your back for me. Head to your chest, around your lower back, make it look like the sale of a sailboat and the wind is your powerhouse pushing into it. That's it. And squeezing your seat. We're going to roll down your waistband.

This is important to keep your hands right under your knees and straight arms. And now see if you can curl your lower back more round it you have. Breathe into it. Exhale and now come forward with your belly in like that. That was such a difference. That was gorgeous and we're going to do that again.

Big Breath. Squeeze the circle. Exhale, draw your belly in and roll back your waistband first. Good, good, good, good. Stay there and take a breath and exhale. Scoop in and squeeze and coming up. Now if your feet ended up coming up, you can slide them under a piece of a like a couch piece of furniture or you can use this strap. We're going to use a strap in just a second and now take a breath and exhale, squeeze and dry your belly and around in your back.

Roll through your lower back. This summer we're going to go down all the way to your head cause you can inhale, lift up your head. Exhale, squeeze a circle and roll up. And I'm going to help pull through, but I don't need to round and good. Good. I want you to do one more like that and exhale. So again, we're advancing it because of your level, but if it was just here, waistband, that would be fantastic. So we should keep it at the level that we're at. Good.

And now I'm going to advance it again. I'm going to have you take the circle and place it between your hands and straight and your legs. Good. And I want you to slide your feet under here. It should be under your ankles, over your ankles, and you should be able to pull on those and have that stomach. Really feel that nice scoop. The circle will be between the heels of your hands, Aha, straight fingers and straight arms. Head to your chest. And now pull your belly in, squeeze that circle and roll down your back, lower back, middle back, upper back, stomach into supporting your back. While you reach your arms back, good arms come up, pull the belly in, squeeze the circle, head comes up and curl into yourself. And again, you're pulling your belly against that strap.

Head tries to dive between those arms. Stretch. This is great when you can get to this level and rolling back because it's important, an important stretch for you. Good. Good, good. And reaching back. Now since you're so strong, let's do two more. Double time that tempo. Curl it up and exhale and inhale to start rolling back and exhale and one more.

Curling it up. And exhale. Inhale to start rounding bound. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale all the way back with your belly supporting your back. Good read. Finish it by reaching. And I'll take your circle. And we're going to do single leg circles.

So you're going to bend the knees and place the feet flat on the map. Good. For this one, we're gonna use the band cause generally we're pretty stiff on, we are playing tennis. So you want to take the castle, bend the right knee in, and you're gonna put it under your arch. Good. And straighten that leg. So the most important part in this exercise is that we have a straight line from shoulder to shoulder and from hip to hip. And whenever we're bringing that leg up, it likes to lift up because we kind of like to roll our knee in.

So I want you to slightly turn out your leg, make sure that that line of your hips are straight good. And you're gonna use both hands actually. And just pull that leg and give yourself a nice stretch. Very, very good. How's that feel? Good. Good. So this stretch we're all familiar with and it feels good, but I want to add another stretch.

So I loved it that you actually held it with one hand. So if I can keep my rights and lefts, I want you to take the right hand and put it right here on your right hip bone. So it's Kinda like this, just so that you know that your right hips in place, that it's not coming off. And now I want you to keep it long and right there and use your left hand to pull that leg towards your left shoulder with that leg slightly turned out in a relaxed foot. Yeah. Reaches a whole nother level, right? Yes. So this is what Ramana used to say was the most important part of this exercise.

This is the juice that you want to squeeze out of this exercise. It's a whole different feeling on the back of your leg. Okay? So I want you to get this every time we do it. So we're going to start right here and we're going to pull it up towards your nose. Cross over to that shoulder, circle down, stretching the band around and pull it up the whole time. Supporting with your stomach.

And we're going to cross around and up and nice tempo. Cross to that shoulder roundup. Don't lose that shoulder. Get that juice every time. That's it. And one more crossing around and up. Now let's reverse and down. Karasin up. Good and down. Scooping in. Nice. So we're adding the band, which helps a lot.

Make it not so hard for the stomach. One more, but I do really want you to get this nice stretch. Good. All right. Bending the knee. We're going to switch legs, so later on when the exercises get a little harder, you'll still remember I was nice to you at some point, right? All right, so starting off with our box square and your stomach in and kind of more of a relaxed foot like that. There you go. Good stretch. Exactly. Now hold them with your right hand. The left hand is going to hold that hip long and straight with your right and we're going to pull it up and over to our right shoulder so that you get that same important stretch.

Good on. Now let's start more center. We start at the nose, cross over to that shoulder down, stretching and up. Good crust around and up. Always with the stomach, pulling in good and to more crust around and lift. One more. You're doing a great job keeping that leg turned out. Let's reverse and it's around, up. Good. Down. Cross that shoulder and down. Pull it up to that shoulder to more.

Always feeling it from the stomach. One More God and hugging that knee. [inaudible] very, very nice. All right, next we are going to do, I'm rolling like a ball. Rolling like a ball. Yeah. Rolling like a ball. You're going to go ahead and sit up and you're going to lift your bottom forward just a little bit. That's it. And just keep your hand.

I love it that your hands are behind you because I want you to put your weight a little bit more on them. [inaudible] feet down actually, and your weight is kind of leaning back on your hands and I see that as your shoulder. Okay? Because I want your pelvis to kind of pull back towards that. That's it. And now I want you to balance with one foot up off the mat and then another foot up off the mat so that your back is round and not popping forward. Now place one hand at a time underneath your knees. That's it. And keep that scoop, that set.

So this is enough of an exercise. Okay. I'd like to see you have more space between your navel and your thighs. So I'm going to bring your feet down. Just a little bit. Had curls too towards me, but pull back in the ribs now and almost doing a rollback. So do roll your waistband down towards the Mat further, further, further, further, further, further. Fantastic.

Now see if you can curl your upper stomach to come forward a little bit. Ah, and that is your position right now. That was a beautiful illustration of how to round your back more. Once you feel like you can do that pretty good, then we can add some rolling with it. So you start with your lower back going down as you roll back, go ahead and you're going to come up and balance with your stomach and no feet down and inhale, roll back. So balance is super important in tennis, right? So we're working on our balance from our stomach. Good and roll back.

And it does us no good to more. If you're really tight in every, if you're really like stiff in your arms and stiff in your legs and one more, you just want to be tight in your stomach and loose and everything else. Ooh, that was beautiful. Rest your feet down. Good. Loosen up. Right? Exactly. So if you run to one side of the court to get that ball and you're like a maniac like that, you're just not going to get wet, right? So it's strong stomach. Find your balance. Everything else is loose. Okay, so now we're going to do, um, add a short box series here from the reformer. I want you to slide back a little bit and stay seated.

We're gonna use this strap. So almost like the roll up that we did from the rollback you're going to have, you can have bent knees if a, you have tight hamstrings, but if you can do it with straight legs, do it with straight legs. Good. And I want your legs wrapping and squeezing together and just hug your stomach, round your back and you're going to roll back your waistband onto the mat and those legs wrapping and squeezing and lengthening this way. Good. All the way down to your head. And Inhale, lift your head up and exhale, Curl luck. Try to use that strap. Good. And actually changed my mind because on short bots come forward a little bit.

We actually have your legs parallel. This is a little bit of parallel work. So let's do parallel three more. Rolling back one bone at a time. Good and head to your chest and hug your stomach in. We do that so it doesn't pop out right. And two more. Rolling back. Say round the entire time and rounding up. Scoop, scoop, scoop. And one last time. Lower back. First rolled it out.

And you want to think like you're coming up under a low ceiling. So curl under a low ceiling. Very good. Now I'm going to give you a weighted bar. Okay. It's about three pounds, which doesn't seem like much, but it adds a lot of intensity and careful with your shoulder. Okay, so just hold it right here and use your belly to sit up as tall as you can. Good. And now from your waist muscles, I want you to reach your arms up so they're in your peripheral just a couple inches forward. Good. Make sure your shoulder blades didn't ride up with it, that you slide them down.

Good. And now I want you to pull in and up as tall as you can, lifting up off your seat. And we're going to go back six inches like that. Lifting your waist and come forward and take a little break just with your bottom and then pull up and go back to three and forward. You're doing such a nice job at this. Lower your bottom again. Squeeze up and waist lifts and forward. And we're gonna do one more time squeezing up and stomach and yes, more stomach than legs on the way up. That's it. And rest your arms down.

Nice. The next one's the side reach. So we're gonna squeeze your seat scooping in and lift on up a little taller. Lean your shoulders forward in front. Good lifting off your seat. I want you to reach over to the right stretching, but always lifting your waist and come center. Good and scoop. And it's, we're doing a side bend, so go for it. Stretch and coming up. Feel that stretch now and scooping up and go for it. Really Direction.

Bend and center and pulling up in the waist always. And stretch. And over one more set. Lean a little forward and up in the waist and scooping in and last time to the left and center. Rest down your arms. Good. The next one is the twist and should only be done if you have a good healthy back. Okay, so we're going to scoop in and again, lift the arms up and your peripheral.

From that way it's lifted off your seat and think of bringing this shoulder, twisting it over the opposite hip. Good. And now working this long line, we're going to pull away from that strap. So we're going to pull our waste away and we're going to come right back up. That was wonderful. Scooping in, twist that right shoulder and we're going to pull all the way out. And Becca, go ahead and scoop it in and twist, right. Twisting is so important to be able to do it with strength and tennis and pull it in and Tui listing safely, protecting our [inaudible] back.

Pool your belly and to support your back and up. One more set. I'm going to help you on this last set again, scooping in. Good. Taking that shoulder more forward and pulling out with that waist and back up. And last one, pull it in, twist a little more forward and pulling out from the waist or against that strap and forward and now you get to reach that bar down. Nice job. Good, good, good, good. I like it when you help me.

It helps a lot doesn't it? Yep. That gives you that feeling of that stretch. Yeah. When you twist it to your left, that's the hardest because um, you have to twist all that, right? So the right side's tighter so it's hard to pull it all the way over. That was easier. Much easier to know that one. Exactly. Tree. So this is a really good one. We're going to bring one leg down the middle.

It's keep your left leg under the strap I should say. And then yes, and hold that right knee good. And do your best to straighten it up to the ceiling and bend it. You're very flexible and stretch and bent, but it's a big stretch no matter how much you know you can do it and hold it up. And now walk up that leg and grab the ankle. Good. And again, we're going to just flex and pointed a few times. Relaxing the shoulders a little more. Good. Good.

So the leg might be all the way. If you could show for me keeping your body here, it might be way down. You might need to hold underneath the calf and have it lower, right? But you're so flexible that you can bring it up, but it could even be all the way up to the ceiling, right? And now you're going to stretch over that leg, bending the elbows nice and staying attached to that leg.

Roll back your pelvis and hold the leg right here and melt into the mat. Walk down good and head to your chest and walking up. Good. And bring it forward and stretch over it. Two more and down. So whatever, this is a very hard exercise that you're making.

Look really easy, but whatever level you're at, this is a super good one to help stretch out your back. Obviously your hamstrings and last time, and I know you're enjoying it, aren't you? And there is a time when you get to that. I'm enjoying it. Stage. And Go ahead and grab your toes. It's called picking up, picking the apple off the tree. Watch the hyperextension, the knee, roll it out a little and chest bone up to the ceiling. Shoulder blades down the ice. Switch legs. Good job Candace.

All right. Left holding under nice and tall. Long spine like a rocket. You're kicking up to the ceiling. Yes. And hold it up. Walk up the leg and point and flex a few times to really enjoy that stretch last time. And now stretch over that leg. Lengthening your spine. Good. And using your stomach to rock back. Good. And now walk straight down, rolling out and then head to your chest.

Go all the way up and stretch forward over that leg. Nice and rural and back and down. You Go God and head to your chest. Yeah, up. Stretching forward over that leg. And one more time. All the way forward. And now, yeah, I'll give you a little almost there. And now flex the foot, grab your toes and again, watch this, the knee.

Open it up a little and lift up sliding your shoulder is a happy no. Okay. There you go. And Go ahead and bring down that leg. Nice job, Candace. All right, we're going to do the single legs, the series of five. So we're going to lie down onto your back and we're going to add the magic circle a lot to that. And we're going to do the series of five. Okay? First one, you really can't. It's a single leg stretch. So we're going to bring the right knee into your chest, right hand on your ankle. Good.

That circle that we did earlier with the ball underneath our tailbone, super important. So I don't ever want you to have the foot lower than the knee because it pulls your pelvis that way and your back wants to do that, right? So if you need to think about that, that might help you that the ankle is at the same level as the knee. Okay? Now I want you to keep pulling in your belly and go ahead and lift up your head and look at your stomach. Good. And y'all, you're gonna reach this leg almost actually just up here. Okay. And use your stomach to switch. All right there. Good.

And switch. Nice and switch. Watch those shoulders from rising and switch again. Strong stomach, legs and arms are loose, right? We don't need to work those so much. Later on we'll wrap and squeeze those legs and tone those arms. But let's focus on our powerhouse on getting that strong.

If your neck gets tired, lower your head, but you're doing great. And that's enough of those. Bend both knees in and rest your head. Good places. Circle between your ankles. Okay, that's it. And now I want you to put your hands one over the other, behind your head that are good. Good. All right. And now I'm want you to lift up your head as you inhale, just like we did earlier. Exhale, pull your waist and belly in and stay up there. Excellent. Now you're going to squeeze the legs forward and bend in.

So we keep our strong stomach, our powerhouse in. While we stretch the legs away and we come in, I'm going to let go and I'm gonna let you do it. So don't go too low. Good and pull. And this is double leg stretch, but we're assisting our head to hold it up. We're holding with our hands one more and then we're going to add our hands. Okay. Which is an important reach. So now hold the upper body like that, but reach your hands all the way to the outside of your ankle so that they're like so good.

Don't move your upper body and now lengthen the legs forward and the arms back. Good. And pull back in with your strong stomach three more like that. I'm putting my hand underneath your upper back because it's important that your arms can reach over your head when you're serving right? And you're coming down with strength. I'm adding one more just because you're looking so good. There we go.

And now rest down your head. Very, very nice. All right, I'm going to take that circle away and we are going to review what we did in the beginning. So you're going to bend the right knee into your chest and hug it. Good. And then straighten it up to the ceiling. And now I want you to just place your hands by your side and your stomach stays anchored and you're going to reach that leg long and down the middle. Good. And I love that length, right? Keep that length and pull it up to the ceiling. Wonderful. Do it two more times. Every now and then I'm nice. I add a little, little pre prep here, right?

Reaching and pull it up. Good. Now stay here. Bend the knee and put the foot down with. Do the same thing on the left like so the exercise, we're working up towards a single straight leg. Reach it down, scooping in and pulling it up. Good and damn long thigh good. And pulling it up from a strong stomach. Last one, reaching it and pulling it up and bend that knee in and rest the foot down.

Now we're going to bend the right knee back in and straighten it. Good. But this time, bring your head up, look at your belly. Exhale, pull in your waist and crawl your hands up as high as you can. If you can get to your ankle, fabulous. If it's just behind your calf. Excellent. But don't let your shoulders creep up. Good. So now we have that nice long leg and this leg I want you to reach right here.

Okay? Keep your right leg, pull this long leg up to it and grab your left ink calf and reach this one down. Use your stomach. Pulled this one up long. Grab your right calf, reach the swim down. Pull this one up long. Grab onto here. Good. Now that we're pro, let them pass each other. Switch and switch and switch and switch and switch. Good. That's what I want to see. Long legs. You're not using your quads, your top of your thighs to pull up the legs. You're using your stomach.

It's very nice. Last one, Ben. Both knees into your chest and rest your head. Excellent. Now you're going to add the circle for the double straight leg. So between your ankles and now your legs are up. Add the circle cause again the quads will want to take over and said, I want you to turn out those thighs. Use the inner and outer thighs to squeeze that circle and your seat. The hands.

Once again, go behind your head. One over the other. Good. Inhale, lift up your head to look at your belly. Exhale, pulling your waist and come up higher. Open the elbows if you can. Nice. Now lower the legs a little bit and now squeeze and pull into yourself. Good. Reach them as just down to here and pull them back in. Good. And it's four and pulling him back in. And three. Good job. So outer thighs, glutes, inner thighs allows your belly to scoop up those legs. One more time.

And I love how your upper body is staying still. Now I want you to bend your knees but don't lose this circle and lower your head. We're going to do Chris with the circle. Super good because we liked it. We need to protect our lower back. Okay, so our lower back is going to want to do the criss cross for you. And what that will look like is like you're driving the steering wheel. Okay? So we're going to keep the circle right here and I want you to inhale and lift your head up to look at your belly. Exhale, pull your waist in and lift up higher without moving your pelvis, your knees a circle. Twist that left. Okay. Right elbow to the left knee.

Good as mud. Come up, up as high as you can. Don't move those knees and come center. Stay here and reach that, those legs to my belly. Good. Pull him back in center. Hold left elbow all the way up, up, up. Oh, you feel that come center reach to me. The nice thing is we only do two sets over with that. Write it up as you go up. As you twist, don't move this knee and that hip, that's it. Come Center reached to me. Square off your shoulders.

One's higher than the other and last one all the way up. You can do it. You can do it. Go Up. Good. Come Center. Hold Yourself Square and reach out to me to finish and then pull it back in. Nice. Oh those are killers aren't saying I'm to give you a little stretch. They don't know. Especially when you have to do them with correct form. Yes.

So very, very nice job. Good. All right. Put your feet down, Huh? All right. Now I want you to sit up and we're going to do spine stretch forward cause our back gets a little tight after doing those. Right? So you're going to put your feet here. I like them a little wider, but I want you to just actually hang your feet right off. Okay. All right.

Because sometimes we're real tight in the hamstrings usually as tennis players. So we're going to do that. We're going to lift tall in the waist. The most important thing I'm to use this bar to help illustrate is to be straight in that spine. So now get every bone on top. It's now that I've given you a little leeway with your feet, aren't I Nice now? Arms at shoulder height. That's it. Yeah. Pulling into the pole.

Slide up the pole and exhale. Head down to your chest and roll off the pool, but keep your waistband on it. Sue. Curl into yourself more than reaching away. And now roll one bone at a time. Rolling right up to it. Good. Don't skip any vertebra. Nice. And relax a little bit in the waist and bottom.

Pulling in your belly to the pole. Squeeze above the seat. Get your head against the pole to start Andrew. Upper back, and then roll the neck forward. Yes, in, down, down, down, touching the head to the mat. Good. Good, good. And Rolling back up. Good. One bone at a time. Now that you've got an idea, we're going to do one more rolling off the pole. How much you have to work in this upper back. Okay. So press the back of that note. Press the back of neck against the pole, then slide up it to bring the head to your chest. That was nice. Yes.

And rolling forward. Tennis is such a forward rounding sport that this often rounds too much. So it's really good that you're doing that. Now you get to stay here and I want you to bend the knees and bring your feet a little towards you and grab the inside of your arches. Yes. Now I want you to take a big breath and as you exhale, pull your belly into me and try to straighten your legs, pushing into your hands. Nice. Bend the knees and sit up a little bit.

Exhale, scoop your belly in and do that again. Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, pulling in to do your, um, lower back and then bending. And we're going to do that one more times. That feel okay with your feet coming off if you can. But I don't like how forward you are here. So you've got to stay pulled back in there. I have never done it with my feet on the floor either.

So if they want to come up, that's fine. But what I'm looking for is this nice seat curve here. That's it. And I want it to feel good through here. Does that feel good? The opposition? All right, good. And now let go of the feet and roll up one bone at a time.

Very nice. Relax your arms. Good. So now we're going to prep for open leg rocker. Okay. So bring your feet together. Good. And I want you to pretend you're doing, uh, the roll back. So again, I want your head to your chest and I want you to roll back your waistband a little bit more. Good. Stay right there. Nice. Try to hold it in your belly. Everything else relaxed. Good. And you're going to slowly bring your feet towards you as your knees bend apart.

Good. Enhance under your knees. Very good. That's it. Good. Now I want you to think about your square box and you've got that beautiful scoop, but now lift up your head a little bit. Good, good. So when you lifted up your head, you were able to keep that nice, strong, supported back. You didn't pop your back forward to lift it and that was great. So now I want you to keep your left foot on the mat, but extend the right as straight as you can and bring it down.

Good. And now the left goes up good and down and now scooping. And so nothing in your box moves. That's what we're working on. Balance and all from our powerhouse and the left. Great job. Now you're going to bring both feet up off the matches, bouncing an inch off the mat, makes it just a tad harder.

And we're going to do the right leg again, good and down. And as the left goes up, we scoop in even more to stay nice and balanced and squared. And we're gonna do the right leg good and down. And we're going to do the left. Great. And now we're going to do both.

So they're both going to extend in a Nice v good and down. Nothing changed. I love it. And going up God and down even a little more choreography. We're going to go up, hold and bring those legs together back to open and then bend them down again and make this look too easy. Feet closer together though. And now go up with your stomach and open them out to the side.

Hold it there. Walk your hands up so that they go behind your calves if you can. You can go all the way to your ankles. And now we're gonna. You can either just stay like this. Again, this is super hard and but we can advance it even more. So bring your head to your chest, looking at your stomach, and go ahead and rock and roll with this rock back, right back up.

Good balance. And Inhale, rolling back. XL Left. Good. And inhale, roll back. So for some people this might be a goal, but we are able to do this. And two more. Rolling back and exhaling up or just stick to me like that. Let's do two more and let's get to that. Inhale, roll back and exhale rolling up. So scoop a, that's what I didn't want to happen. So we're going to roll back. Go for it. And keep a c curve when you come up for me. Yes. Now keep the stomach in and use your belly to lift your chest and your belly. Aw, that's gorgeous. Let's do one more now curling and inhale, roll back.

So definitely I want that spine straight and lifted, but not sacrificing the lower back. Great. Bring your legs together and try to just roll down your back away from those legs. Nice and bend your knees and give yourself a little break. Good. Nice job. Did it. Oh, you're sweet. Lift up your head and we're gonna put that underneath. Good. And now you can again do this with either our ball if that's what you have at home, or you can do this with the circle. Um, it's a little hard, Joanne. Let's shoot it with between your inner thighs.

Hopefully it's not. Gives you too much room. Um, good. We're going to do corkscrew. Okay. So I want you to scoop in and bring your, let your knees float up towards you in a tabletop position. Good. And I want you to just let your knees fall over to your right if that doesn't hurt your back and squeezing the circle and using your stomach pull center. Good. And going to the left. And I like doing this prep scooping in and squeeze in so that you really feel those ways to muscles. There's no doubt.

And you really work on your range of motion. One more this way. Good. And pull in from your center. Now let's go to the right and circle yourself down button that circle. Go away from your left and come centered. Good and left. Let that circle fall away from you. Come Center.

Now we can keep doing it like this, but I think you can raise the circle between your ankles and now you might still like it turning out those size so those quads aren't on fire. Squeeze with the seat. Now let the circle fall to the right circle down around and pull center. Good and squeezing to the left around and pull center. So if the hamstrings are too tight to do this, we keep it with bent knees, mainly keeping supporting that lower back, always holding that stomach and working those waist muscles. Nice job. And that's enough of those. Go ahead and sit up for the saw legs open out to the side and I like um, let's keep them on the mat this time if you need to bend the knees to be able to sit up tall, do that.

This exercise works a lot on precision and so I really want to see that precision. So arms are out to the side. And what I mean by that is we're gonna pull up in the waist and twist your back, twist to the right without moving those hip bones. Twist, twist, twist. Can you twist your shoulders anymore? Big Stretch, Huh? Now the precision comes where we saw [inaudible] our baby toe with our pinky. So exhale as you reach forward so we're not signing off the top of our foot.

We're not signing off the arch or the heel. And now roll up your spine. Good. Untwisting and twist to the left. It's safer to drop that arm too. That's great. Scooping in and go down too damn good. And inhaling up, always stacking up your spine. So as we twist to the right, we're going to drop that right arm. Good. And exhale. Sighing up the baby toe God and inhaling up and twisting.

Good. And exhale. Nice. And inhaling up and one more set tourist and exhale and up. Last one, twist and exhale. Sign off the baby toe. There we go. And inhaling up. Nice job. Okay, another balance one. We're going to do seals. So I want you to lift your bottom forward a little bit.

Good, Huh? Lower down. Good job. And bring your feet together. Dive your hands through. Nice to pick up your feet. Do so by rolling back your waistband towards the Mat in the feet. Just naturally come up off the mat. So very similar to open leg rocker, but it's easier cause it's not as challenging on your flexibility. And I want you to clap right here. One, two, three. And inhale, roll back. Clap two, three and exhaling up.

So the goal is to clap an inch off the floor in front of you, one [inaudible] and an inch off the floor behind you. But you should still have weight on your shoulders and your neck. That was really good cause it's a, it's a free, it's a free exercise. In other words, those legs reach freely while your stomach stays tight. Two, three. It's almost like you do a little isometric stomach crunch right here to hold yourself while you clap freely. And that's not easy. And now let's have some fun with it. Two more. Inhale, roll back. Two, three.

Exhale. Lung two, three. Inhale, roll back. Two, three XL, roll up to three. One more. Inhale, roll back. Two, three. Exhale, roll up to three and leave your feet down. Good. I want you to go ahead and stand up all the way up. And let's enjoy finishing with stretches. Right here. I have this towel for you.

You can use it, but now I want you to, we're going to hold it long wise like so and hold it and kind of shoulder with the part. Okay, good. And let's go ahead and face this way. I don't have a towel, but go ahead and hold it right here. Legs are going to be a little wider than your hips. Good. And just reach the arms up. Good. And then take it behind you. So if your hands need to start sliding a little bit longer on that towel, right?

And then reach it back up. How we doing on that shoulder base? Be careful with it and bring it forward. So you're trying to hold your box in the center square and then reaching behind you. Good. That's your last one at works your back and your arms and everything. Good. And now I want you to bring it up again. I'm going to bring it down so that you hold it together.

Otherwise it's going to flap in your, in your, uh, face. That's not good. That's nice. Good. So hold it here a little closer, more shoulder width apart on this one. Demanding Our Name and we're going to bring it up. And then just enjoy reaching over to the side, trying to hold your body straight and center. I mean, your body, your hips aren't going to be pushing over too much. You reaching over to the left, good and center.

How's that feel? Stomach in and reaching over. Nice and center and stomach in and reaching over God and center. And now go around in a circle. So you're gonna reach over to the right and then reach down towards your feet towards the floor and other side. Good. And then come on up and go the other way. Reaching, reaching down around and up and give one more each way long through the waist as you reach over to the right. Good, reaching down, sweep it around it up from your stomach always.

And last one to your left, reaching down all the way around and up. Henry, your arms down and your legs together and you're all done. Nice job. Thank you. My pleasure. It was great. Good. Very good.


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Amazingly beautiful such precision thank you Monica!
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