Class #1171

Standing Mat/Barre Workout

40 min - Class


Jillian Hessel teaches a Magic Circle Mat workout that will give you the elegance of a dancer. First she uses the Magic Circle as a demonstration of the 3 dimensional core, then you go to work using your entire body. She emphasizes lengthening both sides of the body by creating distance between your ribs and hips. In addition to the many wonderful exercises she teaches, Jillian includes the Hip Presses she learned from Ron Fletcher and the Barre exercises that she learned from Carola Trier.

If you don't have a Barre available, you can use a chair or anything stable that is a good height for you.
What You'll Need: Mat, Portable Barre, Magic Circle


So welcome everybody to the magic circle class today. I'm going to use the magic circle first as a demonstration of the three dimensional core that we talk about so much in polarities....


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I loved this class. I think there needs to be a new category of Class or Prop for Barre.
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I enjoyed this class as well - and would classify this class as a standing core/Barre workout rather than a mat workout.
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Please put rhe "Dont Like" Button to allow us to say that...
It's absolutly boring.... sorry pals but I expected a Pilates Ring class, not to come back to old days to brush tendus =(
I los 42 minutes that could be TRAINING!!!
Be sure to tune into the other half of the class, which is on the mat, using the ring. Class was so long, it got split into TWO classes, so that was just the standing warmup!
I was just going to put this class into my list of favorites !Thank you Jillian :)
Great class! I loved it!
Thank you!!!
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This class was incredible and will be one I come to again and again! I really felt connected and was challenged to 'be on my legs'. Mat work is great, but standing up and feeling the work in a vertical orientation is always an eye-opening opportunity! We'll make sure that we put this in the "Standing Pilates" category rather than Mat. Thanks everyone!!!
Fun standing work. I like that laughing at the end, will use that in class to send everyone out with a smile:)
I thought the instructor was going a little fast with the circle going left to right, and I ended up being a little sore the next day. That's just me though. Maybe I wasn't doing it right. I find that sticking with certain instructors works best for me because I know what to anticipate since I have taken previous classes.

Although, thanks for the laugh at the end. I am still waiting for that contract in the mail :)
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Outstanding and lots of fun. Thank you!
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