Class #120

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


A truncated BASI Block system™ workout. In forty minutes, address the major blocks in the system and get a complete workout. Class moves at moderate pace, offers two views and many ideas for deepening your work.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Let's begin class or former class. Starting with full springs on are three springs for us for foot and leg work. Have a seat. Here we go. If you normally had your head rest up, do that now lying down ...


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Kristi, the modification for arms pulling straps works. It's not an easy exercise to introduce. thanks for the help! Karen
Thanks for a great class Kristi! Nice short workout when time is limited.
Nice workout! I think the idea of the three reformers is great. Would like to see one of the side reformers to be turned 180 degrees to allow us to see the other side.

Good Idea Heather!
I really enjoyed this class. Pace and instructions were great! I don't own a long box and this was to be a class with no props so I missed out on the last few minutes - otherwise - wonderful! Thanks!
HI Michelle ~ Thanks for the great feedback. The long box is considered a part of the Reformer so we don't list it as a prop. You will find that the majority of our Reformer classes will include the box as part of the traditional repertoire. I know many places don't sell the Reformer with the box these days which I think is unfortunate. I created a tutorial some time ago that offers some alternatives for people to continue class during common exercises even if they don't have a box. Here is a link to that video

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