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Mariska's Fuse Pilates Mat class mixes elements of Pilates into a workout that she choreographed. She teaches a full body workout, but focuses on abs, legs, and upper back work. Have fun with her creative and challenging exercises!
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So I'm Mariska Freeland with fuse potties and I have a wonderful class here today. Um, we always teach our fuse classes on request and the requests we had, we're legs. So we'll do kind of a 360 degrees of legs upper back. And then there wasn't a specific ab request. So we'll just do a little bit of everything. Let's all go ahead and start lying down on your back with your knees bent feet flat to the mat, stretch your arms long by your side and really feel that your upper back is engaged into the floor by slightly pressing your hands down. Watched it.

That doesn't make your back arch. So relax your ribs down. So feel the heaviness of the back side of your body. You want to have about a fist distance between your knees and the same distance between your feet and you want to have your feet in, not too too close to your body, but reasonably close. Let's start by drawing your abdominals in. Find a slight Tuck of your pelvis. Feel your low back, make contact with the mat, and then on an inhale, release that drawing your tailbone forward so that you have that little space between your low back in the mat. Again, exhale, slight tuck of your pelvis, pulling your abs in, and then inhale to extend your spine again. Exhale, slight Tuck of your pelvis. And then inhale Mr.

Attorney feed a little bit. Let's do four more like this, so it's an exhale. It's a slight tuck. And then inhale to extend your spine. Exhale, slight tuck and extend. Let's do twice more. Exhale, really drawing your abs in hipbones towards your ribs and then lengthening your spine, finding your tailbone on the mat. And last one on this last one. We're going to hold that Tuck of your pelvis. Keep going. So press into your feet, peel your back away from the Mat, letting your knees come forward over your feet.

At the top you're in a nice straight line from your knees to your shoulders and then slowly lay your spine back down one vertebrae time so you drop your ribs first, then sequentially laying down your spine, one vertebrae. At a time to come to the very bottom and untuck your pelvis. Draw your tailbone back down again. Exhale, slight tech of your pelvis. Pull your abs in, press into your feet, your knees come forward over your feet at the top. Big Inhale. And then exhale, melting your spine back down, making sure that each vertebra has its moment. And then on this next one, let's press into your feet. Tuck your pelvis, lift your hips up, maybe not quite as far as you did before.

Flex your feet so that your toes lift off the floor. Going to feel your hamstrings. Engage a little bit more. You're not actually dragging the mat in towards you, but you want that action like you're dragging the mat in towards you. Pull your heels in towards you. Fill your hamstrings, turn on, and then release. Pull in. So it's a slight engagement of the hamstrings back of your leg.

And then release a couple more times. We're pulling in and release, pulling in with your heels and release. Let's do two more. Pull in and release. And last one like this. Slight pull in. Let your feet come flat to the floor. Melt your spine down one vertebrae at a time, coming all the way down to the bottom. At the bottom, tailbone comes down.

Float your arms up towards the ceiling so that your hands are right above your shoulders. Inhale there. Exhale. Let your head lead. Arms come up as well. Hands come by your hips. Really draw your arms down. See if he can lift up a little bit more, but get your tailbone back down to the floor. So untuck your pelvis and then slowly lengthen it all the way back down to the floor again. Exhale, head in, chest lift, arms go, head follows. Reach your fingers long. See if you can get a little bit more height.

Untuck your pelvis if it's tucked, and then length in your spine coming all the way back down. Try to relax your shoulders. Let's do another one like this. Exhale, head and chest lift. So coming up to the top, see if you can come up even maybe a little bit higher than you are. Maintain that height. Circle your arms around. Bring your hands behind your head with wide elbows. Take your right leg into tabletop knee directly over your hip.

Take your left leg into tabletop knee over your hip. I like interlaced hands. I think it's actually easier on your neck. Press your head back slightly without changing the shape of your right leg. Inhale your right leg down like you're dipping your toes into water and exhale to pull it back up. Switching to the left, lowering it down, and exhale it up. Right leg down. Exhale, abs. Pull your leg up. Leg is just wait left leg down and up, right leg down. Exhale up. Try to relax your shoulders.

Left leg down and up, right leg down and up. One more like this and get ready for a change. Come back up. Lower your right leg down a couple of inches. Take the shape of your legs and rocket in and back. So use your low abs to rock the shape and keep those elbows wide. Pulling your legs in and back in and back in and back for four, two when you don't have to lift your hips up.

Just think about knees coming in towards your chest, a little bit more. Last one like this, let's come back to center. Switch where your legs are. So you have the opposite leg dipped down slightly. And rock that shape in and back. Rock in and back.

Rock in and back in towards you. Away a little bit. Make sure that your back isn't arching as your legs are moving away because that means you've sort of lost your core and it's definitely not safe for your back. Call this the last one. Bring your legs back into towards each other. Lower your head and chest down. Release your hands.

Let your hands come all the way down to the floor. Let your feet lower down. One at a time. So right leg first left leg second. This time we have your legs all the way squeezed together. And then you're gonna want to have your feet in reasonably close in towards your seat, but squeezed together. So knees are touching. Ankle bones touching. Tuck your pelvis. Press into your feet, lift your hips up.

So you're going to send your knees again, forward over your feet. We're squeezed together. So we're getting a little bit of activation on your inner thighs. Let's go ahead and pop up to your tip toes. So you might find that when you do that, you want to have your feet in a little bit closer. So if you do, go ahead and move them in. We're going to lift your hips up in inch and down, up an inch and down.

Really focus on that squeeze of your inner size as you lift and down and lift and down and up and down. If you're feeling especially feisty today, go ahead and extend one leg out, but keep your knees together and then watch your pelvis cause you can keep that pelvis on exactly the same plane. So your right hip hasn't dropped lower than your left. Let's just do four more like this because some of you made the decision to go single leg last to last one. Go ahead and lower your foot down first. Extend the other leg out and then it's a little lower and lift. Lower and lift.

Lower and lift down and up. Just two more. Down and up. And last one. Rebend your left knee. Plant your foot down on the floor. Go ahead and slowly melt your spine down. One Vertebra of time, coming all the way down to the bottom. We're going to do one last set of these bridges, so keeping everything squeezed together. So knees, feet, thighs, everything's all squeezing. Tuck your pelvis, lift your hips up, let your knees come forward over your feet, and then you can be on your tip toes. Again, we're going to start with your ankle bones touching, and then from there we're just going to open your knees out. Squeeze in, open out, squeeze in.

But you're trying to keep your feet together the entire time we go out and in open and squeeze. So each time your legs come together, focusing on those inner thigh muscles, squeezing. Try to maintain that same lift of your pelvis the entire time. Let's go for more. Two, three, and four. Knees squeeze together. Big Squeeze on them. Go ahead and roll down through your spine. One Vertebrae at a time. Let your feet find the floor.

Go ahead and extend your legs all the way along. Zip your legs together in external rotations here that squeeze on your inner thighs. Again, little squeeze on your tissues while let your arms float up to the ceiling. If you can let your arms keep going without popping your ribs forward, you can let your arms go slightly more overhead. Inhale, arms lead. Head follows. Pause with your hands right above your thighs. Squeeze your heels together like crazy dryer abs in and begin to round your spine, coming up one vertebrae at a time.

Keep that squeeze on your heels if you can, which I do think sometimes makes it harder. You're going to make sure your backstage round, it's your ab state. Pull in, stop with your shoulders over your hips. Palms can face each other down. I don't care. Tuck your pelvis. We're gonna lower down on count of eight so we take it down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Awesome. Rockstars. Inhale, arms lead, head follows, pause, dry. Your abs in are going up for a count of eight so we'll take it up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Keep your abs round and then take it back down.

This time. We're going to go down for two up, one down, two up, one down, two up, one. Each time you're tilting your pelvis slightly more underneath you. So we'll take it down, down and up, down, down. Try to relax your shoulders. Two more down, down, little up last one down, down, little up, and then go ahead and lay your spine all the way back down on the mat. Bad News is that we have to come back up that way. So inhale, arms lead, head follows, pause there, going up two down, one abs, pull in and we'll lift it up. Two and down, up, up. Always. You can hold onto your legs if you need a little boost, I don't mind. And if you're at home, I don't even see you. So little lift up and back up to end, down, up two and down. I am very impressed.

We're going to do two more to get all the way up to the top. Last one. Nice. And then let's go ahead and take it just all the way into a forward fold. Let your head drop. Taking a teensy little break. That was teensy enough. Let's go ahead and come back up to seated. Reach your arms back forward. Drop your shoulders down. We're going back about halfway.

So tuck your pelvis under, round your spine. You're going to lean it back. Keep that external rotation of your legs. ABS. Pull in. So you should be seeing your belly button. Sink down towards the mat more. We're gonna take your right leg and so come up a little bit higher. You will not be able to hold up.

So come up a little bit holder to take that right leg and you'll reach it up. And with your right, like up in your slightly back, it's a little bend stretch, little bend stretch. So it's like you're releasing the tension in the muscle and just pulling it a little bit tighter. Make sure your shoulders are down your back. So it's little bend reach, little bend reach for four, two, three and four. Take your leg, squeeze it into the middle and back. Lifted up an inch and down. Squeeze into the middle and back. Lift up and down.

So we squeeze one in and back. One up and down. Take it in and back and up. And it would be easier if you came up a little bit higher and lift it up and down. Last one, take it in and up. Leave your leg up, Tuck your pelvis under, let your low back, kiss the mat, and then lift yourself right back up to where you were. Twice, more like that. Or you can just lay down. That's an option. Always lower down, kiss the mat and back up, lower down, kiss the mat and then back up.

Take a little break folded forward or collapse on the floor. Always a good choice. So two legs coming on to the other side. So go ahead. Maintain that external rotation in your hips, arms forward, tuck your pelvis and really pulling your belly in. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed. Don't go back too far. No, you have to stay here while left leg lifts up and it's a tiny bend stretch, tiny bend stretch, tiny bend stretch, little bend, big reach, little bend, big reach. And you want to see your, um, VMO.

It's that muscle like right in the inside of your quad. Um, pulling up on your kneecap. Let's go for four more. Two happy thoughts. Three and four. Leave your legs straight. We're going to squeeze it in and back and lift it up and down. Squeeze it in and back and up and down.

Ice In and back and lift and down and in and back and up and down. Twice more in, back up and down. Last one in and back and up and down. Tuck your pelvis under. Little Kiss with your low back to the mat and then lift yourself right back up.

Twice more. Lower down, low back may or may not touch. And then the lift yourself right back up last time. Lower down. Beautiful. And come all the way back up. You can lower your leg down towards the Mat. Fold all the way forward if you'd like.

Probably want to stay there for a while, but sadly, no. So let's go ahead and come back up to seated. We're going to have your hands on your knees and your knees bent. So we'll be about here. So sitting up with your back reasonably straight to start.

Let's go ahead and come to the heel of your hand is on your knees. Tuck your pelvis under. We're gonna roll down to like your middle of your fingers or on your knees. Bring your hands into prayer. Drop your shoulders down, rotate towards me so I'm just opposite you. Tuck your pelvis under, going to lower it down an inch up, twist back down. In inch up. Twist. I always wonder where I'm supposed to be looking.

So if you look right between your thumbs, that would be perfect. So it's down and up and twist and back down and up and twist and back's here. Drawing your shoulder blades back, getting a little relax there. Take it down and up and twist and back. Take it down and up and twist and back.

Now bring your hands to the outside of that dye. Tuck your pelvis under. Let's lower down to your low back, makes contact and then round yourself all the way back up to seated again. Tuck under. Pull your belly down. Jeroy your shoulders down and then lift yourself right back up again. Tucking your pelvis under, rounding it back and lifting it back up.

Let's take your hands, rotate around the other side, draw your shoulders down, your back, and then we're going to lower it down a little bit. Looking right between your thumbs and up, and then rotate and back to center. Down and up and rotate and back to center. Down and up and rotate and center. Down and up and rotate. And Center.

Two more and last one like this. Let your hands touch your outer thigh. Tuck your pelvis, pull your belly and lower down to your low back touches. And then lift yourself right back up. Nice. Two more times. Lower down. Keep those knees squeezed together and lift it back up. And last one, this one, we're gonna take it all the way down onto your back.

Nice. Go ahead and stretch everything out. Long reach your arms overhead. Stretch a little bit more through the right side of your body, right arm, right leg, and then a little bit more left side of your body. Left and left. And then coming all the way back to center. Let's do a roll up just to come back up. So coming up or just rock up, I don't really care. Bend your knees, plant your feet flat to the Mat, and then take your arms into goalpost. You want to have a slight lean forward without arching your ribs forward so your ribs are staying into your body. Draw your shoulders down your back.

We're just going to do the tiniest little press of your elbows out, release out release. So you want to work into those upper back muscles, those nice postural muscles if you can. You want your weight pitched forward so that you're leaning forward over your knees, which is why we have bent knees so that we can keep it a little bit more into, um, your back in less than two, your hip flexors. If you start to feel like your hips are gripping, you can bring your legs into sort of a diamond position. Now we'll hold your arms in that back position and we'll lift it up and down. Little lift and down, like you're pushing weight over your head.

So it's a tiny press release, tiny press release, tiny press release for four more, two, three and four. We'll do a combo of those two. So push it back, release, push it up and down, back, release, up, down, back, release, up and down. You can take a break whenever you need or want one lift and down. Back release. Lift down. Two more. Back. Release Up, down, back, release.

Up and down. Go ahead and take your arms hug underneath your legs, pull back for a stretch in your upper back. So just lean your weight back so your arms straighten a little bit and just hang into that. So you're getting a little bit of stretch in your upper back. Release your hands forward, and then just lay down all the way on your back. So tuck your pelvis under. We're going to lower it all the way down. Bring your legs into tabletop, knees over your hips, feet as high as your knees.

Reaching forward towards your knees. Lift your head and chest up. Bring your hands on top of your knees. So we're going to do like a little baby double leg stretch. So instead of doing it with your leg, shooting out straight, they're going to stay bent and you're not going to lower them all the way down to the floor. So you'll inhale your arms up, legs down, maybe halfway. Exhale, legs come back up. Touch your hands to your knees.

Inhale your legs and arms away from each other, trying to keep your head at the exact same height the entire time. Inhale, exhale, abs. Pull your legs in. Inhale and exhale. Nice. Twice more and exhale and last one like this to maintain the height of your chest. If you can the entire time, stay up. Bring your hands behind your head. Interlace your fingers all the way to the wedding wide. Elbows lift up slightly towards the right. Extend your left leg straight.

Take a peak at your toes. They should be at the same level. Wide wide elbows. Inhale back to center and exhale, rotating towards the other side. So elbows are wide and back to center. Exhale to twist and back to center. Exhale, twist wide elbows, who not so much trying to touch elbow to knee, unless you can do that without having your elbows come in at all. Twist and back to center, twist and back to center.

Let's twist and hold for eight two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight back to center. Lift up towards the other side. Last when we're going to hold it for eight two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Bring everything in. Hug your knees into your chest. Rock a little from side to side, so rolling out your low back. And then let's just rock yourself all the way up to seated.

Swing your legs around and make your way to hands and knees. So we're coming to a quadro pet position. You want your hands directly underneath your shoulders, knees under your hips. We're going to start with just a couple of cat cow stretches. So inhale, head up, but up, chest down and exhale round your spine. Eyes at trumps. Really push the mat away. Again. Inhale, head up, but up and exhale round your spine.

Good. Twice more like this. Inhale looking up and exhale to round. Inhale it up. [inaudible] and exhale to round. Inhale, coming back to neutral spine. So neither arch nor rounded shoulders are directly over your hands, feet, or directly over your knees or hips or over your knees. Tuck your toes under. Inhale there. Exhale round your spine a lot. Hover your knees off the floor, so pressing into your toes.

Knees come off slightly first we're just going to hold it there. Draw your shoulders away from your ears and hold, not your breath. Breathing is important. Hold last for two, three and four. Lower your knees down. Drop your chest through your arms. So inhale, head up, but up. Exhale, we're coming back into it. So round your spine. Press into your toes. Hover your knees.

So ideally your knees are the same line as your heels. We're going to tap one leg, so tap right knee down and up. Left knee, down and up. Make that happen from your waist. So it's little twists, tap and up. Twist, tap and up. Twists. Tap and up. Tap and up. Tap and up. Tap and up. Last for two, three and four.

Gorgeous coming all the way back down. Couple more cat stretches. So inhale, head up, but up and exhale. It's around. Last one like this. Inhale, head up, but up and exhale to round. Press yourself back into a child's pose. Hips to your heels in a nice stretch through your back and shoulders. And then let's go ahead and come up so that we're seated.

Hips to your heels and you want to be, um, slightly tucked in your pelvis. So we're going to start with your shoulders directly above your hips. Bring your arms forward. Imagine that there's a wall behind you that you can't lean back into and you're not going to be able to lean away from either. So it's like an elevator. You're just going to ride up till you're standing on your knees.

And then from the top you're going to ride that elevator back down onto your heels. So try to have shoulders directly over your hips. It's a little foot crampy sometimes to make sure your feet stay relaxed. And then when you lower back down, you have a wall behind you. So it's supposed to be feeling it in your quads. If you're feeling it in your quads, that's a good sign. Again, sitting it back down. Nice. Drop your shoulders, sit it back up and down.

And last one like this, probably feeling it a little bit. Sit it back down. I would love to tell you we're done, but that would be a lie. So you're going to sit it back down, make sure that everything's relaxed. Tuck your pelvis, you're going to round your spine so that you lift your butt off your heels and we're just going to work into your upper back at the same time. I like doing two fors. So rounding your spine, you're going to have one arm go forward. One arm, go back.

So a little tiny lift up and down, up and down, up and down. Really pulling your abs in. It's a tiny little lift off of your heels, up and down, up and down for eight, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Go ahead and come all the way out of that. So go ahead and sit down. You might want to step it into a lunge. So you take your right foot forward hand between your legs or legs, between leg, between your hands.

And then if you want to lift your back knee off, that's totally fine. If you want your back leg down, that's also fine. You can bring your top, your, your hands to your front leg. If you want to end, lift that into a higher lunge. You want your knee to be over your foot though. Draw your shoulders down, and then let's slowly switch sides. So drop your back foot. Switch legs. So opposite leg comes forward, making sure your shoulders stay down. Good. Lift your back knee off. If you did it on the first side, hands onto your knee.

Send your chest forward through your arms without arching into your lower back. So thanks. Sternum up, hips slightly tucked. If you're coming up into that more intense stretch, go ahead and drop your knee down. Bring your hands down, swing. Your leg backgrounds are coming back into a quadruped head position. We're going to work a little bit into your upper back.

So from this quadramed position, you want your hands to be forward, a little teeny bit of your shoulders. And then walk your knees back a little teeny bit. And I'm not used to this mat and I'll fall right off of it. So let's go ahead and bring your legs into, I'm a bent knee position. Push the floor away. So you're going to bend your elbows out to the side, circle them around so that your elbows come in towards your ribs and lifted back up. So you bend, circle and lift, bend, circle, and lift. Try to keep your butt tech done. Do you bend, circle and lift? Last one like this, bend out to the side circle.

Fill your lats, engage and press all the way back up. Next thing we're gonna do is a little variation of a pushup. So we're going to come down halfway, Tuck your toes under, and then press that shape up. So bend your elbows. I don't care if you go out to the side or elbows in. So you go out to the side, Tuck your toes under, lift your knees and push. Drop your knees back down. You can bend your elbows in towards your ribs if you want.

Tuck your toes and lift lower down to your knees. Bend your elbows. Good and Tuck your toes and lift. Nice. Two more like this. Legs back. Tuck your toes, lift that shape up. And last one, make sure you're not sagging into your back. So when you're coming into your pushups, you don't have to lower down very far. Let's go ahead and drop down to your forearms.

So come into a foreign plank leg straight back behind you. Keep your hips tucked under, abs, pull in. We're going to protract your shoulder blades, engaging those upper back muscles to separate your shoulder blades by pushing the mat away and then release. Let your shoulder blades come towards each other again, push away and then release. Make sure that you're not sinking into your back.

I'd rather your tush be lifted up slightly and release and push away and release. And when you're releasing, think about you're dropping your chest between your arms. Push away and release. Push away and release. Let's do two more like this and release. Push away and release. Drop down to your knees, press back to child's pose when your arms are forward. Let's flip your hands so that your palms are facing up, which I think is a nicer stretch for your shoulders. So if your hands are forward, if you want to try it, hands up.

Do you wanna try hands up? Oh yeah. What'd you say? Hands up. Hands down. So go ahead and let's come back to hands and knees. Yeah.

And then, um, just come into, that's actually come to lying down position. So resting your head down on your hands, making a pillow, which is nice. I mean it's like lying down. It's like doing nothing. So go ahead and make sure that your back is an arched so you want to feel evenness in your hipbones and in your pubic bone. So you want to feel even pressure there. Lift your abs up.

We're going to lift your upper body up, but I want you to take your ribs with you as you come. So inhale it up. Your are going to come up with you. Hand, stay glued to your head and then you lower it back down. So inhale, head, hands and heart. All in one piece. Lift up. What'd you say? Yes. Yep. Inhale, lifting up if she wants me to do an extension. Yeah, so an upper back extension, but when you come up, I don't want it to be a fold in your lumbar spine. I want your ribs to come up with you. Lower it back down, lift it up and back down if you can.

If you feel like you're gripping in your seat, go ahead and release your glutes a little bit. Let's have this next one. Let's lift it up and we're going to hold in this lifted position. Make sure your shoulders are down. We're going to take the shape and side bend. So bringing your right elbow towards your right hip, you won't go far.

Don't worry. And then come back to center and over to the other side. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed away from your ears. Come back towards the right and back to center and towards the left and back to center. One more time and back to center. And last one and back to center. Lower all the way down. Just Shimmy your hips a little bit from side to side. Make your way back up to hands and knees.

And then we're just gonna come seated on your hip. So you're going to have, I don't care, palm up or palm down, but lift your waist away from the floor and your legs are at sort of a 45 degree clam position and you want to make sure that your ribs are lifted. So I like the hand on your ribs to keep them up. Make sure that your older other shoulder stays back internally. Rotate your top leg so that your knees come together without changing the shape of your leg. We're going to do a little press back and back and knees come back together.

So push it up. The knees will separate, but when you come, yeah, when you come back, your knees come together and push it up and down and push it up and down. We're just going sort of up and back, sort of up and back together here. He'll feel a little side waist and a little bit of your QL, which is this muscle that's the opposite side of your oblique, and then you'll also feel into your outer hip and then obviously you're also having to engage your back and shoulders to keep you in this position. On this next one, let's stay back little tiny presses, so it's little squeeze, release, little squeeze release. Keep your abs pulled in, ribs pulled in, press it back, release, back release, and there should be no moment that you feel like your back is arching more when you're pressing your leg back. So it's not a press back and archer back, it's just pressing back. Just that hip extension. Let's go for a more two, three, and four. Bring your legs back together where they are, and then you're going to send them back a little bit further than they are so that you're a little bit more of a straight line. Lift your waist up.

We're going to take your top leg and when we lift up, we're going to lift into a side plank and you're going to kick your top leg up at the same time and then you lower it back down. So it's a lift and lower and lift and lower. Nice lift and lower. So you should feel the outer hip of the lower leg and you'll also feel the upper leg at the same time. Let's do this twice more and down. Next one. Bad News. We're staying up. So lift up and stay there.

Take your top leg, little tiny circles for eight two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Switch Directions for eight two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Lower all the way down. Go ahead and roll onto your back. Just your head in the directions in is perfect. Take the leg, the hip that hurts the most and cross it over the hip that hurts the least, and then pull that shape in towards you for a strap. [inaudible] the thing that doesn't translate to the world of television is how hot it is right now. But you guys are, look, you're glowing. You look beautiful. Let's go ahead. It's good to sweat. It clears the pores, clears the mind. Let's go ahead and untangle your legs and then, um, rock yourself up to seated. And then let's just stay, um, space the camera and do the other side.

So we're gonna come lined down towards the camera and then your legs are going or at 45 degree angle to start. So your knees are slightly forward of your hips. Lift your waist off the floor and then just try to get those ribs lifted up so your hips are going to stay down for this first part. Take your top leg, lift your foot off, but leave your knees together. And then we're to take the shape of the leg and press it up and back at an angle and back down. Take it up, up and down, down, up and up and down and down. We're really trying to maintain that internal rotation of your hip the entire time as we lift and down and lift and down and lift and down so the knee stays bent the entire time and down. Now leave it back.

Little squeeze of your toes to move your leg back an inch and back and back and back for eight to three, four, five. Try to have your foot higher than your knee. Seven and eight coming back to where you started. Let your knees go back further so that your knees are in line with your hips. And then we're going to do kickstands, so we're going to lift up and your top leg is going to kick out at the same time. So you lift up, drop down hip touches, lift up, kick dropdown down, hip touches, lift up, kick and drop down. It does not take very many of these for you to feel that you have outer hips.

Go ahead and lift up and back down. Lift up and back. Down. Next we're going to stay up. So lifted up and hold it there. Little circles for eight two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight switch directions. Don't lose that hip lift. Four, five, six, seven and eight. Go ahead and collapse all the way down onto the mat. Roll onto your back and now take the side that hurts more now and cross it over the side that now hurts less and pull that shape in.

If it's the same side, then you can do a double. It's hard when you're have like one hip is lifting you and the other hip is working. It's sort of a twofer. Go ahead and just roll over onto your stomach. Just facing the center. We're going to stretch your arms long in front of you, so make sure you have room and actually if you can, let's come forward. Since I think the mats are staggered well enough that we can do this, come forward so that your hands can be on the mat or off the mat and on the wood because then we'll slide easier and we're going for a slide.

So we're going to start by drawing your shoulders down, your back, lifting your ribs up, make sure that you have that even pressure between your hipbones and your pubic bone. Drag your hands along the floor as you lift your upper body up so you're coming into that upper back extension. Shoulders are down and then reach away from you. So it's like you're pressing down on the floor and I know it's so much easier if it's not sweaty, so I apologize. Go ahead and lift up again so you're pulling in.

Shoulders are down and reach away. On this next one, we're going to stay up. Hands should be about width of your shoulders. Lead with that area right underneath your armpits. So press down with the Pinky side of your hand, slightly lifted up. You want to make sure that you're not feeling compression in your low back. Can you do that by having that slight posterior pelvic tilt ribs are in?

If you can, let's lift one arm up without dropping your upper body and then lower your arm back down. Switching sides, lift the other arm up and lower it back down. Begin to reach your away from you till you lay down, dry your abs off the mat, lift your arms and legs up. Look down at the floor. We're going for a little swim. Shoulders are engaged. Begin to flutter your arms and legs. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale twice. More like this. Big Inhale and exhale and last one. Go ahead and lower everything down to the floor.

You can bend your elbows a little out to the side, just rock a little from side to side, and then press yourself back to child's pose. So hips back to your heels, palms up or down. Doesn't really matter. Also, what's nice sometimes is to reach around, grab hold of your ankles, give yourself a little bit of a pulse so you traction out your back. Let's go ahead and slowly make your way all the way up to seated. Swing your legs around and plant your feet down on the maps. So we're coming into this position, so start seated really tall.

So you want your shoulders over your hips, you're going to draw your abs in round back til your lower back is almost on a mat. Bring your, come down to your elbows, and then let's Tuck your pelvis. So we're going to reach an arm forward and then reach another arm forward, ideally without dropping our chest back. First one doesn't count. So keep your hips tucked, one arm goes forward, pull your abs in more other arm goes forward without dropping your Chester lifting. You're like holding onto your legs perfectly reasonable choice. And then bring an elbow back and bring the other elbow back. If you want, you can release that slightly. So anteriorly tilt and then come back into it. So your low back should have some level of contact with the mat.

So pick your other sides. If you're right handed, you started with your right, likely. So you're gonna have your other arm go forward and then your other arm go forward. Trying not to drop back, but shoulders stay down. We're gonna take this lower down a little bit and then lift it back up, down a little bit and up twice more and up. Last one and up. Come back to your elbows again. We can have that slight little break.

We're going to come back into a tucked pelvis. This time we're going to go both arms forward at the same time. It's a mental game. So pull your abs in. Think arms are shooting forward together without dropping your chest back. And then bring your arms back one more time so that tuck abs Pullen arms go forward.

And we're gonna lower it down an inch and down in inch and up. Two more. And up. Last one and up. We're going to roll this one all the way up to seated hands. Come onto your knees, send your chest through your arms, you can look up towards the ceiling. Take that into a little bit of a stretch, and then we're gonna come right back off your sitz bone. So right now we're on your sitz bones. We have a slight tilt of your pelvis.

I'm going to bring the leg into table top. You're going to bring the other leg into tabletop, zip them together as if you have one leg. Bring your arms forward. This is your start position. Exhale, Tuck your pelvis and we're only lowering down to your low back touches. So it's slow. So we're lowering, downloading, downloading, downloading down. Once your low back touches, the shape of your legs, which does not change, is going to lower down to the floor.

So now your feet are on the floor and you have to roll yourself back up. So with feet on the floor, you roll yourself up to see it. If you need to hold onto your legs, that's why we have them. So arms are forward. Exhale, tuck back. He right back behind your sitz bones. One leg into tabletop, other leg into tabletop.

Zip them together as if they're one. Tuck your pelvis under, lower down so your low back touches. Let your feet lower down to the floor and then roll yourself all the way up to seated. Sitting up really tall. We're only going to do that one more time. So tuck your pelvis under. It's always good to know these things. Lift a leg into tabletop, lift the other leg up, zip 'em up, Tuck your pelvis, and we're going slow lowering down to your low back touches. Let your feet touch down towards the floor and then roll yourself all the way back up. Go ahead and bring your hands onto your knees again.

Send your chest through your thighs or your chest through your arms. And then let's go ahead and come lying down on your back. So hug both knees into your chest. I'm gonna do a little rock from side to side. You can almost like stir your legs so you're massaging out your low back. [inaudible] let your arms come to your side. Maybe not quite a tee, maybe more of a V, but you're going to send your knees towards the right, keeping your shoulders on the floor, so all the way to the mat. So first stretch, which should probably stick all the way down.

So don't make it work. Make it a stretch unless you want to make it more work. In which case knock yourself out. [inaudible] let's go ahead and bring your legs back through the middle. Over towards the other side. [inaudible] all the way to the floor, but try to keep your shoulders down. And if your legs can't get all the way to the floor with your shoulders down, then just don't lower your legs all the way.

Is it more important to keep your shoulders down? Then your legs to the floor? And then let's slowly come all the way back into the middle. Rock yourself all the way up to seated, extend your legs forward. And we're just going to come into a forward fold. So if you wanted a little bit more hamstring, you're going to go with a little flatter back.

And if you want it a little bit more on is a low back stretch. You really round your spine, let your weight just hang over your legs [inaudible] and so now release your hands so you're not really holding onto anything just to let your head weight fall down and just literally melt into that stretch [inaudible] and then from there, slowly make your way all the way up to seated. You can bend your knees and give yourself that hug again underneath your legs. Rock a little from side to side. [inaudible] shoulders are relaxed.

[inaudible] and then go ahead and release your legs. Wonderful job, ladies. Thank you so much for coming out today. Really good.


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It felt amazing!... please more more!!!!!!
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great workout! That was hard but so much fun. I think I'll be feeling my inner thighs tomorrow. Hope to see more of you. Thank you!
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Lovely workout with some great variations! Thank you so much! Will look forward to sharing some of these exercises with my clients!
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More more , I was feeling blah now I am so refreshed . Excellent Mariska . Thanks .
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Loved it, thanks so much for all the great ideas
It was great, was there music playing during this class?, if that was the case please adjust the volume so we are able to hear it. Thank you.
Glad you liked it! Constanza - yes, there was music playing in the background during the recording, but since we got feedback that people preferred the previous reformer class without it, we left it off of this one, too. I think there's something very different about the energy of music in a live class and a recorded one (which I realized after having done two classes here). Since all of these students were new to me and my teaching style, I focused on the cues more than the choreography.

By the way - there is no greater compliment to me than those where people say they feel great after class. I think no matter what our teaching styles, making people feel good is the goal. So, thank you!!
Great class! Can we please have an Arm Chair workout??!!
Ha! Kerry - You posted this while I was doing an arm chair workout. :) It's up to Pilates Anytime, but I would be happy to bring you my take on arm chair, tower, wunda chair. They're all my favorite - depending on the day. :)
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Another great class from you!! I feel great! Looking forward to more classes with you:)
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