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Therapeutic Practice

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Monica teaches a therapeutic Mixed Equipment class using the Reformer and the Mat. She works on clean transitions to help you get deeper into each exercise. It feels so good to massage your body with the exercises throughout the entire workout. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Reformer w/Box, Mixed Equipment, Pilates Pole

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Nov 03, 2013
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So Romana would often give us a lesson in sitting and etiquette rather than even giving us any Polonius. So she would teach us how to sit over and over again in workshops. We'd have a chair and, and we'd all have to go around and practice sitting and drinking OT. Right? So yeah. So this actually is how we lie down. She always wanted the bottom to be your bottom, not your behind.

So as you bring your mind to your body, you've got to align yourself up so that you're going to sit with one cheek on and one cheek off your arms can be wherever they want, just whatever's natural. You just want your energy lifted, always positive and enough. And think about not sticking your bottom out behind you as you sit down, but controlling it with your stomach and think, and then think of like a teaser as you flow into it. So you're gonna just [inaudible] perfect. And we're going to go on and go out and good. And that was great.

I love how you just lie down and went for it. And then I'm gonna have you line up your feet a little bit better. There we go. And then keep going. You don't want to over analyze it. Otherwise you start off really stiff. And as you go, I'm going to work with you and I want you to reach and think of a piece of Taffy and just stretch you out and pull in and reach those guys and pull away from those arches. And we'll go to arches now and go on out again. And so I just want to have a nice therapeutic lesson with you today.

Just really enjoying massaging your own body with [inaudible] and stretching it and lengthening it and just working nice and framed one more and up to heels. You'll get all that you need out and out and pulling back those pinky toes and out and in and watch those knees from rolling. And I want them parallel. So we're working parallel that were supposedly don't do, but we're working parallel. But I want you to really work the back of the thighs and glutes that. Give me a couple more. Those nice last one.

And dropped down to toes and we're going to go for tendon stretch. So go ahead and go out. Good. And stretch down. Two, three, lift two, three reach, reach, reach up, control it a little more from the upper thighs. Good. I love thinking of stretching my lower back and then pulling up and down. Two, three, lift, Choo, three reach, reach, reach. Keep weight on the ball, the big toes you go down and up to three gimme.

One more reaching that left hip longer [inaudible] and up two and come on in and you're thinking the hundreds. So scoot forward a little bit. I'm going to lower your bar for you, but grab your handles. And on the count of three I want you to lengthen out for the 101 two and it's out and you're into three, four, five. Exhale and use those straps to pull your belly in and up against your arms are reaching long, beautiful. Collarbones. That's it. And the carriage doesn't move at all. It just stays in place.

That's it. And just feel that back lengthening. Feel your hip flexors letting go because they're not holding you. Your long arms are reaching. So beautiful pool of water that you're making little waves here. That's it.

And scooping your belly against that little crook of your thumb. And last one and then bend and relax. Good. All right. Do you know how to set your straps up for the short spine massage? Great. I'm going to lower your head piece. Wanted to do that. Perfect. Good.

And now hold onto them with one hand and use your powerhouse or bring your feet back to them. Keeping the carriage still nice. Very good. Extend your arms down nice and long. And use your belly to bring your lower back down on the mat as your heels come down and hold good. And just enjoy a nice stretch. So you're going to think again about lengthening the back line of your body. So your powerhouse is pulling in and up. You wanna reach long.

And before you hit my arm, I want you to reach up your bottom. Yeah. And then just keep scooping. And we always are thinking about lifting our pelvis away from our ribs. As you bend the knees so that Nice big openness and now roll down your ribs and you're still reaching and reaching and lengthening and reaching and stretching and reaching good. And bring down your heels and reach out and long.

Beautiful. That's in with the air. Still lifting the pelvis. Exhale, rolling one bone at a time. Reaching that pelvis longer, especially that left hip a little longer. A little lower, I should say there. And bring those heels down. Yep. And two more out and long up. Good. And lifting up even more as you bend that sit and now reach as well through here. Keep lengthening. Good.

Go on down and heels down. Good. And last one forward and long line up to the ceiling. Good. Keep Long. Keep Long. That's it. Inhale bending and exhale through each bone. Don't skip their knee and joy, all of them.

And one last tree. And bring down those heels. Coordination. You have strong faculty on strong triceps, so I want you to use them. Okay. Use your belly, lift up your head, good and glue the back of the arm and the tricep down the long fingers. And you have a right angle with the um, arms. There you go. So tricep press, press down as the legs go on. Arms are on the mat. Mm, there you go. Scoop away from me. Outer thighs, push open inner thighs.

Squeeze and draw in and in. Good and long. Good. Now you have nice, tight legs, but I want to long reach for me. That's it. Christie and Wong. Yeah. And two more. Less long. Okay. And last one. I like those arms scooping in. Good.

Hang up your handles. Let's grab your long box. So you're going to grab your pole with your long box and we'll talk the pole underneath the reformer until we're ready for it. Sure, that's fine. Good. So you're gonna lie down, keeping your box nice and solid. I'm gonna have you do that again. So I want you to think of it this way. So try your hardest to lie down the whole box at the same time, rather than getting a leg, which like could tweak you in a different direction.

Okay. All right, let's see it. Very nice. Shoulders back a little more. There you go. So you're going to grab the handle while you do the straps. Good. And you want to reach up as high as you can see of that beautiful length. Good. All right, stomach. Always supporting the back and pulling long and down. Good.

And your belly is pulling in. This is reaching long and reaching down and right back up. Christie, that's it. Keeping that spring active and one more time scooping in. Yes and Dan. And now we're going to go into the t. So you're going to slide down [inaudible] good and straight out to the side. Good and scoop in that.

Sit and crack a walnut and reach through those fingertips as you come home. And two more on the first set. You didn't finish the last one reaching, but I know you'll finish it this time. So scooping in, pull with your, open those collar bones all the way up, up, up and then reach out to finish it. Nice job. Now just leave the leather but keep the handles in one hand.

But I'm in your left hand. Step off to the side at a spring with your free hand. And now face forward and put them one and watch them so they don't cross. Good job. And now hand hand on the box. Love it. You're such a good pupil foot. Good.

So you're going to use those strong triceps again and good bottom works. So you're going to put your other hand there, your other foot, no bottom. And you're going to squeeze your bottom forward to the front edge. There you go. And you're gonna roll back into our backstroke. That's it. And we want to be a little bit more forward. So scoot forward just a tiny bit.

Thank you. Good. All right. And we're gonna long so hold this position stomachs in. But this is just a lot of times we like tense up and then open with that reach and then reach away from that tight center and reach for the knees and bed. And it's uh, open circle and hold for three up higher to a Pyre, one and bend and up and open and circle and it's up higher. One and have higher, that's it.

And one more time and it's lift and open and circle and come up. And up. There Ya go. Reach for the knees though. Beautiful and bend everything. All right. Teas are both handles in one hand and you're going to sweep up towards me and job as suffering. Try to hold your legs up from your powerhouse. Beautiful field. Those obliques turn and roll out. That was a nice transition.

Good. And you're gonna just length the now and this is your little ah, Bill met before all the work. We're going to keep that spring active again. So you're going to head looks and then roll everything up and the arms come down and they come forward and they're all from your powerhouse and hold and lengthen down. Scoop and scoop and scoop. Fantastic and up exhaling. And we circle one scooping in, two beautiful and three and lengthening. And one more time up we go. Good.

Really use your reach with those hands. So your stomach and fight against that resistance of the strap and hold and relaying that everything down. Good. And I'll take those handles and you're going to turn your box around for short box grabbing the pole at the same time. And we're gonna lower this over the shoulder. Pets. Yeah. I mean I have played around with clients that are a lot closer to five foot or four 11 or maybe their upper body is a lot longer than their lower body.

But generally, yes, you are more than fine. You are a good height. All right. Is that pad feel okay? Alright, come back a little bit more. Good. Yeah, I read wrap your arms around your belly. Round your back. Good. All right. And I want you to pull your belly into me and then relax. And that's all I want you to do. I love just getting centered here.

So I want you to [inaudible] Rabbani to come up to me all that time is put her hands behind me and flushed me away and down because I clearly have a very active lower back that likes to stay. Lucked out, my belly nice and out. So I'm always fighting that. Yeah, that tight back. So you want to really fill your backup and then with your back filled up, squeeze up off your bottom [inaudible] and relax. So try not to pull away way from that nice round back. So if your back is nice round when you lift up off your seat, try not to come off away from it.

So just enjoy that pulling into it and then lifting. Keep pulling into it. Yes. And now pulling into it. Roll out. Nice. Sending your tailbone that way. Good. And now come back up, lifting and lifting and rest your seat and then pull in and roll back. Roll and good. Pushing your heels that way. Good, good, good, good.

On the next one, you can roll all the way out and pulling in and roll and get the waistband first. Keep the waistband glued in with the air and exhale and keep scooping in and up. That's a good lift up. Give me one more of those. Rolling out. Reach each bone away from the next beautiful open collar bones. Inhale, bring the head up and exhale and scoop it. That's it. Good, good, good. Grab your bar. Nice job. Good. And from your waist and your lower back. Reach those arms. I like that.

That's good. Filling this side up just a bit. All right, we're going to go back six inches. Painting the ceiling. Yes, yes. And coming forward. Good. And pulling in and back and back and back. Good. That's really nice. And two more. So you're trying to get almost to a tall, straight bodies. What your goal is. One more time and pull it in. Yes and good. And rest your arms for account.

And we're going to do side reach. So arms up and leaning a little forward. Fill this area a little more. Excellent. And now reach over to the right. Nice side. Then event [inaudible] and center. Now you had such great waist muscles that I want to challenge you more on this one. Okay, so fill that right there. [inaudible] there you go. And feel those obliques and use both of them to reach including this one over to the left. That's it.

And come center and pulling up and both obliques. That's better. And Center and both obliques. No crumbling on this left side. It reaches too and center. And one more set. Pull into here. A little more. Aha. So mimic that. Left Mimic on the left we jet. Nope, you are.

You're going with the ribs, you've got to pull in and now keep this in as you. Oh, that's gorgeous. Now you're doing it and, and rest your arms. Nice. And we're gonna do the twist. So restaurants for second, I want you to have a little fun with it. See if you can do it. So I will only if it feels good though for your body.

So the first one you're just reaching and your goal is to reach for the back end of the, um, back corner of your reformer. Okay? And then the second twist, I want you to go fishing. So you're gonna make a, does that feel good to you? Alright, not much with fishermen. Well, we're going deep sea fishing. So you want to pick up a nice big tuna or a big shark. You don't want to pick up a little, little one pounder. Okay.

So you want to have this beautiful long line and you don't want the fish to take over. So you're going to pull up from your waist. That big heavy fish. Okay. And then if it feels good, we'll do a little around the world. Okay. So we're going to pull up. Good. No Tucking. You can. Ah, that's nice. Good. And we're going to do twist this rib over this one. And now reach those obliques long and come up. That's nice. And scooping in and re age and up.

That's it. And pull it in. Good. So now we're going to let go with this hand and reach and pick up that heavy tuna. Nice. And pull it in. And now we're gonna take this arm with you, the reach and then back up. Good. And then pulling in. Now we're gonna drop the shoulder blades a little. Ooh, yeah. And we're going to do a little [inaudible] around the world. So you're going to reach out then with your abdominals, come center, then twist those ribs all the way, the other side and pull up. Nice.

And pull in. And I want you not to push that hip forward so much. We do a more what's natural, but I want to make sure you don't hurt yourself either. And now reach over obliques. Comm Center reached this rib over and coming up. Nice job and hook under your toes. Reach it down and you get up, you get a little stretch where not at all mean we got a little stretch here. That's it.

So next we're gonna do tree talk. The barn with your legs. Make sure you just have a hands with distance behind you. That's better. Good. And let's start with that leg. Both legs under good cause you have such control that you're going to keep it. So we're going to have our box, right? And if I was looking at just your box, I wouldn't know was happening as you. That's better.

And hold underneath that knee. That's it. Good. And then extend that like up and bend. Good. Extend up and bend and extend up hole and walk up that leg and staying there. Yeah. And just reach out that hip flexor and those shoulders and stretch forward the spine over. Yeah, reach it. Reach it. Good.

And now use your belly to roll back your waistband. Okay, good. Now here's my favorite part. Drop those shoulders. I want those arms to straighten. Nope. Keep them bent. I want by pulling your waistband into the box. A whole it back. Yeah. Now go for it. Walk down your leg. That's it.

Go on. Fold as if you're hanging from this foot and then in with the air and roll it up. Good. Come forward a little bit so that you can stretch your shoulders over your hips and then rock back again. Pull your waistband into the box to lengthen those arms and then go. And this is reaching the hip has to work two and coming up and up you go and coming forward. Watch those shoulders, stretch it forward.

And one more time. Good. Work this hip to, that's it. Down you go. This time you can give yourself a little stretch by sliding this forearm down in. Push, lengthening God not nice. And then head to your chest and scooping in. Good rock forward. Grab your toes and give me a tall spine that said and switch the nice. Okay, so we have our nice controlled box. You'd love it.

Don't have to tell this girl twice and stretch and vent. Good. Yeah. Tap and stretch your spine forward over that leg. I know, I know that left. You're not left here though, are you? Can you just use your left side a lot and that's the one that likes to give you grief and then you're going to rock back. Good. And try to keep this hip active as you pull your waste span into the box and walk down and in inhale head, exhale all the rest of the way up.

Stretch forward and pulling back. Pull your waistband into the box to straighten your arms and then walk down. Don't let that hip take over. Easier said than done. Hey Matt, it feel these guys press against each other as you do this exercise and stretch last one. So they're going to press and you're going to roll away. That's it. And now slide those forearms. Yep.

And in with the air. And exhale. Good. Grab your toes, lift up that spine. There you go. And you're all done with your box. Go ahead and bring it down. We're going to set up for long spine. Yes I do. Thank you. So grab your bar to in one fellow swoop. There you go.

And we're going to lift up your headpiece. Secure it, but it had over it. And so just like I got you going hand, foot, hand, foot on the lawn box. We're going to do that too. So you're right hand left foot. That's it. Very nice. Good. And you're in that nice straight plank. Very good. And we're going to go out and we're going to pull it. Good.

And is this hand okay to undo the twist. Can see only on and out and scoop your belly in and one more and scoop your belly in. And now just lightly step forward with one foot and drop a spring and get back into your position. Good. And now this is going to be more abdominals and you're going to go out keeping it safe and then pull back in. Nice. Give me two more now and sailing in. Good.

And one more am pulling it in. And now Neil both knees down and add another spring. There you go. We're gonna do our down stretch. So pressing your hips forward and actually come back a little bit. I want you to enjoy this one a little bit more.

So before you pushed too forward in here, I want you to think more lifting, like there's this big beam of light coming from your, from your chest, and then squeeze your hips forward. That's much nicer. You didn't sink as much in that back. And Go ahead and go out and keep lifting up to the ceiling and hamstrings and glutes and exhaling up and out and exhaling up on this last one. Go out. And as you're coming in, get lighter on your hands. Start crawling up, crawling up, and then reach your arms up to the ceiling. And Go ahead and stretch back as if your head itch your heels. Beautiful. Ah, nice to open up and you're gonna round up into a peak.

So hands here for up stretch, you're gonna be on the ball of your foot. Excellent. Heels up a little higher. Good. And keep this anchor and stretch your bottom away from your ribs. So use the bottom to go out, down with your hips and eyes on your belly button as you come in and fold up. Good. Push out your hips, down with your hips and folding up.

And give me two more done down in [inaudible], up and out and down, eyes here, and good. Lower your heels. Bring your feet a little forward. And we're going to do elephant and push out from here and pull it in. Good. Fill this a little more. One more. Good.

And Go ahead and step off. And you're going to do stomach massage here and bring that pad down. Good. And we're gonna sit down and around back. Perfect. Okay. And really let's inhale right here and exhale, scoop into that nice big openness and go out and down with the heels.

Lift and in and out. And I want you to stay in cause yeah, seeing, Yup. And now go for it. But again, I love that you started and then you kind of see where you're at. Set of over analyzing, stopping the movement and the flow. One more. Great. Now drop US middle spring.

And with your belly in, I want you to just right here, start lifting your chest. Cliff can, you can hold on and just give me a nice lift. Good. And now take your hands back at the same time. Good. Where's my lift in the chest? I'm sure a little bit. How's your shoulder on this one? Does it bother you? Okay. I like your hands. Let's see if they face this way. If it's any better. Good.

And we're going to just, that's it. Back of the legs going out, down, lift and in. Good. That's a nice open shoulders. Stomach in. Good. So this is your teaser position. So think about that when you're doing it, how your, you hold your upper body and your legs could just go on up. And two more scoop. Good. And last one. Good. And now stay here and reach forward. Good.

And inhaling out and exhale, scooping in and move your spine forward. Forward. Forward, forward. Excellent. Inhale out and scooping in and spine stretches forward. And one more time. Less shoulders going forward, more spine. And now we're going to keep your right arm here and twist to your right and hold. Pulling your waist, growing taller and stretch and come center and reach forward with that right arm and left to come center. And sure.

Gum Center and center. One more set up ad center and heels even. And Scoop and scoop and scoop. There you go. And good. Now go ahead and step off. Yup. And we're gonna do semicircle. So you're going to go ahead and lie down.

Let me get feet here and I'm going to set you up for frog and leg circles while you get into position. That's great. Lift your hips up. Let's try it. Actually you want the carrier to stay home and you get your bottom up in the air and then slide it forward as much as you can. I like how you can lift out your shoulders, clear off the mat and not get stuck. All right. Can you bring the carriage in anymore?

Enjoy this stretch on your quads. I know it's work. I try to enjoy it to take your shoulders a tiny bit to your right. Good. And now go ahead and slither down into the, well that's it. Scoop and, and going down, down, down. Imagine you can touch your bottom on that floor and go out. Hold the carriage there and squeeze your bottom up and draw the carriage back home. Uh, your goal is to keep them lifted and yeah, and now roll down cause they want to go down and see. And so you try to not let, not let that and good pushing with the ball of the foot and then up and then coming in and stretch. And one more, wrap that upper body around that mat.

Go all the way through the springs and down and then going out and then squeeze up not a single movement, that carriage and come in. Good Christie. And now reversing it. Use that hip a little more and now down all the way down and then coming in. Is that all right on your back and then lifting up and forward. Good. Keep it moving and down. Nope. Nope, nope.

You are absolutely right. We're doing the reverse map and slither down. Good, good, good gut and in and lifting up and forward. That's it. And one more. Use that right hip and and, and up. Good. And now hands on your ankles and then with your hands on your ankles, see if you can keep reaching the thigh out of the hip and then your heels can go down on here and that's even harder and that wonderful.

Now go ahead and slide back and you're gonna do your frog and like circus. So your straps are ready. Bring your feet to the straps, no bank bunk in your head. And we're going to put this connector on the outside so that they don't rub and have any chance in a, there you go. Okay. Okay. Long Waist and reaching and bent.

And I always tell my clients this exercise, it's going to help them advance in the hundred where it's hard to lower your legs and still keep your stomach scooped in. So that's how much effort I want them to give me. And now keep them out and now give me circles. So it's going to be around one and two and I'm going to let go and three reach long after that waist, reach those hip flexors. Last one in this direction. Come up, reverse reaching around and stretch.

And it's going to make that sound and three interact and reaching. And one more time around. Up. Yes. And go ahead and stretch by pulling those handles towards you. [inaudible] good. And we're gonna take these off. Actually go ahead and press your arms down by your side and you're gonna lift your bottom up with your legs nice and close to you. Good.

And I'm gonna slip these off. Good. And I'll stretch you down this way as well. Good. Now we're going to get ready for knee stretches. So lift up your bar and your, you're going to stand up. Yes. And get right on hand. Foot. If better. There you go. Girl. Hand Foot and already scooped and ready to go. Like a, like a jockey like right in there and then out and pull it in. Push out further.

How far can you push it out? That's it. I normally wouldn't say that, but you're able to keep this great powerhouse and curves. So then I can let you really go for it and two and hold and switch and going out again. Good. Now my favorite glass of red wines right here. So I don't want you to spill. Not even a little job. I really earned it this week. So, and three and one more. And now round up, knees off and out and in. Good. No shoulder work. Just legs and scooping with your belly. Scooping with your belly. There we go.

And two and give me one more. Nice job. Step off and you get to lie down for running. Pelvic tilts. Heard you mumbling something but it wasn't sure a little bit that way. Hips too. Teeny. Okay. And so we're gonna. I want you to work parallel. That would be great, right? Challenge Yourself.

Can you work without letting those knees roll in? So reach all the way long. Go Go. Good ads, great. And now run, bending cam up. Good. That's it. Nice feeling those hips and feeling that length. It's like you're up on stage and you can't get any longer or taller. Three and a little quicker now.

And to add one and come back in and now arches on the corners. Good. And turning out those knees a little bit more just because your foot, it has to match up with your foot. All right? And now you're a little more advanced. So each exercise today, I've kind of talked to you a little bit more from an advanced angle, but I want you to press your hips together. Good, no rolling in those knees. And I want you to use all those small muscle groups to literally pull your pelvis away from your ribs right now. And as you're tilting towards you, keep that length.

Don't just smash that waistband and lengthen out. And as you come in, use those springs to resist them. Pull that pelvis long and out and give me a next gen little bit in between each vertebra down there and stretch, reaching, reaching. Very nice and, and reach and good, good, good. Three more. Kind of similar to that short spine massage when you were up there.

And then I'd pull your pelvis and two, when you're there, instead of letting your pelvis just fall on you. One more time, pulling long, long, long, and now melt down your spine. Slide your feet together, hugging your knees. Good. And we're going to prepare for our side splits. So I'm gonna have you come on this side. Yes, we're going to put a pad here and a pad here. Good. I'm going to get rid of this pad. All right, so standing right there. Good. I'm going to help you here. So I want you to stand up one foot and then the other.

Then take your right leg and put it there and nice and flat. Good. So that's now your standing leg. And I want you to hold the nice, nice classical line here. Okay. Scooping in and you're going to keep your box, but swivel heel toe this foot out to there, onto that pad. Good. All the way. If you can, your heels want to line up. So scooted in a little bit. Good. And how's your frame? Good. Now I'm going to hold you from behind, so we're just going to go three, keep this nice and long. Use Your outer thighs to push out as far as you can.

Don't lose your pelvis though and now pull it up, up, up. Sit on. Stick your tea. Keep this beautiful pelvis right here. Push, push, push, boom. And did you feel that difference? And one more out. Further. Further. Good. Now inner thighs, lift your arches up, lift your inner thighs up. All of it zipped up. Good job. Now, heel toe this foot in. Good. That's it. Bring this foot onto the mat and we always turn towards the springs.

That's it. Good. And now we'll take your left foot out. Good. And now will heel toe. Good. Watching that box this time have straight arms out. Good. As we advanced, you'll end up doing the saw up here too. I want this foot to look that sit more solid. Is that better?

Good stomach again. Not everything is long and lifted and outer thighs push and pull it up. I'm just going to keep my hands on your pelvis. Yeah, can feel. That's wonderful. And now up all that work. Huh? One more. This time we don't like getting sound. We're going to pull up instead of in.

Excellent. That was nice. Now he'll tell it. Didn't that feel different too than just yeah, bringing it in. Yup. Okay. Bring this foot on. Good. And you're going to step off. I'm going to set it up for the front splits. Good. So we learned that side splits on two, but as you get stronger, we want to see it with just one.

Oh yeah. I also told you I was going to be a little nicer. Do I use my hands here? And this time I'm going to let you put both hands on the bar at the same time. And Go ahead and stand up on the mat. [inaudible] completely standing straight up with your feet were right there.

Good. And now I want you to put your right foot somewhere between your shoulder and your breastbone. There you go. And then you can either heel toe this foot or just lift it and put it turned out again, that shoulder pad. That's great. Good. All right. I want you to come back with your hips a little bit so that we have a chance to kind of square them off. Mm, there ya go. Good. And now trying to keep them square in your belly and come forward with your hips. That's a lot better, Christie. Good.

Now you're going to heads kind of asleep by that front knee. Go ahead. Yeah, I do. And you're going to use the back thigh and glute to push out the carriage. And this front leg just does it follows along and then come back in. And two more pushing out. Good job. And then, and one more time. Good. And in, now we're going to make this like a right angle. So you're going to come back. That's it.

And if you can Relevate a little bit even better. Good. And now pull your belly in, hands behind your head and round up your spine to a tall back. Good. All right, so the stomach, and now it's all about this front leg. And I want you to push at leg straight and in good and out and in. Nice and last one. And then good.

Even hips reach long through the fingers to get down to your bar and bend this knee down. Good. And now I'm going to help stretch you. And now as you go out, push your hips forward and we're going to go all the way out and come back in. God, you can see. There you go. I like now what you're doing too. And coming in, pushing forward and one more time and pushing forward. Good, good, good, good. And now [inaudible] but this foot on the mat, stand up on it.

The other foot stands up, left foot goes on the bar somewhere between your shoulder and breastbone. And then bring that foot back. Good. And again, we have nice even hips and keeping your belly in. Let's come forward with them. [inaudible] good. And use this light to go out. Try not to let this hip hike as you come in, you can give yourself a little more space. Yeah. And out and coming in. Lengthening that hip.

That's a good exercise for you. One more. And lengthening gets it. That's it. And now come up so that, that's a writing goal. Good. And um, we're going to put your hands behind your head, stomach, and use your stomach to come up to a tall back. Good. Right. Pushing out with the front leg and, and hold it here and we will that left foot in the center a little bit. Good. That's enough. Lift your heel up a little. That's it.

Okay. Now do that. And out and God and last one that looked better than me. You guys reached long through your fingertips. That's it. Good. And bring that need to have. Nice. Good. What was your last exercise on the reformer and enjoy that nice stretch and we're going to go out God and pressing your hips forward. Does that feel good, Christie? Go. Okay. Two more.

Yeah, machine forward. One more time and forward. Great. All right. Go ahead and stand. Bring that knee down and go ahead and step off and we're going to go ahead and start some rolling to finish our session. All right. All right Chrissy. So now and we're going to always end with some rolling. So I want you to put one arm on top of the other and one foot in front of the other. Good. However it feels comfortable for you, then lower yourself down to the mat. That was good. Yeah.

And I want you to center your bottom and lets get into a rolling like a ball position. So just bring your feet to you [inaudible] good. And tuck your head. That's right. And Go ahead and roll and roll back and exhale. Good. So you're massaging your spine as you will. So roll through and get, I want you to get the upper back a little more so I'm gonna help you with that. Okay. Cause you want to just stretch it and if you keep, don't get your bottom up over that upper back. That's it.

And two more. Inhale back and exhale and last time and exhale. And now go into open like rocker, extending the legs good and in with the ear and massage that back. Good and reaching and good and stomach and pull in through. Good. That's it. Two more. And one more time. Good. All right.

Bring your legs together and bend the knees. Bring the feet down, slide back to straight legs. Cross your right ankle over your left and let's get ready for boomerang. Going back. Taking it. Nope. Sit Up. There we go. Lift your legs up as you go back. Open, close and that's it. And roll up into a teaser. Hands behind your back and reach forward to your legs as you lower them down and circle your arms. Good hands by your side.

Don't lean back this time as you lift your legs up. There you go. And switch legs good and round through. Good and I wasn't that nice at that time. And re change board, hand stretch and scoop booboo. Open. Close, a little stronger. Outer and inner thigh. Next time. Good. And now reach forward.

I want to give you this length right here and circle around. And one more time. That's it. Strong, open and close. That's it. Roll through each bone. Good hands go. And now scoop, scoop, scoop, good. And reaching around. Seal. Bend the knees, hands underneath God. And remember you're still massaging your back. So square off those hips.

Clap just an inch off the mat. Clap two, three, reaching long, clap two, three. And you want to think length in your legs, like let them go a little bit more. It's a lot less controlled than the rolling like a ball tightness. You have a little more freedom in it to more in with the year two, three, end up to three and last one. Cross your legs and roll to a standing position. Nice. Come right here in front of your mat. Maybe scoot over just a little bit.

We'll do together. How about that? Skip forward a tiny bit. I say that now. All right. Okay. I'm in an hour, huh? Alright. So I want you to have your legs a little bit wider than your shoulders and from your powerhouse and your waist. Reach your arms up to the ceiling and then from those same muscles rise up onto the ball of your foot. Good and turning on the ball of your foot.

We're gonna turn to the Rye all the way around. Turning your feet as you go. Lower your heels, then that front leg and get a good stretch of reaching for your back ankle. Reach behind that back ankle. You can grab onto it. Come on, grab that ankle area, go Griz date, reach behind that ankle and big circle with those arms. And now you're going to start to rise up from your powerhouse onto the ball of your foot and then continue turning. Good, good, good, good. Lower those heels. Hopefully your feet are pointing towards the ocean.

Bend that front knee and I think your legs were a little wider than mine. Then reaching back to the back ankle and then reach behind that as you circle your arms up and then lift from your power house. And we're going to do one more, but do you want to bring them a little closer? There you go. And rising up and you're going to turn and bend that front leg and reach for your back ankle. Yeah, and reach behind it.

Good. And lifting up and continuing onto the other side. Go ahead and bend that front leg. Reach for that back one. Reach behind that one. Energy up through the fingertips, up on the bottom of your feet. Great Shot, low the heels and your arms. Bring your legs together and I want your hands one on top of the other and you use your stomach to bring your knees all the way up to your arms. Arms up a little higher. There you go. And you're going to bring it up and up, and you use that parallels. There you go. So a few more. Nice job.

I'm going to go a little bit to the side. Now I want you to open your arms out to the side, and now your knees are going to go to your elbows, up and up from your stomach and your waist. Good. And three. Good. Do two more sets. Good. Last one. Nice. And then we always end with jumping. So let's try to touch this beam. So you're going to reach down for the ground and then reaching up.

Really giving it your all. So go down for us. Ready? And we're gonna go down, up, down, up. Come on. I wanna see your eyes reaching. One more time. There you go, Christie. Nice job. Let's see it. Right. Awesome. John. Edward.


Great cuing relative to body awareness during the different moves, but would be much better if you also gave spring advice during transitions. I had to stop many times to decide and adjust my springs.
Monica Wilson
Yes, I could see how that would be frustrating. Though there are exceptions and adjustments made to meet each body type and needs, here is a simplified and general guideline. Most of the exercises will be executed on 2 springs. The exceptions are: Footwork (3-4springs) Hundred (3-4), Pull Straps I and II (1spring), Teaser (1), Stomach Massage Round (3-4), Stomach Massage Hands Bach (2-3), Stomach Massage Reach and Twist (2), Running (3-4), Pelvic Tilt (3-4), and finally Side Splits (1-2). I hope you will try it again noting those spring levels. Thanks for the feedback:)
Thank you Monica, loved the class :)
I payed special attention to my hips and alignment throughout and made many of the same adjustments. enjoyed practicing grace in transitions and execution.
Monica, I was concerned that the head rest was still up when the feet were over Christi's head after the frog and leg circles. I've always used the rule of thumb that the headrest is down when the feet are over the head or the hips are higher than the head.
Monica Wilson
Hi Pat! Thank you for your concern. Great rule of thumb too! I reviewed the transition I gave Kristi where I gave her the added stretch after Frog and Leg Circles. Kristi's does a beautiful controlled transition where she uses her PH to lift her bottom. Her bottom actually lifts directly over her shoulder blades and therefore there is no pressure on her neck. I could actually ask her to lift her head when her bottom is over her shoulder blades and she should be able to do it. If her bottom lifted any higher though, we would be in grave danger with that head piece up. Love hearing people practicing good safety! Thanks for the feedback:)
Beautiful Monica. Love the way you guide her so closely. I want to learn to teach like you. I learned a lot from your video.

Thank you so much.

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