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Outdoor Wunda Chair

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A Wunda Chair class for the person who wants to work purposefully but doesn't have a lot of time. In this class you will address the foot and leg work, abdominals, arms, additional leg and back extension blocks...and all with a pretty decent view.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair

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Apr 12, 2010
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This is going to be a sampling of the one to chair workout. It'll be probably about 20 minutes or so intermediate workout, starting with a light spring. Let's go. We begin with an inhale and exhale, just letting go. Standing just away from your one to chair inhales, preparing for a roll down. Exhale, engaging the abdominals, lengthening through the back of the head, rounding over drawing the abdominals deep into the body to create a light stretch to the back. Inhale, legs are parallel. Xcel roll up and again, inhale, [inaudible].

Inhaling, feeling the hips press gently toward your face as they were all back up. Stacking the ribs over the hip center, realigning our bodies. This time you might come a little closer to your chair to actually touch the foot bar when you get there. Inhale, exhale to round forward the hands. Find the foot bar wide just wider than the shoulders. Shoulders are down, and now we even to press down, keeping that look her over the lumbar spine. Exhale to draw back up, not quite to the top of the springs and inhale for resting down.

The further down you press, the deeper the contraction. Exhaling up and inhale, trying not to round back. Inhale, push and exhaling happens. Ah, finding connections to the back of the legs. Inhale and exhale. Two more. Inhale [inaudible] and one more. And with this we'll come all the way up, allowing the hands to leave the bar to continue rolling. To restacking your spine. Come around to the side of your chair.

You're going to sit right on the back edge. Preparing to do some mat work here as a warm up. So go ahead and pick up one leg, roll yourself back, holding on for help to find your double leg stretch position. Here comes an inhale, reach, exhale, stillness in the body and maximum stretch of that shoulder. Deepening your sense of powerhouse. Just two more.

We'll extend the left leg for single leg stretch and press one n. Yeah. Longreach for connecting to the backside of your body. Four more singles, zero one and two three right into the crisscross and thinking you should. Older to hip, maximizing the rotation while maintaining your flection. Last four singles. We go one, two, three. Come back to center, bending the knees, holding on behind the legs and rock yourself up.

Coming back around to your chair, having a seat actually is go around the other side and put your head a foot and leg. Work Springs on medium to heavy. Having a seat on your chair, sitting a little bit toward the front heels or in parallel. The backs are straight. Checking your alignment arms are down and we begin exhale and press and and allow the breath to proceed. The movement, feeling your contraction just prior to the legs moving and I mean the contraction of the abdominals and back. [inaudible] three more.

Hold the bar down a little bit and go to the balls at the feet if you need to adjust. Do you want to feel like you're on your sit bones? Heels are up. Ready? We begin raising it up. Exhale and press down. Stability through that joint of the ankle, allowing the breath to go deep. Last two here. Oh one one more. We're just going to come up with the bar. Turn the feet so that the heels are touching each other and same thing.

Exhaling, connecting to the adductors a little more to deepen the powerhouse. As the legs press down. Do you feel how the spine gets longer? Next foot position his heels. Why? To just transition so the heels go out to the edge of your foot bar. Rechecking alignment. This is where the ribs want to thrust, or the pelvis typically wants to deviate from neutral. Here we go.

Exhale and breath. Okay. Looking for the stillness. That'll guarantee the legs will work if you're not allowing the spine to change. One more time.

And our final transition for foot and leg work is on the balls of the feet tall with the body. Inhale. Here we go. It's a long feeling that upper back ever so slightly. As you reach the shoulders down, one more coming up. Here it is down to go up and that's great. Go ahead and bring the feet together. Step off. What is going to turn around to go into our pike? So approaching your ref, your one to chair. Step down on the bar, then place the foot on. We'll go.

I'm gonna go arches today. Feel free to go ball of the foot if you prefer. Feet slightly park. Here we go. Shoulder stabilize, take your time. Here we go. Exhaling, resisting the springs. Help as you fold in half and then peeling down almost to the bottom and Z to pee. Reminding yourself that it's involve both sides of the body.

There is some glute involved just to the extent that it's helping to stabilize that position and three more maximizing your lumbar flection. Check your collarbones. They tend to want to reach in front of you. We don't want that. This'll be it up, up, up, up, up and all the way down. Transition back to the balls of the feet. We'll put our right foot up onto the chair. Ooh, I'm getting lots of help today.

Careful hips are level for the forward lunge, either hands on your hips or out wherever you need them initiating from the back of the leg. We rise up. Take a moment when you get to the top of your spring tension. Continue with that same muscle focus and finding the bar knee over to and so I'm almost vertical rise initially. Then you can transition forward. Oh, Kissimmee, inward feeling the lightness of your body. Let's do one more.

When we get to the top, we'll stay there. Either leave your hands where they are or take them overhead and just to subtle contraction through the glutes. As you extend the hip just a little bit more back, it's almost a downward reach with the leg and that's good. Allow the arms to come down. Finding your foot bar, riding home and changing size, making sure that this foot is about midway through or where you can put energy into the heel or midfoot. Here we go. Hips level. As you continue to rise, focusing, rebalancing, being mindful that when the leg comes off or when you reach for the foot bar, the hips are going to want to deviate.

I encourage you to raise the hip of the straight leg ever so slightly. Feeling your abdominals, your back, your rising up, transitioning forward. One more coming up, all the way up. We'll stay here. Reach the arms up if you did before. Reach the leg down and back and just a little additional contraction through that long leg and glute.

One more time and then release the arms back to the tee or to the hips. Finding your foot bar. We come all the way down and replace the foot. Let's turn around and have a seat. Do it carefully. When you sit down, that Bar's going to push on you a little bit. Then bringing your legs to this small v position.

Hands are at the front edge of the chair coming down for frog. Rolling the shoulders back, feeling the back neutral spine. Are you ready? Here we go. Exhale. [inaudible] trying not to lean and down. We always check the ribs watching out for those shoulders, so it's a lot of chest expansion, a lot of tricep and some upper back. Always beginning with that scapular depression. Let it feel good.

Okay. Five more and or fully finishing that reach so that you can feel that the shoulders stay around. Oh, stay down from the ears. One more. All the way up. Have a seat onto your chair. While we're here. Just reach back and enlighten your springs a little bit. We're going into towards Hillcrest, Sydney, and spin room from here, reaching back to find your position.

Extend the legs when you feel ready and I've got it. Adjust that one. Never hit it on the first try. I do. And here we go. Inhaling down hindering to come on. [inaudible] is that a luscious, deep breath there and an XL to contract to maintain your position at one more [inaudible] sitting up, bending the knees for the side stretch. Yep. Turning sideways, hooking that lower leg still on the side of your hip.

Finding your foot bar top arm is going to reach over. And let's take this all. Calm down today. Long line. Here we go. Inhale to press. Exhale. Allow the abdominals to bring you up more than the spring. Does. Feeling the spine just become more agile, lubricated you sure to keep your anchor point right. Keep that big toe on the ground. One more big stretch.

Oh the way that. Why don't you just hold onto the front of the chair, anchor that foot. It may be foot flat. Now just to go the other way for a brief moment. We're actually going to hit this side in just a second, but it feels good to me and release it. Swivel around. Same thing, right on the side of the hit about mid chair, hand to foot bar, arm coming over so you feel the long line to the body and inhale, suppress, exhaling up.

Inhale, reaching the arm essentially stays where it starts in the spine. Does the movement noticing how the lower shoulder stays also where it starts h it's that long stretch, not just down of course, but away or far. We've got two, two to go. Here's one, sorry my [inaudible]. Oh and up and down. We can [inaudible] take a second longer in this stretch. Check the bottom shoulder, check the bottom elbow reaching and then we'll come all the way up. And from here we'll go into the basic swan or back extension. Ah, thank you.

Right. The part I love and release, swiveling around, face down, taking the bar to the ground initially so that you can stabilize the shoulders once again to give yourself a sense of reaching forward. Then find parallel to the ground with your body, legs together and strong and straight. Here we go. Inhale, rise up again. It's a forward action. Exhaling back down, a sense of articulating. If you didn't have the spring, you would lead with the back of the head. Your chest would be reaching forward as the upper back muscles pulled the rest of the spine and enjoy that opening to the chest as you reach through the legs to take compression out of the pack and, and [inaudible]. One more time from here. Let the bar go to the ground, inch back a little bit, and then your eyes are holding on. Once your feet go to the ground, you'll just hold the front of the chair, Bend your knees to around your low back, letting your head hang. And then from there, straightening the legs. Adjust your hands for comfort, reach or your feet. For that matter, we're reaching the tailbone. And then with that, soften the knees. Bend them a little, round yourself up.

Just let the hands slide back. [inaudible] until they come off the chair and rolling. And from back here. We'll take one more standing roll down. Inhale, exhale to round over and inhale. Exhaling. That's a good start for the day. Thanks Mary.


terrible video... keeps pausing. i've tried lowering the quality and it doesn't help
Hi Marta, if videos play well for you in general but then they start playing slowing or starting and stopping, it usually means one of two things:
1) You need to restart your computer
2) You are having intermittent outages in your Internet connection.
Great class and beautiful natural setting!
I could feel it as I watched!
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The video itself is ver dark, making it difficult to follow. When I glance up from my chair I can't see the instructor and had to rely on verbal cues
We agree Anne ~ Admittedly this was a bit of an experiment in our earlier days as a website. We did two classes like this (the other shows a bit more light) but have not gone back since. I hope the verbal cues were enough to get by on this one. Thank you for your feedback. We always appreciate it.

very nice, beautiful scenery, great short workout to get energized. Yes your verbal cues work well!
Great short set, lots of work,loved the torso press sit with extended legs (will try from table top to extension)
Thank you Kristi and Meredith.
I was glad to find this quick workout with very little need to adjust springs. Just a smooth flow 👍😊
Love this class gem, great quick full body workout thanks Kristy!

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