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Mat Workout

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In this classical Pilates class, Adrianne teaches the student some more advanced movements, emphasizing control. Adding the lift to the Corkscrew and the overhead exercise. This class is flows at a moderate pace and is geared for the more advanced beginner.
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Alright, well let's get started. Okay. Um, I'm going to have you guys lie down on your backs. We're going to do probably a little bit of intermediate and maybe a hint of advanced today. So I'll have you lie down on your backs. Hmm. I gave you some, um, towels just so that you could get your next nice and long and your [inaudible]. The heads would be a little bit more above your heart.

Let me pull yours out a little bit just so it's more underneath your head. That's it. So lengthens the spine. All right. Start with your knees bend and just start with that imprinting exercise where you take a nice deep breath in and start to exhale wringing out the lungs. Start to squeeze your bottoms, getting that wrap in the thighs and pulling your navels in and up through the spine. Two more. Nice deep breath in. And exhale. Let your shoulders open. Start to pull them down.

Feel your ribs. Start to pull together to really wring out the lungs. Get those ribs deep, deep, deep, deep. And last one. Nice deep breath in. And exhale. Stretch your legs straight out on the mat. Glue your heels together. That's it. So now you're in a puddy sense. You want to open your toes a little bit.

Your feet are relaxed, which you are starting to get that wrap. You want to wrap your thighs, get those inner thighs working, and now start to get the back of the hips long. Anchoring them lower to the mat, going down into your spine, lifting up, flattening your stomachs. Take your arms straight back, let your backs come up. Take a nice deep breath in. Lower the arms. Exhale. Get rid of that arch. Now we're still get that wrap. Two more times.

Arms come up. Go ahead and stretch back. You can let your shoulders lift and then exhale. Feel the muscles, feel their shoulders. Start to pull down those ribs. Start to pull together your thighs wrapping around. And last one, just getting into your bodies and out of your days. And last one, exhale. All right, so we are going to go into the hundreds. So go ahead and [inaudible] your knees into your chest and you've been doing it for a little bit. So you guys can go ahead and go right into position.

So you first take your leg straight up, start to lower them down. Begin to lift your heads, stretch the arms out to the legs to a comfortable level and begin breathing. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Three, four, five. Inhale, two. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Keep the focus on your navel. Really feel it pulling deeper. Nice, deep breath in. Squeeze your bottoms, wrapping those dyes. Exhale, two, three, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, three more.

Five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, two. Inhale to five. Exhale, lower your back just a little bit right in here and pull in. Exhale. Last one, two. And Bend your knees. Rest your heads. You place your heads down. All right, let's go ahead and let's see here. Go ahead and, um, get rid of the towels behind your heads because I'm going to have you go into an overhead exercise. So you want to make sure those are completely gone, but still imagine your next really long, you don't want your Chin's up. You want your gaze down towards your belly buttons. That way. The back of the neck is long and it's now protected.

Bring your knees into your chest. You want to make sure you have a room behind you, which both of you do, but you want to make sure there's lots of room behind you and I'm going to have you guys take your leg straight up and what you're going to do is take your legs over your head, but you don't want to push with the arm. Do you want to lift your bottom? Use that powerhouse to take you over. So try not to strain your next. You take your legs over your head. You want to try to tap the Mat. If you can't, that's fine.

You open your feet and flex them. Push your heels out. Think of your thighs, skimming your chest as you roll down. Here's where you want to strain your neck, so draw up your chins and open your chest. Bring the feet back together. 90 degrees. Take the legs over, keep your gaze down towards your tummies. Open the feet and flex your feet. Now you're going to start to roll down energy. Out of those heels. Try to keep those straight. I'm going to give you a little stretch.

Let me know if it's too much. Good. Now we're going to go a little bit quicker. Just end at 90 together. Oh, or the head. Flex your feet and roll down. Skim your thighs on your chest. Drop your shoulders, reversing the feet this time. All right, next time. Open flex roll down. So this time you'll reverse the feet.

Bring the feet together. Open. Really Flex. Take the feet over. Bring the feet together. I'm going to give you a stretch. One a follow that center, the center of your spine, so right through the middle of the body. Keep those legs really long. That's it. I'll give you that stretch. You let me know if it's too much and two more. Open over.

Don't let your shoulders pop up together. Flex. Roll it down. Feel that power. Pull those ribs together. Naval, upper back, middle back, lower back. Last one over the head. Feet together. Really flexed. Follow the middle of your body. Good. Nice long legs. Really Flex. And once you're done, go ahead and drop your left leg, but keep your right leg on the mat. You're gonna stretch your leg out long so that left like is reaching out long.

Your right leg is straight up. So this one is straight on the mat. Sorry, is that right? The other way this went up. Now I'm got you confused. Okay. Stretch this leg going into your leg circles one on once again. Get that powerhouse is your back completely down. Going into your circle.

Five time, no neck, no shoulders. Really try to relax those too. And don't let your hips move. Three, four trying to fill this in more thought. Reverse it. Soft, soft, soft, soft and around and up. Now Cross in towards my hand more with your thigh too and brush my hand. Three especially right in here. There's your stretch for last one. Good five bend your knee.

Go ahead and give that like a stretch by holding onto the thigh. Good. And you're going to switch legs. So left knee comes in, you take the leg up, opposing stretches to your right leg is reaching out as the lift leg is reaching up, hips are down. Shoulders relaxed. Look down towards your tummies. You can, yeah. All right, you're going to circle. Push your ribs down more. That's it. Hip. Keep your hip down. Yes. One. So feel both sides in a round two I'm going to let go of your leg.

Three but not your powerhouse. Four. So this day still, that's it. Five reversed that five times around one. Now go down lower two. So make it a little bit bigger. That's it. Three. So you get better at this for Walmart and five. Okay. Bend your knee. Give that like a stretch. All right, I'll have you guys sit up going into your rolling like a ball.

So in order to get into position, you want to literally lift your bottom up and move to your feet. Instead of bringing the feet in, just so that you are always working, grab onto your ankles, find your seat curve and drop your heads. So the seeker shoulders are down, hips are kind of curled under, and you're scooped. All right. Soft feet. Kind of squeeze your bottoms. All right. And begin to roll. Inhale to go back. Exhale or around. Think of your head staying between the knees. Try not to let it pop out.

Keep that basket really tight. Three more. Inhale and exhale. Good. Following your center right through the middle of the body. This is a centering exercise. Okay, so your head should be here. Now put your hands on top of your ankles. Good.

Now go back and come all the way up. One more time. Last one. Deep breath in and right back up. And place your feet down. Lift your bottoms, move back just a little bit. Take your towels that were under your head. You're going to use those again. And then I'll have you guys lie down on your backs again. Yeah, you're gonna go into your single leg stretch. So yeah, maybe move down. No, no, no. Just put it underneath your head just like you had in the very beginning.

Great. All right, so now you're saying your spine is nice and long. Okay. Bring your right leg into your chest. Coordination exercise, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. Good. [inaudible] soft feet. Good. Take your left leg up to begin and then you'll start to lower it down. Soft. Good. And now fill those spines and start to lift your heads up.

Get your shoulder wings to push down. Keep pulling in a little bit more of a round in the sternum. And now reach out of the hip. Good switch legs long one. Switch to switch to go head. And don't be afraid of.

Grab on here with the opposite hand. [inaudible] and switch. So grab onto your ankle now pulling your stomach. Lift this like really deep scoop. Yes, switch, hold and scoop. Push those ribs together. Deep, deep, deep, deep, and switch. And now a little bit quicker. Switch one. So three sets. One, don't forget the scoop. Two, three, switch three, bring your knees in. Drop your head, loo your heels together, going into your double leg stretch. Add your heads again. Reach for your ankles. Okay, you're going to now begin. Take your arms straight up, take the legs straight out and hold your position. That's it.

Now really reach back with the arms and really reach out with the legs. Lower them down and keep wrapping the thighs. Exhale, bring it all together. Inhale both sides or stretching. Exhale together. Inhale, hold. They'll listen. Lift your chest during the morning. Round, round, round. Good. And An exhale together. Three more. Nice deep breath in. That's it Candice. And exhale. Little less energy in the knees.

More in your seats. We'll squeeze your bottom. Good and come back in. Last one. Nice. Deep breath in. Squeeze your seats and exhale. Drop your heads. All right, take one leg up. Going into your single leg pool. Exactly. And like Jennifer, you're very flexible with pulling your leg, but now you want to lift your left leg and add that powerhouse so your leg shouldn't be at your nose. It's really the scoop that I want to see. Shoulders down and scoop. Scoop.

So pull the leg, scoop, scoop. So it's a really deep pull pull. So really you don't even have to use the hands. And Pool Pool. They're there to help give you an extra stretch. I was crooked there and pull. Pull. Now reach for your ankle or your heel. That's it. Drop your gaze. Drop your shoulder.

Feel those armpits pulling down and pull. Well now we're going to go a little bit quicker. And pulse, pulse, scoop. Scoop. Two, two, two, two. Last set. One, one and one. One rest. Okay, good. Starting to feel something there. Alright. Take your hands behind your head. We'll keep this small.

So hands are back. You can bring your elbows in. Bring your knees into your chest. Take your leg straight up. You want to zip the legs up like one long leg. Very good. Okay. And now lift your heads. Look at your belly buttons. Pull those armpits down again and now lower the legs.

Squeeze your bottom and pull your tummy back in. And lower. Keep zipping up those legs to where are you feeling it lower back. So you have to stretch your legs longer. Okay, so I'm going to help you. So you want to reach up. Keep your tailbone down though. Good little bit down.

Scoop any popping lift. So if you think of that lift out of the hip, that's going to help you a lot. My left hip pops if I don't reach my leg out, that's it. So work on that and that's really gonna help. And last one, bend your knees. Rest for a second. Yeah, that's all it is. It's, it's balled up. So you have to Lincoln it. Yeah, I know it's not a fun feeling. All right.

Take your hands back behind your heads. Both of you know this. This is that crisscross exercise. So take one leg out and I want you to think of it in three counts. One, two, tap the elbow to the knee on three. So what you're trying to get is that shoulder off the mat. So go ahead and begin. One, two, tap three there. You might have to pull the knee in deeper and [inaudible].

One to tap, one to three, tap one to three, tap one, two, three. Hold it. This time both of you can soften your toes, pull in your stomach and stretch that opposite leg out of the hip and squeeze your bottoms. Now switch. One, two. Squeeze your seat. Where's the wrap? There you go. And switch, so not too low on the extension. One, two, three. Now three fast in one. One. Get your shoulder way up off the mat, two to three and three and rest.

Good. Glad you're through with those. Okay, I'm going to have you guys sit up. Go into your spine stretch, always grateful. After those are done, take your arm straight up. You want to sit on top of your hips, squeeze your bottoms and take a nice deep breath in. It's your spine stretch. You're going to exhale and start to round forward, up and over so you're still lifting back here as you round and squeezing your seats and then come up as high as you can. Stacking one vertebra on top of the other. Sit up tall, about three more.

Nice deep breath in. Squeeze your bottoms and exhale. Don't let your feet roll out. Rotate your knees in a little bit. There you go. That's it. Your up your shoulders. Sit Up tall to nice deep breath in. Squeeze your bottoms and exhale. Go ahead and soften your knees a bit even more can to soften your knees a bit.

That's it. You get a better stretch. Get your ribs to pull together and come back up. Last one. Nice deep breath in. And exhale. Take it down. Drop your shoulders. So no work here. Really scooped. That's it. Go ahead and go all the way down. Flexed shoulders when you drop those shoulders. Yes, and come back up.

All right. Restaurants move forward towards your feet. You'll go into your open leg rockers. So let's just go right into your position. So your hands are inside the legs. You want to kind of balance on the Sitz bone. So you roll back on your hips [inaudible] and then you find your balance. Good. All right, so you're going to take your legs up. Find your seeker.

The higher you hold, the harder it is. So maybe start here or even a little bit bent, not too wide though. Drop your heads and begin to roll back. Come up to balance. Sit up tall. That higher you hold, the harder this becomes. So start small and then gradually work your hands up. So inhale, go back, find your seat curves. Stay in that c curve as you're rolling.

Exhale round in your c and then lift three more. See curves. Chin to your chest. Exhale, round, back up. That's it. So don't hold so high. Right here is where I want to find your, see deeper. Drop Your Chin. Inhale. I'm going to let go. You control it. Don't go rolling onto your head. That's it. Come up. Exhale, I'll help you.

And instead of tall helps to have somebody last one seeker round, round rounds to get those ribs in. Good. Now go back. I'm going to let go. Come on up. Good. That's it. Sit up tall. Lift your back. Of course I'm here. Right? Bend your knees. Lie into backs. You will, you get well, it helps to have somebody hold you and pull you back. You're pulling yourself up so it makes you pull in a lot deeper.

Otherwise you'll just pop up. All right, going into your corkscrews and today like to add a little lift. But first we're gonna start with just the circles. And then we'll add on. So first, bring your knees into your chest here too. Everything's about lengthening. So your back is anchored, but your leg is reaching from the hip out. Go ahead and take your legs up. And as long as you can keep that length, that's going to help protect your back.

Shoulders relaxed because they're hard not to use the arms. And you're going to begin to take the legs to the right. Both hips stay very still. They go down around, back to center. And then keeping that length up to the ceiling and center right down around. Now your hip came up, so don't go. So over to the side, really long lays.

That's good. And left center, right center, left center. Bend your knees for just a moment and just rest for a second cause now we're going to add on that numb all the way down just to give your back a break. Yeah. All right. Now take your legs back up just for a second. So this time you're going to circle and add that about the first four vertebra. Come off the mat. So your circle around and then you're going to lift, but you want to control it down. You don't want to just fall.

Go left around center lift, control it down. Now we're going to go a little bit quicker. Ready, right around and lift. Left around and lift. Make sure heels don't shift. I'm going to get bigger left cause you have to watch that your chins don't pop back. I got my ponytail on the way and up and last one to the left.

Both like straight up. And Go ahead and sit up. Flex your feet, take your arms to the side. Yeah, you might have to move back. Try to sit on top of your hips, twist soft, the little toe and center and turn. Reach for that toe in scoop and center. When you stretch, don't let your tailbone come up. Push that down. Yes. Now stay on your right hip more. That's it. That's it.

And Center and last one. Stand the left hip. Yes, that's it Candice. Okay. Now have you get turn over to your stomachs but move your towels out of the way. Going into a neck roll. All right, so get yourself straight on your mat and I'll double check.

I'll get straightened. I will. Then I'll come over and tell you whether or not you're straight moved your legs over. Then you felt crooked, right? I'm afraid you actually look pretty straight. Yeah, I know I've had to move you before and you look nice and lined up. All right, so try to keep your heels together here. That means you have to use your bottoms and you have to reach from the hip, so you're still those thighs around and you're still using that powerhouse kind of lifting your rib cage up. All right, so elbows in by your side. You're going to begin to push into the palms.

You'll come up off of your chest, come up as high as you like. In other words, you can straighten the arms as much as you like. As long as you're not collapsing in your powerhouse in your spines, you want to lift up. That's it. Go to where you can, even if it's just the elbows, lift your tummies up. Soft knees. Try not to lock those knees. Look to the right, roll your neck down to the left look center, and now look left down to the right look center and that's enough dropdown. All right, let's have you take your arm straight out in front of you. Four heads down going into a swimming exercise.

So you're going to start with, let's start with your right arm up, your left leg out. And again, this is all that lengthening, so you want to stretch the right arm out as you stretch the left leg out. Now hold that and lift tummies, scoop and rest. Switch legs, switch arms, opposite arm, opposite leg. So really reach from your bottom. Squeeze your bottom way up here. Stretch. There you go. And rest switch. You can let your head rest for a second. Reach that leg out of the hip.

Long good and rest. Now let's put it into an actual swimming motion. So you will lift your heads up out of the water, right arm up, left arm, left leg, and begin to paddle. So arms and legs are going to move at the same time. Paddling per 20 counts. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. And rest. Sit on your heels to stretch.

Good. Yeah. And when you stretch, you still want to scoop up that powerhouse. So still fill this up. Scope, scope. There it is. Yeah. And you can even put your hands at your side of that feels better. And if that bothers your knees, don't do it.

Just go to your palms and do a cap back kind of exercise where you just around and stretch. Okay. And have you guys lie back onto your back. Put your towels back underneath your heads, getting back into the front powerhouse. Yeah. Alright. And also getting that engagement back in here. Okay.

Let's start with your knees bent, but hip width apart. Slide your feet forward a little bit. Just checking your alignment here. All right. And then have you first reach for your thighs. Good. So arms are straight there, straight out. And what you're going to do is you might have to hold onto the size to come up, but you're going to take a nice deep breath in and start to round up articulating upper back.

So it's right at this point where the tips of the shoulders have to pull into the mat so that your armpits are pulling down, but your ribs are stitching together and then you come up a little bit higher and your tummies will pop up. You have to pull them back in, get my strings out of the way, and then a little bit higher. So you're really working on that scope until you're all the way up. Oops. Scoop, scoop, scoop over, sit up tall, and then you're gonna do the same thing going down. So you're working backwards. You can either reach the arms out, feet are apart though. Yeah, toes there, soft, lower back right there. Make sure the hipbones are on the mat even more good. Then middle back, that's it. Lower back or sorry, upper back and head. And if that was too easy, you can take your hands behind your head. Otherwise, just continue it that way.

Take a nice deep breath in. Curl up, work on the shoulders, pulling down armpits, pulling down, pulling in round scoop, scoop, scoop over. Sit up tall. Okay. Now we're going to go just a little bit faster. Start to be, bring that down. Lower back, middle back. Don't forget that middle. Good. Even more. Yes. And then all the way down and more challenging his leg.

Straight feet flexed and about three more. Nice deep breath in. And exhale. Push the heels out over. Sit up tall. Articulate that down. See how you guys do. Careful. Control it under under. Good.

Candace, a little bit deeper though. Right there. You want to get your bottom under? Yes. All the way down. And last one, we'll do this last one. Nice deep breath in. Scoop it. This ribbon flexed over roundup, so one vertebrae stacks back on top of the other. You're tall again. Now you're getting around, back down.

Lots of little things you can add here, but we're working on the form and be conscious of your center. Not using one side more than the other. Okay. Rest your hands at your side and let's go ahead and have you lie on your side for some sidekicks. Um, yeah, let's start with your right leg on top, just out of the way here so you can face, well, it's up to you if you'd have to roll over there so you can show with your left. Sure. Why not? You'll show the left. She'll show the right. All right. Do you line yourself up with the back of the map though?

Now you could put your head on the towel if you'd like. Ideally we'd launch. We want you up on your palm. You want your next long again. So just as if you were standing, you're just lying on your side, getting that same lift. Swing your legs forward in a v position, soft feet, soft knees still wrapping. So kind of rotate your top leg out a little. So your knees rotating towards the ceiling. Soft feet though.

Both feet are on the mat and you're just starting to wrap here. There you go. Good. A little bit softer and your feet though. All right. You're going to start with your leg up hip level. Your chest is open. Make sure your shoulder isn't rolling forward. Your gazes forward, you're going into your front kick, little kick forward, then a big kick kick. So two kicks forward. Ready, kick, kick front. Take it back. Keep your bottom leg still kick. Kick Front. Swing it back when you're moving though, nothing else should be moving. Just the leg, so no belly dancing.

Soft feet. Get out of that bottom foot. Kick. Kick. You're afraid of the stretch here. Front that I'm going to roll you a little bit so your hips are on top of each other. Now two kicks forward. Little one now, a little bit bigger kick. Now take that back. Reach out of the hip. Lengthen. Squeeze your bottom. That's it. And now front kick. Kick, kick. Two more.

Squeeze. Careful that your hip doesn't roll back. It's rolling backwards. Can you roll that right? Yes. That's it. Last one. And kick. Kick Front. Take it back. Reach out. And that's enough rest. You're like on top of the other leg. The bottom one should stay still. It stays on.

It's supposed to stay on the ground the whole time. Yes, you have to support yourself. But that's from the bottom and the inner outer thigh. It's not from the knee down. So the foot should be relaxed. The knee should be relaxed. Take your leg up, hip level going into the up and downs. So hip on top of hip. Do you feel like your hips are on top of each other, Candice? Cause they're not.

So roll your right hip, right about there. So now your hipbone to hippo. If I do a line or straight. Now soft feed again. Good. Rotate your knee towards the ceiling. Now keep that hip on top of the other hip. Take your leg up towards the ceiling as you lower it down towards your heel.

Heel to heel. Squeeze your bottom. Wrap the thighs again. Get that real deep rep and up and lower. Now add a flex on the up. Bottom foot. Stay still flex on the down. I'm sorry. Flex up. Point down. That didn't make any sense. Okay, flex up. Point down and add the stretch. Let's see there. Yes, lots of things happening here. Working the leg, but you're working that length in the powerhouse up flex point.

Reach. Make that top leg longer than the bottom leg. Now you, Jennifer, you're really working that bottom leg. Relax it. Take this leg up. Keep this one relaxed and lower. Squeeze your bottom up and lower. Squeeze right here. Push. Squeeze my, push me down with your leg there.

One more time up. You've done enough. You both have, and that's at rest. All right, little circles. So you start with the leg up again about hip level. Okay. Rotating the knee powerhouses in hip, on top of hip. Just a little right there. And no five circles. Think of your heels brushing together. One, two, three, four fid and reverse one, two.

Now touch my hand with the leg. Three, four. There you go. And five, so more hip. Okay, go ahead. And um, let's go to the other leg. Enough on those sides. So you just rollover however you want to get there. That's fine. I know we get stuck on, you know, one ways is like carrying your, your bag or your purse. One way you'll do one side. So it's good to switch. Yeah, it's, you'll find it very difficult. We get so one sided and that's why we have stronger, weaker sides. All right.

Swing your legs forward. Getting into position. Make sure you're lined up at the back of the Mat. You're like, you need to move backwards your shoulder as well, Jennifer. All right. Both legs forward back into that v. All right. And when you turn out into that plotty stance, you're really rotating from the hip, not the heel. You can all do that, but you, it's a wrap in a thigh. Good. Yeah, I saw that. We add everything. We've got our knees and our, all right, so rib cages together. Shoulders are back. Gazes forward.

Next are long. Here you go. And kick, kick, kick front about six times and kick. Kick. You can do anywhere from six, five to 10. Kick, kick. Let's see. Two clear kicks. A little one, then a big one. Okay, so here we go. Ribs together. Kick. Now kick. That's it. Stabilize that hip and kick. Kick. I'm going to let go now. You're, now you're working down here and kick. Kick.

Good. Two more kick, kick, lot different. Last one, kick, kick and rest your legs back on top of each other. All right, take your leg up once again. Hip level. Rotate your knee towards the ceiling. Reach your leg out long though. Let's see. Hold on one second. I want you to squeeze your bottom. Yes. Long, long leg, shoulder back.

Now put your palm on the Mat. Okay. Hey, how support. Take your leg up towards the ceiling and I'm going to help you at least get the resistance. Reach your leg out. Squeeze your bottom. Yes, more bottom. There you go. Good. Keep that resistance in here up and lower. Go ahead and add the flex on the up. The point on the down, shoulder back. Don't let your shoulder roll forward or to up.

Now let's see that resistance. You know how to like a nutcracker cracks a walnut. You want to pretend there's a walnut between your inner and outer, your inner thighs up cause that's where you're supposed to be working. So not in the knee. Still a little bit in your knee up and squeeze you route them. That's it. Long, long leg tomorrow up reach. That's it. Yeah, I know. You have to keep all of that together.

It's like six different things going on at once. And rest. Okay. Little circles. Take your leg up, pip level. Soften your feet. Five circles, rushing the knee. Two, three. Now don't let your hip move for five and reverses and one to get your ribs together. Squeeze your bottom. Still three, four, and five rest. You're like, all right you guys. I'm going to have you lie back onto your back.

So go back to your original position. Your head was over here, your head was over there. That way you can grab your towel again, put it back behind your heads. Yeah, and we'll try a little roll up and then we'll advance it to a teaser. So let's just, let's just practice this. Take both legs, straight, heels together, toes apart. We'll go into just a regular roll up and you're gonna round up and over to your toes, but just really work on a deep route, like you're rolling into your own body, pulling in, wrapping, and then in even more, and then end. And until you're all the way over, still wrap the thighs, push those armpits down and then start to go back down. Wrapping lower back. Yes, center, upper back heads. One more time. Like that. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, scoop. Scoop in over.

Take it down. Bring your knees into your chest. This time, yeah, you're going to grab onto your thighs. Everything's related. All of these exercises are all related to the same movement. In a way. You're going to lift your head. I'm just going to have you rock up and around even deeper into it. Now we're going to try to come up and balance, okay, and then you're going to try to let go. Now keep your legs where they are and just roll down in your spy, the legs where they are, and push your back down.

Take a nice deep breath in and try to come back up. Exhale, good. Sit as tall as you can and then control that down. It's hard to keep the legs up there. Now we'll go a little bit quicker. Take your arms behind you. Exhale, come up. You can straighten the legs if you'd like. Come all the way up to your teaser and bring that back down.

You can bend your knees if you'd like, and one more time, or you can keep them straight harder. Exhale. Good. And bring it down. Bend your knees, grab onto your ankles and give yourselves a little stretch. Just kind of prep, prepping for the more advanced teaser. All right, go ahead and sit up. Move yourselves forward. Going into a rolling seals. Hands inside the legs, underneath the ankles. Heads down, back into field position. Getting Sanda I hear from beach. All right, heads are down really deep. Scoop. So you're almost in your seeds back here. I want to see a c, so yes, exactly. All right, good. Three claps. Tea before you go back. So you're gonna clap your heels. One, two, three, and then one, two, three to come up.

[inaudible] so keep your gaze down at your stomachs. Chins down and ready. One, two, three, roll back. One, two, three. Roll Up. Now we're going to get a little bit quicker. Head down. Where's your c? Pull into here. So round up your head, Chin to chest. Squeeze your bottom. Squeeze your bottom. That's gonna help you. Ready? And one, two, three, roll back. Keep squeezing your seats. One, two, three. Roll Up. Two more. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Right back up.

Last one. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Right back up. Place your feet down. I'm gonna have you guys stand up. We'll finish with the little pushup. Um, yeah, just make sure you have a room in front of you and kick your towel out of the way from one back into your plotty stance. So heels together, toes apart, getting that lift in the wrap. Still. Take your arms up. You'll walk down your legs and walk out into your plank. Hands right underneath the shoulders. Heels up, heels together.

One straight line. And you want your elbows to skim the ribs and pull up. Keep your tummies lifting, keep your thighs wrapping and lift to lift your head a little bit. So your next long, three, five times for last one and five. Now come back up into kind of a V and I'd like you to walk your feet to your hands. This is your elephant on the reformer.

And exactly. You're trying to walk into your hands as deep as you can. That's it. Then you want to try to get your hips on top of your ankles here. As you round up, tell you're all the way up. Good. Take your arm straight up. Take a nice deep breath in. Still wrap your thighs. Fill this in as deep as you can. Go ahead. Exhale, grow taller. Feel that leg. Keep down.

Stay down on your heels though. Do that again. Take your arms straight up. Nice deep breath in. Now if you had a mirror here you'd want to visualize, you'd want to be able to see your spine and what will happen is when people lift their arms, there's archer backs, which is what you were doing. Good, good. Nice deep breath in, tall from here and here, and then exhale, still wrapping. Good. Now let your arms just drop and I'll have you round to the top of the hip. So you're going to round down just like you do on the mat. The roll up. We'll here's your roll down. You're just standing. You can keep your knees soft, weight towards your toes, shoulders relaxed, and then just hang out a little bit lower. All right, so just relaxed your knees a bit. That's it. Now, not quite so far down about right there. Neck relaxed. Drop your chin, and then you're going to give your arms a little push and let the momentum push them into some circles and let the momentum take over. So let them just dangle.

Do you feel weight on all 10 toes? Your heels are down, but you do want to feel all 10 toes on the mat so you're not on one foot more than the other. Now a little push. Reverse those circles. Good. All right. Now you're going to start to come up articulating one vertebrae at a time. Now, same thing on the roll up. Remember how you articulated a little bit at a time up to really make sure you're filling this in and getting that wrap. There's the wrap. Good.

Good. Shake yourself out and you girls are all dead. Thank you. Nice.


I wish there was more direction on breathing here - it makes such a difference in lengthening and energizing the muscles. I generally prefer workouts with some more flow and connection to the breath, but Adrianne did a good job of giving specific instructions on form.
Wouldn't buffer past halfway.
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this class made me feel like the forgotten participant.
I love the tactile corrections given. Found this very useful.

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