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Adrianne Crawford

Adrianne Crawford

Adrianne Crawford started her Pilates career in New York City, training directly under Joseph Pilates' protégée, Romana Kryzanowska.
Read More Currently, she maintains a private Pilates practice in Santa Barbara, California.

As a classically trained dancer, Adrianne brings to her teaching a special blend of knowledge, experience, and a unique level of body awareness honed from over twelve years of excellent training and performing. In addition to her training with Romana, she had the unique privilege of working with Sari Meijo Santo, Bob Liekens, and Juanita Lopez. She has taught at gyms, such as The Pilates Studio of New York, Drago's Gym of New York, and the Del Mar Country Club, San Diego, California.

Adrianne established Pilates Mind and Body, a premiere fitness studio, which was voted the number one Pilates studio in San Diego by NBC in 2007. The studio was featured on NBC, Fox 6, and the KUSI news stations in San Diego.

As well as being the owner of Pilates Mind and Body, Adrianne was the most sought-after instructor in the area, and worked with people of all fitness levels from sedentary to professional athletes, designing a program for each individual need and body type. She now brings her expertise and family back to Santa Barbara to further her career in the Romana's Pilates® Method of Body Conditioning welcoming all levels, ages, and abilities.
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