Class #141

Pilates with Plyometrics

75 min - Class


This class takes the principles of Pilates mat work and applies them to the dynamic and high intensity movements of plyometrics. Layla concentrates on three major components of movement; flexion, lateral/rotation,and extension. Each Mat section will address a particular direction of movement followed by plyometrics that utilize similar principles.
The plyometrics sections are high-impact, so be sure to make any changes or modifications you may need if you have compromised joints of any kind. Supportive shoes are strongly suggested.

Have water and a towel nearby, and be sure to stick around for the wonderful stretch at the end!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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So welcome to [inaudible] with plyometrics. And if you have not already, please pause this for a moment and read the description on the website so you know exactly what this class is all about. You will need good, strong, supportive shoes and water nearby. A towel would be a good idea, and if you do have a soft little squishy ball or a rolled up towel, wonderful. So with that, I think we're ready to begin. So standing tall, feet together, sternum lifted. Pull the abdominals back as we inhale and exhale, dropping down slowly through the neck, upper back, wrapping the glutes, driving the inner thighs together. Inhale at the bottom and exhale, rolling back up, pushing with the abs up to the sky through the upper back.

Inhale here and Exhale, dropping the chin softly as we roll it down, scooping out through the abdominals, wrap those glutes and inner thighs together. Inhale at the bottom, keeping the ABS lifted as we exhale, rolling it up. Drive those inner thighs together. School easing in, standing tall last time like this. Inhale tall and exhale. Roll it down. Really start to feel energy flowing from the top of the head all the way down back of the legs. ABS are drawn up to the sky here. Inhale here, and exhale. Roll it up. Nice. Deep breath out. We make a change. Inhale, arms overhead, wrapping the glutes containing the ABS. Exhale, reaching back and relink thinning through the spine, the head reaching to the back corner of the wall. Inhale to vertical. Exhale, open the arms. Inhale, lifting the arms contain the ribs, wrap the glutes and exhale, reaching the spine back, lengthening through the back. Inhale to the vertical.

Exhale open. One more time like this. Inhale, arms up and wrap the glutes and exhale, reaching taller as the top of the crown of the head goes back to the corner of the ceiling. Inhale to the vertical and exhale down. Inhale, arms out to the t and exhale. Come over into flat back. Hold it here. Don't shift the butt back behind the heels. Inhale, scoop down. Nice rounded spine and exhale. Roll it up.

One Vertebra at a time. Inhale, arms out to the T. Exhale, come over into flat. Back. Inhale down to the ground and exhale, roll it up last time. Inhale out to the tee, exhale over into flat back hold here. Now inhale down. Scoop the belly up to the sky and exhale, roll it up. The blood is flowing. Walk to the end of your mat. Cross right leg over, left right arm out at 90 degrees. Bend at the elbow, left arm layers over it in a genie position.

Tuck the pelvis under. Inhale here, and exhale slowly and with control. Then Vinnies tucking the pelvis under and roll it all the way down to sit on the mat, feet or off of the mat. Knees are bent at 90 degrees, sitting tall on the sits bones. Slowly grasp behind the thighs here. Inhale tall and exhale through the lumbar spine first as we flex it back and roll it back slowly. Just as far as your arms will allow you. Inhale here, hold it, deepening the abdominal contraction and exhale, roll it back up.

Keeping those abdominals scooped and we've come all the way up into extended position. Inhale here and exhale. Drop it back and scoop out the belly coming all the way back. Hold it here. Inhale, scoop a deeper exhale and roll it up. Now if you have a little softball or a towel, place it just behind your lower back. Put your hands on top of your knees. Now inhale here, and exhale.

Roll it back so that your low back is coming right onto the soft little ball. And now the fingertips are hovering right over the knees. Retract the shoulders, scoop the EBS down and little presses with the abdominals into the ball or the towel. So you're trying to pop that ball. Little presses and four, here's five and six. No, no tension in the chin. Eight and nine and 10. Inhale here, and exhale. Roll it up. Take the ball away.

Inhale here, and exhale. Roll it down. Scoop it out, scoop it out deeply, deeply contracted abs a little bit lower than when the ball are there. Hold it. And now press down and two and three. There's four and five. There's six, seven. Here's eight, nine and 10. Hold it now. Inhale and exhale. Roll it up. Cool.

Beautiful. Now that we're warmed up. Inhale back, inhale and exhale back and all the way down to the mat. Arms down by your sides, lifting one leg into tabletop, second leg up into tabletop and we prepare with a hundred so we inhale to prepare. Exhale, lifting, head, neck and shoulders, reaching with the fingertips. Legs are extended now. Inhale as the arm beats and exhale and as you can probably tell you now have an extra pound and a half of weight at the end of this lever and so it changes significantly. The feeling of the a hundred and how low your legs can be. Can you drop them lower and still keep the back pins to the mat and where are we here? There we go. And seven and eight and nine and 10 hold it here. Pull the knees in, pull the hands onto the top of the knees.

Give me a little lift with the upper body. Inhale here and exhale. Everything comes down. Feet, head, neck and shoulders. Take a nice deep breath. Inhale, exhale, rolling back up into the tabletop position. Hands come up on top of the knees, lifting that upper body. Give yourself a nice lift. Now inhale, arms and legs go out for double leg stretch. Exhale, sweep and hold the top of the knees. Inhale out and exhale. Inhale out. Really drop the ads here and sweep out.

There's four. Keep a soft chin lifting from the sternum. There's that five. Yes, there's six and seven. Try to make sure that the upper body is not dropping as the arms. Extend overhead. Eight there's nine and 10. Oh heaven extend left leg, right leg is bent right palm on the outside of the Shin, left palm on top of the knee. Inhale here. Exhale, switch. Pressing these palms in opposition on either side of the leg that's bending in and really draw that knee in as you lift the sternum towards it.

Keep those shoulders down out of your ears and try to keep this leg change nice and low. Here's nine 10 and 10. Hold here. Interlace the hands behind the head. Rotate head, neck and shoulders, keeping the elbows open, sort of thinking shoulder to knee. Inhale and exhale, exchange and one, dropping the ABS deeper. With every contraction we switch and switch. Drop the EBS deeper and again, don't let that elbow creep in. We want shoulder to knee lifting the upper body eight here's nine 10 and 10 straighten the right leg to the sky. Left leg hovers off of the ground.

This is your break. Enjoy it. Inhale and exhale, exchange and there was one and two and just because this feels a little bit easier, don't allow those abs to go on vacation here. And five and six really make this exchange of the legs with active energy in these legs. Eight and nine and 10 hold it. Here we are almost done with this series. Hands behind the head. Rotate shoulder to knee. Inhale and exhale.

Exchange with the straight leg and again, lift with the sternum. Don't strain the Chin and four and five can you get your upper body up a little bit higher, making sure those hips are not swaying back and forth on the Mat. Where are we girls? And 10, hold it up and Tuck it all in. Pull those knees into the chest. The Tevin is it not? Okay. We will be rolling like a ball and I really want you to think about pubic bone pubic bone pointing to the ceiling throughout the entire movement. So as we come up, so begins rolling small and thinking pubic bone pointing to ceiling at all points of this little circle and make it nice and smooth. Give me two more.

This last one would come up to a stance and we roll back, cross our legs come up. Beautiful. We will now get into come behind your mat. Perfect. Face me. Excellent. So warming up for some plyometrics here. All of the principles we just took down on the Mat, all this nice deep flection.

We want to maintain those, those concepts as we now move the body through space. So just begin with a little march here. The arms are swinging and the fluxion comes the lower back. Not In trying to bring the upper body down to the knee, but rather bring the knee up to the upper body by a nice deep flection in the lower back, deep contraction in the abdominals and we add a little hop. Same concept.

Create space between your thigh and your abdominal. Come back to a walk and now reach the arm up overhead, keeping that upper back extended and tall, flexing through the lumbar spine. Now we have a little hot and really lift that knee up as high as you can, but make sure it's tracking right in front. I don't want this sort of side lift who are not that freeform here. You just yet dancing a little nice some down walk to actually we can just turn sideways here.

So turn sideways. You can be towards the front. We're just going to be sideways here, right? So there are many forms of burpees. This is the form we're going to do today. So everybody wants to work along with me. Come down into the Tuck, extend into the plank, split the legs back to the plank.

Dip, push, Tuck, jump, two hands overhead. We will do three of these and then rolling like a ball in a few series. So let's go. Ready and drop. Extend, split, back dip, push, tuck, jump, drop, extend, split back dip, push, tuck and junk. Class. Time drop and extend. Split back. Dip Down, Tuck and junk. Come back. Sit on your mat. Swivel. Rolling like a ball.

So tight in stoop. Give me a nice hole here. Scoop those abs back. Drop the shoulders down. Inhale and exhale back and come up and balance. Come back. Hello.

The gas and the brake are all in the abdominals. And one more time and come up to stand. Stay with me. Three more burpees. Let's do it. We're getting better at them. Down, out. Split back, dip down. Jump and jump and down. Out. Split back.

Get Down Chuck and jump last time down, out. Split back. Dip Down and jump back to the mat. Rolling like the ball. Now we're in control. Inhale here and exhale. Tuck those up back, back and come up and fuck and pubic bone to the ceiling.

Back. And the last time you were so right up to the stand. Last set. We're getting so good at these right. Ready and drop out. Split back. Don't drop the head. Tuck and jump in and drop out.

Split back. Dip it down. Top junk. Drop out. Split back. Dip down. Chuck and John. Last set back to control. Inhale here. Exhale, roll it back and lift up, back and up. And the third one will come to a stand again, back [inaudible] power jump. So we will come here in a in a nice low tuck and when we jump we will jump and block with our arms. Play metrics.

Use as a blocking technique to take the energy with the arms swing, stop it and send it back down for use again. So we're recycling our energy. So we start here and one and two and three Oh six nice. Keep the feet together in the air. [inaudible] and stop. Beautiful Mountain climber. We're getting so close to being done with this series. You're doing great. Come down into a very deep lunge. Face the center. That's fine.

So deep lunge, palms are just in front of the shoulders. We're going to inhale and exhale. Exchange without the butt. I don't want any of this. I want it low. So keep going. Let's go. Go. Really push out of the hands. Don't let the shoulders bear all the brunt of this work and pull that knee way into the chest. Pull that knee in, pull it in, pull it in. He adds up.

Three more in one and two and three. Pike it up. Walk it back, walk the hands back. Inhale here. Exhale, roll it up. Ooh, one more before we cool down a bit and then get going again. Tuck, jump again. The blocking of the arms. I'll go sideways. Blocking of the arms. We jump and pull our heels up to our hamstrings. Ready?

Two more. Grab some water before we move on to the next section of Mat work where we will explore lateral and rotational movement on the mat and then blend that into plyometrics. Predominantly using lateral and rotational movements. [inaudible] but we will cool down here. We will. Cool down. I'd like you to stand at the end of your mat and make sure that you have a little bit of space on either side of your mat. You may have your hands on your hips or hands out to the tee or hands behind the head.

So the upper back is tall and we're just going to reach out obliquely with the foot and come down into a lunge and back to center other side and center and make sure that the ribs are not splayed out here. Wherever the arms are comfortable for you. If you like it here, that's great. I would rather the ribs be contained and the arms here if you can do that with ease, but the arms behind, we make a change hold here, cross curtsy. We cross left leg overwrite and come to the point, the toe tort back towards the Mat, deep into a lunge and back to center. Other side and back.

And really pay attention to the ads here cause they're going to want to go everywhere and they really need to give these oblique some help for stabilization. Okay. And be thinking. Nice. Slow, deep breaths. We're cooling down here before we drop back down to the mat. Good. Two more each side.

Okay, one more. Okay, beautiful. Ah Ah. I'll come here. So I want to do a little bit of side bend roll around. So we'll start here. The feet are turned out 45 degrees in, a little bit wider than your shoulders. Arms are up in, shoulders are retracted, ribs are in, abs contracted back to the spine. Inhale, glutes are wrapped, and exhale side bend over. The hips. Don't change. Now turn come into flat. Back facing the side.

Now sweep down. So you're now looking through your legs. Come back out into flat. Back on the other side. Gave a show me that. Turn to side bend. Straighten the square, the hips. I come to vertical, we go the other way. Inhale over. Exhale into flat back. Inhale, sweep through the center.

Flat back here. Show me. Inhale, open. Exhale up. One more side. Inhale here. Exhale, flat back. Inhale, sweep it through. Show me the flat back. Inhale here and exhale up last time. The other direction. Inhale over. Exhale into flat, back, sweetness through.

Show me the flat back. Inhale, open it up and exhale here. Answer down. Wonderful. Okay, so we will stand at the end of our mat. We will do a nice roll down and a walkout. Inhale here. Exhale, roll it down slowly and in control. Just like we began wrapping the inner thighs, pressing them towards one another. Now Inhale, walk out in three nice.

Even steps without waggling the hips. Show me the nice plank. Inhale here and exhale slowly in Newton control. Bend the elbows into the ribs and slowly lower yourself all the way down to the mat. Wonderful. Good. Come on to your side. Good. So side lift.

We will be up in the seated position if you feel more comfortable doing it down on your elbow. That's a great way to start. If you feel more comfortable here, and you've done these a few times, terrific. Go for it. So top leg crossed, top ankle crossed over bottom, and the palm is well out in front of the shoulder. To prepare, we have to prepare on the ground. I want the nose in line with the spine. I want the lift coming from the lower oblique. We wrap the glutes, pull the ABS in as we inhale and exhale come out into the tee position. Now I want little tiny lifts with the hips. One and two and three. Hold it up there, arch the arm overhead. Turn and look right down out supporting arm.

Open the palm to the sky above your head. Pull the pull the ribs in. Inhale back to the T. Exhale, bend the knees and come down and just barely touched down. Inhale to prepare and exhale to lift up little lifts with the hips for one. And this is coming from this lower old bleak.

This is not an arm exercise and three, hold it here. Now reach the arm overhead, bowing out even more. Look down that arm. Inhale back to the tee and bend the knees and exhale come down last time the side. Inhale up and give me those little lifts up and to the waist is lifting. And three, hold it here. Oh, reach it all the way over. Turning the head at the last moment.

Inhale back to the t and exhale, come forward and just squeeze the knees into the chest for a moment and come sit on your mat. Legs are out about met. Mounts with the part. Feet are flexed for saw. We bring the arms out to the t sitting tall on the sits bones. If you have tight hamstrings, roll up your towel or your mat. Sit on top of it.

If you can't get the hamstring straight, that leg straight and you're bending in your lower back, I'd prefer you elevate yourself or bend your knees to get that nice flat back. So with that said, inhale, twist to the right. Exhale back, palm reverts from his down in. He'll pull back from the navel and exhale, swing back to center. Inhale to twist and exhale to go over. Inhale, pulling back from the abdominals. Exhale back to center. Inhale, twist and an exhale over. Inhale, pull up and exhale back in.

He'll twist this side and x. He'll come over and he'll twist back. Exhale, back to center. One more side. Inhale and exhale. Inhale up and back in last time the side. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale and back to center. Bring the legs together. Feet are flexed.

Now the goal here is to make sure that the feet do not shift as you twist the torso. So in spine twist, come and bring the hands behind the head interlaced, and so you can barely see the elbows. Good. As we inhale, twist to the left. This time everything stays the same. Only upper body twists. Now Inhale, sit taller. Exhale two is farther. And inhale back to center. Inhale, twist, right? Exhale, sit tall. Inhale, give me more. Exhale back to center. Watchos, feet. Inhale, twist, left, and exhale sitting really tall. Stretch that crown of that head in.

Hilts was farther. Exhale back to center last time, right? Inhale and exhale. Give me all the length of that lower back. Inhale, twist. Parth. Exhale, back to center the last time. Left. Inhale. Oh, how tall can you sit and twist farther and exhale back to center. Oh, let it go. Pull those legs in.

Squeeze them in for a moment, and we come back to our other side for side lift. So again, set up. Just as we did, remember that all the prep has to happen on the ground. It's much tougher to sort of grab it back when you're in the air. So we inhale, we wrap the glutes, we pull the abs in, nose comes in line with the sternum. Inhale and exhale up to the tee. Now lift the hips from here, from the oblique and three, hold it up and press that upper arm over rotating head. Look down the standing arm.

Inhale back to the t and exhale, bend the knees and come down. Prepare again. Inhale, lift up, wrap those glutes and lift and two and three hold it up and reach it over. Inhale back to the t and exhale last time. Inhale up and give me you hip lifts and two and three boat over. Oh, that feels so good.

Back to the tee and come down. Oh beautiful. Good. We will move on to chest lift with rotations bind to supine. So coming all the way down to the mat and I want the feet about Ho sits bones. Distance apart. The knees as well. Hands are interlaced behind the head.

Feet are flat on the Mat. So we inhale to prepare an exhale to lift in rotation and hold it. Inhale here, exhale down. Inhale, lift and exhale down. Make sure the knees don't ride to the outside. Inhale to lift and exhale down. Inhale to lift and exhale down and still with that same shoulder to knee concept.

Tried to make this not about the elbow, not about the chin lifting. One more time, each side lift and that opposite hip should be driving into the mat here and down. Hands down by the sides and legs. Come to table top position. Open the palms to the t and palms to the sky and we we rotate. We inhale and exhale. Knees come over together to the right.

Hold it both shoulder blades flat on the mat. Inhale here and Xcel pulling back with that opposite oblique. Bring it back to center. Now inhale over. Check your shoulder blades both flat on the mat and pull it back to center. Inhale to the side and exhale to center. And if you feel yourself scooching down the mat, you're not properly engaging the whole pelvic girdle and the obliques to pull this, this whole form back to center.

So don't allow yourself to feel like you're scooching inch by inch down the Mat. We make a little change here. So inhale it over. Exhale, straighten the legs. Inhale, hold, and exhale, pull back to center and bend. Inhale over. Exhale, extend. Inhale, hold. Exhale, back to center and bend. One more time. Inhale over and Xcel extent.

Hold that shoulder blades on the mat, pull it back and bent last time in over. And exhale, extend. Hold it, pull it back and bend. Beautiful. We'll hug your knees into your chest for a moment. What a nice break. This has been hustling. We have so many fun things yet to come. So rolling, likable again, pubic bone to the ceiling throughout the entire movement.

Just get some nice movement back in that spine again. One more and come up to a stand. If you need more water, grab it right now because we're going into some more plyometrics, lateral and rotational. All right, so lateral bounding, great work for anything ballistic that we do in life, whether we're doing it for fun or we're falling, we need that lateral strength and flexibility. So having said that, we will use our blocking arms again as we jumped from side to side.

And I like the feet and knees to stay together in the air and on the ground. So we come from here and we jumped. Okay. And give me a nice knee, a deep knee bend here, and a nice flex in the hip. I want the upper back to stay lifted and stop. We'll do the same thing, but now we'll tuck up tucking the heels into the hamstrings. Are you ready?

Ballistic like we're hopping over a comb. Use those blocking arms. Yeah. Whew. Yes. Walk it up. Now we'll get out on the slopes. So come back to me something nice and slow down a little bit.

So nice little ski jump. Keep those feet together. Are we out there? Are we going down? Are we winning the gold medal? I think so. Okay. Yeah, give me an angle on it. So stay in the middle.

Keeping knees and ankles together. The back to side to side. Okay, come the middle of an angle again. Eight nine and 10 we moved from skiing right into the ice rink. So skating, we're staying low and we bring the floating leg to the center, right? So we'll do a few of these without a harp.

Get our heart rate down so we're swinging. The standing leg is opposing the forward arm, if that makes sense. The bent knee is coming up with the same side arm and now we start hopping with it and get low. So really flex in those hips [inaudible] and really reach out in front of you. He had a nice sense of stretch nine and and to take a break. Nice. All right, we're closing in on this one, girls and guys so soon. So single leg compass, we're going to hit all four points of the compass hopping on a single leg.

We'll start and in the center we come forward. Center side, center, back center side, forward, side, back and side. Forward, side, back and side. Forward, side, back inside. Forward, side, back and side. Hold. Switch legs. Not so bad. Okay. Ready? Forward, side, back and side. Forward, side, back inside, forward, side, back, side and forward. Side, back.

It's beautiful. Now I want you to imagine that you have a medicine ball. For our purposes. We can use this little squishy ball, but imagine this as a medicine ball and it weighs 12 pounds and we have a partner standing back to back with us. So we're going to create the resistance resistance. It would require to pass this medicine ball through our legs to our partner.

Pass it off. Imagine you pass it off, you're going to reach overhead. Take it from your partner, it's 12 pounds overhead, right? And now bend down and pass it to your partner. Reach up and pull it from your partner and hand it off and pick it up and pull it down and reach up. Grab the glutes to protect yourself here and pass it through. Reach it up, pass it through, and hold it at the top here.

Now instead of taking it from your partner, hand it off to your partner here. Now reach down and pick it up from your partner here and push it up overhead. Reach down, take it up and push it overhead. Reach down. Now it's yours. You have to bring it overhead. One more time. Reach and pull it overhead. Hold it down in front of you.

You're going to rotate to the side and hand it off to your partner. They're going to take it, reach around the other side and you take it. Now I want you to come down into a nice deep squat to do this. So tuck the button underneath you knees are out as far as they can be. Rotate, hand it off to your partner.

Reach to the other side and take it and press it across the front of you. And now you don't have it. And now pick it up and press it across and reach him. Pick it up and hold it and hand it to your partner. One more time. Hold it in handed to your bar. Now hold it here.

Now your partner hands it to you. Pick it up and press it over to the side. Hand it off, pick it up and press it. Pick it up and press it one more time. Pick it up and press it. Nice job. Put the balls down. So standing right behind your mat. Cool.

Down One more bit before we dropped down to the mat. This is actually some of the old standing work of Joe's. So feet are wider than shoulder distance apart. Arms are overhead, shoulders are down, ribs are in. We're gonna inhale here. We're gonna come down and lunge to the side and then rotate the upper body touching down to the ground behind us. Inhale up and exhale over to the other side.

Touched the ground and lifted up. Create space between the abdominals and the thought. So I want no stomach resting on thigh here. There's a little hole, little space there. Lifting it up. And one more time.

The side and down. Last time up and come up. Arms out. Beautiful. Walk to the end of your mat. No, I'm sorry. Come back here. We still have some standing work to do. So standing tall, arms out to the tee.

Wrap the glutes. Inhale and exhale. Lifting one leg straight up. So the knee cap is facing the sky and little lifts with the knee and two, but don't lean back to do it. I want the upright spine three. So if your leg is down here, that's okay. I want the spine upright. Six and seven, eight, nine, and 10.

Slowly sweep it underneath you. Bring it back and point the toe on the ground firmly. Plant the toe, pushing it down into the ground and by rooting there, I want you to make sure your hips are aligned here. Both glutes are strongly wrapped. We pull the lats down from the armpits, creating that dynamic and that energy. We inhale here and slowly just hinge that picture over keeping those hips aligned. No opening of the hip. Pull the ABS in and hold for five, four, three, two and one.

We bend the standing leg and extend down deeply bent and too down. There's three and stretch that leg behind you deeply and five hold it here. Arms extend over head and back to the tee and to stretching that leg behind you and opposition in three and four last time, five and bring it all the way up to a stand. I'll take a nice big inhale. Inhale here, wrapping the glutes, arms out to the tee and exhale.

Float that leg up to the sky and little lift and two and three. There's four, five and six. Seven. Here's eight, nine, and 10 slowly sweep it behind. You plant that toe down on the ground and really rooted, really rooted strongly. Those hips are level here. They're not going to change. Wrap both glutes, drop the lats, engage the entire core. Inhale, pull the abs in and exhale slowly.

Come over and give me that beautiful long scissor. Stretch that leg far behind you. It's long, long, long for five, four, three, two and one bend and extend down. There's two. The abs are going to be pulling this up and three down and four down and five hold it up. Arms over head for one. Reach the leg behind you over there's three and four and five.

Woo. Barely made that all the way up to a stand. I'm going to give you a roll down right here. Inhale tall. Exhale, Tuck the chin and roll it down. Drive those inner thighs together. Don't let them just relax. Inhale here, pull those adds up to the spine and exhale, rolling it up. [inaudible] fabulous. Now Walk to the end of your mat. [inaudible] good. Now we're going to cross left leg over, right left arm comes out in front at a 90 degree bend at the elbow, right arm stacks on top. Pelvis tucks under.

As you inhale and exhale slowly bend the knees, keeping the pelvis tucked underneath and roll it all the way down in, in control, all the way down to the ground. That's okay. It's something you work for. Okay, so let's come down to our sides. Imaginary line, straight through the middle of this mat. Stretching the arm out as far as it'll go underneath you here. Beautiful. Now I want you to use your kickstand arm and lift your body up a little bit and pull your shoulder underneath you so your shoulders are now stacked and you now have this lovely mouse hole here that must be maintained with the obliques.

So your hand can be here if you're feeling pretty stable and your core is really strong, you can put it here. You can even put it here. So your choice, I'd like you to flex both feet. Inhale and from the inner thighs and the pelvic floor and the obliques. Inhale and exhale. Lifting both legs. It's not going to be a lot. Little lifts and two and three and four, five and six. Seven here's eight, nine and 10. Hold it up.

Point and flex point and flex and flex. Hard and flex point and flex. Wrap those glutes. This isn't a balancing exercise and flex point and flex point and flex and point and flex. Soften the bottom leg slightly. Lift the top leg to shoulder height and then from there lift up and down to shoulder height, up and down and keep this foot dead so it's a soft foot, not pointed, not flexed. ABS are in.

Lift and lift and lift and lift. Two more. Lift and left. Hold it here. Come up your elbow. Keep the leg lifted. Now just let the shoulder relax and come all the way down. Let your ear and your shoulder meet and then they'll never see each other again.

So press out and now again, keep the nose in line with the sternum. If we allow the head to come up, the ribs are going to come down. So keep the head in line with the spine and now rotate the toe down to the mat and little tiny lifts with the heel and two and three and four. Where's the shoulder? Five and lift from the waist. Seven here's eight and nine and 10 hold it at the top, a little circles forward and two, three and four.

Five and six. Seven here's eight, nine and 10. Reverse it. 10 and nine. Keep that toe pointed down to the ground. Six and five. Four and three and two. Our shoes are heavy, aren't they? Okay. Hand behind the head, flex it forward and pointed back to beat forward, pointed back to beats. Forward. Body doesn't move to beat forward and point it back to beat forward.

Hips stay absolutely stationary. Forward and back. Forward and back. Last time, forward and back. Now sweep it forward. Rotate the toe down to the ground. Touch the toe to the ground, never to see it again. Lift and lower and don't allow the hips to lean back this way. All right, the hips are stacked. As a matter of fact, it's going to feel like the hips are pushing forward and up and up and up and up.

Show me that waist and lift and lift. Two more. You haven't to me. Hold it up. Hold Up, show me, show me. Show me where you are and bring it in. Well over onto your back. Cross that working leg over the other knee. Open it up, press with the palm. Open that up and do a nice figure. Four. Breathe deeply.

[inaudible] when per slightly. Then if you want a deeper stretch, which I'm sure you all do, you can grab the back of your thigh, pull it towards you, and with your elbow, press that working knee out even further. Now I like to try to rock back and forth, side to side. In this stretch, it changes the intensity of the stretch and makes it a little more tolerable. And the other thing I like to try is rotate the ankle. So try rotating the ankle in both directions. It seems to ease the stretch, although it doesn't really change it, but it tends to ease it, huh?

Oh, okay. Hmm. Tuck both knees into the chest and roll up and do a seated position, back support. So we're here and the fingertips are, uh, just beyond the armpits here. I'm sure you all know how to line up for back support. So with shoes, it's a little different in how we come up into this. It feels a little bit different as you roll through the, the heel of the shoe.

It's not quite as smooth as it is in bare feet. But so we're going to inhale to prepare. The shoulders are rolled, open the app, the ribs are contained. Inhale here, and exhale, lift up, hold and come down. Inhale, exhale, lift up, open those shoulders and come down. Inhale, exhale, lift, open those shorts. Oh, that feels so good. Exhale down. Now we'll come up for leg pull. Inhale, exhale, lift. Right lay comes up, lift the butt. And two and three, we switch legs up, keep those hips lifted. And three inhale, show me that. Show me that position. Open those shoulders.

That's really for me. And exhale back down and come to our other side. That isn't it. That is an advanced exercise. Yeah, it's hard with shoes. And you know what? That's part of the challenge goes to show neuromuscularly. We all expect we, yes, we all expect a certain load at the end of the lover and it's changed. It's different. Okay, so again, imaginary line, straight through the middle of your mat, hips, shoulders, everything's on that line. Now lift up and retract that shoulder back underneath so that you have that nice mouse hole.

Now contain everything here so you're not feeling like you're rocking back and forth. Flex the feet. Choose your hand position here, here, here. Inhale and exhale. Lift in both now little lifts and two and three and four. There's five and six. Seven, eight, nine and 10. Hold it here. Point and flex and point. And when you're flexing, make sure there's a whole flat plate underneath your feet.

So there is no super nation, no pronation in the feet. Really work hard here and that's going to require a lot of inner thigh and ankle work to get that to work properly. Eight? No, that's not eight. And is this waist lifted? Is the waist lifted? Is it? Is it? Is it good? Alright, soften the bottom leg slightly. Lift the top leg to shoulder, height, soften and dead in the foot. So there's no point. No flex. Pull the ABS in. Give me that little mouse hole and lift from the heel back to shoulder height and two and three. And, and you should really be feeling this. So as obliques, everything's working really super hard right here.

This is where it's controlling. This is not really coming from the outside of the thigh here. That's not 10 is it? Okay, hold it at the top. Little circles forward and two and three and four, five and six. Seven and eight. We forgot to come up on our elbows. Hold it. Come up on your elbow.

Lift with this waist line up with the spine. Now we'd do little circles forward and two and three and four and five, six, seven, eight. Oh and reverse it. 10 and nine and eight feeling getting longer. Feel this heel stretching away from you.

Five and four and three and two and one. Hold it here, flex it forward and sweep it back. Flex it forward, sweep it back, flex forward and sweep back. Flex forward. Sweep it back, flex it forward. Sweep. Watch those hips. Make the adjustments so they're not waggling on that mat. Lift that waste last time, 10 and 10 now we sweep it forward.

Touch the no internally, rotate the entire leg. Touch that toe to the ground and then say goodbye to it. Lift and hover. Lift and hover. Really feel that strong internal rotation. So you're really trying to lift your heel, the back of your leg up to the ceiling.

Seven and eight. Push that top hip forward. Nine and 10 hold it up. Hold it up in the lip and bring it in. Cross it over its friend. Press it open. Hmm. Oh, grab that other thigh.

Pull that whole complex into your chest and then rock back and forth, side to side, and then rotate the ankle one direction and now the other direction. Hug both knees into the chest and we began rolling like a ball. Getting some energy back in the body. It's been static for too long. All your bodies are saying, I want to move. Let's move one more time up to the stand all the way up. Oh, beautiful. Are we ready for our last point metric? Yup. Good. Wonderful.

Grab a little bit of water if you need to before we begin our last session. Serious. You know I'm going to take you down for two more things. I want to do two more things before we get into Plyo. So stand here. You're prepped. Ready, ready to rock and roll. We're gonna do a roll down.

Inhale and exhale. Roll it down. Walk it out into the plank and slowly again, elbows into the rib cage. Slowly point the toes, turn them out to 45 to a first first position. And the poems are just on the outside of your shoulders. Forehead to the mat for a little breaststroke. So we're going to pull, Tuck your pelvis underneath. You, pull the abs off of the Mat, really wrap those glutes hard. As we inhale. Exhale, lift, hitting the chest, still facing the mat, looking straight down to the mat. Exhale, extend the arms overhead. Inhale, lift the sternum higher as we reach the arms up higher and back behind us. And now squeeze those fingertips together. Palms are down.

Inhale, scissor the arms in and out. He'll drop down to the mat again. Inhale to prepare abs up. Exhale, you can start. Inhale, stretching the arms overhead and extension. Exhale, lifting higher with the sternum as the arms circle back behind and scissor in down at the mat. One more time. Inhale to prepare. Exhale, lifting the upper body and extend the arms overhead and lifting hires. We reach behind.

Squeeze those little fingers together and [inaudible]. Sisera. Inhale, pushing up and back into child pose. Oh, getting some space in that lower back. Um, try rocking the hips back and forth over the heels. Get a little movement in that stretch.

Inhale, come up nice and articulate through into a nice high cap back stretch. And exhale, lower down. Extend the arms and legs. Legs are now shoulder with the part as are the arms extending as if you're on a rack and you're being pulled in two opposite directions for swimming. Tuck the pelvis under and pull the eds up off the mat. Inhale and exhale.

Lifting everything up. Now in Halos, we swim in opposition and exhale, inhale, and the shoes feel heavy now, don't they? And exhale, inhale and exhale. Inhale. Oh, this movement comes really from the shoulders and the hips, not from the elbows and the knees. So there's no flapping going on here. This is a beautiful straight movement and the middle of the body is quiet as can be. Inhale and exhale. What's that? Two breaths in. Exhale.

One more breath cycle. Inhale and exhale. Hold everything up and let it down and push yourself back and up. Articulate through into child pose. One more time. [inaudible] tuck back up and do a ball. Extend the legs. Inhale here. Exhale, rolling it up.

Oh, you guys are doing so well. A few short more movements. The body's ready for one more bit of movement using some extension. So just like a pogo stick, when we had pogo sticks when we were little, some of us did. Anyway, this movement comes basically from the knee and the ankle, not so much from the hip. So we're here and we're going to keep our arms stationary here and it's just a pogo jump. So jump with me. Who's coming away now? Keeping those ankles and knees glued together in the air and on the ground.

So really feel the feet, the ankles in the knees, getting you this energy, pushing it off and bringing it back for more. One, two, three and four put down. Beautiful. Moving on to the squat jump. We'll take a few quiet without the hop. So the toes are pointed out at 45 in the feet are a little bit wider than shoulder position. We're going to come down into a nice deep squat and come up.

So there's no bending forward here, right? We're upright. And so we're pressing from here and, and feel like you're pressing your head back into your hands rather than your hands into your head. So gathering our breath, we'll do two more like this last time. And now we had the jump and jump and two, three and get it deep. Five, six, seven, eight, nine 1112 1314 and 15 bring it down. Okay, so come into a lunge position now the arms will come all the way overhead in a split jump facing in would be good. So just to warm up here, switch legs here and switch and switch and switch.

Switch and switch, switch, switch. Two more. Switch and switch. And now we prepare. So come down into that tuck one leg back. Inhale and switch and switch and switch can really reach those hands overhead. Really jump up in the air, take a breath, get some water, get some water. We're almost done. Okay.

Okay. Star jump. Last one. We come from here in the air. Everything will go out and come back in for now. Here's the warmup one and one and two and two. But you can know face forward three and four.

Uh, five and sex, two more. Seven and eight. Hold it here. Ready? One, two, three, six, seven. Really jump high tomorrow. Yes. Walk around for a moment. Right? Supposed to be highlighted.

Did your heart rate is supposed to be high? This is interval training at its best. Good. Stand here and let's just launch out to the side and center side. And Center. Your hands can be here if you want. Okay, one more each side.

Yeah. Hold the center. Ah, beautiful. So arms out to the t. Turn to the side. Come down into a nice deep lunge. Drop that back knee. Get the knee back over the ankle.

Stretch that back leg up. Now you're right over your knee. Really feel this hip flexor pushing forward towards the front of the room. Okay. Drop the knee to the floor. Pick up the tow and bring it out. 10 degrees.

Okay. Put it back down and now you get a much deeper. So as stretch [inaudible] bring it back in. Line the toe both hands on either side of the front foot. Straighten the back leg. Inhale here. Pull the abs up as you straighten the front leg and lay low over that leg trying to reach your pelvis, your, your, your, your glutes to the sky.

Try to drop that back heel and try to keep the hips in line. Where are your hips? Are they open? Like so. Drop that hip. Pull that, extend that front leg, hip back towards the back heel. [inaudible] inhale forward. Exhale back. Inhale forward. Exhale back last time. Inhale forward. Exhale, back, turn to front, walk through.

Now you're hanging between your legs and come down low, as low as you can. [inaudible] nice stretch here. Inhale, pull the ebbs in as you walk over to the other side. So both straight legs come down into the lunge. Bring the upper body up, drop that back knee. Come into a nice hip flexor stretch. Hold it here for a moment. Now if you can pick up the Baccto, move it out to the outside about 10 degrees and come forward again. You feel that in a little bit different spot. Ah, pull that upper body up and you really feel that the sow as is truly connected all the way up into the middle of the abdominals. Okay, put the toe back in line. Extend that back leg both hands in front and on either side of the front foot. Inhale here, pulling the abs up. Exhale, you'd stand that front leg and try to drop that back heel and then really feel your hips working to draw that, that front leg hip back to the back leg heel.

Really get that in a different alignment. [inaudible] inhale, bend the knee forward. Exhale, straighten both legs. Inhale forward. Exhale straight. Inhale forward. Exhale, straighten. Inhale, pull the ebbs up and walk around again to the front again, lower the head one more time. Get that nice center stretch. Inhale, pull the abs up and around the spine. As you exhale, walking heel-toe so the feet are touching.

Give me all that space in the abdominal area and around that back. Inhale, pressing the knees and inner thighs together. Exhale, rolling it up. One vertebrae at a time, and we have one absolutely yummy stretch for those of you who can stay, come down on your mat and I'd like you to sit with the hips in 90 degrees and the knees in 90 degrees. The lower leg lined up on the front of your mat. The key to this position here is that the hips must stay stacked and the knees must stay absolutely glued together and it's really difficult to keep it that way, so you need to keep checking. So make sure that the, that lower leg is lined up with the front of the Mat. Come down so that the upper body is in line with that invisible line down the center of your mat. Take your lower arm, put it straight out in front of you with the palm up. Just rest the head down. The other palm meets it and comes on top.

Now without moving the knees, we inhale and push that top palm as far away as it can go and get that stretch in the lower shoulder. Now exhale again. Look at your knees. See, mine's already moved. I got to pull that top knee back. Now exhale, draw as big a circle as you can without moving the knees overhead. Roll it open. Oh, that's a nice stretch in the back until the arm is at one 80 with it's our other inhale. Bend at the elbow, and exhale, brush your chest, your palm brushes the inside of your arm, and it pushes past your palm. And we get as far as we can again in the hold. Check your knees again. My knee came forward and exhale. Make as big a circle as you possibly can and really keep those knees together here because they're gonna want the top one's going to want to pull back. Inhale, bend at the elbow and brush the chest, the inside of the arm and past it. One more time.

This direction and circle overhead. Watch those knees. This is where you get that strongest oppositional stretch. Bend at the elbow. Come back to the palm. Now we reverse the direction so we pull up and brush the inside of our arm, keeping that knee pressed forward.

We opened to one 80 and now we try to get that fingertip down and circle in as big a circle as we can overhead and coming back in front of the palm. And then we pulled back on top of the palm and we do it again. We've traced the inside of the arm across the chest. We opened a one 80 look at the knee. Now we scribed the circle overhead. Oh my back is making some interesting noises and we pull it back one more time.

This direction. So really watch those knees because you will get a much better stretch if they are stay stacked and circle overhead. This has to be my favorite stretch of all time. Okay. Slowly Tuck your knees in. Sit Up. Yeah, you have to. And come over to the other side.

I think everybody should do this stretch every day. Honestly, I've, I've, I've heard more people say it helps their back. It's quite amazing. So make sure that you get lined up because without proper alignment, the stretch doesn't do it. So make sure, make sure that your hips are at 90 degrees and your knees are at 90 degrees. So I had just rest down the shoulders in front. Toms are stacked. Press that top palm in front, but watch the knee because mine always moves forward and rotate that arm overhead watching the knee. Don't let it pull back with the arm to one 80 bend at the elbow.

Brush the chest, trace the arm forward past the pong and circle and really lift through the obliques here so that you're going to get an extra stretch all the way through. Watch that knee. Pull it forward. Ooh, you get a good stretch there, Ben. Trace push last time, this direction. And again, watch the knees as you lift over head. Oh, I think this is a great shoulder stretch, a great oblique stretch. Great for the hips. Pex Neck. Now stack the palms. We reversed the direction, so pull that arm back, trace it up. Push that knee forward.

Don't let it come back with it. Open to one 80 and circle overhead. Oh, and you reach there lifting with that lower oblique and get an even better stretch. Pull that palm back again. Keeping that top knee pushed forward as you opened a one 80 circling overhead. Oh Lord, this is coming to a close. Pull it back. This is your last time for this yummy stretch until you do it again tomorrow and overhead and back.

Roll onto your backs. Tuck your knees into your chest. Oh, give that back a nice opening and rolling like a ball. We roll. Really remember keeping pubic bone pointed to sky the whole time. Even when you're up here, the pubic bone is trying to point to the sky.

One more time. Come up to a stand last time. Oh my gosh. You guys are great. Inhale up and exhale down. Inhale up. Exhale down. Last time. Inhale up and exhale down. What a workout.


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I absolutely love the class, great cardio workout combined with core strenght, flexibility! Everyday must for me!
Ted Johnson
We need to get Layla to do another one of these!
Oooohh... I want to do another... mix it up a bit, maybe a little shorter for those times when you don't have an hour but want to get a solid connection and a sweat all in one! Hopefully I will be back in the studio there this fall
What a cool class. A great way to mix pilates and cardio!
Thanks Elizabeth! Let us know if there is something you would like to see here on Pilates Anytime. We aim to please
Layla! that was hard and fun... would love to try more of your creative mixes! thank you!
Thanks, Colleen! Love that you enjoy the challenge. I'm working on a different kind of mix that I hope to tape when next in the area
Ok, playback is terrible on this one. I have played several of the classes with NO problem, this one stops and stutters all throughout, so much that I didn't even bother.
Many thanks for the heads up, Linda... the tech guys are looking into it to see what's amiss. We will let you know...
Fantastic, doing this class again.
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