Class 144: Magic Circle Workout

60 min
What You'll Need:
Mat, Magic Circle
This class takes repertoire traditionally designed for the Reformer, Wunda Chair and Cadillac. The Magic circle is used sparingly to assist your awareness around the powerhouse and to provide additional arm work. Some of the exercises you will do in this class are Full Pike from the Wunda Chair, and the hip work series, the short box series and breaststroke all from the Reformer.
Apr 09, 2010
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I wanted to do more a standing work out this morning and I saw this class that probably it wasn't really what I had in mind at first but after I felt incredibly long and taller. I actually find that these "old"classes of Kristi are very helpful for more subtle cues that help to discover a deeper work. Thank you.

5 mos ago

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Kristi Cooper (Moderator)
Thanks for sticking with it and looking for the older classes too Marta!
5 mos ago

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