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Hip Extensor Mat

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Kristi is always trying to remind us that the hip extensors (hamstrings and glutes) are an important part of stabilization of the trunk. This class starts with standing work that emphasizes the glutes while incorporating some balance and stretch. As you move to the floor, plan on maintaining an awareness of your hip extensors while you enjoy (perhaps) some significant abdominal work.
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So do please take care of yourself. What I'm going to do, we're going to start standing in. Just do a quick reminder of a few things you all know about, but are gonna play a bigger role as we move through space. Um, you'll be just behind your maths, so facing front, but let's not even think too much about that. I just want to remind you about your neutral spine. We are clear about neutral pelvis where the hip bones and the pubic bone are level. Um, so if you were to put the heel of your hand on your hip bones, you don't have to, but if you were, it would be level to the pubic bone. In other words, you're not reaching forward, you're not reaching back. Cool.

If you go into neutral spine, you want the natural curves presence. So for most of us, that means there is going to be a little bit of an arch to the back. We're not forcing it, but there is a little bit there. We want to support the body in that way. So you go further up the body, there's a gentle curve forward. We're not going to really go for that one cause that'll happen.

So we're just going to lift the chest from there so it doesn't matter where we are in space. If we're talking about doing a neutral spine, that's your position, whether you bend your knees, whether you're on your hands, whether you're in, you know on your face, anything like that, you've got it. Know that the reason I'm mentioning it is because we're going to go into some balance work and it's going to be really important as we move into some bending and straightening that you know where your neutral spine is. So get the feel of it now and then I'm going to take you right out of it to do a roll down. But for now your feet are parallel. Look down. Think in terms of balancing your weight over the arches that often feels like a bit of a lean forward. And then let your arms be heavy. Okay, so check. Just take a big inhale. Not going anywhere yet. Just exhale, slide the shoulders down your back, feel some length to your back, probably some energy in the ABS. This time, we'll go out of neutral spine and consciously go into a roll down in here and on your exhale, let your head come forward. Draw deeper into the abdominals. As you let your upper body go forward, keeping the collarbones wide only go so far as it feels comfortable letting your head be heavy. Drawing up on the AD's inhale. Exhale to roll up.

Not real interested in a hamstring stretch district. Just now lengthening, finding that neutral. You can touch yourself. Make sure you're the where you think you are. Inhale and exhale. We never collapse. It's just your upper back, middle back, letting the weight of your head draw you forward and inhale, start thinking about hugging the midline. Exhale. Up we come. All right, let's do the same thing one more time, but with the feet together. So bring them in. Line up the ankle bones literally press inward, but then can you bring energy upward as well. Exhale to go down.

This is where we try to maintain some awareness to the back of the body here. Inhale and exhale. We roll back up, pressing the hips gently forward so they end up staying over your arches. And I just want to warm up the feet a little bit. So you're keeping your uh, legs, but you're going brush, um, one knee forward. So I just listed with one heel lift up to tip toes and change. I'm not really going into prancing, just stretch out the foot that's up in the air switch again.

So stay here for one second. Whichever foot is up, really roll into the toes. A real high heel. It's not in a novel, a lot of weight on it just yet. Pull it back a little to then right up and change and hang out on it. Stretch under those toes, right? We're in shoes all day and let's go again and change.

Yup. And up. So part of why I'm doing this is I'm going to add in some balance tonight along with a little additional glutes and just see if we can't stay connected to our core. A couple more. Let's go for, so right now, find your glutes, squeeze. Know that you don't have to come out of your neutral and down. One more each side, lift and lift. Okay. Standing on your right leg. Just pick up your left foot.

You can leave it balanced right now we're not quite into it, but actually I take that back. Hips are level. Pick up the knee. Notice that you are still in neutral spine. Neutral spine counts the hip hiking, right? So keep those hips level you'll feel. Then just extend the leg straight out low and circle the ankle. Circle it like big circles, biggest circle you can make and then reverse a do about three big one. The leg itself is pretty still two and three.

Can you flex the foot and spread out the toes or at least try and then point and flex and 0.1 more of those flex and point. Put that foot down. Change sides. What? Pay attention to your core first, even if I'm working the toes, so you draw deep into the belly, you find that imaginary spot to lift and extend your leg. The leg itself is a weightless, effortless, big circle. It doesn't matter which direction. First one and two and three and reverse it and one and two and three and then from there, spread out the toe, strong flex and then point and then spur at an out and 0.1 more time.

Spread it out, Jennifer. For now, just stay in the middle of the carpet. Then you can take the Cadillac later. You won't want to be on the Cadillac right now. All right, that's it, right and brewering it down. Okay. From your separate your feet. Here's the thing that something a little different than I sometimes do. Sometimes when we work the legs with balance, I take you into this sort of squat position today.

Everybody just bend your knees a little bit so to just neutral spine. Bend the knees a little. Okay? Your hinge point from here on out is going to be right at the hip. Okay, so this stays the same. You're simply going to hinge forward. My knees are not going to change. I'm going to stay here, squeeze the glutes without tucking and then bring it right back up. Keep the knees bent, but press the hips slightly forward and forward.

There we go. Squeeze the glutes first. So it's a, the act of almost bringing the sitz bones together and forward and hinge and forward. It's probably a good idea to put your hands or your fingers right where you're going to hinge. So you're actually slightly starting to pinch that finger with the trunk and up. Press squeeze. And here we go. Let's go a tiny bit faster, one and up. And I'm going to encourage you not to let the glutes go at any time.

So when you go forward into the hinge, you are, in fact, it almost feels like you're stretching because they're already tight and then you're stir itching and, and lets go per us to come. So the spine has never changed. It's just different where it is in the room and Paris and uh, let's go form our own. Find it, squeeze it. It's one of those things that you could just do this and be so bored or you can make it recruit those muscles. One more. Right? Here it is. And there we go. Now you've got the knee bend. In fact, fully straighten your legs up. Squeeze inward with the legs are the glutes I should say.

Make sure promise. Good. All right. Same thing, neutral spine. This time we're gone down and we are going to bend the knees a little bit so your rear end kind of feels like it's tilted upwards. I hope ribs are in abs or in from there. Just give yourself some pressure. Heel to heel. Find a little peck contraction as well as lat.

The way you get the lap part is press the shoulders down from here. Shift weight back in the heels so you can lift your toes. Keep the toes up a just the toes, don't, not the whole foot, just a little release of the toes and now it's a little squat. Those poles one, push it up. Now for so many of you it's not going to be that much. The knees don't bend a whole lot more than where you started. Good. Keep the weight back. You can relax the toes.

I don't really want to strain through the front. That's it though. Now forget the legs. Keep doing what you're doing. Find the powerhouse. Find the energy in the middle. The feet are almost totally relaxed. You are generating the push, not from your feet, from your glutes. Yes, yes. Five, four. We're now at 10 30 to come all the way up.

Press the hips forward a little bit. So I have this little tiny, you won't see a much. Make sure you're not hyper extended at the knee. Go right back to him. Here's the difference. This time shift back again into the heels. Just check your toes every so often. I don't really want them up the whole time. Check your backs, right. If you're feeling a lot of low back pressure, uh, most likely abs aren't in or you can put your hands here. In fact, everybody put your hands here. It won't really help you. What I'm going to do, pick up the right heel, right. Squeeze through the inner thighs.

That doesn't mean I attach, I just drew closer supported and just little pushes. Use your, the left like the left glute. So it's almost the act of pressing this hip toward the middle of the room or the other side, I should say. Yeah. Oh, it's fun. Come on. I think you'll just, you'll see. You'll see one more time. Come all the way up. Keep it, keep it.

Keep it right back down so you're back again, right? You could lift the toes if you had to. Now we're just going to lift up, bend the knee a little, and now we're back to that first thing you did, which was a bit a bit of a hand. You don't even have to go very far forward. The great part about this is the Fin, the upright right here. So if you don't want to lean forward much as just release a little and then come back up and up. So yeah, Andy, you don't even have to go that far if you want to go ahead. But it's just press follow and little releases all from here.

If you're not sure, touch it. Whereas a neutral spine, that means it feels like the chest is open. Press harassed. You can have your hands anywhere you want. Sometimes it helps to stabilize. The last one's coming up here, hold it up, right. Relax the foot. If you need to take a break, you will. You're listening to your body. Pull the knee a little higher still in your neutral spine. You might wobble. Ah, extend the leg but low deepening the abs as you do.

Take that leg to the side. Check your hips that you haven't. Uh, what would you do? You'd most likely drop the hip. Maybe you'd raise it. Actually you'd raise it. Do drop the hip of the leg in the air. Flex that foot and lift. Who want to feel how your hips mimic your arms? Muscle focus. Glute medius. Yes. Nice job. One more time. Bend the knee. Hands are going to be down.

I'm going to bend the leg I'm standing on. I'm just going to tap the right toes are now on the floor. Oh, isn't that nice to me? Cringing forward. Little tailbone slightly up. If it's a lot of low back. You may have to talk a little. Maybe your over arching from here. What's your back doing? Press the shoulder blades down. Be Okay. Okay.

Leg goes out to the side and it comes back. It goes out and it goes back. If it's in your knee, make sure you're back on your heel. You may decide you should be leaning forward, right? All right, so now I know you know what's coming off the ground. One, flex the foot and push two and pull in the pool and matters. Three and pull in and four and po five generate energy from both glutes. Six I know your support leg is working hard. Seven we'll do 10.

Eight hang on. Nine and 10 put it on the ground. You're going to swivel toward that. Like I'll come so you guys can see and then come down into a lunch. Gentle lunge. What's not that gentle is it? But anyway, that's where you are. Okay, now then gonna do I can be clear here.

You're going to shift your weight forward so that you come up a little in the hips so that the weight is on the forward leg. Your fingertips remain on the floor before you do anything else. Pull the abs off the thigh. We are not in a neutral spine at this point. You're most likely curved. Oh my God. Ready? Lift the back leg. Your low back. Does not change.

Your knee stays bent to like it was a low, low, low, and from there we lift up and tap down, lift up, tap down, reaching it, let your neck be long and four you take the break. If you need it at five that means just to come all the way out of it. Six of 10 and seven. Watch at that hip, doesn't jet to the side eight either one for that matter, nine and 10 put the foot on the ground straight in the forward leg or head in the direction of straight. It doesn't actually have to be straight. You have options here.

I'm going to leave my knee bent and just encourage a long spine, meaning a straight spine. Some of you may prefer to come up a little bit, putting your hands on your shin. That would be appropriate to maybe even better trying to stretch the hamstring as well as the gluten, the forward leg, so kind of stick your butt out. That's it. Nice. Very good. Lovely. Just put your head down, Aaron and Aaron. Lordy. Yes. All right. Bending both knees. You're going to come to the center, point the feet out to the side, both of them, and then hand on top of the knee, hand on top of the knee, and just [inaudible] guide your knees to the back. Yeah. How different do your legs feel right now? Okay. From here around your back, use abs to do it and then release it.

Go into a little bit of a supported arch and round your back. Doesn't have to be big. It just needs to be sort of Nice and supportive and gentle. And again, up and back. And on this one we'll roll all the way up and out of it. Yeah. Great. Lock the feedback in. Fabulous. We are parallel. We lifted the left heel.

We're balanced in our weight. Probably the better thing to do honestly too, is find level hips with the heel down. Then come into it. Oh, and then get right off that good. [inaudible] as soon as you get there. All right. Check your body's weight in the heel. And we just did a little pulse. We kept the foot down at first too and we started thinking, okay, yes, my foot's on the ground, but I'm not pushing through the floor. I'm feeling the contraction of the glute prior to anything else happening. Knowing the range is not at all the important part. Okay, stick your glute out a little bit. It's pretty significant actually.

If you don't like the knee bending part, your heel just slightly more forward with the hands on the knees. A couple more there, there and then we went into coming all the way up so it was up and down and up and up and up to go down. You could leave the foot on the floor, right and just get the full extension of the leg that's on the ground the whole time. When you stand up. A couple more here. Press hang on and press from here. We come back, we took the leg out to the side. Check your knees now. Okay. And also if it's totally quad dominant is going to work your quads, but just check into the glutes and then bring it back and hand back and excellent. If you want more balance, you can do that. Now again, if there's driving sort of energy into the knee cap, you're going to want to pull weight back or tip forward or stand up. All right, next one, come back and add the leg off the ground. Ten nine I flex the foot just cause I feel like boshing something that the hands help you for support. This is five and six.

Good for the brain to seven and I am not equating your boat with your brain. I promise. Nine and 10 put it on the ground. Oh, help. Help yourself. A swivel first, I guess, and then help yourself into that lunge so you guys can just face front if you want. If you know to change legs, which of course you do. So enjoy that little bit of a stretch there. Yeah, kind of need your hands, don't you that glue to still working. All right, well let's do it. So we're going to just let the back foot hop forward a bit until you're really on the forward foot.

Your fingertips are meant to be there and you pull the abs up off the thighbone, let the light hover and back. You can just stay there if you want. Flex the foot and like is parallel so the leg in the air is flexed and lift up one tap down to pay attention to the back of your neck. We will try to balance by looking really far forward, but rather look somewhere around your foot or ankle. Reach five and six. Make sure that you're not jutting that hip out to the side. Straight ahead given you three more reaches you. Lift, reach and reach.

Put the foot down soil to the front. Turn the feet out, hand on top of the knees. So just turn back to the front. If you're facing outside now and roll all the way up. Oh yes. Sorry. Yep. Walk the feet in. I thought of it instantly. Put it out of my mind so we're coming back to a bent knee first. She tilted forward. Slide it out. Thank you Andy. I was sitting there going, Whoa, that's not, it doesn't hurt enough.

Flex the foot or it doesn't matter if you flex it, just lift. And two, three. Now if you don't like the lean forward, this can be done here. In fact, do it here to stand up. I think we actually came back sick. Huh? So at the same side? No showed. Okay, switch. Switch. Sorry guys. Here we go. Lift. Lift. It is live. Go ahead and straight in the other leg. Then up we come. There we go. There we go. That's it.

Two more. Oh, okay. Well let's just hope that that was your weak side. Okay, so from here [inaudible] stand wide. Is that it? Okay, so that I get for trying to, they're both running fine. Okay. Almost there, I promise. And now you are upright. And for most of us that's going to mean we have to slightly scoop under to stay neutral. And now just what I'm gonna just have the arms out in front and it's just down an imaginary wall and up and down. So now draw some adductor into it a little bit. You're raising your, I am not raising my heels. I'm not.

I'm still kind of the the only difference if you wanted to work a tiny bit more quad in a tiny bit more balance, you should raise the heels. I'm going to kind of stick to the glute. Same as I tend to just a couple more [inaudible] and reaching strong and last one here all the way with that. Take your arms straight up and from here they're straight arms. You're just reaching up and over, soft through the knee, stretching on the high diagonal and that up. Inhale up to go over.

Exhaling. Inhale up to go over, feel the side seam of your body stretching down over to come up and oh far to come up. That's it. At this point, kind of relaxed through the legs other than what it takes to feel like you're sliding them toward each other. Just two more one and finally two and there we go. Walk the feet in, take the arms down, bring them up. Yup. Grab onto your left wrist, bend your knees, feet together. You'll probably feel better.

Then what we're doing is basically for the first time, tuck under a fair amount and you'd be careful on this one, Emily. Then shift your hips to the sides. You're basically going to shift and side bend. Okay? From that place, hang out for a moment. So yeah, just 15 there you go. There you go. That's it. Keep your hips there.

Try to gently turn your chest toward the floor. It's like you're pulling away. Getting that lat stretch all down the side of the body. We're going to reopen. So just from the hip, from the ribs, from the shoulder. Press your hips toward the middle to help you come up, release the arm, circle them a couple times, maybe each direction.

So loosen them up, get back up there, grab the right wrist first up, bending the knees, Tuck the pelvis side bend and push the hips out. Not necessarily in that order. Hanging out with it, making sure it's the, it should go good on your low back. Okay, so I do have that little tech. Then from that place, we're just going to to leave the hips where they are and gently rotate. The upper body toward the floor and re open slowly, ribs, shoulder, and press the hips back to center to help you. Okay, so let's do one more thing. Come down onto your mat in a most graceful way possible.

And let's have you all just lie on your sides with your head's going to the left. Well done. Okay, I'm on your side. We'll finish off the glutes and hamstrings here. So resting on your upper arm. You could come up to your head, but I think we're fine. Not to turn your legs out. Yeah, Jennifer at this point if you'd like to be on the Cadillac. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I just didn't think he'd want to be standing up there. That's all.

Okay, so you've turned the legs out. Lengthen. Thank you Aaron for giving me that clue. Lengthening the top side of your waist, which Jim already has. Everybody has then lift the top like it's in that turn turned out are rotate position bottom legs down for now. Totally relaxed the top like other than what it takes to keep it in the air at the hip. From there. We're doing the little oval, so it's going to be lifted leg up and press down one and up and two. So we'll go inhale and exhale.

The more relaxed the leg is, the more hip work you get and exhale, and in truly almost letting go is the weirdest cue, but it works. I think that's our, so one more person. Full cycle in and out and out. From there. Stack the hips. Again, kneecaps and thigh bones turned up to the ceiling. Show your inner thigh forward. That's what you wanna do. From here, we're doing small little circles. One, two. It doesn't matter which direction.

Tree for, try and touch the heel. Yeah, reverse directions. Relax at the Hipple. One, two, three, keeping it turned out. Oh, thank you. Eight, nine, and 10 anybody? Okay. Take it forward. Take it behind you. Take it forward. Keep that inner thigh pointing to me. I know your, here's a chance, isn't it forward? If you go really turn it out. Didn't have to go that far.

Forward, forward and way back. Yeah. It didn't have to go far forward. It's just the angle that we're kind of looking for there. That's it. Just two, two more. That's about six. Yeah. Six, seven. Oh, just say yes. Okay, good. All right, for sure. Let that go. Maybe you can reach back and grab onto your foot for a gentle quad stretch. We'll get there. We'll get there. We'll get all that good stuff.

So while you're here, I'm just pretending I'm you. Cause you're in the same position I am. I'd probably rest your head in this position if you are doing this. If your knees in front you, if you have a pike in front of your hip, you are not stretching your quad like you could be. So rather, whoa. Rather open up the angle at the knee. Get the knees relatively side by side.

Tuck the pelvis and then if you've got extra room, Paul, yeah, release it. Flip heads on the other end. Still facing front. [inaudible] you're stretched out long. Your hips are stacked and Itchy, you know, turn out both lights. It's odd to just turn out the ones. So adjust yourself so that you can, and then it's this sense of reach. Reach, reach and then let the leg go. Truly you don't, you could squeeze your glutes. Plenty. All right, so we went lift and touch, front and back and exhale and inhale and exhale.

Yeah, you can put a little ribbon on it and in right. And it's kind of a bounce bounce and, and all the while you're caring mostly about the core, right? Yes. One more breath cycle starting now go front back two times and then settle back on top. Okay. From there. So you're all in all, if you're not already in a slight banana shape, go ahead and do that now just so that you don't have to worry too much about the balance on this. Alright, nicely set legs still turned out a little lift and reach it. And now from the hip we circle a 10 to seven. Oh, you're all eight, nine ish. You'll do 10 and then change directions. Get a little longer. Three right?

Four, five and six less tension in your legs. I promise you'll put it in the right place. When you're done, stack the hips, show me, tell me. And then it comes forward and you reach back and get back there almost getting a stretch and forward and back. Keeping the leg turned out knee slightly up to the ceiling. Forward and back. Yeah. You try to go far forward, but you don't want to go so far that it pulls your spine out of line. No, I think only one more, but you know me one more just in case I take your quad stretch.

Yeah. Yeah. Terrific. Lining up. No pressure on your low back. Great. I might as well get this side little tuck if you can get two things out of it. If you really focused to get the hip first, then add the quad m. If, if your natural tendency is to take the leg out to the side, it's just telling you that that lateral quads a little too tight. Guide it toward the midline. Okay.

Onto your abdominals. Please face down. We're gonna do one little thing here. Face down. Yup. Yep. And Emily, you're going to be gentle with your back. In fact, everybody arms down by your side. Turn your palms to face your legs. Yep, exactly. It just a Jim, put your hands into your legs. Love. Good point. I did say that. Didn't I like that? Oh yeah, exactly. Alright, so relatively relaxed other than the abdominals, you are going to be like a dark inhale. Prepare on your exhale. You draw the chin, forward the back of the head up, feeling yourself lift from the back just under the shoulder blades as your arms.

Reach to your ankles. Chin down slightly. Emily. Inhale, hold and exhale. Articulate your way back down. I know it doesn't feel like it said high. Go right back down to the forehead on the floor. Inhale, prepare on the exhale. You recommit to the adds. You slide the arms down. You articulate so it's gentle.

Re looking forward with the Chin as the back lifts. That looks great. Andy, if you can take your hands to your sides, I would inhale and exhale down. Beautiful Aaron, both of you and inhale, so it's the exact opposite of a chest lift. If you think about it. Good, so you don't want to come so high that it's low back. Deborah, that looks good. Look at that. Perfect. Inhale, hold. Exhale down and only one more inhale and exhale is from where you are. Inhale, I'll be clear. Just exhale and bring your hands around the front so you can put your forehead on your hands. Your f yeah, that's right.

Forehead on your hands and then head goes down. Reach first. Pull the ABS up. So you're literally going to feel the ABS almost come off the floor. You're gonna feel length through the low back. Reach your legs Super Far Away to the point where you feel your glutes engage and your feet and kneecaps hover. Not because you bent your knees, but because you squeeze the glutes and lengthened from there. Bend your knees like you're pulling against a weight to kick in those hamstrings. Fantastic.

Now imagine the weight was at the front of your ankles and push the legs away and pull them back in. You got it. You got it. And push them away. Go slow enough gang that you feel that you are not letting your hips, the front of your hips come off the mat at all. You stopped before that happens. If you get kneecap pain, you stop there or a slightly wider with the feet. I only want two more. Only two more. No big deal. Lots of resistance both directions.

The last one and stretch it out. Put your hands by your shoulders. Let the feet relax. Come up to a child's pose and just stretch or rest position. Well done. Okay guys, that's enough fun. Set yourselves up and um, face your normal place. Where you, those of you who want to face the center line, do sitting right up on your sits bones. Okay, we're going to kind of move right into some good stuff here. Stretch out your legs please. Okay. Oh, then that sitting up tall as you possibly can. Now, if you don't let the hip flexors and quads become a situation rather slightly, bend the knees, not a problem when she was upright as you can.

And then inhale, you're going to keep straight hinge forward from the hips. So everything went with you. Everything beautiful. Stay there. Can you stay in this position? Only get a tiny bit longer in your spine, doesn't mean higher. It just means I'm there. Can I find more room from there and I will move you up. Promise, pull the hip bones back so you get a curve to your spine. Leave your shoulders where they were.

You might lower your arms a little from that queue. And then now look at your feet. If you're not already, keep your hips where they are. I'm going to ask you to stretch your middle back a little more. So you're going to reach forward with your spine, not your arms, and you should be in your abs. So Aaron Lardy Round your back quite a bit more than that. Yep. But don't think, okay. Here we go. Roll ups. Inhale, keep your head up, Emily. Exhale, we rolled down, rolling down, taking the arms up, top the back of your head, and then keep your head in line with your arms. Tony, if you can, inhale, exhale. We come forward, the arms will drop here so that they end up opposite your shoulders.

There we go. And inhale. If you have an exhaling down, line your arms up as soon as you can, lightly touch. So it means as soon as you start to inhale, you're pressing the upper most part of the ribs into the ground, exhaling to lift off and the glutes are still working. Inhale, exhale, exhaling down, and I'm seeing a little bit of bearing the head. This is what it looks like when you're burying your head. It's like kind of short. Let's get up on it and you can work just as hard, I promise you. And down we go. All right, one more like that. Inhale, listen up. Exhale down to the shoulder blades. Arms are up, eyes are forward toward the feet. Shoulders of course toward your waist.

Little exhales. Who? One. I don't need to see anything. I need you to feel like the top of the ribs are pressing down into the mat, either side of the body, little less, Jennifer, little less. Just exhale, innercise, drawing together and, and, and take your left foot ankle. Cross it over the other arms. Come down the center. Take your upper body opposite the lefts or you're reaching over your left hip, right, left leg over ankle. Reach over your left hip. There you go. Everything else is centered from here. It's reaching forward little breaths and honestly it's more like you're trying to draw the ads up and under that jog bra line or under the chest line. If you need support with your head, you can do that. Just makes you heavier though. [inaudible] and we're going to come up on that side. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Come to the center. Just the center down. You go all the way back and up in here. She getting tired. You let your arms come a little lower, right? Take care of yourself. Keep the integrity and down just to the shoulder blades. Eyes are forward, arms or up. Switch the cross. Take your time. If you have to adjust in any way you should.

And we just press just straight up for now. Just one more there. Lower the arms in the center first as if you were being pulled by the shoulder. Then crossover. So we have the right leg over the left and we've crossed over the right hip.

Yes. Here we go. Pretty small. Pretty small. Try not to get too much going in the legs. Aha. Ooh, Nice. Oh Wow. Ever get that feeling of a cramp in your abs? Yup. That's what I'm getting. I'll just be over here looking like I'm doing it. I need a couple more. After this next one. We're coming up.

You can use your hands on your legs. Take your time. Bend your knees, feet. Come on. Come on. Give it to me. Yep. Come back to center down you go. Let yourself go all the way. Keep the back of the ribs on cause we have to come up one more time. Yes.

UNCROSS your legs here. Scoot yourself forward just enough. You have room behind you to come into rolling like a ball. So make this work for you tonight. I'm going to suggest that we all open up the ball first and then we'll go really tight and small. So open it up to your behind your tailbone, elbows to the side, shoulders way down, and you're balanced. Let's rock back like an inch and come right back where we are.

The pelvis doesn't change. Tap. Squeeze the glutes to two more like that. Just to show who's can in control. It's not anything you've got to just almost suck the legs off the floor. Weird but true. All right. Keeping it kind of open like we have it just rock back and forth. No, don't worry about landing it. Rock back and forth. Nothing changes.

Hardly any momentum changes. Encourage the sits bones towards each other. Come all the way up. Next time you can hug the knees and close as close as you possibly can. Elbows wide. You've got to keep the low background or it won't work. Here we go. Inhale back. Regular.

Exhale up whole and inhale back. Exhale up. Whoa. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Oh, one more. Come up. Stay up. Feet are still off the ground.

So you're still behind your tailbones. Yeah. Raise the legs up to two tabletop. You're here. All right. Pressure on the outer. Outer parts of your legs as you extend your legs and Tuck your pelvis. You roll to about mid back and then you pull yourself back up.

Not with your arms by the way. Excellent. And down. Yeah, and up and down light legs. Yeah. And you can let go now. Yeah, just sit in front. I just showing you, you could hold on. That wouldn't be a problem and you might want to hold on. If you don't have a real clear glute contraction, you're going to want to because that'll help remind you for one and you'd rather have it. How are we doing? Let's do four more. One and up. Xcelerate their shoe. Inhale out to exhale and three, exhale up. One more.

Four state up, feet down separately. Denise, round forward. How'd we do on too much hip flexor for you, right? Because you're connected. Good as there's another round. Hopefully you knew that was coming. This is, and let me show you a quick modify modification if you want it. When we get going, um, you can put your hands behind you. Okay.

You have to move with, now I'm going to turn sideways in a minute, but, and this is where we're headed. All right. Do you think Kathy Corey or where was she learned it from? It just sort of came back to me. So if you're going to do this, you, you have to be kind of pretty far back or wide. You, you want your legs to come back to parallel. If you bring them here, it's going to be almost all hip flexor, more likely. So it will be as you come in, you'll aim to one side, you'll roll out, you'll aim to the other. If you're gonna leave your hands there. Otherwise we're up. You can also kind of hold them behind the legs.

Let's go straight down the middle. Inhaled as you come up, take both knees to one side, not doing a whole lot with the ever body and heal other side, just balancing. That's it. And the tip is to keep the feet kind of high and I put a little attitude behind it. Let's go press and once you get used to you, then kind of go for it. And La, la, la, la, you can really squeeze. Let's go. I'm giving you four more and it's one at any time. You can use the hands too. And Roll. Got a roll three and four back down to the middle of, hug your knees to your chest. Yes, feet on the floor.

I'll give you a quick release of those abs in hip flexors. Arms are down by your side getting ready for the pelvic curl. Inhale, you're still using your ads. Aren't you ever roll up? You should be fine. The hamstrings now so that you can stretch out the front of your legs. Hang out here for a moment. At the, at the moment you're even in terms of weight distribution. Let's encourage the right hip up to the ceiling and the right foot through the floor. So you go out of alignment a little.

Let the hamstring help you and release it back to neutral. Do the same on the left side. So the left hip is encouraged up the left foot through the floor and down. And again, one more each side. Don't do it quite as long, so go for it. And release and other side. Back to center.

Inhale where you roll down with precision. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy as much as you can. Drawing the knees up, hold on to him. Give him a quick hug if you need it. Yeah, and we inhale, elbows are wide, shoulders are down. Exhale, curl up into a chest lift position as you draw the legs to table top from here, double leg stretch. Inhale, get out there and hold it. Exhale, raise the legs up in the arms up. Oh. Sike inhale, go back where you can and circle around. I'm going to do that one more time. Inhale, take it out. Hold it. Make sure first of all that you're back at low. Back is down. Exhale. If all of a sudden you feel a lot more pressure, you should be here and stay there. Inhale, if you're gonna lower it and exhale round. All right, regular speed eyes are forward. Let's go six one and hole in.

Lighten up on those legs two and reach 30 you could also not circle if it's in the way. One more and hold everybody. Roll your heads down. [inaudible] right back up, curling up. Find the ABS into the floor. Extend one leg. Doesn't matter. Now hug the legs to up against an imaginary sheet of glass so they're right there in the middle and change. Take your time. Again, less energy in the legs and you possibly think hands behind your head for more. But stay here. One, two, three, add a criss cross. Let's go one.

If it is traveling to your back, you should and must take a break. If you expect to work your ass, pull the knee in a little closer, but don't let anything else change. Last one on each side. Here comes back to the center. Hug the knees in for the moment. Extend your legs up as soon as you're ready, arms are down by your side. For a moment I'd like you to soften the knees, so let them everybody.

Let them bend. Squeeze the glutes together. You're going to you and you will need your triceps a little bit. For this, you draw the abs into roll the hips up a couple inches and then down. Ah, psych again, tiny. You might not even see much, teeny tiny. One more. Okay, it's the same exercise, but now I'd like your hands behind your head. Support your head. Press the upper portion of the ribs into the mat so your head's floating.

You don't have to be in a full chest left, but it's, it is off the mat. Now do the lift of the hips one and control down. Squeeze inner thigh two and down. So you really feel like you're only moving through. You have one leg almost lift and lower and lift and lower.

Yeah. Okay. Couple more you're doing. I told you I knew you were coming. All right gang. Release your head. Release your hands. Pay attention to the roll over techniques. So if you aren't up for it in this, Emily, you go back to what we were just doing or any version of articulation. Everybody else legs are straight. Now as straight as you can accommodate.

Keep the glute contraction. Inhale from here we exhale. Don't let those legs whip over. When you get there. You should still have a little glute contraction a little bit. Flex your feet and push the bottoms of the feet through the wall opposite you and pull the ribs away. Separate your feet, lower them. If you have that available and ruled out and it is not just a slow roll, you are squeezing. Ah, not squeezing. That's not right. Right close.

Inhale to 90. Exhale over a lovely Aaron goes from it. Very nice. Separate the feet and down we come. Huh? I believe your hamstrings are longer and then Jim just maybe don't go quite as wide until you do the circle.

So when you separate overhead a little bit closer together, good. Up and over. Just lower your feet a tiny bit. There we go. Inhale. Separate. End. Down we go. Let's try a few the other way. Once you get down, I'm not rushing. You wait for it. When you get there, you inhale to a v position. You're still parallel. Exhale to go over. This is where you think about that midline.

It's easy to hang out on your self. That's not safe. Close the feet up so the big toes and the ankles are together and now as you roll down, find opposition. It's as if someone would holding your feet one way as you draw yourself down. Let's do two more. Point. Circle. Inhale, exhale. Oh, flex and close. If you want to, you can lower too, but lower down. Strong stretch. One more time here. Accounts, flex and goals and downward reaching, reaching, reaching. And from there we bend the knees.

We grab on behind the legs and rock up to seated. Lovely. Sitting up tall for spine. Stretch another one you're going to be, it did. Okay. Alright, go right into this one. So we were tall and I'm not going to quit talking about the lower end of the powerhouse now. Right? So you want to make sure that you can feel like you're contracting the sit bones toward each other. Almost lifts you up. Yeah, or you can do it the other way if you want. Inhale. Here we go. Exhale as you roll the head forward, the upper back and middle, and you do in fact want to stretch the middle of your spine.

So if you keep the shoulders in place in the lowest in the pelvis from moving, you can go pretty far forward. From there, we do move the pelvis to come into a long spine. Arms will travel up or right alongside your ears. Behind that back extension. Feel free to bend the knees and exhale round to roll. Okay, that's the drill. Now you're looking for long lines. Inhale, exhale. We go. Inhale, start at the tailbone, fine to the middle back.

Don't forget the ribs are held a little bit. Exhale and round. Forward to roll. Right back up. Good. Good. So you know, you guys all look good. I want you to just enjoy it tonight. Exhale round. And what I mean is there's a lot of times we start over-correcting and the a good example of an inhale into your long line. Oh, that's so good.

Exhale, reroute. You know, like, let it be. Start to feel good now as you come up so that when you get there, you don't have to shake it all out and inhale. Excellent. And by good, you know what I mean? When you get here, we'll stay here and just gently, gently pull the upper arms back in the truth. This is, I am encouraging shoulder blade action. Just a little, a little bit of pulling the shoulder blades together. Tiny bit. Just look down a little bit Jim. Right. Just look down. That's all. There we go.

[inaudible] Yup. Good. Hold it. Ease up on your arms. In fact, leave your spine there and let your arms just come down. Yeah, no big deal. Can you inch away? Not forward, maybe a little forward, but more on the diagonal you're already on. And then taking arms up. Make sure you're low abs and mid back already for it. And with that we exhale around. Hang out down here for a moment and all the way up. Okay, I'm going to go into, it's a modified twist but I think it can sometimes be more effective. So that's what we're doing. Bend your knees like so.

Find your spine hands behind your head. I'm going to encourage elbows where you can see them, not see them, see them, but you know, peripheral vision. All right, road rotating toward the front. We inhale, come from inside the body for this exhale, I'm not to, I am going to take the hand off, but I don't want you to use it just to take the hand off so you know the choreography. Exhale to go further in. Put the hand back. Exhale, come center. I'm doing that cause I don't want us to crank on ourselves. Inhale, rotate. Do. Take the forward hand off. Exhale, twist a little further. Then inhale, put the hand back and exhale. So now we'll actually put the hand there.

You can assist a little bit. You know what I mean? Don't crank on yourself. Here we go. And he'll do what you can from inside. Exhale, we take the hand and knee and assist a little bit tall. Inhale, exhale, home and in here, find your hand to knee assist. Lift. Inhale, good work and back. And inhale to exhale and back and ride over. Go ahead in here, find it. Exhale, dropped it to the shoulders. Everybody. Yes. Return the hand and back to center. Um, I feel like I have to scoot forward. I don't know if you do. We're doing open land. Rocker in case are wondering if you get behind the tailbone, bring the legs up.

If you're not ready for a straight leg, don't get the straight spine. And once again, bluets here we go in how we roll back just to the shoulder blades. Exhale, keep the curve. And at the last moment you lengthen your upper back and inhale. Sometimes the key is just relaxing with it. Inhale, so it's not a bad idea. Just till slightly look up if balance is an issue, if it's not, think about looking somewhere about mid calf. It's a general statement of course. And back to come forward one more time. Maybe feed is a better place to look. Hold it, hold it. Pull the legs deeper into the hip socket.

Literally Boldman so much so that now you know their way into your body. You could look up. It's okay if your back's a little round, no worries. And then come down onto your side on the elbow. Please take please that you were starting to do leg lifts. I was like, really? You haven't had that? Okay. Okay so carefully. It got to do set up. It's just everything. So lift away from the floor, push forward, hand down, lean into it.

Bend the knees a little, lift yourself up. I've got the top leg in front. Pretty close to each other. They don't have to be, but I do. And then press the bottom leg into the top. Your top arm is up and we hang out. Like we could be here all day. If it is slippery and you need to sort of go part wood, part mat, that's cool.

Wherever you need and breathe your long. Here's the tip. Put some weight in your feet. I can't tell you exactly how to do that, but energize from here. A little lift one. Oh, it's slow to allow the head to gently move because it's part of your spine. Three out of five, four and five. Come on down. Yep. All the way around.

Just switch sides. Top leg in front. You know the setup. Now, make it, make it as you need it. Lean forward. I've been just to get up and then find both sides of your body. You're, you're long. You're kind of lengthening out the crown of your head. Little energy through the feet as well, so that'll help take it out of the RMS. One of those questions you get.

Finding the ease in these ones that look easy, but in fact can be quite difficult when you're ready without pushing further into the elbow. Lift the ribs one and lift the ribs to allowing the head to be part of the spine. It'll move two more and great. Come on down. Just turn onto your abdominals preparing for double leg kick. So you're face down lacing or holding onto the fingers. Um, if that feels like too much for your shoulder, you can um, just get close or hold a towel. Does anyone want to tell our band? Okay. If not, you do want to take your hands quite high up on your back.

Turning your face to one side. All right. Yeah. So I'm going to give you a little bit longer to allow the elbows to relax more toward the floor a little bit more. And I do that slow because it's scary, isn't it? You okay? Okay. All right. Gay. You draw the ABS in. Reach the legs through your low back as long. However, the feet here you go. Kicking three times on an exhale. One, two, three. Inhale, straighten your arms. The legs. Lift up. God, you guys are good and hang out and change. One, two, three. Inhale, enjoy this. Enjoy it. Inhale. Make it less. Just now change animal. One, two. Good. Get the elbows back down. That's an important part of it.

And one and two and three. N Rich. Good. Let's see. Oh, tumor. I think that's where we started. Two, three and stillness in the body. Even though there's strength. Last one, Aaron Goldschmidt on this last one slightly. Lift your head up a little bit or f, Tilt Your Chin forward. Tiny bit right there. Good. And down we go. Just rest. Just rest. Yeah, that's good. Let's put your hands where it feels good. The snippy backs.

Good. And then hands by shoulders. Everybody lift up and round back for a moment. Right up to hands and knees. So stabilize through the shoulders. Going into a plank, I'm going to kind of do a, um, sort of a swimming like plank. So basically, you know what, let's do it this way. Um, backup as much as you can, but where your feet are still on the mat and what am I going to do? It might be worth just sort of taking a glance up here for just a second.

What I'm going to attempt to do is in one shot, once after we're nice and long, we're gonna walk. But you have to actually lift for a moment. Okay. And then the fun part, the weird part is going backwards. And for some reason you want to bend your knee when you, well not for some reason cause that would be the normal thing to do. You've got to lift the like first and step. It's not very far.

It's definitely not satisfying in terms of distance. Okay. One round each. So we'll go slightly slower than I did. So you have a moment to actually raise both. So we're at the back edge. Emily's ready. Let's go into the plank probably. Well never mind. Check your shoulders. Check your middle cause we don't want to wobble.

When you're ready. Pick up the right hand and the left leg and set them down a little bit further in front. Pick up the other. Keep the hips low in change and again change. And last one change. Yup. And when you lower your hips a little, here we go. Reverse it. Right leg, left arm, left leg, right arm.

Take your time. Oh, I know. It's a little strange, isn't it? Great. And lower your knees. Okay. How'd it go? I had to do in our consent. Not very well. Would you like to do it again? No. Okay. In that case, you get to do the regular swimming. Roll yourself down all the way onto the mat. Doesn't want to go. I know. You know I'm all about brain games right now. I had, I've had my clients hopscotching all week long, all week. It's Tuesday.

But anyway, hopscotch [inaudible] I know I have got a, yeah, no, we must have opposition. I bought a lemon twist. You know what those are. I'll have to tell you it's, and I bought a hoop. So my poor clients, here we go. Nice and long. Yeah. It's all about getting the brain to work. Right. And this is, this is one way, this is a tough way, but you know your set up labs are in fine. Take care of your right arm and left leg up a little higher and do one slower.

You switch and you feel stillness in the middle. Heads are up and change. Good. Sorry, Chester ever so slightly up my fault. And then w at your pace, give yourself four breath cycles. Typically be inhaled, two, three, four, five and exhale. If that's too long of a breath, shorten it. Not a problem. You want it to pay attention to your body. Two more cycles and, and looks really good. And our find some ease. You can get through one more breath I believe, and out and just length into the floor. Yup. When it feels right, you can just come back. You've got it.

Andy made me don't think quite so high on your legs. That might help, but it looked pretty good. Stretch out your low backs by going into your rest position. All done. I've got one little balance I'd like to offer you. If you don't want to balance now, it'd be a good time to just start backing up, but otherwise, and that would be fine. You could consider it a full workout.

It just occurred to me, we could do this. It's been awhile. So just sort of work your way slowly to an upright position. And this is the one, I'm just going to move this a bit where, give me one second then I'll cue you through it. This is the one where straight out of the repertoire, um, I'll tell, I'm not quite sure where they normally put it. We normally put it, um, b-to-b turned out, this is when you rise up. Remember the sky, you're going to bend. I'll have you swivel. Say to your right, you bend that right leg, you let the whole body swivel, including the feet as needed and then you reach for the back foot and you look at it and you enjoy it because the way home is much harder for some reason, you slowly come out of it, you're still on your toes and then you lower and we'll go the other way. So I would not be on the sticky mats. Yeah, I, I'd sort of get those out of your way. Yeah, come on forward. Oh, but you guys got room. Okay.

Here we are using your powerhouse float up so you don't even feel like you're using your feet. And it's a pretty wide stance because we now had go a little wider, Lisa. Now we're gonna start to bend that right leg. Start swiveling the spine. Allow the left leg to turn as it needs to.

Both hands continue all the way around reaching for the back heel. The back leg is straight, slowly coming out. Take your time. Unwinding and low. Yeah, here we go. Lift up. Usually powerhouse. If you just use your feet, then you're hanging on for dear life, right? Hips and higher long necks. What'd we do? Bend to the left. It's almost tie like, not that I do teach you, but this is my what I feel like it would be like, keep reaching.

You can get low with the chest. It's fine. Go ahead. And when it feels right to start to, why unwind? Whoa, you do. And Alright. Walk this unit. It gets your hip flexor in a, in a good way. Good. Go ahead, take a deep breath. Feel free to do more.

I'm going to one more these release and bring it up and let it go. All right guys, thank you for coming and playing again.


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Super standing segment! Also loved the "swimming" plank :) Your cues are always so good, great class, thankyou!!
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I really enjoyed this one. Many classes I have watched here don't spend as much time on legs as I'd like. This will become a go-to for me.
Excellent class, loved every part of it. Thank you  Kristi :)
Yet another fabulous class.  Perfect way to end my summer holiday!

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