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Postnatal Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Monica teaches part 3 of a Postnatal Mat series using the Magic Circle. This third session moves a little quicker than the previous classes because she starts to link the exercises together. This class will help you reconnect to your powerhouse after having your baby.

You can try Monica's first Postnatal Mat Workout and second Postnatal Mat Workout before you take this class. These classes are recommended for mothers who are 6 weeks postpartum or more.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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All right. Today we are here with Brooke who is really postpartum. She six weeks, just had a little six week old baby and Brianna, who's has a 15 month baby. Um, but she's extremely fit. So we're gonn...


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6 weeks post natal doing Hundreds?!
Although this is a postnatal class, please keep in mind it is the THIRD class in a series aimed to lay a strong foundation. The First in the series is very detailed and basic and only once you feel proficient in that class should you move on to the second class in the series. Brooke is only able to do this class because I work with her on a private basis and have prior to her pregnancy as well.
I just did that class 5 years post partum and it was challenging ! Fabulous class wish i had of been taking them after my babies. It has made me realise I need to be doing these classes before I move onto the higher levels.
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I'm a pilates teacher and 12 weeks post-partum. I too think, no matter the prior practice, doing hundreds and double leg stretches at 6 weeks post-natal it's a bit too much.
This is the second time I've done this post partum and I purposely left it for later post baby as I remembered this postpost my first pregnancyand I agree that this isn't really a post natal class- definitely a challenge but not a class I would recommend in the first few months PP regardless of the training done while pregnant.
Agree all 3 classes are a breakdown of basics and not tailored for post natal needs.

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