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Reformer Variations

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This Reformer workout offers some variety and challenge by starting with the warm-up on the Long Box. The class moves right along offering more variety with exercises like Pumping for Foot and Leg Work, Abdominal Openings, and Hip Work with a "diamond" variation. Questions are asked throughout the class that offer some clarity to the exercises though the flow changes accordingly. Finish strong with Side Overs, Pulling Straps, and Chest Expansion Kneeling with Thoracic extension... Great for posture!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Apr 27, 2010
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Okay, let's start it. So we're going to start with the boxes on the reformers rather than just storing them. We're going to leave them there preparing ahead. We've already loaded up our springs for foot and leg works. So we each have three red springs. Candice, let's just sit on the box and depending on what, um, for us, we're just going to, I'm going to suggest the arch of your foot, but if you feel crowded, you can even move back or even up. It's up to you. Ultimately, we'll be rolling back. So we just want to have some rooms. So for now, sitting right up on the sitz bones, draw the inner thighs together and then see about squeezing the sitz bones together to allow you to lift a little taller for me, although you look quite good, I have to subtly draw the chin down. Elbows are wide. Just inhale, think of broadening your back on the inhale and as you exhale, narrow the waist.

But don't sink it off. Let's just give you some freedom in the neck and inhale, broadening your back. Really the entire trunk and exhale as you sort of narrow the waist and allow the little millimeter of height to creep in and inhale. Same idea on the exhale. Toward the end of the exhale, we'll just to allow a little roll of the pelvis so we won't lean back. We'll just tuck the pelvis and then inhale to restack to the starting upright position. Exhale, feeling the waist narrow, feeling the abs engaged, feeling the hip bonds. Dive deeper into the body. Inhale restack just giving ourselves a little bit of motion. Exhale to roll.

Okay, so for the moment, don't even lean back. I'm going to give this two more like that, so although of course the next thing would be to move back, but just keep your shoulders where they are and see what you can do in terms of just that little stretch out to give some abs last one like that. Inhale and exhale either the way I am squeezing my glutes to allow that to happen in a deeper way. We will move it next time. Inhale, start the same way. Exhale and we'll roll back. Roll back. Start Thinking about gently pressing the arches into the foot bar, not so that you move, but so that you stay anchored. Inhale and exhale, pulling the abdominals back as you come forward. Shoulders over hips and inhale.

Elongate your spine. Exhale. Here we go again. I think sit bone, inner thighs. We roll back, finding contact with the bones of the spine. Inhale and exhale to come forward. Arms are just light. Email, finding more room as we start to wake up to it. Exhale we are. You may find too, and I don't see it in you, but if you do find inhale, exhale up that once you get back there, the bar's too low. In other words, it feels like it's you're not getting to roll as much as you want. You just move forward. Inhale and exhale.

Oh yeah, that was better for me. Collarbones wide inhale. Exhale, feel the bones, press into the box, then you come forward. We're in a play with it a little bit now in exhaling down. What I like about starting the warmup appears. You can start to encourage the hip extensors, the hamstrings gently pressing down. Now let's just reach the arms. Float your right leg just off the foot bar. Inhale, exhale from deep in the belly, you scooped the leg. It's, I got helium and a bringing it up. Inhale, it goes maybe down all the way.

I'm going to probably stop shy, exhaling back up to an inhale. If you can go down again, encourage that hip extensor, I guess I can, and the really big scoop and now one more time. Inhale, exhaling up. We're going to change and he'll put it down. Exhale. Other likable ones, not fast. It's a chance for you to deepen your breath too and encouraging that bottom hamstring. Three out of five. Breathe four. Here comes five.

You're going to grab onto it. Help yourself up. From here. Feet are down. They can be together or apart. Extend your spine to neutral or straight. Squeeze the glutes a little. I'm gonna have you hold underneath the outside of the knee. Squeeze. Glue a little exhale and try to arch your upper back a bit.

It means the shoulder blades to be coming down the head and chest will be slightly lifting in Hilton neutral. Let's do the same thing. Exhaling up. Oh, don't you just want to inhale going up. Oh, well. Inhale to neutral. We're rolling back down onto the box. Exhale. Down we go. Yes. Let's bring up one knee. Make sure your back is firmly planted. Bring up the other knee. You can either, actually you're not going to be able to hold on until they're here, but reach forward. Inhale, pressing the thigh bones toward the ground.

That's about as far as we need to go. SCOPE belly as they float back up. Upper bodies. Absolutely. Still inhale down, finding the hip extensors. Scoop the belly, exhaling up and inhale down. If you feel any deviation in your lumbar spine or your spine at all, you don't. You're moving too much, right?

You've got to get that stability first and it's looking good over there and up to come down. One more time to come up. Leave them in the air. Put your hands behind your head. Inhale. Enjoy an arch back over your box. Oh, I've got rules. I've got rules so you can, we do need to open the ribs to do this. Just relax for a second. Um, but we can't go so far that you arch and pull the back of the rib cage off. You've got to keep the back of the room cage off. Beyond that, it's cool. Inhale, prepare, exhale, curl, Chin door, Justin into your chest.

Lift and email back. Be careful there or monitor it and exhale and inhale. Two. Exhale, two more. Being mindful of it. You don't have to go full boar over the back. One more. When you get out, we stay up so far. Good. Extend one leg, twist into it and change. Yep. Back to those long lever Chris Cross. Here we go. And Prs, we'll go slightly quicker. Progress and excellent exhale and five five will go for ten's not if your back is hurting though.

You'll always come out of it. Don't wait for me. I think one more la back to center. Bend the knees. Hold on behind and rock yourself up. Oh right. Extend your legs over the foot bar and where you are on the mat is kind of determined by you don't want to be, I mean on the box. You don't want to be so far back that it sort of puts a break in your knee.

I'm going to do spine stretch. So come to where you feel like it's easy to be up and for once the hip hamstrings aren't to factor. All right. Um, straight ahead with your arms. And then I, let's turn the legs out today and squeeze the glutes. We get a little lift. It almost feels like, what is that exercise called? Horseback. I'm just kidding. I really do know it. Alright, Baxter straight.

But the truth is, is we've tucked already to be straight inhale, starting at the top of your head. Exhale. So it's going to feel different in that you'll be able to go down maybe more than you used to. Keep going. Keep going. Oh, but here's the main deal. Anchor the Sitz bone. So you pull the button backwards a little bit and into the mat and there's your spine stretch. Inhale, exhale to come back up. So does that make sense? I'm not quite sure how to say it, but okay. Yeah.

It's like you go so far forward and then all of a sudden I'm realizing I'm anchored at my ankles. No. Rather, the further down I go, the more gravity wants to help, so I've really got to keep the low back on and inhale. Keeping the shoulders on to exhale, hugging the midline to come back up. Quite a lot of energy driven through the legs, not not to overwork them. Last one like that reaching. Yes, yes. Squeezing out all the air. Inhale and exhaling. All right, my dear. We'll add back extension the way that we normally do, but again, it's going to feel different down there. Exhale, we go.

Same rule keeping the back of the s or the sitz bones down. Now from here we're going to anteriorly tilt, still trying to keep the sits bones down, but we raise the spine into extension. Exhale, round and rural and inhale. Exhale, rounding over. Semi relaxed through the legs, but energetic in terms of reaching. Inhale, we lengthen. Oh, hello into the long spine and exhale to roll up. Good. Two more. Go ahead. Yeah, one more. Here we go.

I've got, I've got saw coming to exhale round. Certainly could leave your hands on the legs, inhale back. That might feel really good. You can just slide them up either way. And exhale, tell roll up. Yeah. Yeah. Your hips coming up. Probably a little bit. Are My hits coming up?

So yeah, I keep catching was the truth. What is for sure happening? That's what we're looking for. So what's for sure happening is, yeah, I where I had my energy pretty square. I catch that it's traveling, the center of gravity's traveling forward and then I find myself pulling back just the same way you just did. So ultimately, yeah, we try and keep it there, which would mean we'd have to do it this way more often probably. It's a very nice added little stretch. Fantastic. And so let's see, when we go back to class, let's do one song and then we'll get gone in a different way.

So we're just going to rotate to come to your left and hinged forward. Then again will be some rounding, but you're gonna try to hinge forward outside and then assist mildly and look back. And then draw the abs in and roll up. By the way, the same thing with the glutes is happening here or the sitz bones trying to anchor the hips into the box and I say hinge and reach forward. The truth is is your spine is rounded, but you're holding back there to make that happen and lift up. All right, we got it. Let's go a little quicker. Inhale, rotate all the way. Exhale. Inhaling up and center and inhale. Exhale, reach. Inhaling up and send our last two. And I see when it's time in now and burring at home.

K kind of warm. [inaudible] good. That's enough here. Let's take the boxes and just put them off to the side now. Great. And then a foot bar for putting like work and I'm feeling a little energetic. How about you? You do. Okay, good. So on your back, uh, we'll do a little pumping today. Lying down, situating, finding the heels and our feet are parallel. Yeah. By the way, we can be thinking about the sit bone idea even here. This, the idea of reaching the bones of the pelvis away from the low back.

Inhale, prepare, engage through the hip extensors. Exhale, full extension. Just take a second. Fully lengthen out. Double check everything. Neutral spine. Here we go. Inhale. And I'm doing the full version. First five exhale out and pull in. Exhale 30 and draw in.

Never quite letting go of the back of the leg. And that for me is where it starts. One more. Let's not worry about counting. We here, we go with pumping and it's push, push. And the truth is it's push and pull and push and pull. For now just puffs of air. Give us four more, one and two and three.

Go all the way out and then draw it back in to the balls of the feet. They're still slightly apart, which you got. You were afraid you are not working hard enough. Oh, I see, I see. Okay, so we're on the balls of the feet. We have a slight elevation of the heel. Not so much that you would roll out or anything.

You have to work those lower legs. Take a moment. You do not drive your feet into the bar, they're just there. You use anything above the knee to get you out to full extension. Exhale, press out on. Inhale, pull yourself back in. XL, press out too, and we're not just lengthening the legs, we're lengthening everything we're aware of. Three and pull in initiating from that high abdominal wall everywhere. One more like that. We inhale in and here's the breath pattern.

It's Xcel for the two pumps. Sorry. Here we go. Exhale for the two bumps. Boom, boom. Now inhale for two pumps and exhale and inhale on the second part of this. Exhale, go all the way out and that's 10 inhale, come back. Touch this small V or basically the Palati stance. Inhale, prepare five long, luscious ones. Exhale. Feel both sides of the body. Inhale, pull it in and exhale and inhale. Poulin exit asked chair, relaxing the feet. I don't mean there not in involved, but they're not rigid and out given us. One more. Here comes, inhale in and start the pumps on an exhale.

It's exhale two and inhale two and exhale. Two inhale. Next one. Exhale all the way out, reaching long, check the back of your neck and draw yourself in. Next foot. Position his heels wide on the bar and I'm going to change it. Typically we're exactly as you are canvas, but today let's turn them out like so go for it. Yeah.

All right, so we're maybe going to draw more attention to the adductors. Here we go. Exhale, press out, full extension. Oh boy. And inhale and exhale. So if we remember not to drive energy into the feet and kind of let them be, you will add up more. You will lift up more and therefore you're going to work a lot more where we want to. And let's do two more. Exhale, push away and I'm not attached to the breathing assist habit.

If you'd rather reverse it. It's cool. Here we go. So email here and now double exhale as we go and in and, and you know, next exhale all the way raw. Bring it back right away. Keep all your connections to the toes wide like that. Does that like physician work for you? Okay, here we go. Exhale, full extension reach. Feel the back of the legs elongating and pull yourself in and exhale.

When we do an exercise like pumping, obviously we're working the legs a little more than we do when we don't do pumping, but let's not let that detract from the powerhouse here they come pumping it is XCL as you go, boom, boom, and inhale, relax. Those toes don't hang on for dear life and inhale and exhale all the way. Yep. Come on back. Probably easier if I don't count that kind of thing out just so you can get your own rhythm, but okay, cool. That devil. Yeah, it took me years to figure out how I was doing that.

Okay, so progressive calves. Yeah, to six. Does that sound appropriate? Fantastic. So our feet are slightly apart, evenly balanced. We exhale, initiate hamstrings. We get out there and long and again get long. For those of you who are so used to gripping in your legs, this is a great opportunity to let leg tension go and put it higher. Inhale, stretch the legs under. I'm going to go slow for the first one. Exhale, rise up. Pull yourself back in by bending your knees. We build on this. The next one, I'll have two calf raises. Here we go. Press out and down and up. Twice.

One and two. Bend the knees and draw in. The heels remained somewhat lifted. Press out. Here's number three. Long Body. I try, I think about trying to lengthen my heels under the bar from the waist and in number four progressing out. Here they come. And one feel the whole foot to even watch that you don't drive energy through the knees. Next one up. Pull yourself in. Number five, pressing out and oh and down. So you do get to feel your feet in this one, three but not at the expense of being. The only thing is that it. One more for five and down we come. We can do one more. Maybe. Here they come.

Six is it? Oh, see if you can lift yourself up from somewhere higher than the knees. Oh, candy. How many? Okay. Who come on down worth taking a moment. You might want to shake your legs out over the bar or just act like it wasn't a big deal. That's cool too. And then I think we deserve a quick little stretch.

I'm not going to do all of prancing or running, but we are going to enjoy reaching out. Allow the one heel to go into the bar and again, check, even if you don't hyperextend the tendency can be to just draw the back of the knee and to the springs. Let the like be like you are standing on it. You'll get a better calf stretch and then lift up and change. Oh, okay. Change. And I'm just going to do one more if you need more, take it.

Right. All right. When you're ready, come on down and then help yourself up to take off. Um, if we had the three red, I'm going to go to a red and blue feels better to me or one and a half. Two is fine if you want to do that, but since we're our gears out, I think that's more appropriate. Yeah, that's good. Good. So that the green and yellow is going to be about the red. The blue. Good. Alright, Dan, we get into going into um, the hundred, but with the little variation, I, I'm going to take out the pump of the arms with the intent on feeling the connection of the arm to the back.

See if that means anything to you once we get going. So basically, um, you can start with the elbows bent or straight. I'm going to go straight legs. That effect. Start that way. Likes to tabletop. Just leave the bar where it is. Shoulders towards hips to put a little resistance on the strap. So pull on the strap until your hands are right above your shoulders. [inaudible] and then from there on out you can relax the shoulders.

What's going on? It's kind heavy, Huh? That's how I feel right now too. I'm like, wait, did I take it off? Cause I'm not so sure. You know what? It won't matter when we get up. If we get up. Well it will not matter. We could have all four springs on a wooden matter. Here we go and help prepare Xcel curly resolve up.

Now reach the shoulders forward and all we're gonna do is inhale. Let the arms go up a little XL, press them down. Inhaling up two, three, four, five down to three. Four fill up. Make it the breathing exercise. It is an exhale. Everything. Any nail. Two, three, four, five and out. Two, three, five, five, four, five and six. Two, three, four, five down to three, seven strong legs holding them up from the bottom and up to three, four, five. We can do one more breath. Make sure that low back is into the mat. And down. Two, three, four or five. Draw the legs in. Take yourself down. No big deal. Yeah, that was great. Right on. All right, let's go from here, right into what? Um, abdominal opening.

So what that means is same starting position. And it does feel heavy when we make it with a long lever. You can always bend the elbows, that's fine. But this is a good challenge. Here we go. And help prepare. Like you're going to do the a hundred exhale, curl up externally. Rotate the hip and at the shoulder. So palms face each other. Inhale, open the arms and the legs together. Fully.

Inhale, exhale, close upper body. Still do it again. Inhale and exhale. Almost reaching under the hip. You don't need to get any higher. You stationary and reach and open. And for if you knew you were only doing six, how much deeper would you go? And here we go. Draw the knees in, lower yourself down, feed on the foot bar, push out to your legs are straight, but one foot in the strap. Engage through the powerhouse, other foot in the strap.

And for now let's just do a few frogs just for comparison for the next thing. First of all, I would like you back in neutral smile. Okay, so from there Ben to frog, you are sorry. From there I should say relax the feet. You're not pushing on the straps. You are working from way high. So I will suggest do as little as you can with your legs to get them out to straight. Here they go. Find opposite. Yeah, it's true.

The legs have to work but not nearly like what we would think and then resist them coming in and it comes from not the leg. It's not just a slow, tight leg. Legs are kind of Jello almost, and I'm deepening in and out. And the truth is you can do this faster. We just kind of want to feel it and know what our habits are. Android and now let's do just three more little quicker. Exhale, pressing out and inhale, pulling in. It's almost like an energetic shift. You're just thinking that way or feeling it. Move that way and feeling it. Move in one more time like that. Ooh. Yeah.

It's amazing how much your glutes work if you don't use your legs. Okay, so we're back in frog. Let's push out to what looks a little more like a diamond shape. Yep. Externally rotate the hips quite a lot. Make sure that you have not tucked to your pelvis here and from here using the same initiators, the hips, you're going to press straight down. That's it.

And then let the light come as high as you can without moving the pelvis. But stop if you get to 90 and from again, way low, not from your feet. The feet have nothing to do with this except for we had to attach the straps somewhere lower down. It's like the thighs. Yeah, and up. Okay, we've got it now and hand up noticing what you notice in your body and I will be changing it. You can stay with this if you'd like.

Otherwise you come back up to approximately 90 without moving the carriage. It's as if you're going to screw the legs into the ceiling so you extend them committing to the attempt to externally rotate, perfect rebound to the diamond and lower the legs. Make sure that upper rib cage is anchored, otherwise you'll feel it in your low back with that long lever. Bring it back up and extending the legs. And I will say as my feet drift to the ceiling, I'm guiding the legs deeper into the hip socket. So I feel high, high contraction there. Rebend anchor those ribs into the mat and Paul, let's do one more of those. Inhaling up. How are you feeling this like I am. I love this. Okay, good. Then we'll do two more. She loves it. Extend. Find opposition. Find opposition. It's almost effortless in the legs, but boy, quite a lot elsewhere. Recheck the ribs.

I say that almost more from me, but it's a real tendency to let go there. One more an extend. You can squeeze your glutes all you want as long as you don't change your spine. When you do it, bring it back and lower all. Alright Darling, straighten your legs out there. Let's do, um, just three down circles again, with those little use of the legs as possible, I'm well aware that we actually have to use them. Anchor Higher.

Inhaling around and up together and exhale down. Pause when you get to the bottom, reverse it. Inhale, lift them up and lift them from right under your chest. Open. Exhale down around. This is where I remind everybody not to drive energy through the knees. Super easy to do here. One more time. Pretend you don't have a strap. Okay.

From down here, if we go out wide or maybe not, we'll go as wide as you feel comfortable. And then five small circles from here, you will be moving the carriage, but you're moving the legs from high up. So it's again, gotten little to do with your feet. I'm just making a circle. Well that's maybe more of an oval, but easy knees. And then reverse it. [inaudible] dense, slow, deliberate, but hopefully deep. And I believe that is it. So let's bring them back together. Bend the knees, take one foot out at a time. Put it on the bar.

Put Your dailies away, your straps. And what do we have? We still have that one and a half on there. Don't we? [inaudible] good for us. Balls of the feet. Put your head rest down please. Some we're going to do bottom lift here on the balls of the feet. This is quite light. So when we cramped, just shaking.

Okay. All right. So, and if you know you cramp a lot, just go right to the heels. Um, that would be fine. Here we go. Inhale, we're not moving the carriage. So that's our one goal. Exhale, we draw the abdominals and to curve, to stretch to round the low back as it peels off growing. Take your time. Feel the hamstrings. Just incredibly kick in. Oh, keep guiding those hips up. And we um, on back down. Yeah, I'll go. I knew that was coming to here. Here we go again.

Inhale. Remember you can use your and you can move the carriage a little if necessary, but we're just trying not to inner thighs peeling up all the way. Get up there and get up there more than you think. Inhale and exhale down. I'm going to make my legs wide to see if I can keep at no problem. No problem. Making the legs wide to prevent the cramping I think is probably a good idea. The only thing I'd caution you against go ahead, is that don't splay the knees so much that it becomes a lot of glue to keep the hamstrings a big part of it.

It's a better and inhale, it's still gonna cramp. You know what? Well that's fine cause we're done with those anyway. Bring them down and then stretch one leg up. It doesn't have to be straight. It just has to stretch. You can flex the foot if it suits. Yeah.

And then change when it feels right. It's just how it goes. Right. That normally I would give that on a heavier weight. I do two, two and a half. Actually, not that you wouldn't cramp on that either, but it tends to be less so. Alright, let's come up please and take off the uh, half spring the Greens. Fine. Yeah. Good. And come to this position.

So the standing lens with a slight change if you either one, we're going to be on that side. Yeah, exactly. Either one. So foot at the shoulder rest knee, just offset the forward foot. Um, that's perfect. How you have it back a little bit. Sometimes we put it right at the leg. I intentionally want it back where it is. Then from on your fingertips go into a posterior tuck. So maybe that alone would give you a little hip stretch. Would it? Okay.

Then put, and you might have to adjust the kneecap please. If you want to just keep your body where it is and push the knee back as you. And by the way, and you look just fine. As I push the knee back, I'm trying to press the hips forward to resist. Okay. Right. Got a mild stretch, their hands go flat. Keep the body as still as possible to extend the leg to straight.

The knee comes off. If you need to lift the hips, you should, but enjoy the stretch. Even this feels heavy today. Must be tired back legs, super straight. There you go. Cause that is going to be super important for so many other exercises. From here, candy, we're gonna straighten the forward leg. I like to take the one hand outside, hand onto the frame just for not having to balance and think too much. I'm just gently edging towards an anterior tilt if not quite a lot.

Backlinks still straight. Then as we bend the forward knee, also bend the back knee and come back to resting the knee on the carriage, but coming into a gentle stretch and then, well let's come forward and step out of it and now we'll switch sides. Good after you let me Naomi, Naomi. So on a little bit behind, nothing too scientific about it. Finding the place where you feel your hips are. Level. We were upright first just so that we could try to get the hip stretch for a lot of us, it tends to be quad only, so I want to get that. Once you have that, press the carriage back with your foot.

So even here we have a bit of hamstring like in the last exercise. Once it feels okay, if it feels okay, if you want to take it for that, you would just continue pressing the carriage. I always have to adjust my toes there. Okay. Strong back leg, that is heaven, isn't it? Breathing just sort of relatively comfortably.

And then using the forward leg, starting to anteriorly tilt coming forward. Make sure that you kind of keep the ribs contained so you don't go into a big arch of the back that won't help you too much. And then it's up to you whether you want to lift the foot. I find it more, uh, more if I don't more in the way that I need it. So you would decide I find it uncomfortable with my foot. Uncomfortable on the heel. Yeah. Yeah. The wood floor is probably alone. Then bend the forward knee, hand back to the foot bar and eventually bend the back knee. So you're Kinda have at resting and then you can just step forward and out of it.

Good. Okay. Let's do a little short box. Grab the box foot bars. We'll go down for these reformers. Just moving the gear in one. So we were just on one spring. Let's put, just so it doesn't move about load it up with all the springs or most of the springs and climb about, oh you know what, I'm going to teach safety. Yes, you definitely want, you don't want the carriage moving around, so why not just lock it down? Okay. So what we'll do slightly different, um, maybe then you usually do it, it actually is just the Bessie or initial version. So rather than straightening the legs like we do later, let's bring the box slightly forward please. That's good.

And it probably works back there honestly, but for some reason I've gotten used to doing it this way cause it just, there's not a whole lot of movement about, okay. Sitting on top near the right now it's me too. Okay. So you, I am purposely sitting at the front edge of the box. I am hooked under my strap securely. I can reach them, I can, in this particular scenario I can reach all the way. If you can't, that's fine. You might end up having to slightly separate your feet. You just want it to be relatively snug and here's why not so that you can pull up on it. Rather, I want you to be able to gently push down.

And now that we have the carriage locked, you might not know it. If you push hard while I guess you would. It's not cause I want to push to work the legs. I want to gently press down on it to feel the hamstrings. And when, when you do that, you're going to feel way more abs. Can you feel the hamstrings? Can I feel I just press down right now? Uh, you could, it'd be kind of hard at the moment cause then they can't really go anywhere.

But Watch, as soon as we start going back here, I'm gonna encourage the thigh actually to press into the box. Just this, the thigh into the box, the hamstring into the O or toward the floor. The back of the thought. Okay. Okay. So for him over for him and let the arms arrest for the moment and you're up in hill. Prepare. This is round back. Exhale, squeeze the butt. Lift the arms. Just you pull away from the arms around me. Backs to somewhere around here there's an m. It's not huge. It's just a, an awareness of pressing the thighs down. Now you does that work for you.

It looks like you're there. Inhale, keep pressing the thighs gently down. Exhale, pull the abs back as you keep the thighs gently pressing down and then roll up. And now it's not feel like you're going to feel a lot in the five. But my point is you'll feel the abs more hopefully. So this is very much likely our warmup exercise.

The one we started. Yup. Set the box was mom. That's right. It's almost identical. In fact, that's where I kick. I took that from this. Okay. Yeah. And then eventually I'd back us up a little. I mean move the box back, but I think we're good. Here we go. Inhale, exhale and rolling back so the knees will move as they need to move, right? They'll end up a little straighter than when they started. That's cool. Good.

Inhale and exhale to go forward. All right, we got it. So I'll let you decide where to stop. I'm going to go a little further this time. Inhale, exhale, roll. So making sure you feel comfortable in which case if you do, you can go over. I'm just going to leave the arms today. Tucking the chin. If you went back, hamstrings are geared in that way.

You don't just pull onto your back and sitting up straight. Last one. Inhale. Exhale, drawing back, rounding. Okay. Inhale, pause, or continue your extension. Exhale to roll back up and inhale straight and your spine. Taking your hands behind your head, Lisa fingers fully together and be able to see your elbows a little bit so that you can feel the length of your neck. You can almost pull up on your skull and down on the shoulders for flat back.

So good. How already? See that a little bit of low body awareness. Inhale, as we hinge back, you must take the pelvis with you. Exhale, great. Come back. Another good place not to pull up on the strap, but to gently guide down gently. Here we go. Inhale to go back. It's not a ton of hamstring. I don't mean to say that exhale, it's just that if they're involved you disperse the energy and you know. Okay. Yeah. Two more.

One more. Biggest mistake we make is not taking the hips with us so those hipbones are moving back as we do the tilt. Pretty small. Leaving the hands here. Heavy shoulders. Inhaling up and over to the right opposite hip is down. Exhale, bringing it back in heel. Soften the shoulders and I think if you let your elbows come forward, we'll, there we go. Inhale up and over to the left and exhale.

The attempt to make this bigger I think lets the shoulders come up. [inaudible] and email up over and back. Nice, long spines. Long next, the last two. It's like a up that way and then we bring it center and up and over and central. Ready for the twist to your right. Redraft the shoulders. Here we go to the right. Inhale, rotate and lean on the diagonal.

Reaching to the back corner of the reformer. Exhale to hinge, Baca and center. Inhale, rotate and lean. Exhale to come back up and center. And now check that the hip bones move with you. For a lot of people, they say it feels like a tuck. And in fact, if you were in neutral, that's how you start in a tuck. But you stay there. Hmm.

It's good. Once more each way. Inhaling, theoretically, still in nailing. Exhale to come up. No arch, really. Maybe tiny bit at the upper end, but not really. Let's not think about that too much. And up we go. All right. Really serums I am not doing roundabout. We'll go into climate tree. I like to ask. Yes with twist. Are you keeping your knees even? Yes.

And do you let your hip follow your upper body? Does it twist with you or come off the mat about when you, um, when you twist something to me, make sure I've got all the answers, all the question. When you twist, you change the knees? No. Okay. Okay. At least you try not to. Then as your, what was the second part of the question? Do they stay anchored? The hip stay anchored and I'm going to say that you are there.

Let me just think it through before I answer it and change my mind. They stay pretty anchored. I probably had a little bit more weight on the right side as I turned right. But that left side is definitely down the left side. That's right. I'm not doing that and I do think and to have it not move at all as I go back, it would slightly change where I'm going. It would make it just straight back.

So I am going over there a little bit. Not much. I mean it's probably not that different to your eye. So probably if you keep your knees together and your feet from shifting, the upper body will respond as it should. That's right. That's right. You might want to go further, but the truth is, is the intensity that you feel, is it okay? Okay. We did bill site. Okay. Climate a tree. So take your foot out, hold on outside, hug it and close and think about your back extensors for the moment.

And that means you're upright and you're just going to encourage more of that by pulsing the like inward three times. One's pretty small one. Exhale two, three. Hold the back position. Extend your leg. Whether it's straight or not is not as important as your back being straight from here. You're going to draw the ABS in your low back. We'll start around. Take the leg to about 90 and again, don't forget that lower leg now more than ever in meaning the hamstring. Press into that box and walked down to three.

Either hold the leg or hold the box. Inhale to arch back. He might touch the headrest. Exhale, Chin to chest. Hamstring working on that backside and easy up to three. Inhale, roll onto the sit. Bones are just behind. It's probably more accurate and rebound. Hand we go faster now. Exhale, two, three. Inhale, Stir Rach. Rolling the hips back. Walked down. One, two. I'm exhaling. Three optional arms. You can just hold them there. You can circle them. Email around and up we come. One, two, three, inhales sitting back up on top. Let's do one more exhale and pulse.

One and two and three and stretch. Start Rolling it back. When you get to 90 with the leg EXL down, walked down three times three counts and inhale, extend. Exhale up. Three, two more abs than arms. Inhale, roll up. And so on. This one, let the lower leg move as it needs to. You hitting a headdress, put it down. Put the address down. Oh, be cut the box.

Yeah. You probably don't need to. I do cause I like this certain feel after practicing it that way. Um, but so you could do all of this with the like floating in the air like you're used to. Well, and maybe it's a nice to be able to do them all different ways. Yeah. Or to know. Yeah, why I'm doing it that way. All right, we're good. This is my inhale. Exhale. Find your back. Exhale. Three, two, one. Stretch it out. Be Gentle.

Then we roll the position back and we walked down. One, two, three. Decide if you want the extension. There's your inhale, exhale, we roll up, minimize how much the legs do. So eventually in all this hamstring thing I'm talking about, eventually that goes away because you've got a deeper connection. Then you don't kind of use the legs at all. Two, three in heels. That makes sense. Well you use them and yet I always think you used the glutes. I'm one of those people. But in other words, like I was saying, pressed down here eventually you don't need to.

You're holding so deep here in the powerhouse that you don't need to focus at all on balancing out the energy. One, two, three and inhale. But I think it's a good way to learn it. And let's go again and pull. So one and two and three and stern to rural walk. One, two, three and in here, Schick's hailing up when it feels right in and right. Good. Um, how does sight over feel? Good. Now we do need to move the box back. If you normally cover the shoulder as you should. Now, I don't, I just put it right up against the shoulder rest and I'm, you know, I'm not, is that preference because of height? Uh, yeah.

And it's not so much that I'm five, four as much as it is, uh, I mean I'm, I'm relatively short everywhere. In other words, I don't have long legs or in short body, I'm pretty low level. I just don't want to be, if I move it over, I don't have as much to lift. There's more box out here. It's a little more tense, kind of gets in my way. So, so I, I'm probably like any five, six person who has it over. I don't know what my way is exactly like you're doing. Okay, good. Well that's even better. That's even better. Yeah. For me, once I hit go over the box, it feels like I'm trying to get out there to just to clear the box.

So that's why. Yeah. And there's probably wait for, wait, it's probably doesn't make that big of a difference. It just feels like this is scarier or something. I don't know. Okay. So here's how I want us to get into it. Hand to headrest and then just look down your body. Stack your hips. Yep. You look good from here, but you would have a better view. Okay. Then, um, the, the hand that's on the headrest, I actually took it to the edge of the headrest and pushed to get me up there and that's when this foot came up. So now I've got this lower lat. Yeah. Okay.

Then your head, uh, actually probably a one more thing before that. Take this hip and reach it that way and then support what you did. Okay. Um, when you take that hand off. Beautiful. Here we go. Inhale to go out and down. Keep reaching that hip. Exhale up to your straight line hold. Hoping for six. Inhale out and down.

Inhale. So weird. Most definitely stopping before we add the shortening of the top side. She right there. One more hand to the headrest. You can take your hand to the floor. Again, I, it's a little far from me initially, so I go to farm first and then stretch. And if that doesn't feel like I'm getting enough of, then I inched my hand to the ground just behind that head rest and hang.

Notice how it gets quieter when the exercise get harder. We have to right hand to frame, hand to other frame, and here it is. I'm still reaching the leg that's in the strap and then I reached this chest toward the other end of the reformer and I'm gently trying to arch. Not really. Actually, I'm just pulling my shoulders down and it feels a bit like I'm arching my upper back. All right. Help yourself back to the head. Rest with the hands. Push yourself up and we'll change sides. Yup.

All right, well done. These are those. This is that exercise that just has always been hard in fact has gotten harder. I used to be able to do, but we're going deeper. Alright. Same set of hand to the headrest. It's as if you took the palm. Yeah.

Fantastic. What'd you say? Lat extend the hip. Good. Oh, and what else could you do? You could tighten your butt too a little bit, right? There's your help. There's your help hand behind your head and you've got to feel for the straight line. I'm going to look at you just to be sure. Yeah. Lovely. Alright. Are you ready? Take that lower hand off. And here we go. Email as we reach out and down. Exhale out enough.

Finding the long line. Inhaling as if you're reaching over something and then you just retrace the same path. Thinking long number four already. I think don't give up on that leg is gonna want to come with you. You eat, you're in opposition. The last one and hand to head rest. Good. Help yourself to the forearm or hand to the ground for that lateral stretch.

Uh Huh. Yeah, and you can, as long as you're supported, you wouldn't want to hang. Uh, you know, sometimes people have reformers that are tall, lifted off the ground. He wouldn't want to hang without being able to support yourself with your arm. Not like this. Alright. Hand to frame, right hand to the right side, left hand to the left side, straight arms. Reach the shoulders down the chest forward.

And then of course the leg away from you. This might be my favorite stretch ever. And yeah, I teach it to people and they don't love people don't even feel it. So I don't know what that says. Okay. Come back to the headrest to unwind, help yourself up. Couple more important really important things we're going to do and that is first to, you know, since we have the boxes here, now let's do some back extension so we don't have to go back and forth.

So just turn your box to the long box position please. That second side was very hard for me just because my hips a little weak on that, on that second side. More difficult. It's interesting how much the hip has to do with the stabilizing and making that exercise work. It's absolutely true because especially I'd say, yeah I can't, I have nothing to add that the hip is definitely involved with media sis for sure. We're going to one spring. Keep it simple. Are you come back to um, I am.

I am. I W I don't need to. So basically we're going down to one spring. We have moved the bar in just cause that's where our strap was. But since everything else was out, we'll put it back out where it was really. I actually like this one very light spring normally, but I haven't done it this way in awhile. So we're going to do it. Climb a board, pulling straps one, right?

So that's gonna mean the chest just over the box. Legs are long. Kind of take a minute to find some semblance of a position here first. Then reach out, grab the straps and wrap. Unless you have leather straps, you don't need to wrap wraps. You get a nice grip enough that you now you didn't pinch the top of the hand.

So do one of these candy. You've got the shrink shrinkwrap come inside and grab what it does, right? And I know it's going to get heavier, but here's the good news. Now you have something to hold on to so you don't have to put so much energy into your hands. Okay, so from out here, don't worry about pulling much. Um, in fact, leave. Try to leave. Lift your hands. I'll tiny bit. I'm just looking in a mirror out there. Okay. Leave your hands exactly where they are, but pull the shoulders down your back.

Okay. Legs are long. I want to see them lifted ever so slightly. Good. Shoulders down and now leading with the shoulder blades, even if it's heavy, we don't have to go very far, but I think you can pull all the way back to your body. Gum, gum, gum, gum, gum, and then inhale as your arms go forward, you're continuing to press your shoulders towards your hips. Exhale to come. Hug those upper arms and close and inhale as you go down. You have an option here. I want you somewhat in extension, but you could add to your extension as you go.

Won't be much and yeah, things that matter is that their palms are facing the f reformer or your hips the whole time. Can we do two more like this and exhale, pull. Inhaling forward hug, hug, hug and down we go. That enough for you. Good. UNWRAP your hands on. Wrap your hands back up on your box a little bit. You thought that last one was heavy. First, draw the shoulders down, take your arms out to a tee position, draw the abs up, almost off the box and the legs remain level to the box. Start to pull the straps back and then return and exhale as you pull and return.

Go on for five. Here comes number three, pull, pull, pull. Don't let the hands get lower. They're dropping below hip level. There we go. Last one. I think if it's not, it should have been and release. Oh my goodness. It was heavy. Come off the side and the good news. Get rid of the box. We are almost there.

I know what I want to do. Is there anything you're dying for that I haven't done? Jan? Everything I've been dying. Great. So we're going to do a little thigh hinge slash chest expansion possible back extension depending. So, uh, one spring, uh, see, yeah. One full spring.

That'd be fine. Uh, kneeling facing the back of your reformer approach with care. All right, so reach down, grab hold of the handles. Um, and then once you, basically where you're just holding up on the shrink wrap, you'll do again. But not no rapping. All right. Now the tricky part, especially if you don't have a mirror, but I think you do. You can see that. Okay, so I can see you. I'll tell you, you're going to be as upright as possible. Shoulders over knees, you're fine. I would say slightly lengthen your low back, which will probably feel like a tuck a little more than that.

So, um, pull your pubic bone and a sternum there. Now slightly lean forward. Everything perfect right there. Okay. Shoulders are down. We go, we draw the shoulders straight down, back, just chest expansion first. Hug those up, arms close, close, close to you and return. It's not going to be very hard, far behind you just to, there's good and return. Exhaling, you pull of more back. You Go. The more you draw the upper arms toward each other, two more please. And you'd look great. Exhale as you pull one more time like that, that chest lifted, talking to myself mostly and return the arms in front of you a little bit.

Now we turn it into PSI hinge. So you definitely, I just have the arms loosen in front of me a little bit, but they are straight. I incur your, I'm encouraging you to posterior tech, so really let yourself round it. It's going to mean your chest will probably fall downward a little from there. Hinge back, so nothing changes except for the body moves back in space in here. Hold. Keep your butt tight.

Exhale to come forward and at the top you release the glutes a little bit in how re Tuck. Exhale, hinge back. Make sure that you are not rounding. I'd recommend looking down toward the shoulder a little. Look how level the hips are. Inhale, exhale, press everything forward and release. One more. Inhale, scoop belly. Exhale, hinge. It doesn't have to be begged to be effective. Hold, inhale and exhaling right now. Then you're sliding.

Well, you know what, where I'm not going to have you hinge back anymore, I don't think. Okay. Do you want a sticky mat? Okay, well I'm going to just start doing it. So hurry. Draw the shoulders down. You're going to pull the shoulders [inaudible] back then I've exhaled there. I'm going to have you inhale to just lift your chest. Okay.

Only arching your upper back and then return. I will get you sticky math. You're good. Okay. Cause I hopefully with you're not leaning back, it'd be all right. So from the top, your arms are straight. Your inhale, prepare. Exhale, pull your arms straight back. Basically they're gonna end up by your side. You don't have to get too far. Exhale. If you haven't, then inhale, think of a vertical rise through the thoracic spine or the upper back. Maybe you'll end up looking at the ceiling and then Exhale, return to an upright and let the arms go forward. Inhale, exhale. Pull the arms back alongside your body.

Inhale to lift the chest a little. I'm squeezing my glutes so I don't change the spine too much. Exhale, return to upright, neutral, and then really CRM. Just one more. Inhale. Exhale. As you pull in, how to let the upper, the whole spine lengthen upper back will start to curve backwards. Exhale, come back to upright and return. And with that, replace him. Step off the side. More arms. Next. Let's just do a roll down on that last one. I felt, I don't know if I had as mentioned back here, but I felt my sternum lifting and opening.

Great. Then if this is opening the other has to be okay to some extent, unless you took your arms like that or something. But it looked great in the mirror. Okay. All right. So let's just roll down right in here. Exhale, rounding. Mm Yeah, that all felt kind of heavy. Whew.

I'm not sure if that is a cause we were so connected or it's just heavy and then just listen up. Anything else that needs it? I actually really liked it there. Heaviness on the uh, police straps one. Um, I was able to, uh, and I was really able to see my weeds, polling, feeling, that sense. Everything moved. I mean they were actually moving me back. There was [inaudible] the shoulder blades moving. Yeah. Fantastic. All right. I really liked that. Fantastic. Yeah, I a that's normal weight. Um, I know. Yeah. And it felt heavy but it felt good.

Fantastic. Think it's just cause it was initiating in the right places using the right things. It felt right. It felt right and doesn't it always, when we are in the right spot.


Patricia W
Dear Kristie, great super inspiration with your little details;)
Thanks Patricia... I must say I often feel like I talk too much, can't seem to stop it, so I am glad you find it helpful
Hi Kristie,

I also enjoy your workouts because your cueing is so specific and I like your casual, friendly, yet professional style.
Its so nice to find a fellow yapper like myself!! ha..
Loved your diamond variations Kristi! Your cues are wonderful, I could really feel where it should be working. =)
Great class. I love the detailed explanations and cueing. Working out with you always makes my day!
Way back into the archives Annie! Thank you!
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Didn't love all the comments from the student…it delayed the workout and I got distracted..
Thank you Maura! We've learned a lot since this video was filmed. It was among our first Reformer videos in our 4th month of Pilates Anytime. I can't say it doesn't happen every so often after this, but I do think we've made some strides since then. I hope you will seek other classes like it.
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Thank you Kristi and Candace- love your discussions- great way to dig deeper into the movements, and have an exchange of ideas.
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