Class #154

Reformer Workout

60 min - Class


This Reformer workout offers some variety and challenge by starting with the warm up on the long box. Class moves right along offering more variety with exercises like Pumping for Foot and Leg Work, Abdominal Openings and Hip Work with a "diamond" variation. Questions are asked throughout class that offer some clarity to the exercises though the flow changes accordingly. Finish strong with Side Overs, Pulling Straps, and Chest Expansion Kneeling with Thoracic extension... Great for posture!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Okay, let's start it. So we're going to start with the boxes on the reformers rather than just storing them. We're going to leave them there preparing ahead. We've already loaded up our springs for fo...


Dear Kristie, great super inspiration with your little details;)
Thanks Patricia... I must say I often feel like I talk too much, can't seem to stop it, so I am glad you find it helpful
Hi Kristie,

I also enjoy your workouts because your cueing is so specific and I like your casual, friendly, yet professional style.
Its so nice to find a fellow yapper like myself!! ha..
Loved your diamond variations Kristi! Your cues are wonderful, I could really feel where it should be working. =)
Great class. I love the detailed explanations and cueing. Working out with you always makes my day!
Way back into the archives Annie! Thank you!
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Didn't love all the comments from the student…it delayed the workout and I got distracted..
Thank you Maura! We've learned a lot since this video was filmed. It was among our first Reformer videos in our 4th month of Pilates Anytime. I can't say it doesn't happen every so often after this, but I do think we've made some strides since then. I hope you will seek other classes like it.
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Thank you Kristi and Candace- love your discussions- great way to dig deeper into the movements, and have an exchange of ideas.
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