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It seems no one leaves this action-packed class without being a little sweaty! The exercise list includes many of the fun ones like the Scissors, Twist, Side bend, and the Push Up. Kristi moves class along at a moderate pace while not sacrificing important cues that will help you execute your exercises with precision and control. Join the fun with this high energy group!
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May 05, 2010
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So we're going to both stay seated. Just stay seated, sits really tall, right in the center of your map and decide for yourself. We've got a a very able group too, so we're going to capitalize on that. Decide for yourself right now what you need, what you want, and I'll give you a template and we'll go for it. So with your knees bent a little closer to you sitting tall, holding on behind the legs. Set yourselves up so your feet feel rooted into the ground, or at least on the ground line your knees up, your inner thighs up.

So they're pointing straight up almost again, like you're rooted. Hold on pretty firmly. You know what we're doing here, but I just believe, I know that set up is everything. So as I jibber jabber away, you're just sort of paying attention to yourself and we lengthen the spine by lifting the spine and dropping the shoulders. Checking in. We'll use the movement tonight to get to whatever it is that you decided you need. Take a deep breath, broadening your back. [inaudible] on the exhale. Let the limbs become a little heavier and narrow your waist without sinking at all. Inhale, filling up [inaudible].

Let it go deep and exhale to come. [inaudible] press reminding ourselves that the breath is one of the major components of this work and exhale on his time. We want to let it go deep, so do not hesitate to let the entire trunk expand. Let's go over all together here. Inhale, filling up and on this exhale will engage the abs and we'll roll back about halfway down, allowing the arms to extend. Move the arms as you need to, but think of rolling through the spine. Imprinting the low back into the median. Here. There you go. Start exhaling deep in your contraction to stay curved and roll up at the last moment. Restack your spine. Inhale and exhale. From here on out, we move, rolling, talking, taking care of modifying where you need to. Inhale, start the exhale, feel as it presses down.

It almost propels the rest of you forward because you're not holding tension there. Inhale, lengthen and exhale. Feeling your hipbones. Pull them away from you as you roll down. Inhale and exhale. Restacking it the last month. It looks like you guys want to let go so we will, and down we go. Remember, you're hugging something with the upper arm so the pecs are slightly involved. Keep your eyes forward. Inhale, take the arms up way back if you can. Exhale, bring them down. Hold for an inhale, start exhaling.

You'll feel sort of a backward pull of the ads as you exhale and roll, stacking your spine, lifting your arms up, and exhale. Same thing rolling back. Let the arms oppose. When you get there, Ian, he'll take the arms up, can go a lot lower if you want Amy just to breast the low back and exhale, arms down. There we go. Inhale and exhale up. Okay, I'm with you now. Straighten you out. Let me change it on you. That was your inhale. Rotate a little to the front. Exhale the roll down just off center, keeping those hands lined up so you don't have one in front of the other.

Inhale, hold it right here. That's all. Exhale. We'll come right back up. Keep the curve. Keep the curve, and only once shoulders over hips. You'll lengthen up, emailing all the way to the other side. Exhale down, let the arms come opposite your chest. We don't have to get too hard just yet. I'll get there. Inhale and exhale going forward to come up, spiraling up, let it be free enough. Uneasy and exhale, hold, inhale and exhale, giving you too many cues, hopefully because last one, I'm hoping that you look for things. I'm hoping that you, you're looking for that place where it just feels good. It feels right and exhales tends to fill solid.

We're coming into the middle of this time and exhaling all the way down your heads. We'll go down to the mat, so if you feel like you need to move forward to you, heads down, draw the feet in a little closer for a couple of pelvic curls. Make them work that inhale. Exhale, hollowing the abdominals to roll right away. Finding the abdominal hamstring couple or the connection so that you feel both sides of your body. Inhale, exhale, melt it back down. Finding more space all the way reaching into a neutral spine. Inhale, exhale. As you roll up, you kind of oppose with the arms. The arms are almost reaching to your ankles, peeling, lengthening, reaching, holding here, and exhale, opening up all the channels, whatever that means to you.

To me it just means moving things around. Inhale to more. Exhale. So everyone in this room has done zillions of classes. I doubt I'm going to surprise you with anything super spectacular. Keep going. So what you're invited to do is look for things differently in your body. So for example, the last pelvic curl here, try not to use your feet, virtually impossible, but it's worth the effort, I promise.

You'll feel those hamstrings kick in pretty significantly. Inhale and exhale down we go. And with that we're going to keep the arms where they are. Keep everything as is except inhale. Exhale, roll your chin to chest, curl up, head, neck, shoulders. Reach the arms as if you are going to do the a hundred but you're not. Inhale, take the arms up and back. Exhale, bring them forward.

Use this as like laser like focus with your eyes. Inhale, looking at nothing but keeping it still and exhale as if you're moving your arms through a solid inhale to exhale this time. Inhale, take your hands behind your head. Exhale, go down and inhale. Exhale, rolling head neck and shoulders up. Again, try to keep neutral pelvis. Try to release the low back this time. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Grab on. Exhale. If you're already high enough, stay there, but sink the abs or pull yourself forward a little bit. There you go. Let go. Inhale, arms up. Put them behind your head. Exhale, lengthen yourself out and you can literally kind of gently pull your head off your back. Inhale, exhale, curling, feeling the bones of your body sinking into the mat. Inhale, hands to legs.

Exhale to sink. Let the elbows bend to the side. Inhale, arms up. Good job, Jim. Put them behind your head and deepen your abs as you go down. That's a hard place to do it. Sometimes it can feel like we're just slowly gone down. The last one sort of exhale up and she love it.

When you hear that inhale, grabbed the legs. Exhale, instinct to come. Inhale, arms up. You do replace them behind your head, but now we'll rotate to the front. Exhale. Then can shoulder to hip. Keep the height as you come through the middle on an inhale to the back. Exhale, yes. Inhale tends to be a little smaller, I think than you think. Inhale through the middle. Exhale as you kinda reach to the corner. Inhale through middle. Exhale, reach and inhale almost there. Come back to the center. Reach to the back of the legs. Give it one more exhale.

Deepen. Loosen up, neck and shoulders. If you need to, arms go up. You can come down a tiny bit, Jim. Yeah, it's almost too high. There you go. Stretch one leg out. Other leg out there on the floor. They're together. Reach the arms forward and exhale to come up. Oh, that was not nice at all of me. Inhale, exhale. Down. We go. Oh wait. This is what we need. A quick, quick break. I'm seeing a little bit of this, so pull those collarbones straight. You can round your back all you want, but the collarbones are straight. Thank you. Down, we go. Exhale all the way reaching back.

Keep the back of the ribs on as soon as your head touches were up again, inhale, we can leave the arms a little higher if you want. Stretching forward and hold. Inhale, exhaling down in Nice Position Jennifer and I am going a little faster. It's not your imaginations come with, thank you Andy and I'm with you and down so again with this crowd you can make the breath work for you. If I've changed the pace and you don't feel like I'm giving you enough time to do the breath, you do whatever you need to do. It's meant to help you tonight.

You don't have to follow me exactly though. I will be giving you a breath pattern one more like that and then as you go down we're going to the shoulder blades. When you get there, stay there. I'll let you can keep the arms where they are or you can take them up if you feel like your low back isn't making contact at all. I would bend the knees. In fact, I am going to bend the knees just a little from here. Arms up at the highest. This is where they'd be.

Exhale and just press the line right below your chest into the mat. You can think of that other end of the front or the back of the body. You don't need to see anything other than straight in front of you. Yes, Jennifer. I wouldn't go any higher than that. Keep it small gang. Keep it small. The energy is down, right? We don't even have to move up, right, Deborah? Yup. Oh boy. Oh boy.

You can come up on the next one, but do it with grace like it's not a problem. Straighten out the legs. If they were bent to take a full stretch forward, grab on where it seems right, but like a ankles or feet and an encourager. In fact, everybody's slightly bend your knees a little. That's a little start to flex the feet and flatten your back on the diagonal. I'm using my arms by the way. I am whole. I'm pulling. I'm like, yeah, keep your knees bent. Re round was just sort of pulling the ribs off the thighs as you round.

And again, lengthen, just want to give us a sense of our upper backs before we really get going. So hopefully let me check things out and lovely. Good. Keeping it there. Take one arm overhead. Doesn't matter which right alongside your ear.

Yeah, take the other arm up, breathing, however it suits you now without lifting the shoulders off your back without thrusting ribs forward. Just take the line you all have and get longer. Just think it. Hmm. Pull deeper into the abdominals and the front side without rounding your back. Find ease in the arms though. They're straight. One more inhale.

And on this exhale you can round forward. Roll all the way down to the mat. Bring your knees with you. Once you get almost down there, bringing them up to tabletop arms right above your chest. Take a moment, press your shoulders into your waist. I think of that as like a side feeling, maybe a little to the back for the a hundred with, I'm going to cue it without pumping the arms a lot. You're welcome to pump a few prefer inhale, exhale, reaching forward. Take a second check in. Do you feel the entire low back down? You should.

Inhale, reach the arms forward and up. Exhale, press all the air out. All of it. Three, four, five. Email two, three, four, five and two. Three I've emailed. The energy is going forward, right out your feet, right at your fingertips. But put the, I guess the focus. I think of it as lat or armpits, don't I? Huh? And bump all letter and email.

The email is by far not the easy part. Giving you three more. You could even have your glutes a bit tight. I would recommend it. In fact given ourselves a one more here. Draw the legs in and set them on the ground. Great. From here, bring your feet in just a little closer. So all I did, my feet are together. I came up to the tips of my toes. Yup. And your arms are perfect as they are, but make sure you're reaching the shoulders from there.

You're going to tilt the knees off to one side. You can lift that opposite hip a bit. Yup. There you go. Inhale, start the exhale. Find the obliques and drag your legs back to center. Inhale to the back, sort of just a little wake up and exhale to bring them back to center. Everything else is still make it kind of, I don't know, small but intense. I can give you guys that kind of cute. Look how cute your toes are, Emily.

They even match the mat with flowers. I love it. Last two please. Huh? You too Andy. Next time. Next time. I want to see it and that reminds me. All right folks, here we go. Bring your knees up. Let's play, shall we? We're going to do, I don't know, like five regular double leg stretch then, then just like pay attention after that. Curlier and neck and shoulders up. Now I've put all this pressure. I gotta think of something. Alright, squeeze the glutes a little. It's not a lot and do not tuck to do it right. It's just sit bones together. We inhale, spread it out. Exhale, scoop and draw in and inhale and exhale.

Remind yourself now at the point of the exercises, which is absolute stillness in the trunk. Two more on this one. Actually, just stay out there. Exhale helium in the arms and legs. They float up. Inhale, they lower, absolutely no pressure. Changes on the back. Keep your head forward. If you look at your feet or hands, you're going to get neck tension. Inhale, stretching. Excellent. And in him can make this teeny tiny or not do it at all, right? Lots of choices.

One more time. We'll bring it all the way up. Bend the knees, let your head go down just for the moment. Big Inhale, recheck your shoulders. All that. Come right back up on the exhale. Extending the front leg, leg closest to the front. And then we change and we go one, one and two. Two for a moment, forget about the legs and generate more power in the middle. Your legs are still gonna move the same but you aren't so interested in them. And purchase. Press, press.

I need one more right here. Bring both knees in. Roll your heads down. Look to the front. Well look to the back. Come back to the center, hands behind your head and curl head, neck and shoulders up. Extend your like straight if you can. Right over 90 pull the tail bone gently into the mat. That shouldn't bother your low back. If you're curled up high enough tonight, turn the legs out from the hip joints. Squeeze the glutes. Inhale, trying to let the legs go away from you. Not necessarily low.

Exhale from below the chest down to bring it back up. Inhale, lengthening freedom in the hip joint. Sometimes when we try too hard, we kind of dragged the legs in closer. No, let them go. Doesn't mean your glutes aren't working. Doesn't mean the legs aren't involved, but let them be heavy. Julie, two more lovely, easy feet. One more. And from there, bend the knees back to parallel. Rotate toward the bent knee to the back. Crisscross and we'll go. Let's go. We'll count this as one one.

[inaudible] it doesn't really matter if I count if I don't tell you how many, Huh? I'm never quite sure. Yeah. How about one more set after this one? Here we go. La, la, La and back to center. Bend the knees. Sit your head down, leave your feet up. How are we doing? Fabulous. Dig those legs up.

Don't straighten them all the way though. Little tiny knee bent. I'm going to encourage for now just to float your head off the ground and, and I should say head and shoulders just barely hovering. So I'm not in full flection. From there, a little pelvic curl to pick the tailbone up and set it down. So the very little swing, Tuck, lift, keep the upper body still. That's kind of the hard part. Lift. Oh, that's a little bit easier in some ways cause we don't have to control for the low back as much. So yeah, think about, I'm rolling up.

I hold a roll down. It's true. The legs are going to travel towards you a little. That's not a big deal. Just don't throw them up and down and belly to spine, up and down. One more time. Okay. So that's what you want to kind of initiate with, with for the roll up. I mean rollover, extend your legs, arms are down by your side now.

Yes. [inaudible] so once again, the legs are long, pretty easy. Here they comes in. Help prepare. Show how easy it can look. Oh to go over on that exhale. Inhale, flex your feet. Separate them. Only the width of your hips. If you, if you glance out and your feet are way wide, that's too much. Exhale as you roll down the feet can lower finding opposition.

It's as if you're trying to leave your feet on the opposite side of the room. Circle the legs to close in Hilton 90 exhale up over. Hit that horizontal position. Inhale, flex separate, lower and down to [inaudible]. Find the tailbone. Point, the toe circle and close. Inhale 90 exhale up to go over in this position, you should feel your glutes a little, not a lot, but a little. Inhale, flex, separate, lower end down. That's Great Jim. Nice job. Loving it and let's reverse it. Sorry for the late call.

Keep the test pointed to the V. Exhale up and over with toes pointed. That's it. Now squeeze the legs close from high in the glute. Flexing them. Yup. Just bring the feet together. That's right. Flex your feet even more. Gym Push. Yup. And parallel. Parallel like bring them together. You're right. Just bring the toes together too. There you go. Now you go. Yeah, almost there Andy. We're almost there. We're catching FTF point the toes.

Reach the legs, circle around if we go nice and control. Nice and control. Yes. Now if you could stay where you are for just a second, I'll use Jim again as my example. You are pushing into me with your feet pulling away. Sorry them. I moved my hand. Push in my leg, push straight up. Say there you go. And then the abdominals are pulling opposite. Good.

Stay there for just a second. I want to do it to actually you guys look good. Alright. Lower the legs and exhale to roll down. Did you feel the difference? Gym that kind of lift it over. You are in pain by then. Oh my fault. And variably painful. That's not at all what I was going for. Okay, Ben.

Johnny's thinking. Amy, I have such good students. They just do what I say. Carry on. I'll catch up with you. Well done. Okay. Shoulder bridge. So your feet are on the mat in a pelvic curl position. Very nice. Okay, so I'm not going to say it's the halfway point cause it's not. But are you headed in the direction you intended to go? If not, I would switch gears now. All right. Feet are ever so slightly apart.

It's the most precise pelvic curl you're ever gonna do. Cause it matters. Here we go. Exhale to PLF. And that means there's, it's almost effortless in some respects. Not, not lack of intensity. Pick the leg closest to the back of the room, but before you pick it up, just in time, draw deeper into the ABS. Okay? And I say that because I want you to feel the hamstring. I want you to feel the stability so that when you do pick up that leg anytime you like, now that you just feel like that was nothing.

I don't even know where that leg is because everything else is so involved on your exhale point and kick down. All on flexing, come up. Exhale, suit and and nice position with your ribs. Yeah, giving you two more. Stayed Down with it. Drag that leg back into place. Check your position, your your best teachers. Sometimes, even if your eyes are closed, right, you can feel it other side. Inhale if you haven't, and exhale a reminder.

When you're reaching the leg down, it's in fact our reach. We're a little less interested in the down. Here we go. Everybody up and down now and up and down to go. Oh, there we go. A couple more. This one will stay down. Bring it back into place. Inhale, readjust.

If you found yourself slightly arching, fix it and down we roll. Hmm. Down or you're [inaudible] right from here, bringing your legs up to tabletop. Hold on behind your knees, curl, head, neck and shoulders up. Our attempt, our game, if you will, is going to be to keep the shins parallel. It's fine if the legs drift away a little bit. Just don't let the legs go. The shins go up or down and you're going to roll up by pressing the ABS to the floor. The legs into the hands on my legs are going into my hands. A little rock would be absolutely fine.

Collarbones wide. Yeah. Let's go down like that. My suggestion would be to start at the sit bones, squeeze them toward each other or attempt to, and then place yourself down. And I am very much, once again, pressing the legs into the hands to sort of complete what feels like a kinetic chain or circle to lower down. Yeah, keep the glute. That's the help when you've gone as far as you are going to, which would be maximum mid back. Come back up again. Checking my shoulders. Yes. Yeah. Great. Bring the feed in. Quite close. Same contraction for rolling like a ball.

Now we don't stop anywhere along the way. We keep it smooth. Here it goes. Inhale back, exhale and inhale. Exhale. So keep going. Let's come to the next one up and stop. If you're used to doing it with the likes turned out, put them together. If you're used to doing it parallel, turn the news out and go deeper into the curve.

So I guess I'm trying to get you to do opposite what you're comfortable with. Here we go. And, oh, that wasn't a good idea at all. Just kidding. Go ahead. Inhale. Oh, watch. Can you bring it any closer, Emily? It looks good. I'm just curious. Okay, next one. Come up. Stay up. That was not challenging enough for you. Just me. Elbows on your knees. Pick whichever knee position you like. If you're used to, you know, go to the one you know I would.

He'll have the hand on your forehead. The curl is at the lumbar spine. Do your best to maintain contact with both points with the shoulders down. Jim, here we go. And inhale back. Exhale up. Just do what? You can. Just do it. You can. Don't get too attached and he'll back. One more. Oh, good. When you get up, stay feet on the ground. Sit Up nice and tall, right? Yes. Jim, you have something to say to me? Okay, good.

Are you warm? I think I just realized all the doors are closed. Yeah, I kinda like it. I'm just kidding. Oh, and what do you need? Windows fans? Nothing. Continue. Here we go. Spine stretch. Sitting tall. All right, good. I like it. No one minds a little sweat in here. Inhale, grow tall on this. Inhale, make it worth it. Exhale as you round forward. Yes. Good, good. And I'm just going to do one little thing. Nevermind.

You've got it. Inhale it right into your back extension. So you're going to float into that long line to down slightly, Andy, just slightly. Okay. I'm liking what I'm seeing here. Exhale, reground and give you that one and then I'm going to add some detail to it and roll up your spine. Lovely. So that's the version we're doing. If you'll just rest your arms for one second, I promise I'll get you moving again. There's a cue I've been giving that doesn't work and I don't have a replacement for it. So here as you come you, this all looks great, Jim. What I was going to correct was that, but you did it yourself.

Everyone's getting good lines here. And I'm going to say that this is about where we're at and I feel like I might be wrong. I'm not sure that I could go slightly longer right here. Is that true, Mary? Okay. So instead of when I'm saying, I don't know what I say anymore, but it was some version of get longer. What tends to be is that the attempt is there and that's not what we need.

We need to get up there. Okay. So that, I don't know how to say it, but that's what I mean. Here we go. When I say do that thing, that's what I am talking about. Exhaled around. And it starts from low. So right now, inhaling, allow yourself to come maybe higher than you think you want to. And exhale if we haven't already, just breathe there. Inhale.

One more time just to get longer. Yeah, yeah. And exhale round. That's good. That's good. And Roll Up. And now onward. Same idea. And I'll watch for it. Inhale heavy arms. Exhale sir. Inhale, stacking your spine. And now if once you're there like Amy, you could probably lean forward. We know Emile. Yup, go ahead. Bring the whole posture for it. Go for it. Go for it. Go for it.

Now just pull the ribs in a little bit. Oh my God. That's perfect. And exhale, round to roll. Yeah, I don't mean to make you hold back, but just get that straight line. Hey, I'm looking good. Exhale, turn. If you don't mind, go for it. Inhale into your back extension. Okay. Now just pull those ribs in a tiny bit and more arms to the back. Yes. Exhale round. Lovely. Lovely to roll up. Lovely and in exhale to around it.

Great. Oh, it looks good. I think we're ready to do that variation that we all know and love and heal into your back extension. Stay there. When you get there, you can lean forward a little. Yep. From there, gently think of pulling the shoulder blades together. It's pretty small and it's not without holding the abdominals. And so let's do a little puffs of air. There's this like all directions. You're trying to stretch or you're up on that diagonal.

You're gently pulling it on the ABS. You're gently pulling back with the shoulder blades. Yup. Couple more. If you feel like you could lean into it more with that posture. Do holding it there. Inhale, exhale to round. Roll yourselves right up. Whooo. Close the feet.

Bend the elbows. Just like so. Make sure your wrist is over your elbow and then take it out to the side and make sure it's still like that. Yeah, and I'm going to suggest on Emily, Emily, to bring your elbows forward. Yeah. And Lean your nobody back a little more. I take your ribs with you. Perfect. Is that too weird? If it's hip flexor, you bend your knees, but I like where you're at. All right, and last little piece. Turn your pumps towards your face. All right.

Coming toward the front of the room. Double exhale and the the work is up, up. Inhale, center to the back. Your feet don't get to move. That means your hips don't get to move. That's really what I want to say and Oh, oh, oh. Almost like, forget it now. That's not right. Anchor through the sitz bones so you can lift off of something is a difference between just straining like you. You're heavy in the sit bones. Light everywhere else. One more like that and then I'm a slightly change it.

Very slightly. Go slower now without the devil pulse, take yourself as far as you can on any breath. I'm going to say inhale, but back to inhale. If you have an exhale, extend the arms and don't pull them in on yourself and get 'em longer emailed. Twist a little more of, not from yanking on the arms, but somewhere deep inside the cage. And then exhale. Fold the arms as you come back to center. Whew. Inhale, rotate toward the back. When you get as far as you think you can, you just extend the arms, but kind of use that as leverage to pull. He asked every yest every yes to every yes, Deborah.

Inhale old it or reach more. Whatever you think. Exhale as you come back, you're folding the arms back to center. Inhale, last one. Each way. Rotating. Flex the feet so you can kind of feel out. Position. Exhale, those arms. That's it. That's it. That's it. Inhale, getting more. You might feel a deep, long stretch through everything. Exhale to come back. Thank you Andy. And last one. Inhale, rotate. Exhale. A long at your wingspan just gets that much bigger. Each inhale, see what more you can get out of it without straining. Exhale, come back.

Well done. All right, just round over your legs and take a little breather. So to me there's a difference between strain and work or intensity. So I suppose I should clarify that ever so often. So straining is like cranking on yourself and intensity is different, you know, you know, pushing the limit. We said, what did you say? It's not strain.

Strain is limiting that what she said, it's like [inaudible] muscle. Right. And whatever else. I said if uh, God, what did I say? I was just there pushing the limits is the other thing is the not straining work. Right? Let's move on. Open like rocker from, I mean not to stop the flow anymore cause I'm, we're behind the tail on this. Hell, we'll get into it behind the table before, sorry Amy, before you pick the legs up. It's not a power trip. It just feels like one, you are going to draw the legs deeper into your body. Um, so we find the back and just pick up one leg and from there hold that leg from right into your chest. And it's an odd cue, but it's kind of true.

Hold it there. Pick up the other one and we don't even need arms for this. I'm just gonna face you for one second and then set one down and pick it back up a little higher. Trying not to work from the hip joint. Switch legs down. Pull it up a little high and down alternating. So the back is still right. Yeah. So now you could do anything you wanted with this. Let's keep 'em up.

Now grab on. It shouldn't really change much. Go ahead and extend your legs holding behind the ankle or calf. You could leave your knees bent because we're a little more interested in the spine. Okay, win here. Good. Now let's go with gym. Inhale back. Exhale up. I login. Love and eager student. Easy, easy back.

This isn't one of those exercises that strain wants to come into play as help, but in fact it does exactly the opposite. Back to come up and yeah. [inaudible] begin thinking about how you could lighten up on the arms. I'm not suggesting let go. I'm just saying, how could I lighten up and have the same sensation in the middle of my body or deeper? Last one. Hold it. I'm gonna ask you to slide your hands a little further down towards your knees.

A little. Just you can get a hold a good hole and pull the legs into the body. Pull the legs into the hip tuck as I'm pulling. Then engage the ads. It might feel like a little bit of a tech to try to hold the legs. You can even just let go once. If you can leave that leg there and then find it. Hold getting ready together and then find it.

Can we do both? Lower the legs and have a seat? Yeah. Was it different? Which leg was easier to hold? Okay. I didn't know if it was okay. All right. What I'd like to do is, one we haven't done in a little while. Um, but I can, yes, we're going to do scissors and bicycle. So to get into it, everyone has a little bit different way.

So if you'll indulge me for one second you'll be, I'll ask you to do a rollover. I all, I walk my upper arms closer, but it's up to you. Bend your knees, lengthen your back first. So it's as if my hips are going more over my head and then I in fact arch my back and set my hands. This is where it's most comfortable for me. I'm totally supported. Ultimately it's, if I had to write it down, I'd say put your hands at your hips, but fools me kind of too far that way. So I'm thinking more up arched and Walla. And then the, the trick is, um, I think what I'll do is start you here so that you can feel this leg is the one you want to be thinking of no matter which exercise we're in. It's a reach.

And as I press the leg downward, I'm also lifting my hips upward. That's the trick. If there is one, okay, if you just do that, you're going to go with it. It's going to be in your neck. If you do this, which is what most everyone else does, when they're not thinking about it, it feels like nothing other than wrist pain. So let's at least get something out of it. If it's not going to be comfortable, which is not that Mr [inaudible] was not that concerned about comfort. Here we go, we bend the knees, we extend them overhead, we perform a roll over like that's all we were going to do. Then bend your knees again. So the legs are just sort of easy. Again, I walk my upper arms closer to each other cause that's where I'm comfortable.

Start to lengthen your back. So it's like you're lifting a slight bit taller to arch your low back and set it in your hands. So go over a little more. Jim has got it. Definitely be down. Yeah, way down. There you go. Hang out there from home. Yeah Dude, just finish a rollover. Go ahead and do a full rollover for a second. There you go. So that's where you want to be there. Now Bend your knees. Yup.

And now you're gonna stick your bum out and arch your back like that. Okay. From there, take your left leg and reach it toward the floor. As you continue to lift your hips upward. Yes. Then extend the right leg, but all of you, although that looks great, Mary, you stay where you are. I'm going to have to lift that right, like higher to the ceiling a bit to make an actual scissor. Good work and switch. Just hang out when you get there for one second.

So Andy reached this leg down a little. Your hips over your head a little. There you go. And raise a forward like a bit towards the ceiling. A little higher. There's your scissor and let's go and switch. Pulse, pulse, change, pulse. Nice. Debra and pulse. Pulse. Jennifer, just keep your knees straight and reach the like that's going away from your body. The um, away from your face. And one more. Do you want bicycle? Is that enough? Okay, that's enough Ben. Both knees release your hands carefully and slowly roll down. Good. Yeah. Good.

All right. What was weighted to my, what was the good cue to lift? To lift the hips out of your hands while you're reaching the leg. Great. Great. Fantastic. Perfect. That's what we're hoping happens when we walk. Not that your risks are there, but, but you are extending the leg back up, lifting up out of your head. So that's how it's functional. If anyone asks. Okay.

Uh, where are we Wendy? What should we do? Sides. It is lying on your side please. Facing the front. Thank you. Yeah. And I'm going to suggest the two of you just sort of separate a little bit. Fabulous. Okay. All right.

So let's go all the way down for the first bit so you can just stretch the arm out. If you're more comfortable with your head on your hands, you can, but I don't think we need it. All right. Your hips are stacked. Great. Great. Lovely. Okay. I'm liking the positions look great. So I'm not asking you to change except for internally. Oh, that sounded horrible. Um, what I mean is you're all stacked up. Just disregard this arm. What you want to do is pull up energetically, it is actually a contraction, but I'm not trying to tuck any of you. Just find that. Okay. From there, inhale.

Exhale. Lengthen your hips away from you until both legs lift. They might lift higher than your hips. Okay? If they do, as long as you are [inaudible] inhale, reach further to almost touch down. In fact, you can lightly tap in. Exhale, lift up again. Good. Inhale down. And again, this is one of those ones. If you over-tighten the legs, you're not going to get anything out of it. If you only, if you knew we were going to do six, get light in the leg. So the abs take all that energy and lift.

Good and lower. Still working on the way down. I think this is actually already sick, so let's keep it. Take your top leg a little further toward the center and lift it. Another six. And it's one and down. And to soften the leg, it's straight, but top three, that's it. Four. Lovely five and six.

Bring the top like to hip height right there. Uh Yep. And now the lower leg lifts up. Squeeze. Hold one. This one takes a little longer and touch down and lift up to try to get the entire foot together. There are five. It's as if you're picking up the leg from deep in the torso holds six. Can you make your waist both sides by the way longer without tightening your legs anymore. Flex your feet. Try for big toes together. Jim [inaudible] try for heels together. Emily, point your toes oddly hard, isn't it?

Flex doesn't even work for everybody depending on skeletons, but I'm seeing some pretty good ones here and flex and point and flex and a soft point. Now I'm going to rethink of that little contraction you did in the beginning, right? The lower belly area. It's just so your back stays long. Turn out the top leg. You might need this top arm for balance on this one and we're making little circles. Easy leg one, two, three, four, five and six. Reverse it. Trying to again lengthen out of the hip joint.

That means you almost don't do anything. Let it just be free as it circles and there we go. That's enough of that. Take it down both legs. Come forward a little bit. Please take that top leg up again. Keep it turned out today. Double check. Your hips are stacked. I'll come look in one second. Yeah.

And then just relax the feats. Basically. Take the leg forward. Come on, come on, lifted up. Don't move the hips here. Turn the leg however you need you to get that leg as far behind you as you can without moving the body and come forward right over my head and he could end up and, all right, so if you can see the hip socket, which I have a very clear image of at the moment. Um, it's a ball and socket and it's as smooth as it can be when it's not in pivoted. Let's get one more. So take your time, right. Fine. The Nixon crannies.

When you come down, let's reverse it. Go behind you. Lift. Denery yeah, yeah. Be Gentle with yourself. Right? Again, the less tension in the leg, the more work against the hip. You'll start getting those glutes kind of kicking in a bit. It's not a lot given you two more.

I slow pace. Let the leg move within the hip socket and down it comes. Now coming up, just slide yourself up to your forearm and tonight for a change. I'm going to ask for turned outside kick in this sort of modified version. Okay. Abs are in right and you're little lifted up proudly to lift that top leg.

Keep the inner thigh pointing ahead. Here we go. It's kick, kick and behind and kick kick. When you go behind, reach to the back corner a little bit. The body's still pretty still. Pulse, pulse, rouge and pulse. Pulse reach. One more time. Pulse, pulse, reach, hold. Bend that knee. If you can reach and grab it. Do, if that's not comfortable for your, walk them to come all the way down. That doesn't work for you. Can set the foot down and Tuck your pelvis in and guilt tiny bit out of it as a stretch.

It's an intense sponge tonight. I love it. All right, we haven't been there too long. So let's come up. Cross that top leg in front. Three side bend, three twists. Jim, just a quick reminder cause when what we changed from your position a couple months ago, it was so good. I want you to remember it cause I haven't done in awhile at when we get to the twist. Uh, once we've come from here, um, there wasn't much of a lift that was happening from you. So just a reminder that it's that big. Like I know you will. Alright, here we go. Side Ben first though. So no twist.

You're stable, you're lifted here it comes in here. Take a minute to find the straight line with your hips. It's takes some time. Sometimes good. Continue lifting at the waist as you keep the arm relatively straight as it goes over, I feel that underside arm reaching into my waist. Inhale, come on. Length and again, and Ben, does anyone want us to come back and inhale, lift up, drop your hips, a little Emily. Exhale. Now inhale, lengthen out. Feel those lines.

And one more like that. Inhale, lift up. Exhaling inner thighs will help you here. Inhale to the side. And down here comes those twists. You decided you can always put a knee down or you can opt out. Inhale, lift from this lower oblique first as you spiral, reaching right across your chest. So let's not go to the ankle tonight, right across the chest. Inhale, reopen inner thighs help you. If you want more, you hindered the waist. Watch the shoulder and that's more important. Lifting up. Exhale, twist.

Inhale, reopen, hinge at the waist or bend the knees for a little less pressure on that. Our last one up we come and under inhale the little noises coming out. A few guys from here. Oh, lower knee, lower knee. Take that top leg. Reach it a little further. Take some weight out of this free arm. Go to your fist and not much pressure there like someone's holding you up here. Take the leg up, soften the knee.

I'm going to say turn your knee down a little bit. Yeah, just come forward a little. I'm going to say hand behind your head just so you can feel your neck as long and take it behind. Just five, two and back. If you can think about it. After all that flex to come forward, three back and someone's going to help me remember all that one more. Surely. And with that bend, take a little stretch here. [inaudible] carry on. Light yourself down from the top. As they say, all the way your hips are stacked at. For the first whole group of exercises, legs are parallel. Lengthen both sides of your waist.

So if all you did with lay here and do that, you would feel action or intensity on both sides of the waist. Inhale, prepare, please. Exhale to lift both legs, attempting to leave the legs themselves. Relaxed. Inhale as you reach and lower and exhale to lift because though it looks like a leg exercise, of course it isn't. And number three of sex, right? It's a waste exercise. If I'm you, I'm good. And what you're all doing really well is looking straight ahead, which doesn't always happen. Lovely. One more I believe or maybe that was it. If it was, stay there. Thank you.

Toughly reaches a little further and lift out and up. One out and up. Two. Yes, three. I had trust. You have a little awareness to the front of your body because the low back will try to take over. Usually this must be six coming up, right? Thank you. Here comes the bottom leg. Now really glue these a gym. You can lower your topic a little bit just to be level. Yep. And squeeze, hold and squeeze. Whole brawl all the air out.

It's a great opportunity to deepen your contraction via the breath. Four or five. Thank you. And holding it there. Flex your feet, check yourselves out. Right. Again, not everybody can line them up exactly, but just do what you can to keep up at least parallel and then point. Articulate through the feet and fullbacks we've gotta become aware of the feet. Yeah. Oh Emily, you gotta tell me who's doing this toes. I just love it. [inaudible] did you do it for class? They match perfectly.

How about last one here? Good. I did something so exciting. Soft point. Then what did I do right? I turned out circle. Here we go. And we circle two. Yeah, quite small theory for you. Feel free to put that hand down for balance and changed directions on and to remember the leg is kind of letting go in a way. Four-Ish after six she'll stop and let the legs come down for a moment. Take the legs forward a bit. Both of them. Okay.

You can set the bottom one down, turn the top leg out a lot. And so Jim, interesting is you're doing something that I always do and I'm going to talk you out of it early. Rest your leg for a second. What you're, what you do do, and I do is when you turn out, you do it from your foot. Oh, okay. So we're going to let the foot be out of it and do it from a pier. Thank you. All right, so now it is, did we say kick first? No second. All right, so we're, we're still here. Bring it forward. Lifted up. I already did the side and around the back full circle, giving yourself five and it's kind of checking in and just sort of getting quiet with, I dunno. Anything just to feel and notice because sometimes I think, you know, even if you don't want to do five, sometimes in an effort to get through all the repetitions, we miss places that maybe we would benefit from. I'm doing one more.

If you need to more do them. If you need no more, that's cool too. Then when it feels right or if you want to be even, you did five back lift. That's about it for me. I've got to turn it there to replace it. Yeah. The leg is pretty soft. Moving from the glute. From the hip. Yeah, and if I'm going way too slow for you, you go faster to just get a few more and just make them controlled.

Last one probably for everybody. Then bring it home. Help yourself up to the [inaudible] forearm looking proud. Let's go back to the turnout from the hip. So knee is up as much as you can and we came forward and back and flex for four. Go parallel. Sorry. Go parallel for forward and back.

Yeah. I'm not like the way that feels, even if we did it way before, I'm over it and couple more here to test or a patch and do I have your permission to go to that stretch or did I forget something? That seems right. Okay, good. The first thing. It always seemed so much longer than the sec. It seemed a lot longer. Watch. I'll go back and count, but you guys were counting for me tonight, so it's your fault. No, just kidding. Alright, so I have some energy left. Good. Come to your hands and knees, right. [inaudible] almost had it right side bend of course. Up Onto your elbow. Thank you. It looks great. Here we go. Inhale to your side bed. Adjust your feet for the first and last time.

If you can, then don't push in the floor. Lift off your arm. Do you find that line? Inhale, Elongate, grow back into the straight line. Bend your knees to come away and I wouldn't get too cozy. Come up again. Exhaling. Inhale, stretching it out and exhale and inhale. Keep those inner thighs glued. It's like you have one leg. Push the bottom leg into the top leg.

Inhale back out long and here comes the twist. Inhale, lift from the Hello Oblique. Exhale up and under. Reach across the chest. You won't have a lot of weight on the back foot. Inhale, reopen. Now you'll have almost equal weight on both feet and hinge or bend at the knee. You decide. Inhale, lift, exhale.

Piker reach across the chest, flat back, Annie Flood, flood, flood. Good. That's fine to come off that back leg. Inhale Open. And now last one. Here comes. Find it. Reach, harass, reopen. You thought it forgot lower than me. Thank you. Windy. God, I just need Wendy like when he's like my personal cue card. If only I would look all the time. All right, bringing it forward.

Six and back. Five and four and back. Now this is, I think about as high as I can go, but I'm guessing some of you can go higher and you're welcome to. I think that's fine. Okay. Bend the knee and stretch. Oh, it's supposed to be kind of fun. My friend Amy taught me that. Okay, come on to your hands and knees for real this time.

I want to play with the pushup a little bit since we can. So we're going to come from out of a plank position, so feel free to start setting yourself up. What? So that means you've already got the shoulders reaching toward the hips. You've got this sense of flection through the feet length and through the crown of the head. And I just want to see the positions before we go.

So jump in there, Jim [inaudible] that's a Jennifer. Keep lifting up away from your hands and engage your biceps a little bit like your, but yeah, you go. All right. Up to you. How many? I'm gonna say five for the first time at Max. Inhale as you bend, exhale up one. Know that when you bend the elbows, you have a subtle drag of that armpit toward waist. Whether or not you go all the way down is not important. Good Emily.

Really good. One more. Everybody listen up. Start to pull the abdominals and let your head go down. Your backs going around you. Step one hand back. Try not to wobble. Side to side. Other hand back. And your hands are off to roll up by three. That just for level feet cause they're going to come apart.

I'm not a part of you. No one in front of the other. Inhale. Okay, exhale. We go down, try to get out there by three. Let's take our time though, so you know what I mean. Your arms are still on your back. You haven't let them drop forward. You don't need to look where you're going. Take one arm forward, carefully land on it. Then the other harm forward, and by three you're pretty much there. You might have to adjust a little, but you're pretty much there. Here we go. How about three? [inaudible]. Exhale. One. Still strong through the legs too. That'll help you. Three pull the ABS in. Head down. Walk One, two, hands off. Roll up on three.

Yeah. You know, ultimately it was a push. I don't want that tonight, but could do it from kind of far away. Two more sets. Exhale. Remember you can take the push-out out at any time and one ticket time too. You're there about three and in exhale, strong legs. One inhale, exhale. Yeah. If we come all connections, one, two hands are off.

Yeah, never do one of these. Good. Exhale down. Little external rotation with the shoulder. Here comes, we go. One we go to. Where there three you decide to take care of your shoulders. Email. Exhale. One. If you start waving through your body like a snake, you're done with your pushups. Last one up and walk back. One, two, hands off. Three.

It's not quite done here. Step forward with your right leg. Yeah. Great. Take the back way. Actually all three of you can come a little more forward please. Yeah, just come forward and you know you guys are going to have to two. You've got stuff behind you. All right. A little forward lunch, Huh? So have on you. We are wait in the heel. So prove to yourself you can lift the toes. Jim, your left leg is going to be off your mat in the back way back there.

That's probably good actually. It's probably good right there. Okay. Your feet are going to wobble. No big deal. Can you already feel your glute? If you can't, what I'm going to suggest is that you take the one that you're on, press it toward the center line. It's not going to do big change, but that's what your intention is. Press this other inner thigh. Toward the pressing or sized toward each other. Now you can transfer some weight forward. Lift straight up.

So as soon as you start to straighten, the leg can all help each other, right? And then you begin to maybe tapped that leg down and out right back up. Keep pressing the hip to the middle line you'd ever, you want with hands? Nice Save. So let yourself travel back a little so you can reach the toe to the ground.

I'm only giving you one more full one. Go all the way down. Hold it. Bring the leg in. Round your low back a little. So we're all here a tiny bit. And now from there, pick the leg up. The same one that was not working before. Reach it back and exhale to pull in, like from the belly one and two. You can do whatever you want here. Am I in your way Andy? Okay.

And that's gonna do it that foot down. Roll Up. [inaudible] getting a little sauna tonight. I like it. Other, sorry. Emily's ready. Emily's ready. So what I just want to make sure of is it could just be balanced up and down. If you don't want to bend the knees, that's cool.

But if you are going to at my point in doing it as his glute work, so there might be a subtle forward back action. It might not be ready. All right, so you can hinge forward, let yourself hinge forward, squeeze bum and we just lift up on and things that will help you. I'm going to get out your way. I think I'm messing you up is to energize the back leg, the leg that's up in the air. If it's strong it can tend to help you a little more of a rudder rather than as a noodle.

Yeah, I would. I would consider it's very hard on the maths guys. I know that and you notice I wasn't doing it on the mat until just now. One more. We'll be fine all the way up, all the way back and then you allow the back foot to come in very lightly. Do a little tuck of the low back around the pelvis and then we went inhale out, exhale. And the arms are completely arbitrary. So I'm just doing it. Seems to help me to balance tonight.

One more. Set the foot down. Roll yourself up. You would think we were done there, but we are not, we have a very big section we need to address round down. I won't keep you there along. I'll just make it intense. Roll down before we do what I'm going to do, which is back extension bend your left knee. Both heels will remain on the floor. It's fine to separate your feet a little.

You might want to and just sort of let your hips go out of alignment. So you've essentially drew rock to one side. Having said that, the inner seam of the straight leg, the foot, the arch is kinda rolling inward or at least a level then change legs. So again, both heels are on the ground. The reason that you can do that is because you let the hips go. Spooky.

Yeah, I'm sure there's a technical word that I was looking for, but um, anatomy to out, yeah, come back and then just help yourself to the floor. Have a seat and I should say, you know what, just I'm gonna Follow Amy's later. Like her, way better. Come down into plank and lower yourself all the way. Yeah. All right, from here. Forum's by your side, please. So the forums are on the ground, just excel.

And then add to that by pulling the shoulder blades towards your hips. Do a little tuck of the pelvis. So chances are you'll feel more pubic bone into the mat than anything. And what else can I tell you? Legs are strong and reaching from here without using your arms.

So they're there, but you're not pushing on them. Start to articulate up as if you're doing a chest lift with your back. So your head starts to lift. The shoulders are price pressing towards your waist. The upper back starts to lift. The chest might feel like it's going forward, especially if you add a little drag of the shoulder blades down your butt.

Now add a tiny bit of pressure into the arms to come up a little bit more, but only go so high as you think you can hold it on your own. So you're going to have to read by now you should be in your glutes pretty, so enjoy. They're going to help you lift your forearms, but don't let anything else move, including your feet. Fabulous. Extend your arms overhead. Try to keep your height. Try to keep the arms above ear level, rebring them back to bent and lower down. Just one more like that. And then I'll, we'll take the torture away, sort of redrock shoulders.

And by drop I mean gently pull, pull the ABS in. So already you have a little gluten energy. Start to lift yourself up with just pure back extensor muscles. Then when you've gone as far as you know, you can there. Add a little bit of help with the arms for height. Hang on, do it recommit to the all areas of your body.

Float the forearms and extend the arms overhead. Just breathing how you need to. If it goes into your low back, you probably too high for this position now and keep the arm straight. Lower down. All right, a little swim in for you. Recommit to drawing abs in and up. Heads are down. Shoulders are down. First lift. I shouldn't even say lift.

Reach the legs so that the knees float off. Arms are up by your ears. Five rounds of five count breath. We go. Inhale, two, three, four, five, three, four, five. Stillness in the body. Excellent. I'm going to encourage arms higher than legs. Minimize legs and excellent and I don't mean don't move them, but just don't lift them quite so high and exhale. You get one more breath cycle. Pull those abs up deeper for help. Little less heightened your leg, Jennifer, and then stretch everything low and long.

Lower yourself down and rest there for one minute. Not that long. Really turn your faces to the front of the room. The last one, like this lace, the fingers are grabbed, the fingers behind your back. Heads are down, abs are in and out. See about that shoulder stretch. It's an important one. That's an important one. Is that okay, Jim? Okay. Anybody want to tell or anything to hold? Okay. Wow. Emily.

Okay. I think that's okay. It's probably okay, but just be careful ads or in Benjamin youth, please find your hamstrings engaged. Right? I think knees and feet together. If you can hover the knees and just hover. It's not high. It's not. That's almost too high. Jennifer, a little lower and get more tuck of the pelvis from here. Three exhales. Pull the legs in. Oh one, two, three. Inhale straight, no exam, the arms looking forward, probably ever so slightly down. And then other way you bend the elbow, the kick, one, two, three and stir edge. And one, try not to rock your body. Go. Yes, you're right. In other words, if the kicks are so big, they're pushing you, they're too big.

Keep them in closer so you never quite lose the hamstrings. Yes. And stretch open. And last two, one and two and three and stretch one to go and one, two, three and stretch. Release the hands. Release the feet. Let your hands come by your shoulders. Everything goes back to the ground. And when you're ready you'll come up to a rest position and with that I'm going to ask you to take your right like for, we are winding it down right now, right leg forward, left leg goes long and straight. If you, you're welcome to leave the knee on the ground if you prefer ever wanting to stretch.

Ways to make this more enjoyable is to transfer weight pretty equally between the feet. If it's all in the front, it's just sort of top heavy, right, reached through that back leg. You can take your arms off if you wanted to cause you're that strong. You don't have to, I'm just saying and then let it go down just to switch legs. But Hey, if you, if you came today to do something more intense than I gave you, you can lift those arms, get that back leg strong lifts are helping you. Optional arm extension if you want it.

Lovely. Lovely. Then we're going to step forward, so be careful as you do, feel free to bend the back leg to help you do that theatre basically side by side. I'm going to keep them a little bit apart. Hang your head heavy. Okay, so if we decided what we were going to do when we came to class, now's the time to decide what you need to leave the class or to sort of finish you off. Loosen up whatever needs to be loosened up. If you've got a shake, if you've got a swirl dance saying totally fine by me. What I need to do is take a deep breath, and again, if you're not ready to come up, don't exhale. Roll Up. Sort of recognizing the strength that we have inside. I feel this sort of tremor internally actually, but even that, I feel the strength that sits underneath it and I'm happy for that.

And with that, take a deep breath. Wherever your arms feel like they should go. Let them do that. [inaudible] I'm going to just say thank you now for sharing your energy with me because it really helped me and hopefully each other in how big [inaudible] excellent. And without much thought at all. Just allow yourself a one deep breath. Thanks guys. Thank you very much.


Good class.
Great class, thanks.
Kristi, I love your cues and the way you make us really turn inward to achieve more engagement Thank you!
Great Class
Thank you Nicola!
Good workout overall. The pacing is a bit of slower pace which nice if you are tired or need a more gentle class. The push-ups as well as leg lifts at the end aren't happening for me sadly. They hurt my back WAY to much. The side work half way through is good.
Great class with very helpful cueing on the Scissors and great reminders on other exercises. And I like the "straining vs intensity" explanation as well, might go ahead and use it later myself :)
excellent class. Christi is a lot of fun. She has really helpful tips and I love her breath instruction and wonderful choice of exercises. My body feels stronger after doing this class and the class helped reduce my back tension and my right knee pain that I had before taking the class. Thank you, Christi!

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