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Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Sarah Bertucelli returns to Pilates Anytime with a quicker paced BASI flow Mat workout. This class is catered towards those who already have a strong foundation in Pilates and can recognize the names of the exercises. Sarah also includes some standing Mat and side-body work. In her words, get ready to "breathe, move, and get juicy!"
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hello everybody. I'm Sarah Berta Chellie and I'm really excited to be back here at Palladio's anytime. And today I am going to teach a really wonderful quick paced, uh, Bassey flow workout. Um, it's m...


Seriously great class !! Sarah, your passion for this movement is delicious !!!
Thanks Deborah! It was a very fun class to teach.
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Love, love, love this class!!! Thank you Sarah.
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great class Sarah... LOVE that you always emphasize having fun and enjoying movement (not enough of that sometimes!)
Thanks for playing ladies! you know, I do believe exercise should be fun. Even a modality as "serious" as Pilates can be practiced with joy, play and even a laugh or two. Hope to see you in person sometime soon!
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You are so strong and focused. What a sweetheart you have.
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Beautiful class Sarah! I like the sequence a lot and how you flow into every exercise, thanks you so much!!
Many many kisses!
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Fab class super cool flow love it thank you
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Really loved it Sarah!And I did have fun
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Love the challenge of the fast flow class. Excellent, thank you
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