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Sarah Bertucelli returns to Pilates Anytime with a quicker paced BASI flow Mat workout. This class is catered towards those who already have a strong foundation in Pilates and can recognize the names of the exercises. Sarah also includes some standing Mat and side-body work. In her words, get ready to "breathe, move, and get juicy!"
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Apr 23, 2014
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Hello everybody. I'm Sarah Berta Chellie and I'm really excited to be back here at Palladio's anytime. And today I am going to teach a really wonderful quick paced, uh, Bassey flow workout. Um, it's my hope that anyone who's participating in this class has a pretty solid understanding of the work and may even recognize a lot of the names of the exercises so that we can move together as a group and uh, breathe and move and get juicy. Um, I'll probably incorporate some standing work too, which is always quite fun. I think. Are we all ready to go? Alright. So first and foremost we're going to have fun. Okay. Secondly, I want you to make sure that you take care of yourself.

So if there's any adjustments you need to make, it's okay with me, but I want you to assume you can do everything and that you can keep up the pace and that we can work together as a group. Yeah. So I would like to go ahead and start on the mats. We'll sit. Okay. I'm going to scoot a little forward. You should skip forward as well. So you have enough space to roll back and let's hold onto the backs of the legs and sit nice and tall. Feel wide collar bones, chest open. Feel length through the crown of the head and find your breath.

Inhale. Exhale, drawing those abdominals active and lifting a little taller. In. Exhale, actively pull against your legs a little bit to spread your collarbones and your scapula. Inhale with the next exhale, round your back and fill your shoulders. Go forward slightly so you've maximized your round back position. And then we're going to hinge back at the hips, keeping the round shape until your elbows are straight in. How there exhale to round up. Sit Tall, extend your upper back. Inhale, exhale, round your back and continue to lean if you will, or hinge.

So I'm staying grounded. Inhale here. Exhale to round, back up and sit nice and tall. Adding on. Exhale to round. Go to the place where your elbows are straight and then release your hands and go just a little lower and a little lower on a little lower and all the way down. Draw your heels in for pelvic curl position. Place your head down. Inhale, exhale, access your abdominals first. Lift your hips up in, articulate to the bridge or pelvic curl position. Inhale, exhale to lower down. And again, we inhale engaging the abdominals, void of tension in the neck and shoulders, opening through the front of the hips. Exhale to lower down, creating space between each of your vertebra. And again, inhale, exhale, abdominals, backs of the legs articulating through the back and lower dow. Enjoy the movement again. Feel the timing, adds backs to the legs. Fill the arms heavy but light.

Also exhale to lower down. And one more time. Exhale, peeling up, holding the lifted position for a couple of moments. Feel that openness through the fronts of your hips, the engagement of your abdominals. And I just want you to send your pelvis a little bit to one side without rotating a little bit to the other side. And again a little bit to one the other side. So we're just switching.

And then one more time. Nice little stretch there. Find Center and lower your back down. Reach your hands to the ceiling for me. Open your arms wide and then bring your legs together. Send the legs toward the front of the room. That's toward me.

Inhale to come back to center. A nice graceful twist. Inhale to go the other way. Exhale, back to center and again, keeping the knees and feet glued together. The shoulder blades are heavy. One last time before we pick it up a little bit, come back through to center. Engage your abdominals. Lift one leg followed by the other to tabletop. Continuing on.

Come to me first. Inhale. Exhale. Pulling those legs back to center in how to twist the other direction and exhale back to center. Continuing at this pace, see if you can go a little further and pulling back and again [inaudible] and we pull back and just one more each side please. Keeping those legs good. Together, the abdominals quite engaged. Find tabletop and pause. Reach your hands to the ceiling, palms away from you. Exhale to lift the head and chest. Arms down. Inhale, take the arms back as you lower. Exhale to lift again, engage in those abdominals and lower down.

We're going to lift this last time and we're going to stay there. Start the pumping. Inhale. [inaudible] straighten your legs. Start lowering your legs down. Keep the calm in the breath. Find the place where you know you can maintain the height of your curl and then stay there.

[inaudible] I'm guessing that we have three more breaths. Does that sound good? Okay. [inaudible] one more full breath. We're going to let all the air out and whole dry your knees and hold the backs of the legs. Lift your pelvis, lift your chest and start a little rocking in a rolling. Ah, balancing on your tail. Send your legs straight. We move into our role app. Rounding through the low back. Shoulders away from your ears. We exhale to peel back to three arms over head.

Lift the chest. Inhale, exhale to round and roll up to three and four. Yeah, you could hear the straight in my voice as I was cuing that one. Let's try a graceful roll up. Inhale. Actually, I'll work on pressing those legs together and into the mat. Finding the ease of the movement, the flow of the movement. Last two please.

[inaudible] good. We're going to go up one last time please. [inaudible] scoot forward on your map, bringing your bottom toward your feet. Round through your low back. Just the tip toes touching. Preparing to roll like a ball. However the feet and really deepen the contraction to the ad's in how back we go.

Balancing Ho go again. Go again. Avoid Rolling all the way to your neck and shoulders. Try to keep, and that's not true. You're gonna roll all the way to your shoulders. Avoid Rolling back on your neck. Please keep going. Stay engaged in your abdominals. One more time please.

Balance on your tail and stay. Shins are parallel to the ceiling. Hands to the backs of the thighs. We're going to peel back, preparing for the double leg. Stretch my friends. We're going to seal the deal. Are you ready? Inhale. Arms and legs away. Pull in. Inhale, reach. Exhale, pull in. Find the ease. Find the energy through the arms and the legs.

One more time. Please. Hold here everybody hold the leg closest to me. Send the other leg out. Single leg stretch. Go. I'm not always looking for a noisy breath, but sometimes creating a little sound on my part helps create a rhythm of pace that we can then keep. Good. We'll do two more. One more each side, Chris. Cross slow it down. Exhale. Ex Hale. Stay lifted as you pass through center.

Feel the head heavy in the arms. The knees glide by one another. Rough. One more. Each side. Both legs go up, hands to the backs of your legs. Lift a little higher. Hold the leg closest to me. Put the other one down. Gently switch. [inaudible] hamstring post so we have a nice double breath.

Really anchoring that bottom leg. Staying lifted with the body. Work on keeping the knees nice and straight. Hands behind your head. Here we go. [inaudible] adding rotation. Next. Here we go. [inaudible] both legs up.

Ho Dry your knees into your chest and put your head down. Place your feet on the floor, arms by your side. Separate your knees and your feet. Find a pelvic curl. Exhale to peel up, pressing the pelvis high. Feel the openness through the fronts of the hips. Inner thighs. Exhale to appeal down. Preparing for a nice juicy shoulder bridge. Exhale to peel up again.

[inaudible] holding here. The leg that's closest to me goes up to the ceiling. The ankle flexis we exhale to reach down. Flex up. Exhale down. Flex up. [inaudible] good. Exploring your range of motion. How low can you go with that leg? One more time please. Lift and hold. Police your foot down.

Reconnect to your core. The other leg goes up. Flexing the ankle. Here we reach down. Point. Inhale up. Exhale down, and exhale. Exhale. [inaudible] last two. One more time. Lift the leg up and hole. Place your foot down. Press your pelvis up in case it lowered and lower your spine.

One Vertebrae at a time. Lift your right leg into your chest. Give it a hug. Feel a release through the back of the hip. Slide the other leg long on the mat. Release that stretch slightly and work to straighten your leg all the way. Bend your knee and straighten. Organize a neutral pelvis, Ben and straight, and one more time straight in the leg and hold there.

Flex the ankle. Place your arms by your side. And we go inward with our circles. First in hell. Exhale, pause. Feel the stability through the core. Feel the energy of the leg. Feel the breath. One more full breath please. Oh, one more full breath. Now. Good. Reverse. Here we go in half. I love your, you breathe just a little bit. It helps me stay in. Ha.

Good timing with you all. Beautiful my friends. Good. And Ah, one more full breath. Now boy it's warm in here. Hold points your foot. Bend your knee and go into a spine stretch.

That should feel gorgeous. Draw the leg in. Bring the other leg to join. Slide the leg down. So I'm reversing sides. I know I said a lot of the legs, but I'm on the other one. Now hug the knee in for a moment and feel that stretch through the hip or the back of the leg. Release the stretch a little and straight in the knee. And now we're more into the hamstring here with a straight knee bend and straighten again, we're just loosening up the hamstrings through our legs.

Circles will be hopefully slightly nicer. Straighten the leg and hold. Flex the ankle, arms by your side. We go inward. Inhale, and then exhale. Good. Feel the stability through your core, the release through the hip here. It's actually quite relaxed. [inaudible] we'll do two more breaths and one more full breath here and we reverse directions.

Inhale, exhale. I love it. One more full breath please. [inaudible] hold here. Points the foot. Bend the knee. Go into a gorgeous little spine twist there. Breathing in and breathing out.

Draw the top leg in first. Bring the other leg up to join. Take the hands to the backs of the leg. Lift your head and chest simultaneously. Lift the pelvis, maximizing your flection. Here again, we're going to get a little rock and a little roll until you find yourself on your tail hold. Part your legs, shins parallel to the ceiling. Open your chest and straighten out your back here. So a little preparation for the open leg rocker.

We're going to inhale to round back. Keep the legs here. Exhale to straight and out. Inhale to round back. Feel that the back extensors put on the brakes straight and out in now to round, back and straight and outstay straighten your legs. Inhale to rule back again. Ah, and again.

Oh one more time please. My friends holding here. Bring your legs together. Stretch your arms out and peel down. Going right into a rollover. Arms by your side. Here we go. Flex your ankles. Separate your feet. See if you can touch the floor behind you and rolling down. Gently. Circle the legs together. Feet pointed. Inhale, feel the ABS rollover.

Flex your feet separate. Touch if you can move from your hips and roll down with control. Circling the legs together. Inhale, exhale, rolling over. Flex, separate pap and rolled out. Two more. Finding the breath.

[inaudible] one more time. Please. Stretch one leg along on the floor. Lower the other leg long to the floor. Reach your hands to the ceiling. Lift your head and chest. And if you have it in you roll up en Farah, hesitant or today.

Yay. That's always a good sign. Placed your feet on the front corners of your mat. Skip the flesh out underneath from underneath you and stretch your arms out in front of you. I want you to really engage your backs of your legs. Press Down with the backs of your legs. Inhale, exhale to peel forward for the spine. Stretch right into it. We inhale to back. Extension. Chest is open.

We exhale to round forward using the ABS. Sit Tall and keep the arms forward. Inhale, exhale to peel forward. Abdominals in help. Lap back, close to your ears, my friends axial rounding forward and all the way back up. One more inhale. Hercs articulating through the back. Inhale to lift and extend.

Exhale to round and roll all the way down and sit nice and tall. Beautiful. Bring the feet together, clasp your fingers together. Press your head to your hands. Let's all rotate to me first. Hi. And other way I think about really sitting taller. Good, lovely. Double pulse. Hmm.

I think I might need to locate a towel here rather soon. And one more time. Each side. I like looking at you and here we go. Beautiful. Reach your arms out in front of you. Go ahead and cross your legs out in front of you.

You may need to scoot back on your mat for space. Roll of your legs and come to your hands and your knees with your hands underneath your shoulders, your knees underneath your hips. Feel your neutral spine engaging that whole core upper back and dead dominoes. Slide one leg out to plank, followed by the other. Stay here for a moment. Please don't look at your feet. You don't need to see them back there.

Keep your head high like a gorilla. Very proud. Okay. Boy to your right toes and lift that leg up. Let's do five. One, two, three, four, five, switch legs, five, four, three, two and one foot down. Lower your body to the floor via pushup position. Place your elbows down. Inhale to upper back extension. Exhale, bare weight into your forms and pull your body up and forward slightly. Still focusing on upper back please and lower down.

Inhale to upper back extension. Feel the shift in your back. Axial bare weight into the arms to pull forward and stay there. I'm just going to give myself a little more space here holding this upper back extension. I want you to energize your legs and float them up. Please. One elbow out in front of you. Placed the other elbow out in front of you. Class the fingers together. Pull your body forward and up.

Intensifying upper back. Here we go. Kick one leg. Inhale, inhale, and exhale. Exhale. Stay very engaged in the hips and feel the kick. Very free. Good. Look toward me. Keep kicking. Keep breathing. Look the other way for fun. Inhale, inhale, and look and look and go. Change and change and [inaudible].

I don't care which way you're looking. Really just keep looking around for fun. One more time and exhale and exhale both legs straight. Hold. Turn your palms down. Press into your wrists and hover your elbows. Place your elbows down. Line your hands up with your elbows.

If they're turned in, turn them out. Press into your wrists. Intensifying the back extension. Oh yes. Put your elbows down. One more time. Put your elbows down. Bring your hands underneath your shoulders. Engage your abdominals. Tuck your toes under. Push to your hands and knees. Lift your hips up.

Walk yourself to your feet in a forward fold. For a moment. The head is dangling. [inaudible] stay there. [inaudible] and roll up through your back. Good. Here, I'm going to face front. You guys are welcome. You can stay like that. I think that looks nice. Feed her underneath the hips. We're going to do some standing work. Yeah.

So let your arms float out as you bend your knees. That's all. And stand. And again, arms float out as we back and stand the other two. Your knees and your ankles and your hips are bending, right? Feel adequate weight in the balls of the feet. So pause here. Now you continue to go back with the hips up with the arms.

How low do you feel comfortable? It's totally up to you and stand on. So option one, you just stop at the beginning. Squat option two, we go all the way down and we press up. And again, so we're doing a essentially a standing version of footwork on the reformer. That's always fun and stands. I'll take two more like that. See how far back you can take your arms and harassing and one more time. Hold here.

Feel enough weight in the balls of the feet to where you could actually lift your heels. Should be no stress in the knees. Just a little heel lift. Engage the abdominals and press your arms back for five, four, three, two and one heels down. Stand Hall. Option one, heels down again. Option two heels lifted. Okay. This is why I stepped onto the wood floor. Sit back into your squat.

The heels don't lift or lower. Now option one, don't go so low working balance. You can see me quivering over here. Yeah. Option one. We're here. Keep going. The rest of you. Your all option two. [inaudible] good. Stand, nice and tall. Feel those inner legs still working. Good. Keeping the heels hopefully at the same height the entire time.

Maybe you can go even deeper. Maybe not. It shouldn't strain the knees though. We want to feel that the hips, the knees and the ankles are working as a team. We'll do two more. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, [inaudible] pup and one more [inaudible] harassing, nice and tall. Lower your heels. Come to a wide v position or a second position. If you are a dancer, bend your knees and ham for a moment. Are you going to put your hands on your thighs and you're gonna push those thighs open? Enjoy a little stretch. If you're comfortable, you're gonna take your elbows to your thighs and you're going to push open. Huh?

Good. They're comfortable. Yeah. Stay here. Okay. Now I've got a beautiful stretch going, but I'm to back up this stretch with some strength, right? So time has their active press into the balls of the feet. Release per se. Good. Come down, reach, push. We reach.

[inaudible]. Good. Come down. Lean. Only when you have to push. You don't really have to push, but it's kind of fun and good. We'll do two more. Sit. Sit. Sit. Lean. Only when you have to. How low can you go? Maybe a little push with your elbows, maybe not, and we'll lift. Good. I'll take one more.

Can we push and we lift? Bring the feet in. Good. Let's stand on one leg. Okay. I don't care how bad I am on my left leg. You're all on your left leg deal. Okay. Yeah. Oh, oh. I chose my hard leg first. Here we go. If you need your hands for balance, that's okay. You're going to bend your knee.

You're going to tap behind you. Good. You're going to lift and you're going to reach. Okay, so I'm going to bend my knee. I can go deep if I want or I can keep it small. It's a little running man. Reach good high. Have an extra challenge with this mat behind me, but I'm working with it. Good. Now those of you who want to challenge yourselves even more, don't touch at all and reach each.

Let's do two more and don't touch it all and or each one more time and go back and reach and stay. We're still balancing. Yeah, so I have opposite arm forward his leg. Yeah. I'm going to reach the other arm back and I'm going to rotate around. Change the gaze. Oh yes. Beautiful. Place your hands behind your head. Good. Huh? Huh? Hold. Undo it. We switched sides. Yeah.

We are going to tap front and we're going to tap back and we'd have front and we tapped back. Start Changing your gaze. It actually stimulates balance. The challenge of balance, right? And let me tell you my friends. Do you feel one side way easier than the other? I'll tell you, this is my easy side, right? Good. Start to push where you can go. Maybe not even touching down behind you. Good.

Not really a right or wrong here. I'm just looking for you to explore. We'll do two more. Good and one more. We're going to hold or eat your arm forward. Reach your other arm back. Hello teacher. Look, stay, rotate, rotate. Put your hands behind your head. Hold it, undo it. Puts your foot down with your feet underneath your hips. Do a roll down for four, three, two.

Walk out to a plank position. Hold there. Lower your bodies to the floor, coming to a basic back extension, arms by your side, lifting that extension, high n lowering down. Use an inhale to lift. Keep your arms caressing by your side. Your hands don't need to press, but your arms are reaching into your side. Your legs are kind of relaxed, not overworking, but if you need to use your backs of your legs for low back, go for it. Lift and hold. Take one arm out in front. The other arm out in front. Lift the legs. You know what we're doing. Here we go. We're going to swim.

One more full breath. Let all the air out and hold. Then the elbows. Put the hands underneath your shoulders, pushed your hands and knees and sit back on your feet for a moment. [inaudible] shift forward to your hands and knees. Cross your legs behind you. Roll over your mat so your feet are out in front of you. Yeah, with your legs straight, your hands are behind you. Your chest is open. Straightening out that back. Lifting the sternum here.

It's a little bit of a play on the back support. We're going to wrap. I want you to actually be here for a moment and in your mind, don't weight your hands. You're unweighting your hands because of your back engagement and your abdominal engagement. Now you're going to round your back. Allow your elbows to go down behind you. You might have to make an adjustment. I do. And then pause there. Here are you going to straighten out your back?

Enjoy the shoulder. Stretch around your back again. Now check it out. You're going to want to go hop, hop, or Wagga Wagga to get up. No waggling present your risks. Use Your ads and press straight up. Rounding your back. Good. Extend chest open. Exhale to a round back.

Bring the Elvis straight behind you. Good. Extend the back just as open. Good round. Press into the wrist. No Waga woggle or waggle waggle or whatever. She has to as open. One more time. We round in, roll back. [inaudible] they extend God round and press up. We're going to skip forward a little bit if needed.

Come around to the sideline position. So you're looking at me first. A little wardrobe adjustment there. Good. Let's start actually here. Okay, so I want you to have your forearm straight forward. First. I want you to feel the work on the back of your body, not the front of your body. So you're open through the chest and feeling your back body. Now lift your forearm up and make arrangements as needed and see how external you can go. Okay. Whatever works for you maybe all the way it may not, but did that push your shoulder mechanism forward or are you still in the back body?

Press down through both the inside and the outside of the wrist and stay there today. That's kind of fun, right? Yeah, whole different game. Good. Let's lift the leg up. Let's place this hand behind the head and let's go forward. He hen inhale and inhale. Good. Try to really keep the anchor of the two sides of the wrist.

I know that may seem a silly thing to think about, but it gives you some shoulder stability. Good. I like what I'm seeing. I'll take one more. Please take the leg back and hold. This is where it gets fun or reach the arm forward and around. Okay. You may say no if you need to, but you're going to try. Okay. You're going to push down into that supporting wrist and you're going to stir right in your arm and you're going to bend your elbow and you're going to straighten your arm and you're going to have bend your elbow and you're going to store right in your arm. And we have one more in us.

Straight in your arm and hold. Lift the back leg up more in your mind. Lift everything so up that you're not really supporting with your arm anymore. Arrest, drive it, draw it in. It's very clear. We're going to stretch the leg we just worked in and we're going to do the same thing on the other side. All right, you can stretch tomorrow. I'm only sort of joking people. Okay, so here, start with your forearm.

Straight out. Feel the work on the back of the body, not the front body. I'm in alignment here. Press down through your, I'm sorry, lift up and go to your external rotation. That seems appropriate. Press down through your wrist. Still feel the work on the back body, not here in the pack at the back body. Stay for a moment. Work and behind your head. Lift your leg up and forward in half.

Beautiful. Beautiful. Keep pressing through both sides of your wrists. Good. I'll take two more here and one more time. The leg is going to go back and you're going to stay pressed into the wrist and straight in your head. Um, ah. And Oh, I forgot the arm thing. Sorry. Oh, thank you. They're all looking at me over here and Ah, God, we have to do an extra two on this side. Sorry friends. One more.

It's much harder this way. And lift up and hold. Lift your leg, lift your arm. Oh, hopefully you'll all forgive me. [inaudible] and I can take a little stretch. That's good. Now we're warm and ready to really work, right? Of course. Yeah. That's the way it goes. Okay. [inaudible] oh, he's a fan of some good lateral flections.

So we're going to do a little more. Please come to your knees. You want to be about in the middle of your mat. And here, can you press your pelvis forward, opening through the front of your hips, send your arms straight out. Good. Let's take palms up for a little while and really reach, okay. Just feel the calm in this position before the storm and here we're going to reach all over to, that's your, that's your right. Yeah. Okay. Up with the top arm down with the bottom arm.

Palms up as you come back to center. Same direction. Good. So down with the hand up with the other one and come back to me getting ready to cartwheel. Here we go. You stay here without letting your hips go back. You're going to cartwheel into that hand, meaning you're going to put weight on it til it's flat. Take your top leg out in front. Take your bottom leg underneath you and you should be in the perfect side plank position. Let's be here. Hips in alignment with your body.

Squeeze the thighs together. Chest is open. Gently bend your knees and take a soft seat. We inhale to that same plank. We exhale, we lift the hips and we find the Ben Looking at the hand. We inhale here, we exhale soft seat and inhale. Exhale. Up and over. Look at the hand. Inhale, soft seat. Good.

And inhale to lift and hold. Bend your bottom knee. Place it underneath you. Now will your arm to not work as much because your core is working so much. Lift the leg up. Place your hand behind your head and we kick forward. Yeah. Inhale. Yeah. Inhale, two more. One more. Reach back and then reach up.

Reach your arm up and find your way to your knees. Yes, my arm is tired to keep your arms lifted. Palms up, up and over a look without sending your hips back. Come back to me and again happen over. Ah, breathing and moving on. The third one, we cartwheel. Find the placement for the hand underneath the shoulder. The top leg goes first. The bottom leg joins. Hen We're here looking forward.

Squeeze your thighs a little bit. Helps. Watch that your hips are not too high yet. Gently take a soft seat, not a complete rest. Right and we inhale to left. We actually all up in, over, back to center and gently soft seat again. Inhale up and over and back. One more please. Inhale up and over. Good. You have to sit one more time. Make it even in hell here.

Bring the bottom heat in per as the pelvis forward on unweight your hand in your mind cause your core is working so much. Lift that leg up and behind your head and here we go. Yeah. Ah, one more time. Hold back. Good. Reach your arm up. Reach her leg up and find your way back to your knees.

Spiral around so you're looking at one another. Have a seat. Take your legs out in front of you. We're close, but we're not done yet. We have some boomerang to do. Let's all take our right leg on top of the other. And if you've ever heard me teach this before, I know all the tricks, you're not allowed to hold with your feet, my dear friends. No, no, no, no. Okay.

You're going to think of turning your legs out and crossing more at your knees or at your calves than your feet so that foot doesn't get to rest down. Reached forward, round through your low back. Make sure you have enough room behind you. Exhale to rule back. Hover the legs and rollover. Switch which leg is crossed. Now. Inhale, exhale to round and roll up.

You're going to find your teaser arms go up first. Squeeze those thighs together, arms go back. Second chest is open. Lower the legs with control and reach forward. Inhale, exhale to roll back with a nice little law switch. Which leg is crass and roll yourselves up to that teaser position and oh, okay. Send the arms behind your sister Rach and reach forward.

Inhale. Exhale around and roll back. Yeah. Switch and round and rolled your teaser. Oh, in how far stretch. Sure. Lower the legs and reach. Ugh.

Exhale to roll back. Ah, so which, which leg is crust and rolling down. Who? Oh. Oh. Switch your legs. Switch your legs. Switch your legs. Switch your legs. Switch your legs. Hold lower than down and stacking your spine. UNCROSS your legs.

Take a little walk back. My pants might fall down. You can pull them up later. Good. Cross your legs in front of you. Pass through a plank position. Huh? Why wouldn't we do some pushups? Of course failed. Stay here. Chest is open. Lift your hips high. Walk your hands to your feet. We're all all the way up through your back.

Let's send the arms high because I like it. It's not classic, but like it. Take the arms down and roll down one vertebrae at a time. Good. Walk out. One, two, three. You're in your plank. Pushups. Here we go. Three of them. One [inaudible] too. Lift your hips high. Walk back. One, two, three.

And you roll up reaching the arms. Yard. Arms come down and we roll down. Walking out. Try to keep straight elbows. And you're there. Three pushups. Lift. Who? I go back. Good Rail. We're going to do one more set. Cause I would quit if it were me, but for my teacher I will not.

Here we go. Walk out. Okay, here we go. [inaudible] oh yeah, stay. Stay, stay. Feel the weight in your arms. Little dance with your feet. Good Lord. app. Bend one knee, reach around and hold onto the top of the fat. Ben, the other new user. Add and hold onto the top of the foot.

Draw those abdominals active. Press the pelvis down and meeting. Lift. Pressing the feet to their hands. Yeah, lower down. And again, we're going to in how to lift. Exhale out and again, one more and just place your hands underneath your shoulders in how to upper back extension. Energize the legs. Exhale, pull the arms forward. I pulled the body forward by straightening the arms. Chest is open, upper back, very active, and gently lower down and we'll go again.

We inhale to upper back extension and we exhale pulling forward and up and lower down. Option one, you can stay here, but if you're ready for a good swan dive, this is your opportunity. Inhale, exhale to pull forward and up and we are going to die and die yet and catch and die. Cats died. Cats lower. All the down. Your choice were so warm and ready. It would be a crime not to try. The first one died, I think. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We inhaled the upper back extension and exhale to pull forward and up. So the full swan dive Hugo down and up and down and up. Here we go. Ha ha ha ha. It's not even down and up. It's up and up. Think arms. Think legs. Think arms, legs, arms, rest. Sit back on your feet. Push yourselves to your hands and knees.

Push your legs straight. Walk your hands to your feet and dangle your sweet head. Breathing in and breathing out. Sh feel abdominals engaged as you roll up through your back. Standing nice and tall.

Chest is open length through the crown of the head. Roll down again. Exhale. Abdominals are engaged. Arms are heavy. Uh, if necessary, allow the knees to bend. Okay.

And rolling up. Uh, nice, gorgeous. Cool. Down. One more. The amount of liquid that is coming up on me right now is just funny. I'll say that out loud and around. Okay.

Hmm. Stay standing. Breathing in and breathing. Thanks my friends for play.


Seriously great class !! Sarah, your passion for this movement is delicious !!!
Thanks Deborah! It was a very fun class to teach.
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Love, love, love this class!!! Thank you Sarah.
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great class Sarah... LOVE that you always emphasize having fun and enjoying movement (not enough of that sometimes!)
Thanks for playing ladies! you know, I do believe exercise should be fun. Even a modality as "serious" as Pilates can be practiced with joy, play and even a laugh or two. Hope to see you in person sometime soon!
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You are so strong and focused. What a sweetheart you have.
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Beautiful class Sarah! I like the sequence a lot and how you flow into every exercise, thanks you so much!!
Many many kisses!
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Fab class super cool flow love it thank you
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Really loved it Sarah!And I did have fun
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Love the challenge of the fast flow class. Excellent, thank you
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