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A high intermediate class that gives you the chance to practice exercises like, Neck Pull, Scissors, Hip Circles, and Teaser. Kristi offers some good reminders of how to work through these difficult exercises with a sense of ease and control. Another high energy group in class inspires Kristi to add variations to increase class challenge without losing the integrity of the work. There is some stretching too!
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May 24, 2010
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All right guys. Here we go. Got everybody here. Helen, looks ready. Mary's already full class. Lionel. Hands back. Okay. Take care of your bodies. I know a lot of you want to work. Yeah, Emily and I will take care of ourselves. We were talking about it at the time. We took our dance class and gave ourselves whiplash in the, in a different class but same seat, same teacher and he's good.

And we were like, okay, I'm not going to whip my head around and we did. So today we're going to be under control and we're going to work with precision and we're going to work deep. That's my goal. And if you have one that you'd like me to know about, you should tell me now. Okay, here we go. Sit and tall. Really tall, stacking your spine. Sort of bringing in some energy if you don't have any cause we are gonna try and use it.

[inaudible] I'll get the sharp object out of the way. All right, here we go. Take a deep breath in and remember that you know we breathe expansively, right? Feel the entire body expand three-dimensionally. Exhale when it's right and you might feel that deflation, which is also an important part of it. So inhale, fill up. You'll feel the chest dries. It should, you'll feel the ribs open. They should when you exhale, feel the deflation so you have a sense of ease because that's how we're going to work better. All right, here we go. I'm not too much set up tonight.

Inhale cause I trust you. I'll be thinking about it. Exhale as you roll back, keeping it your eyes straight ahead for now anyway, rounding the spine, adjusting the collarbones. Inhale, start excelling and come back up and lengthen up. Now, even if you're more advanced or not more advanced, you want to keep going. Exhale. You want to pay attention to what is your body need now? Okay, sometimes it takes a little longer to warm up. Inhale and exhale. So perhaps she'll hold back a little on some of the movements. Inhale, stacking the vertebral. Can you feel that action inside your body? You can let go at any time. And inhale, pull deep into the belly to around forward and optional arms following the spine as if someone were pulling you up. Maximize that. Inhale. Exhale. Rounding down, starting to create like a wave like motion. Inhale, exhale forward. I think I've set the pattern of breathing.

So I'm gonna minimize talking about that and ask you to focus more on the feeling or just at least a little while, the feeling in the body. Does it feel fluid? Does it feel connected so that each piece lends itself to the next piece and one. Inhale and staying up on this. Next one. Okay. Quietly though. Tall, rotate toward the front.

So what I mean by that is we can kind of crank on ourselves and I want you to feel how it comes from deep inside the bones almost. And then exhale down. So I'm just off center. I'm almost right down the middle. Really just rotated from the waist. Inhale, we're going back up. Same side. Exhale. Keep the curve, keep the curb, keep the curve. When shoulders are over, hips lift up close ribs a little as you quietly go the other way. Make sure you're fully there and then exhale down, talking, rounding, checking shoulder blades, inhale and exhaling up.

All of these can be made smaller. Come back to center. We'll move a little quicker, but again, it's not a torque. You should feel like you're spiraling up to go down. Inhale and exhale, wait for it. Enjoy it some. If you anticipate getting there too soon, you miss out on the best part. Excuse me, which is that deep lumbar curve.

Inhale, exhaling, reaching, okay to come up and center and right down the middle here, draw the feet in just a little closer and from here, check in that your entire spine except the lower tips of the scapula are down as your forward tailbones down. Inhale, raise the arms up, eyes remain forward, reach back, try for a light stretch there, the shoulders and circle round. If you have the room, if not just straight back. Inhale again and exhale. Encouraging, sort of a heaviness is what comes to mind for me through the midsection. The body, it's long. It's imprinted almost into the mat and around. Reverse the arms, eyes forward, inhaler and press down. Inhale up. Didn't have to be a big circle, but it could be.

Notice how still you can be in your trunk. It's going to matter a lot. One more time, and with this one, turn the pumps toward each other. Exhale, enroll up or take another breath and roll up. Oh my goodness, I wasn't planning on that. Inhale, we're going down. Exhale all the way. Lining your hands up on the mat. Draw the feet in a little closer for pelvic curl. Inhale, spreading out the upper back. Start this by exhaling and letting the abdominals begin.

The contraction rolling all the way up through your pelvic curl. [inaudible] checking your lines. That means they're long. It feels good rather than maybe intense. Inhale, exhale from the top of your back, from the top of your throat, piece by piece. Slide the feet two inches out. Inhale, curl head, neck and shoulders up, Rola, stacking your spine. Inhale, exhale, let go. Roll down. Leave your feet there. This time there's going to be further out than you're used to. Palms down. Inhale. Exhale, peeling up, extending your hips, your heels. Long line. Get up there. Go ahead and keep talking a little more, Emily. Inhale, exhale, come and right back down.

Remind yourself that the whole trunk feels like it deflates. Inhale, head, neck and shoulders up. Try and leave your feet. Exhale, don't roll up. Inhaling, exhaling down, palms down, spread out your back. Keep your feet there. Inhale. Exhale. Appeal should be even more significant into the hamstrings. Probably in some ways. Deep tuck. Yeah, kinda sorta. I didn't need to tell you that. Gag. Good. And down we go. Yes. You know what I'm doing. Here we go again. This time we're not straightening the spine though. Just place hand over hand.

I still curved and I'm doing it partly here. Is your low back still curve, Wendy. Okay, just checking. Um, check your collarbones. It's not here. There's still wide and down we go. You can draw your feet in just a little closer to you. Stay up on the shoulder blades. Check that you were do release the tailbone, but your low backs are down coming toward the front of the room. Exhale, stay here. Inhale. And now with not a lot of movement, try to pull down on the abs so you may not see much. Just exhale one, intensify two. Again, you don't have to see a big move. Just feel if you can almost drag the obliques underneath. Impossible.

But you can try. Last one, come through the center and change. This is pretty small. Your hand should be quite close to your legs. One exhale, two, right? You're not way out here. So rotation that we're not gonna get, it's just making you think you're further to more. Come back to center. Separate the hands. Go down. If you're not in a pelvic curl, comfortable position. Get there now. Inhale, exhale, hauling the abdominals to roll yourself up. All the toes are down on the mat.

Taking the leg closest to the back of the room. Reach it up. Exhale, kicked down one. Inhaling up, remind yourself what it felt like a little bit ago and were we were stretched out in that pelvic curl. And go for the hamstring connection there. Yeah, this is going to be it right here. Lower the legs, slide it back into place. Drag it back into place to take the other one up and eight hugging the midline. Yeah, this is it. Coming down, Ben, to drag it right back into place. Inhale, listen up. Exhale. Roll halfway down. So maybe to the bottom of the ribs. Try to keep the hips up.

They're going to lowered obviously because they're attached, but you're not just giving into that. Inhale. Hold it there. Go right back up. Yeah, so you look down your body, you see the pubic bone a little bit higher and hip bones. Check that because we could be getting tired already. Lighten up on the leg closest to the back or pick a leg. So I just lifted the heel. Actually slide that leg out.

I don't get to straight cause I can't. I'm trying and drag it back. Keep it light. Same side. Slide it out. Meanwhile, nothing else changes and drag it back. This is the feeling. I think in case we do scissors, you're going for this sense of keeping my hips up as I slide the leg out. One more time. Reach and squeeze. Bring it in. How are we doing? Do you need a little mid break? Good. Here we go. Re tuck your pelvis gang.

I'm telling you, you don't think you need to sometimes, but it's, it's gonna want to change so as I'm sliding that front leg out and and it's just real light. Whether or not it sticks on the mat. It's just super light and low and slide. Even if you kept it in the air, you sort of lightly reached the hips up as the leg goes down and bring it back. Inhale, exhale, roll it down. Yeah, like's come straight up to table top, arms out to a low V palms. What's up? Okay, good.

To the front of the room for spine twists. We go in him start exhaling and feel that action at the center. This is your opportunity, I think, to really let go of the extremities to the extent that they don't need to be worked at this point other than what it takes to keep them together and keep it going. Yeah. Yes, you can play with it a little. My teacher, Kathy, Cory's coming soon, so I'm thinking of something she taught me and it goes like this. Inhale to the front. Exhale, extend both legs. Keep the size where they are.

The top leg opens up to the backs. You separate this feet. Inhale, lift the front hip to line up the legs again. Reverse that. So the opening comes again. Lift the back hip. You're all lined up. You hang out for a big inhale. Feet together right there. Line them up, Andy, so they're exactly side-by-side. Exhale, back to center and bend. Oh, wasn't that fun? So we go inhale to the back. Exhale, extending both legs. Top leg opens up. Inhale, your hips are now level. Pick up the other side. Exhale and touch the big toes together. Reverse it. Inhale, open. Exhale.

Pick it back up. Stay there. Get a little longer from the waist. Big inhale, exhale and we drag it back to center and again, just two more. Inhale, rotate, exhale, stretch. It's as if you're trying to pull back on the rib cage. Inhale, top like opens. Exhale, move from the waist here. That's why that hip lifts reversed it. Open up again. That's an inhale. Exhale, close it up. Squeeze your inner thighs, hold, inhale and exhale back to center. Refold the legs. Last one. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale, stretch. Top leg opens. Enjoy a deeper stretch here.

If it works for you from the waist over, reverse at top leg, maximize the line gang. Some of you are kind of rushing it and enjoy it. Email or if you don't enjoy it, at least get something it right from there. We are stretching the legs out. We are reaching the arms overhead and a reverse my hundred roll-up ratio today to make it really fun. Back in the ribs are down, right? Yes. Here we go. Inhale, stop. When you get your shoulder blades, arms, if you want challenge, arms are still up. You can take them here too. It works just as well. Exhale, a little press. As you do this little tiny lift of your upper body, try to press your thighs down, back your legs. It's going to limit your range, but it's also going to be more effective. For the next part, coming forward or up, finish it rounded. Press those thighs down for some down. Press them down. Press them down, press them down and you're in your normal.

Roll up. Loves me, man. My Liana, you started, you came. Exhale down. I thought you were packing up. Here we go all the way back. I'm going to do it again. I won't do so many pulses, but right now you're gently guiding the hips downward or the legs downward, and let's do three. Yeah, that I do, and here we go. All the way up. Leave space. You're curved with your tall, beautiful inhale, exhaling down all the way and lightly tap the back of the head as you reach back.

Coming up again. Same pause. Try for low back on the ground here. One may or may not happen, but you try to on three. We're coming up. Here it is [inaudible] and you inhale. Squeeze those inner thigh. Squeeze the blades down. Then we go lightly touch coming right back to that spot. Listen up. I'm changing it on you. You're back. Let's just support our head's right here. Elbows slightly forward. Same idea. Let's start with the three little pulses that we've been doing. One to sink three. Now lift the Le a bit. Back leg, just a little. Reach it a little longer and it's going to hover on those same exhales.

Here we go, so same thing, just adding a little bit of the leg. Keep going with that, but maybe you kind of cross the leg toward the middle. Okay, just a tiny bit. Set it down, reach arms forward or keep them back up where they were. In fact, let's try that. Here we go. Exhale up when it feels like you can down all the way back. Take the stretch and up. This is it. Support your hands. Shoulders are down, front leg comes off. It's Boody. Okay. To turn it out a little bit and it's lift. Three, two, same thing.

It just a subtle in WordPress as you're lifting toward the middle. And with that, set it down. Arms up. Here we go. [inaudible] yeah, rolling like a ball. Skirt yourselves forward. [inaudible] find a way to challenge yourself tonight. Or if you don't want a challenge, find a way not to. It's almost harder probably. Here we go. Inhale back. For me, I'm thinking smaller, quieter, deeper.

I set the intention for control. Precision. Efficiency. Okay. Curious Andy. If you have a little bit more lat that can be involved. Hmm. Just to deal and Whoa, one more time please.

Going to head into our a hundred. Slide the hands up to the knees, lower yourself down. Double check all those points that the tailbone is somewhat down or sacrum. Anyway, sending the legs forward. As you do though, do make sure that the low back didn't change. And let's go traditional here and it's email two, three, four, five and exhale. So I remind you about the breathing we talked about in the beginning.

It's still expansive to many people I know are afraid to move their ribs on an inhale, make some room for those babies in there, the lungs, and then you can bring it back. The trick is allowing the ribs to open without moving the spine. That's your real goal. [inaudible] in [inaudible]. Andy, is this nine or eight?

One more. This is it. Good. Pull it in. Thank you. Right? Rest roughly. Yeah. Okay. From there he separated out so the hands are on either knee, tailbone down, curl your chin to your chest to lots engaged a little bit so you have that sense and we've done it recently, so just bear with me. We're going to go out to our long position and hang out. So double leg. Inhale, get there. It doesn't have to be huge. Recommit to the middle and just barely exhale and the legs move like two inches.

[inaudible] and make sure it feels like it's because something pressed in the middle almost in response to it's too. Yeah. I'm only suggesting this if you can do it without any motion in the back. This one. Hold, circle around. Bring it back. Three more like that one. Open, exhale close. Doesn't it feel like you can really just pump the air out? Now one more. Bring your heads down for one. Inhale.

Exhale, back up. Extending middle, close leg or the leg in the front. Ah, here we go. And one, one for the single leg stretch and two to continue lengthening out of the front of the hip. Rather light with the legs. [inaudible] go into Chris cross now and press. I'm going to encourage you to think about maybe rotating around the spine as if the spine were a pole and what's rotating around. We'll take the ribs or perhaps the shoulder pull, pull, pull, pull.

One more set here. And there it is. Bring it back in and letting your head go down. But the legs are bent. Arms close to your side. Here comes those rollovers. I think I promised you reach the legs almost a straight, but not that far away from you. Uh, on the exhale we're gonna let the legs come in a little, do a little tuck.

You can use the triceps and down kind of small little tuck of the pelvis and and yeah. So why I'm doing this is because we just want to read member that it's coming from about there from the low end. I won't burn you out though, so let's go ahead and do the whole deal now. If your legs aren't already straight, try for that. Now here we go. In Hilton 90 exhale for the rollover, we peel the spine off the mat, taking ourselves over to the horizontal position, spines or long here, flex your feet to give me, you know, give yourself time here. This is right here. Exactly where I think so many people lose it.

Meaning they're not going to hurt themselves, but are well they could, but they're just hanging out. No, you want to squeeze sits bones. You want to feel the front ribs pulling in on each other. Almost like a stretch to the back, but it shouldn't be like dead weight against it. Who's having fun back there laughing, lower the legs and down we go. If I didn't tell you to separate am I meant to circle and close. All right.

Inhale 90 exhale up over. Hit the horizontal line. You're already protected both sides of the body, Ian Hill. Separate your feet, lower them if you can, and from the chest roll down. So I want to remind you on that part too. I'll tell you when you get there, I guess circle and close, the legs are softly pointed. You inhale to 90 exhale up to go over. Inhale, flex, separate and down. Now, right here, make sure your, this is a place where we often overtook the chin. Look straight up please and down YouCam come on. Okay. It's tempting to always be looking at the ads and that's one case.

You have to be careful and inhale, exhale over. You go flex, separate, squeeze the sits bones or glutes still and down you come slow. Reach the arms. If you're going to do the Andi, reach them, reach them. Region. Yeah. Can we just do to the other way? So separate to the V. exhale up and over. As soon as you can, flatten out the risks, you should flex and close. Now you dropped the feet if you're going to, but as you do, you pull deep port into the belly so it's not just a hamstring stretch and breaching down last one up to go over.

Beautiful Debra. So Helen, just raise your legs a little bit so that your knees can be straight. There you go. And down we come. Ask Mandy. Yes, Mandy, keep pulling those ribs. All right, well done. Well done. Okay. Bend the knees please. Set the feet down. Spread out the upper back again. Inhale and exhale to Rola. Okay. If you haven't guessed, I am going to do scissors tonight and here's one more little prep that I want to be able to refer to when we're doing a scissor like action.

A big part of it is to make sure you're working the hip extensors and the reason is to help stabilize the pelvis. So given that we're in this position, pelvic curl lifted position, what I want you to think about doing, and this has nothing to do with your feet, I don't think, think about what lifting the hips is. Probably not the best way, but that's all I got. But more than that, press the thigh bones down against gravity. So it's not just driving the hips up, that'll get you nowhere but low back, which we don't need right now. You've got that set up. So as you start to lift the hips, you're pressing the thigh bones actively to the back of the hip. If that were, you know exactly what was happening. Does that make sense? Okay. So when you get into where your hand, you're holding your hips, this is when I'm going to refer to, we're not quite there yet, but this is an important piece of it. Yeah. Okay. Roll down. Roll down. I will get there, I promise. But in the meantime, let's take the back leg straight up. We're going hamstring pull one. Okay.

Curl yourself up. Look forward. Okay, and take a second look at your own hips because this one's going to try and hike up towards you. Lengthen it. Yup. Press the lower leg down anyway. Go pull, pull change. It's about the stillness of the body, not the stretch of the legs. So make sure you have your priorities straight. Ooh, that sounded rude, but I mean, okay, all right. Now forget grabbing the leg. Make it a little smaller. It support your head and a little quick, quick [inaudible]. I'm took out the devil poles to, sorry, blah, blah, blah. A little smaller still so you can go a little faster, blah, blah, blah, and it's still the same goal, not wobbling side to side. Let's walk down two, three, four and up to three, four and down. It's all about the stillness.

If you feel pressure coming off the low back in terms of where the weight is, you don't go any lower. Last one, two, three, four and up to three and four. Bend your knees. Rock yourselves up, sitting down. Before we go into spine stretch, I'm going to do just a gentle rotation. I'm going to suggest knees bent, hands behind your head. Okay, now lighten up on yourself. That's all I, I just think that's all you have to do. I don't have to tell you how. Just do it from inside the bones and our, I'm just trying to get you to think deeper in the, around the spinal column, we rotate to the front.

Let's go ahead and extend the arms and early extend accordion, the arms outward. Take the arms up and come back to center. Gradually folding the arms, so I'll give you some sort of breath pattern. We'll see. Inhale, rotate to the back. It's captaining from inside. Exhale, extending your arms, allowing your spine to continue to grow. You keep the rotation. You allow the straight arms to go up as the shoulders just kind of fall and come back to center and falls again in a slightly faster but no less precise and inhale and exhaling home to full. Last one. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, extend those hips. Never move. Inhale, raise the arms ticket, chest with it. Exhale, come back to center and fold. Great. I think I'm going to keep my legs just as they are for spine stretch. Here we go. Inhale. Slight version on the arms, right. Exhale as you roll down, pulling up at the high ribs, keeping the low belly still for the moment. I mean the low back. Now we roll the pelvis forward, laying out almost onto our thighs until we find the long flat back.

Extend the arms on the exhale. Inhale, think longer. We've had this conversation, you're not going forward anymore. It's just long as you replace the hands. Exhale round forward and roll up. There's a lot going on on this one, so let's think about it. Go a little straighter or straight with your legs. If you can. Inhale, exhale.

It's as if you're peeling down a wall. Deepening the ads. At this point we encourage back extension, so that starts at the tailbone. Finding the long line. Exhale, extending your arms alongside or behind your ears. Get the arms straight. Email grow longer as you refold the arms. Exhale to go down and roll up.

Inhale and exhale to round around. Should feel quite good on your neck cause you're not pulling the elbows. You can almost see. Inhale, I do a little downward pressure on my heels here. That's alright. Exhale, arms. Inhale, grow longer. Start to let the shoulder blades full, heavier down the back as you refold exhale down to come up.

Okay, so you know what you're doing. Let's go slightly faster. But don't mistake that as like, I want to get it over with. Let's milk it. Here we go. Exhale down. Inhale, grow. Keep going until we're room even. Keep growing as your arms add in, you're still lengthening as you refold and exhale to roll up. Inhale to exhale down. Work.

This part, that's not free stuff there or it could be, but you know, inhale. Rebend. Exhale, turn around. Lovely. And from the low part of the abs, you roll up looking good. Let's do the last one with a little variation. Exhale to round. Yes. Inhale. Let your head come last. Debra. Head last. That's it. That's it.

Go ahead. Inhale, stay there guys. When you get there, don't even do the arm part. Just breathe if you need to. Andy, just curious, can you bring your feet a little closer together? Lean ever so slightly forward and now I'm just going to do one thing just to keep breathing. Guys. This is the work. This part can go down actually. There you go. There you go. Now when it's time, exhale, arms straight and from there we're going slightly back with the arms or to remember it's an upward motion. This, this arm thing almost encourages a thrust of the ribs. Don't let that happen. It's more like I'm pulling on your wrist forward. Couple more like Sam Lee. Everybody hold that one big inhale, easy on the arms. Just leave them straight. Exhale and round over and hang out.

Okay, good looking good. That's your favorite. I know, right? My favorite means a lot more to you when you haven't when at first you couldn't do it. That's how I feel about it. Okay. Debra will follow you. So we were stretching and wherever you can hold and let's encourage just a little back extension. You won't be flat but head in that direction and then pick one side to rotate your chest to the opposite hand. To the back, just gentle rotation. Really. You're just kind of emphasizing the one leg.

Then wherever you are, encourage more of a flat back. So again, it's almost like what you just did with some exceptions. If you can take off the back hand and reach it, you can rotate a little more if it suits you or you can just hang out and stretch. If you are rotating, look back at that hand and again as if someone pulls you like, like you really are getting into something and release it. Go to the middle, support yourself with your hands. Hang out for a second. I think it's easier to inhale, but it really doesn't matter to find a little bit longer of a back. Remind yourself that your head is sort of the top of the spine.

Started at gentle walking your hands over. I sort of lift to take my chest right over the thigh. They opposite hand are free hand can be to the back for an assistant as an assistant. Then encourage a little more back extension. Go ahead, Deborah, I'm following you. And then extend the arm if it suits you. [inaudible] that won't for everybody.

I don't want it to be too straining cause I'm, I've got things planned coming, so, Oh, if you are able to do that rotation, it's feeling decent. Continue looking or wrapping around to look at it. If you're holding your foot, which I see a lot of you are, push that foot into the hand and reached the opposite hand in the air further away. Not behind you. Just back Brianna. Annoying. Okay. And release and roll. Hmm.

We're going to do Nick Paul, but uh, tonight I'm gonna leave your feet slightly apart. I usually put them together. If you want me to put them together, you can. All right. Sit and tall. Here we are again. Your backs are nice and loosened up or anyway, they worked to straight. Okay. Let's see. Mary, just slightly pull the ribs back here. Yeah, here you go. All right, everybody hinge a little bit, but keep your eyes straight ahead. Don't look up now from the lowest part of your spine. Let's go slow. Let's milk. Let's just make it as fun as possible.

Ah, toughen up. We come in here. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Send the energy out the heels as best you can. Folding over, rolling up. So that was the only slow one. And hinge exhales from the lumbar. Feel the back of the legs trying to press down into the mat.

These are things that will help you that aren't cheating. So I would try. Exhale. Good, good, good, good, good. Oh four and rule hinges. I'm imagining that my legs are just getting longer when I roll this front side. If I lengthen it, it helps. One more please to come up, hinge and down. Right? All right. If you wiggle, do way down the mat. Scoot back on its time.

Don't you think? Scissors. If you need a review, you should sit up and watch it. If you don't want to do scissors, a rollover as a nice option of pelvic curls and ice option that, that very, uh, prob prep I gave you earlier. Otherwise what we do is we take our legs up, we're going to go into a rollover. Happens now. Do it. It is the only thing you're gonna do. I'm going to get rid of this baby from here for me. I have to walk my arms in closer. I would think you do too, Andy, I'm not sure. Bend your knees and let the knees kind of just be heavy from here. Hands. Put them wherever you can on your back. Okay. Ultimately they head to the hips.

Lift the spine so my knees are going to come away from me a little bit. My hips are getting a little more over the shoulder, so this is pretty high on the shoulder blades. Definitely not for everybody. Then here's the trick. I'm about to ask you to arch your back and slide the handle a little bit closer to your hips. However, you don't want to drop the spine into your hands. It's just way too painful. You want to keep the hips as much over the shoulders or chest as possible.

Having said that, they won't be directly, but it's pretty close. All right. Keep your right leg bent close to your face. Take your left leg and reach it long. Okay. Holding this position, I want you to think of that pelvic Crow. We did amendment minute ago, you lifted your hips and you pressed the thighbone away. True. You should be looking for a stretch on the front of that leg.

You're pushing away more. Mandy, more Mandy, more, more for you to Andy. Yup, go ahead. Go ahead. Now you feel your butt tightening. Yeah, it's gotta be there. You guys can't do it otherwise. Take the top leg. Actually, let's just switch. I want you to feel it on both sides. So the left leg comes into your nose. Although leg stretches out, take weight out of your hands. I know how awkward that is. As you lift up, you reach that leg downward. All right, now the top leg will lift up. It is not maximum stretch. It's quite lifted. Yes, you can reach your top of the leg. Uh, for this from you, Emily. Okay, here we go. It's a double exhale. One, two, switch one, two, and all the wild gang. You're trying to keep those hips lifted. Lots of glute work. Yeah.

One, one and two to both legs are overhead. Release your hands. Don't really see abs and glutes though. And down we come. Yeah. Rock yourself up. I go look pretty good. I'm still thinking some of you can get used to the feeling of the leg being a little lower with the anyway, let's get definitely there. Did you feel it? Okay. All right. Anyone not feel it?

I like being a, keeping my hips over my shoulder doesn't really count so it's, I don't feel the stress on my wrist at all anymore. Yeah. Okay, good. So keep that, that cue works for you're keeping the hips over shoulders. Um, you know what I've found, and this may be meaningless to other people. Um, I was lucky. I found, I didn't know how hard I could squeeze my glutes, not how hard, not like just for squeezing sake, but I, I, I sort of thought I was doing that and then I realized try a little harder and Oh, and I lifted right up out of my hands. It felt like, just a thought. I'll, I'll try and mention it ahead of time next time. Here we go. Open leg rock Jack, not tripod as opposed to, yeah, much more of a Jack knife than a, what'd you say? I tripod. Okay. I don't even know. It was just a second ago and I don't know whatever. All right, here we go.

Inhale, roll back. Exhale Rola. Find your back, extends as you've worked him a lot. And again, inhale, roll back. I'm gonna encourage you to get so relaxed in the legs. You can't relax everywhere with the Hill. I think it helps. So Mandy, initiate yours from the tailbone not to repre. Yup. That's going to do it. That's all you need. Promise, keep it and you'll be back up. Yeah. So, so back up.

You threw yourself forward. That was good though. Very good. Teeny tiny for you. It's a lot less than you think. Yes. Ah. Oh beautiful. Good, good, good. Such a great place to feel the work you've already done. Uh huh. Let's do two more please. Emily, try. Um, when you get up, cause you're getting up just fine. Keep your legs closer to you. Here to you, huh? Last one. They can be wider apart a little bit, but keep them close. Staying there. Close the feet. Hands go behind you. Okay.

You might decide if you've got long legs and so you might want to be on your forearms. Anybody can be on their forums here. And what we're doing is taking our legs to the front. Don't lower much cup. Circle around, same direction. Okay. Some most, a lot of stillness through the trunk, but there's some change directions, so it's over it. Little hip circles, prep [inaudible] and from there, Whoa. I'll be back from there. Reach forward, squeeze your glutes, a little roll down. Touch the back of your head.

Keep your arms forward for now and come up. Inhale if you can. Okay, everybody slightly bend your knees, squeeze inner thighs roll down. I'm not going to the head this time. Try not to have any toss. I don't care how long it takes you. If you have to use your hands, that's better than skipping that part. And down we go. This time we will touch the head.

Take the arms back. Come forward. Take your time. No tossing. Don't make. Yeah, she's like, shut up again. Last one. How about that? We don't want to know where the hard part is. Collarbones. Collarbones collarbones yes. Sitting all the way up. [inaudible] all right.

Hmm. I'm gonna have is just on your hands and he's still facing the middle. Okay. Get to the side in a minute. Okay. So you're on your hands and knees.

We're just going to do a little leg pull front. Uh, and I'm encouraging you to try to be as light on your hands as possible. So with your backs in neutrals like that, place your legs back in plank. Remind yourself that you should at this point, be aware of both sides of your body. So I include the glutes and hamstrings a little bit. It's the same thing here as the hips Debra. As the hips go down, the thigh bones go backwards or up. Okay, good. From there, 0.1 toe, doesn't matter which reach along to lift up on. That's it. To try to get the leg slightly higher than your hips without changing your spine. That must've been this five.

Put it down and change and reach along too. Sorry for [inaudible] and five foot goes down from here. Pull the ribs into lift up pike. It basically looking for a pretty flat back. You're spread out. I'm aware of that. You can bring the feet closer. I'm not going to be here long though.

Everybody rise up to the tip toes as high as you can. Heads are still down. Spread out your upper back. Start to tuck your pelvis, a little roll through or forward until you get into plank. If you have to move your feet back, you should, although you may not need to take your right knee. I'm going to do a little single leg, knee stretch. Pick up right knee. Everyone's going to have to make room for that knee, so let the hips come up.

As you tuck, you should feel the straight leg glute and hamstring and pull the knee first straight ahead to the nose one and then extended out. But don't, don't change it back to so the low back has ever so slightly headed in the direction of a post here till three and four, same leg, but cross it over so it touches the opposite elbow or heads in that direction anyway. Good. Excellent. Helen. Excellent. Just when you thought it was over. Hold it straight out there. Flex that foot. Straighten out your upper backs. Now take that leg to the side. One cross, no emotion. Two as it foots parallel, three and four foot comes in, down. Lift up. Walk your feet in a little bit. Pull weight out of your hands.

It's absolutely fine to bend the knees a little here. Take the release if you don't need to, you don't either way. Okay, from here, lift up again on the toes. I'll get to that other leg in one second. Actually, let's do it now. Nevermind. We're rolling. Let's do it. Now you know me. Okay, so again, we go from plank, slightly scooped the bill or scoop the belly and slightly round the spine.

Point the other leg and we came straight in for four. One you want to feel like this leg is coming towards you from right under your chest. Not right at the hip joint. Same thing, but let it cross over to try to touch that opposite elbow. All right, here we go. Level everything out, flexed foot, straight spines. Take it to the side. The leg is at hip height. One, two [inaudible] for put the foot down, lift up, walk your feet in a couple steps. In fact, walk them in enough that you can pull weight out of them and hang. So yeah, I'm just letting the arms be free. If you, if you prefer the moral up stretch or down dog position, that's okay.

I have another arm thing come and just so you know, so this next one doesn't require a whole lot of movement. So if you were okay to be in the stretch, you can do this even if you don't do the whole thing. What we do is walk back out to that up stretch position. Pretty wide up stretch position and I'm going to think a lot of you are gonna want to have bent knees and it doesn't affect what we're going to do. It's clear as I can be. First of all, make sure the shoulders are away from the ears.

You're going to bend the elbows and try to just straight down so they as little as possible. Do they point to the side? That's good to have or good and then straightened back up. Letting your upper body just be where it is and up. It'll travel with you. If you, if you're bending your elbows a lot, the head remains hanging. That's right. Thank you. I'll try some action, not it Alon and then a be good.

So a, a modification if you want it is to just have it be on your knees and do that tricep push up there. Okay. Other ways you can, how you doing guys? Good. Get about five more. Um, another way you can do this to make it a little bit easier, and I know it's too late now, but you could roll your mat so that you don't have so much pressure on the rest. If that's five and I'm guessing it's close, let's just bring the right knee forward through your hands onto the ground. Wiggle that foot out from underneath you into a hip stretch. Okay. Am gonna offer another one? Just in a moment.

If this doesn't work for you, if you don't let, if this would be a knee thing for most people, if it, if it didn't work for you or for any reason you don't like it, you're here. It's also pretty intense. This can, this one can be intense as well, but it might be a little less so. So these are our two options. Another one would be here, just like a butterfly. That's it. And then if you've lengthened yourself out enough that you feel like you can walk down, do, and again, my objective is really to try to get the hip.

Um, there are a couple other ways you could make this, get the front of the other hip, but let's just zero in on this. [inaudible] I need your hands support. [inaudible] okay. That's about time. We're going to switch. So if you're on your back, just stay there. Help yourself up with your arms and your back foot to switch. So you just bring the knee forward. Then if you need more of a stretch, you just roll away from it and pull the foot out from underneath you a little bit. Hi candy. How has class canvas? Great.

All right. Head down. Head down. Oh, my little yoga instructor, like a shoe melts her way to the floor. [inaudible] Oh, I better not be losing you. We got stuff to do, so just don't completely enjoy it. No. Loosen up the hips for good reason. It might be a way you're thinking of it. Trust this. Yes. Just me. What I want to do for you. I'm going to try and get the ribs down a little in that lovely stretch. Yeah.

Oh, I know. I ruined everything. Okay. All right gang. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm just going to sit onto that hip that's closest to me. Easily ease the leg around and we're going to our side for a little side bend, twist something, something. Maybe we'll just do one of them. Which would you prefer? Side bend or twist? I think I heard more side bins, but a more vehement twist and sometimes the teacher twist it is, aren't you glad I asked? Okay, here's what matters to me tonight because it could change at any moment. Um, don't separate the knees when you get up. Okay.

Try and keep them like so they can spread out. They can come in whatever you want there, but try not to separate them. It's one. Here we go. Inhale, line yourself up. You can adjust on this first one. You should probably and then feel energy reaching out.

Both ends so slightly down on your hips. Yes. Great. What did I say? Right twist across, it's a pike, so you're reaching across your chest. Your back is flat or at least trying. Inhale, open, [inaudible] and Ben to come down. Lightly. Touch with, go on again. Keep those knees together. Inhale, zip up through all sides. Pike as you reach across, heads down. Come on, twist, twist, twist, keep twisting, keep reaching, keep reaching.

It's okay if the back foot lightens up or comes off even open and then to come down and again, three out of four. Inhale, lift up weight. Drop your hips a little and press hips forward. Now you're ready to pike it. Exhale, go under. I know you are good in how reopen and hinge down. Last one right here we go. Inhale, lift up. Some of you are getting too high on that first lift. That's great. Lisa Xcel PI can do a nice job on hon. Inhale, reopen and hold it. Lower the bottom knee for side kick.

Kneeling. Take some weight out of the left arm as if we pulled you this way and just ever so slightly. Good. Good. Okay. I think except for Andy and Mary maybe that I can looking at right now. Let your legs be easier for longer, longer. Don't, don't try to hold. Don't try to tighten up. Just let him be almost loose.

Now swing the leg forward and back. I'm saying that cause I think we bear down on our hip joint a little too much and nice Wendy and for keeping the knee straight. Hold or go to the side. Now once you finished that and come to the side, talk a little Emily [inaudible] raise the leg. Some of you can go higher. Mandy, nice and little pulses up there for five, for four for three. Tuck again to and down you come to stretch, which I don't know which side I'm on. Yeah, that's a stretch. Yeah. Well then go ahead and sit on that side.

Here we go again. Does that make sense? I know that was kind of horrible cuing. I think that it just gave you, but it's this thing again where I always try and show you. If you tighten too much, you're sucking the arms in, um, which isn't as efficient as if you were to move there. And you can do the same thing with the hips. So when we get down to this place, I think it's such a tiring by the time we're there that we tend to kind of grip in and that's where I think you're getting pulled back. So if [inaudible] best possible, let it relax as if you were literally going to be pulled this way.

To me it feels like a, it's not a tuck, but a pressing forward to the hips. It, I would suggest relaxing it. It can be pointed or flexed, but um, it usually causes tension. We don't need. All right, four twists. Inhale to lift up. Feel the long line, close your eyes and feel the long line or you arched. Now you can. Pike at the hip. And reach across the chest. Inhale, reopen. Feel that long line again.

[inaudible] and now Ben to come down and inhale, lifting. Exhale. It's as if someone took you by the waist to bring you under. Yes. Inhale, reopened, looking good, and Ben to come down. Take some weight out of your arm. Now is your chance. Good? Inhale, lifting up. Exhale to pike. Good.

I'm going to pull on you a little bit this way. Inhale, reopen. Good. Press your hips forward and down we go. Yeah, so you should feel your hamstrings a little, a little bit. So again, are you slipping? Okay, I can't mess with that. And then come back. This was where you put the knee down. There you go. Thank you. Into psychic kneeling. Excellent. Yes, yes. Great. Great.

I am going to do a little for you. Just okay, you've got this part now. Just press your hips forward. Yeah. Subtle tuck. Oh my God. That's going to be so good. I'd hang out there for a second just to get used to that again. Um, yeah. You told me how many four come in. I do five. Right. Okay, so then I'll hang out. You're at the side. Check your hips again, go back with your leg. Wendy. Forward at the hips. It's the, it's the scissors all over again. And you did five lifts.

I've lists. And when you're done, you stretch that way. Pull the knee and stretch that way. Just like that. Yeah. Slightly more back when do you believe it or not? With the leg. Sorry. With the leg. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah, just a tiny bit. I want to go like you're reaching beautifully. It's this going forward that I want that.

How's that feel? Good. All right. We are close, but not yet. So coming down onto your forearms please. Facing the center line. Yeah. So if the elbows are under the shoulders to be in the technical position, I would like you to move yours. All of ours forward about two inches. Okay. Now that you've done that, guide the shoulders toward your hips and almost like you're going to pull yourself forward with your lats. There. Is that a gentle pull backwards. Okay, so I'm suggesting that the lowest ribs on the front of your body are touching. That's what I'd like to do. So wherever that puts your elbows. Okay.

From that plate. Yes, exactly. For I am wanting instead of up as high as we can be, I'm wanting the low ribs to be on the ground today. Yeah and actually a little more down for you. So move your arms forward. Go lower with your body for you even more. So I guess it's a little higher fuse. Yeah, just like that. Perfect. Alright, now try and as hard as you want to tuck your pelvis but keep everything else lovely. Lovely. Reach your legs off the edge of your mat. Sorry.

They're still on the ground. My fault. Okay, so now you're kind of energized there I think. Yeah. Think about taking your forearms off the ground. You may not, but I want you to activate the muscles you would use to try to do that. You're a little high light on. That would be really hard to do. Feet stay on the ground. Good and put them down. Nice job, Maddie. Let's, let's give it a shot and let your elbows wiggle forward half an inch.

If you need to re pull the abs up. Glutes are very tight, tops of the feet remain on the floor, so the minute they start to come up, you're done. I mean, honestly, you don't have to take them off to get a ton of work, but if you can do excellent and yeah. Now if it goes to your low back, that's a whole nother deal. Press your pubic going into the ground. The glutes are very much working here and down. Okay. From there we're going to everybody lower down to the sternum or close to the sternum and extend your arms forward. Look down at the mat tops of the feet on the floor. Pull the abs up here trying to tuck your pelvis.

Take the arms up and around until they're back down by your hips. Pull the abs in again and reverse it. Arms go up and over. Still got the feet on the ground. You can lower down all the way for the moment and then lift again. Arms a circle back and around. Pull the abs in. You can stay very low and do this.

You almost don't even have to lift it all and then return to the overhead. Slide the hands in. Press up, round back for the moment. [inaudible] reach your arms forward a little bit more. We're going to do the combination briefly from your roll the hips, uh, abdominals in hips up. You're gonna just roll forward and through until you become an a long arched spine. Glutes have to be working here. Lovely. Good.

So even here, Mandy, I'm wanting to see a little tuck of the pelvis and then from there, keep going. So you stretch the abs. Now, how would you hold yourself up here if you didn't have, if you wanted to take your arms off. I'm aware that you wouldn't, but, well, you could try. Oh yes. I wouldn't want to show off, but what we could do is pull the abs in and go back to the start. Almost to the start. Okay. How about this? Put his little weight into your arms as possible as you go forward. Again, I'm aware that you have to put weight into it, but you don't have to drop it. You can elevate yourself. Yeah. Open the chest.

Open the chest. Just pull the shoulders slightly backwards. Lay lawn. There you go. All right everybody. Look over your left shoulder. Find your right heel and center. Look the other way. Right shoulder left here. Let's do it once more. You can lower down if you need to, but once more, trying not to turn the whole spine. Tried to do it mostly cervical or neck. All right, and from there around back. And then just we're going to bring the leg back to a seated position in front.

So close four more quick exercises. That's all. Fingers face your heels. If you've had enough with the wrist stuff today, um, what I would do is lie down and just do the uh, pelvic lift that you'd be here. Same exercise. No peeling. Here we go. Uh, just up and down. Pull the ribs in a little. Or is that just a shirt? Okay, here we go. You've got to use your bike. Got to use your legs. Lift up.

If you hyper extend the knees, check, bend them a little bit. Hindered the hip. Lightly touch. Check that you're out of your shoulders. So what I'm gonna suggest for you, Deborah, go ahead. Lie on. I'm with ya. Uh, bend the elbows a little so your shoulders can stay on up. We go and down. So if you feel tight in the shoulders, you can go wider with your hands to lift and down. You may or may not get the toes on the ground, but put energy that way anyway and down. We're not looking behind. In fact, everybody just slightly look down for today.

I'd rather you err on that side than looking behind you. And down we go pull the knees and we're going to do teaser one and two and then still puppy and that's it. So behind the tailbone, just so you know, that's the trick behind the tailbone. Glutes are squeezed. You can keep the knees bent if you've had enough hip flection today. Otherwise leave the legs out at 45 roll yourself down. You've already done this basically, right? Let's just do two and control, control, control, optional arms overhead.

I'm going to skip it this late. I want to just get the action. The next one. We're going to go up and stay there. Leave your arms. Their chest is open. You can be spread out. Let the legs come up on the exhale. Sh Oh, nothing else moves. Oh, check out how slow we're gonna go. Okay.

Keep the stillness go slower. Do two more. One more. Bring the feet in. Let the toes touch. Drag one leg in a lot closer and a wrap. Wow. And although we are rounded, we're meant to be rounded.

We don't need around the upper back. Let it respond to the curve to your low back. That's a great position Mandy. And let's do two beats at three beats. One, two, three. Back beat, beat, beat roll and beat. Beat, beat, roll back. Duh duh. Duck tricks again. Should I say is I can't do it. Um, think inner thighs clapping rather than feet. Inner thigh, inner thigh, inner thigh. Exhale and inner thigh. Inner thigh. Inner thigh. Should we end standing tonight? Nah, let's not. We've been down the whole time.

Let's keep it this way. So we're, this is our last one. Just stay down though. Sorry. I had to think out loud there. Let your feet come down. Find a place that feels good to you to sit. Um, is there any major stretch stretching you need right now? My mom's like, yes. All of it. Alright, well then feel free cause I'm, I'll just stay here and breathe and um, I'm to bring you back to the place we started, which was the breath. Um, again, this is a level of class where you guys know how to breathe and you breathe efficiently. But sometimes it's good to remind ourselves there really isn't a right or wrong way and thinking so we can tend to constrict.

So my hope for you is that you will let yourself breathe. Okay. And that means you're not trying anything, even if it means you can't sit fully straight or do you want to lean back on your hands? That's all good. Whatever lets it go in so that you can let whatever go out and you can be light on yourself for no other reason than just cause. And to think this is available all the time. What's that? [inaudible] thank you for coming.

Okay, welcome back. Thank you.


Great workout, thanks!
Hi Helen! Thanks for looking back into the library and for leaving this nice comment.
Kristi I love those old classes of yours so much ( I love new ones too:))!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
Malgosia You are too kind! I can hardly look at this class, let alone take it! We've come a long way and I'm so grateful you are willing to dig deep into the archives and find what you like. Thank you! 
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Great "old-school" class - I got a whole new feeling for how to do the Scissors, I don't think I've ever done those so well. Appreciated the stretches as well!
Ivan Z  Thank you for going "old school with me!"

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