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Connie Borho teaches a classical order Reformer workout. Use her vivid cuing to get deeper into the movements, and flow through exercises such as Tendon Stretch, Hamstring Curls, Teaser variations, Corkscrew, Side Splits, and Front Splits.
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May 26, 2014
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Hi, I'm Connie Baro and I have with me, Juliana and Hayley, and we are going to be doing a level two classical order, a reformer. And so you guys ready? All right, so stand at the corner of your carriage and your arms. Come into Janie, pull your armpits back behind you. And like you have a skirt on, Tuck your skirt, and underneath you have a seat on the reformer. And then roll back into your carriage. Let's put your head rest up. All right, so now you're gonna bring your arms down, take your hands and make a diamond shape with your fingers and put your pointer fingers on your pubic bone and your thumb on your navel. And gently press down in there. Just gently. This is the diamond in your lower belly. So as you inhale, try not to move the diamond up.

Think about pulling the diamond up and underneath your sternum so we're not moving it forward. We're moving it up. So inhaling, pulling the diamond up underneath your sternum, and then as you exhale, pull in on a diamond like you're making a deeper setting for the diamond. Okay, so it's inhale and draw the diamond up and underneath your sternum, pulling the abdominals up. And as you exhale, make a deeper setting for your diamond, cradling it in your sacrum. Two more breaths like that. So in hell, pulling the diamond up and exhale, pulling the diamond down, making a deeper setting. Okay, take your hands off. You guys both feel the shadow of that diamond in there. Okay, so do a couple more breaths without your hands there. And think of the diamond up on the inhale and the diamond in the exhale.

We're going to be using that imagery throughout the class, okay? All right. Bring both of your knees into your chest and give them a little hug. Take a breath in and expand your low back. And as you exhale, contract your abdominals away from your legs. And again, inhale and expand the low back and exhale and pull them back in. One more deep breath in and exhale all your air, every ounce of air that you have and find the diamond deep in the sacrum. All right. Place your feet on the foot bar in Plati stance, toes on the bar and heels raised high.

Squeeze your heels together and pressure arms down and begin your footwork. Press out and exhale, pull back in in house. Stretch out long and strong. Exhale, pulling back end. Funnel your ribs in towards your waist. Knees only about as wide as your shoulders.

So we're going to come right about there and exhale and, and four more. Keep your ribs pulling down into your waist. I'm the diamond active in your low belly. One more. Come all the way back in again and change to your arches on the bar. Knees press together and press the carriage out and pull back in again.

Inhale, stretch out long and strong and exhale, pull those ribs in. She does it without me even touching and inhale, stretch. Pull your waistline and together warming up your legs. And three more and two and last one got coming all the way in. I'm going to add a little resistance to that.

We're going to do our footwork on four springs and see what you got here. All right, so come back to plotty stance and he'll squeeze together knees only as wide as your shoulders. No, it's going to be a big difference between the first few. We're just little warmups and now. Okay. So squeezing your heels, keeping them high. Press straight out and exhale. Pull in, seek to feet. So you're pulling your seat in towards your feet and knees only as why. Some. Make yourself a little bit of a wall here. Good.

And stretch out long and strong from the seat and pull back in funneling your ribs down into your back on your collar bones. Press your arms down, all the way from your pits to your fingertips. One more. And come all the way in. Change to your arches and press your feet together and continue your footwork. Pressing straight out like a little bird on a perch. Here we want to come down just a bit and pull in.

Sync your heels underneath the bar as you pull in. Oh and sync your heels under as you pull. So the first one, we're trying to leave the heels high. This one we're trying to sink underneath. So really think about pulling your seat to your feet and sinking your heels away in opposition. Two more. And one more.

Coming all the way in. Change to the heels. Toes straight up towards the ceiling and put a wall there. Press straight out. Inhaling and exhale. Pull back in. Keeping your feet drawing back towards your sins and stretch out long and strong and pull back in. Wrap your seat. Hold to your feet. Yeah. And four more. Find your center line with your thighs, pressing your thighs together on that center line, pulling your ribs into the center line. One more time.

Come all the way back in and change to your toes again in parallel for the tendon stretch, press straight out and hold it out there. Now sink your heels under the bar and just stay there for a second. So make sure your knees point straight to the ceiling so both of you can take a little bit more of a rep pressure thighs out. Now wrap through here and make your knees point up. That's it. Keep your knees right there and lift your heels straight up and lower underneath. Maintaining the knees, pointing straight to the ceiling. Good.

Lifting up and stretching down. Like you have a rubber band attached to your sits bones on your heels and you're stretching that rubber band. Okay, good. And lift up. Keep that knee. Hold in. There you go. Press your arms down. Three more. Really wrapping the seat. Find your diamond [inaudible] and last one and just hold it.

I'll give you a nice stretch. And everybody says yes. Ah. All right. Lift your heels high. Bend your knees and come all the way back in. Sit Up, take your foot bar down and we're going to take off one of those red springs. Y'All all the way down. There you go. Take off one of the red springs.

So we're going to leave three, two reds and one blue for balanced body. Um, lie on, back down and grab your handles for the hundred. Keeping your feet up into tabletop. Elbows. Come to the Mat, curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Reach your arms and legs long and begin pumping. Inhale for five and exhale for five legs. Reach Long. Uh, press your heels down into my hand. Push down. Yes. Now draw back through the abdominals and I'm going to give you back the weight of your legs. You Ready? Find your diamond Hallman. Oh yeah.

And for us down a pullback through the ABS. That's it. Find your diamond. Wrap your shoulders onto your back. There you go. Now Ready? You're going to take your own weight back. You Ready? Pull it back. Good length and through your feet. And inhale. One big [inaudible]. Inhale. Good.

Pulling those abs down towards the Mat. And one more time. And exhale. Good job. All right. Bend your elbows. Lower your head. Bend your knees and take your hands. Um, both handles in one hand. Sit on up again and take off another red spring and lie on back down for [inaudible], the short spine massage. So you get a little treat first. Put your feet into the loops and pull your heels into your seat. Pressure. Arms down. Take your head rest.

Put it all the way down. Heels come tight into your seat, your knees just outside the ropes there you, and inhale, press out long and strong. Exhale, pick your hips up and lift your legs up and over, reaching long. Return the carriage all the way home. Now Bend your knees down to the shoulder. Blacks, separate your knees a little good all the way down because you can, and then roll your hips down and into the mat. One vertebrae at a time, and then pull your heels to your seat. God, let's do that again. Inhale and stretch out. Exhale, pick your hips up with your abdominals.

Bring your legs over, right. Bend your knees with control to the shoulder. Blacks. Keep resistance in your ropes and roll your hips down. And then pull your heels to your seat. Three more on your own. Press straight out. Inhale, exhale up and overreach long into the straps. Keep resistance in the ropes as you lower your knees.

So you gotta do a little Hammy curl and then roll down and pull your heels to your seat. Two more. Press straight out, lift up, funnel the ribs, pressure, arms down. Keep resistance in the ropes. As you bend those knees, you have to pull your heels to your seat. Yes, and roll the spine. And then pull your heels in. One more in Helen. Stretch, funneling your ribs pressure, arms down, legs reach long. Then with control, roll down and pull your heels to your seat. Reach through your knees. Take off the the straps from your hand, from your feet, and put them on your hands for coordination. Elbows to the mat. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Reach your arms long and legs long.

Open-Close then your knees, bend your elbows and inhale, stretch out. So inhale, stretch out. Open, close, fast. Boom, boom. Just your knees. Just throw elbows. Inhale, stretch, open. Close. Knees and elbows. Good job in hell. Out. Open, close. Pull back through the diamond. Back through the diamond. One more time. Open. Close back through the diamond. Back through the diamond. Good job. All right. Sit on up and bring your hips back against your shoulder blocks.

Take off the red spring. So now you only have one blue. Sit against your shoulder blocks and take the loops in your hands. Again, sit Indian fashion. So Cross your knees. Good hands face forward towards the ceiling. Stretch your arms straight up towards the ceiling. And then around behind you for shave the head.

So thumbs way down the bottom of your neck, sitting up as tall as you can. The ribs in your back. Stretch straight out, and exhale, resist and come in. Well let's find some opposition. So as you stretch your arms out, an opposition down and into your tailbone and resist coming back in. Tailbone down, arms up. And one more time. Inhale, stretch out and hold. Exhale, drag your thumbs down. Elbows wide. Inhale, stretch out. And why? Good. One more time.

Hold it there. UNCROSS and re cross your legs the other way. Bring your arms around to the side. Four, hug a tree. Get some wind under your wings and hug that tree. Inhale, exhale, resist coming back in health. Stretch forward. Try to keep the wind under your wings. Shoulders down. Good. Two more like that. Funneling your ribs and one more.

Hold it. Exhale, reverse your breath. Inhale, stretch. Reach into the straps and exhale, pull in, pull into your diamond. Inhale, reach into the straps, lengthen your spine, and exhale, pull in two more like that. Think of growing tall through your spine as you pull in and grow taller as you go out. One more time and all the way out. Great. Hang them up. Step off to the side and let's add one of those red springs. First we're going to do hamstring curls.

So go back and get your box and put it on the, keep the blue on key. Yeah, that's okay. Put It on vertically. Alright, so come to the back of your box. I'm going to stand up on the rails. Yeah. So you're gonna stand up on those rails. Great. Put the loops around your feet. Okay. And then stand on them. Got It.

Stand on those strips and then walk your hands forward to the front of the box. And if they come off, I'll help you. Don't worry. Bring your pelvis down into the box, your legs up and around and together for hamstring curls. Yes, you both did it. Alright, good job. Okay, so crawl forward until your knees are just off the end of the bucs. Anchor your pelvis and wrap your arms around the front of the box and bring your knees together. Great. All right, so anchoring the pelvis, find your diamond here in the prone position, so it's the same thing.

Even though you're prone, we're still inhaling and pulling the diamond up and exhaling and pulling the diamond in. Sink your tail towards your heels and pull your heels to your seat and hold heels to the seat and hold to three and resist heels to the seat and hold. Lengthen out through the crown of your head as you resist going back in health. Stretch in and hold. Exhale, resist coming out one more time and resist coming this time. Pull your heels to your seat. Hold it. Send the tailbone towards your knees, pulling your waistline up around the diamond and lift your knees up off the box and resist and let the feet come back behind you. Oh, she says, and anchor your hips.

Pull your heels to your seat and lift your knees up off the box and let your feet come back behind you. One more time. Pull your heels in towards your seat. Anchor your pelvis as you lift the knees up and let their feet go back behind. You. Take off one of the springs. We're going to do singles. You can take the blue one off. Yeah. Okay. So focusing on your right side first. We're gonna anchor that right side.

So I want to see the, the space between your thigh and your hip anchored. Pull your right heel to your seat. I'm pressed that hip down. Good. And resist and let go and keep pushing down here. Yeah, there you go. And resist as you release. And two more anchoring the pelvis down, belly up and into your spine.

Air and resist. And one more time and resist. And now the left side. So keeping that right. Like active. Pull your left heel into your seat. Anchor your pelvis there. Good and release and left heel into your seat and release and really finding little top of your hamstring. One more time and to release. And I'll take your tailbone. Let's curl this just a little bit more if you can.

Now this is where it gets hairy. Are you ready? Bring your right heel into your seat. Keep it there and bring your left heel and more and then your right heel. And more and your left heel and more in your right heel and more and your left here and uh, and release that all. Now we're going to start with the left one. So left heel into your seat than the right than the left than the right than the left and the right and resist and release.

Very good. All right, kick those straps off behind you. Put your foot, put your foot bar up to the middle level first. Swan. So this is, this is an introductory swum. There you go. And we want it in the middle level so it's not real, real high. Okay, so hands on the outside corners of the foot bar legs together in Pilati stance. Again, you're going to think of the diamond in your low belly and it's got to be pulling away from the box, elbows wide. Wrap your shoulders to your box, to your back, and press straight out and hold it. Now think of anchoring those shoulders even more. Lift your eyes, nose, chin, and chest, and bring yourself all the way up.

Lifting the belly up away from the box, and then press straight out and bend your elbows. Looking down at your springs. Inhale and stretch way out. Keep your shoulders on your back as you exhale and lift, leading with the eyes, nose, chin, chest, belly up, away from the box. Good and stretch right back out. And bend the elbows wide to come back in. Good.

So anchoring the shoulders on your back as you press out. That's it. Now keep them here. As you lift. Think of melting your shoulders down, your back, pulling the belly up in opposition to that and press straight out and bend the elbows and come all the way in. All right, step off to the side and take your foot bar all the way down for polling straps. [inaudible] so hands to the back of the box this time. Grab your um, straps out of the well belly on the box. [inaudible] again, thinking of the diamond and your low belly, lengthen your legs out from there and choke up on the straps. Just a little bit. Hands to the outsides of the rails.

Wrap your shoulders to your back and pull your arms straight back. Palms face the rails. Reach good and resist and release this time. Lift your gaze as well. So you're going to lift your eyes, nose, chin, and chest, and reach your knuckles for your heels. And exhale and release.

Pull your armpits up behind you to anchor your shoulders. There you go. And lift. Now lift your head up and into my hands. Look there and down one more like that. Wrap those shoulders. Keep it up there and come all the way forward.

Slide back to the where the straps are for pulling straps to stretch your arms out to a big tee and palms face the floor. So big t and your pumps face the floor. Excellent. Wrap the shoulders to your back and pull straight back to your hips. Lifting your chest, try to keep your pumps facing the floor and we're going to take that and good. Grab it with your thumb and turn your palm there.

So we want to really turn the hands from here. Not so much from down here. Yeah. And out to the side, like you're sliding on a glass top table, press straight back sliding on that glass top table. So again, we're going to get the spin of the arms from up here. There you go. And go forward two more like that, pulling straight back as you inhale and exhale and resist going back forward. And one more time pulling the diamond up underneath your sternum. Now as you exhale, pull the diamond up to your sacred [inaudible] and return.

Hang up your straps. Step off to the side, add back on that blue spring four backstrokes. Everybody's favorite. Oh, all right. So gather your straps. Let's do a nice little stretch first. Take them behind you and we're gonna walk forward until you get the resistance in the ropes. And imagine keeping forward with your chest so your chest is going even more forward. Take a step back with your right foot and le like your Kate Winslet at the end of the titanic lift and stretch. Really reach through that chest.

Great. All right, so step your feet together now and sit down onto your box for the backstroke lie on down. You want your hips close, but not to the edge. And bring your hands into your forehead. Knees into your chest. Head stays up, looking into your belly button and reach your arms straight to the ceiling and your legs separate your hands and your feet. Sweep out, down and around, and bring your feet together. Hands right over your thighs and hold. Pull down in. Yeah, and bend everything in. Keeping your eyes on your belly button. Inhale, stretch up to the ceiling. Exhale, separate and hold. Inhale, sweep down and around and over your thighs and pull your abs back and exhale, fold everything and said, don't forget your diamond as you're inhaling, you're pulling the diamond up. All right, you're ready. Inhale, arms and legs to the ceiling. Exhale, separate. Inhale, sweep out, down and around. Pull that diamond up. See that time he didn't pooch out. Get a job and x held. Then back. And let's try it one more time cause I know Julianne has it now. Oh No, stretch up. Inhale, exhale. Separate. Inhale, sweep out down around, pulling the diamond back and opposition and exhale, pulling back in. All right, reverse it. So inhale, stretch out. Pull the diamond underneath your sternum.

Exhale up and around and bend the knees and come in. And how? Stretch out. Arms straight over your thighs, pulling the abdominals back away and exhale up and around and come center. There you go. And Bend in one more time. Stretch straight out. Hands over the thighs. Separate as you come up and around, pulling the abdominals back and opposition and acts hell and return. All right, put both of your handles into one hand. Tees are up if you can. So you're going to sit up. Yes.

Now you can put your feet down cause we're going to take a spring off for teaser. Okay, so go down and take that spring off. Ah, yeah, take the blue one off. So now you have um, a heavier one. Okay, lie down. We're going to do, actually let's do teaser from the top first. We're going to set this up so both handles in each hand. Bring your hips back a little bit further on the box. Not too far. I'm come into a tabletop position.

Good. So this is how I would introduce this exercise to new students. OK. So arms down by your sides. Rock your shoulders to your back. Pull your diamond away from your legs and stretch your arms straight up. Hold it now stretch your legs straight up. Find your diamond, and then bend your knees and lower your arms. Okay, now we're going to add a step. Arms and legs move at the same time.

Hold it there. Lower your arms down. Keep your legs still and inhale and stretch your arms to the ceiling. Drawing back in opposition to your abs. As your arms come down. Think Taller. Inhale out, belly, back, and opposition. Exhale taller. All right, lower all the way down into your box for the regular teaser. So, hmm. So climb on down here a little bit.

These are big boxes. All right. Legs go straight out. And we're going to actually lower them. Lower your head down in, uh, in, into the well, good and arms down, out to the side, and lower your head down. Looking backwards. All right, so you ready listening? Put your listening caps on. Inhale for nothing. Exhale, curl your head up and look at your belly button. Inhale, float up, pulling the diamond away from your legs and entities, or exhale right back down. Again. Let your chest, your shoulders, your neck, and your head.

Go keep resistance in the ropes. Inhale for nothing. Exhale, curl your head up. Inhale, sweep up. Drawing a diamond back away from your legs. Hold it there. Exhale, lower your arms. Inhale, stay up. Reach your arms forward. You got it. And exhale. Lower your arms in house. Straight up and hold. Reach into those straps and exhale lower down into the box. All right, we have one more. You guys ready for it yet for it? All right, inhale for nothing. Exhale, curl your headphone, your ribs. Inhale, sweep up.

Join the ABS back and opposition. Yes, and lift. Lift, lift. Now circle your arms up, out, and around and up. Join your belly back in opposition to your arms and around. One more. Reverse the circle. You got it down, up and down. Pull up Matt. Set One more time.

You got it and lower all the way down. You survived. Yay. Throw your straps into the well Stephane off and for short box. So add two outside springs on there. Yup. And turn your box and put it over the the shoulder blocks if that's what you do it. Good grab. Um, there should be a dowel underneath your reformer. Put it into the front of your box and have a seat.

Put your feet underneath the safety loops. Okay, so sit about a hand's distance away from the back of your box so you can kush forward there. So that's good right there. And Bend your knees. So I don't want you to touch here. You can touch the carriage. I just don't want you to touch the wood. Okay. So sitting up tall over your sits bones.

We're going to sit here for just a second. Pulling your ribs to your back. Bring your arms straight forward. Separate your feet more. Good. Now I want you to squeeze the carriage with your heels. Sit Up Taller. Yeah. Shoulders right over your hips.

Squeeze the carriage with your heels. Do you feel your hamstrings engage? Okay, now pressure heels away and flex your feet back towards you so you're still rotting away. Good. And so you're going to come in between those two things. Okay? So bend your knees. We're going to keep this flexing. Take your dial on your hands and short box round. So knees even with your hips, curl your head in and lower your hands down to your shins. Like force a spine. Stretch forward, pulling your apps back and opposition and reach. Curl your tail under. Enroll down, push out through your heels right away.

Flex your feet back towards you. Curl under, curl under, curl under. Curl under, curl on door. Once you get to the back of the bucks, release your ribs. Release your shoulders and press the bar into your thighs. Let your neck go and let your head go. Press the bar into your thighs. Keep pushing out through your heels. Curl your head up, curl your neck, your shoulders, fold over your ribs and come back and into spine. Stretch forward. So down here, good. Keep flexing through your heels.

Curl under and roll back. Push through your heels. Keep drawing your toes back. Hit the back. So the back of the box, release your ribs, your shoulders, your neck, and your head. Keep pressing into the bar. Curl your head up. Scoop deep in the abs to come back up. Good job ladies. All right. Sitting up tall. Shoulders over your hips, high diagonal with the bar.

Bring your ribs into your back and your armpits into the back. Now hold the dowel really well. And imagine you're trying to rip it apart. Do you feel how that engages your shoulder blades on your back? More so we want to keep that feeling. So trying to pull the dowel apart. Flat back, keeping everything connected.

Hinge back at your hips like you're reaching your shoulders back behind. You. Look straight ahead and exhale. Come right back up again. So keep your eyes straight ahead. Lifting tall in hell, length in the spine. Press out through your heels and exhale. Keep your ribs in there, Mama. Good job.

And push your heels away and in how length in the shoulders away. And exhale, come back up one more time. Pull this in. Good Lane from the shoulders away and exhale belly to the back brings you up for side to side. This is a hard one. Lean into the wind a little bit. Pull your ribs into your back, lift your spine up through your shoulders. Come up and over to your right front corner of your reformer. I mean up and over.

And I want you to think corner and less side bending. More reaching. Yes. So it's like you're folding over one rib, one side of your rib cage head stays in line with your spine and lift. Now go. Yeah. Inhale and sit up tall. Exhale. Go up and over to the other side. There you go. Length. Lengthen this.

Keeping both sides of your waist long. Yeah, and back up rib. Stain your back in how lengthen and exhale. Keep both sides long. Sit into your hips, heavy in the hips and come back up. Keeping your ribcage right over your hips. Exhale over to the other side. So we're not trying, we're trying not to translate the hips, the a ribs on the hips, and then come back up. All right.

Length in your spine. Through your shoulders. Again, lift up and around to your right and just look over your right side and come back and into the center. It's like you're ringing your abs out. Lift first. Exhale, twist, pulling your abdominals into your spine and come back and into the center. Okay, lift, twist to the right and reach out to the right shoulder for the back, right corner and keep reaching. So you're gonna take your whole body and lean. Leanly not push out, not position through the other leg. And exhale, come right back up. Lift to wist up and around and lean to the left opposition in the right leg.

Stretching long and exhale right back up. One more time. Lift your spine through your shoulders, twist around to your right and reach out to the right. Pulling back through that left side and back up. Nice. Lift up, twist up and around. Find that wringing out sensation. Lean and exhale. Come back and end of the center. Stick goes away.

Tree front right knee comes into your chest. Bring your elbow right underneath there and bracelet your wrist sitting up as tall as you can. Try to get your shoulders just forward of your hips. Almost like you're leaning forward and preventing yourself from falling forward with your scoop. So pull the diamond, looking straight ahead. Lengthen your leg up and walk your hands to your ankle. Bring your nose to the knee and shoulders. Slide down your back, curl under and roll backwards. Pressing out through your left heel.

Stretch and scoop and come right back up again. Square your hips off. Yeah, curl under and roll back. So send this hip towards that heel heel to see. Yeah, and exhale and come back up. We all have wonky hips. This is not your wonky one. You're doing good and curl like you're doing. Um, rolling like a ball. He'll to see and come right back up. Go ahead. One more. Rolling like a ball.

Curl under, enroll bat. Get this down and walked down your thigh, keeping the hamp of foot on the center and walk right back up. Looking at your belly button all the way up here and roll down. Walked down. One, two, three, keeping the hips squared off. Scoop and lift up to three. And last one down to three. Maintain that center line with the right leg and come back up. Hold it there.

Rock forward to your shoulders or in front of your hips. Hold that position. Reach your fingers for your toes and bring your knee to your nose. Not the other way around. So stretch. You can do, oh yeah. Shoulders down. I know. Total cheat. Everybody wants to do that. All right. Sit up as tall as you can.

Cross that ankle over the opposite knee and then your knee. You're gonna cross the ankle over here and hold onto the sides of your box and stretch forward for figure four. Stretch all squaring the hips off. Nice. Sit on up and put the other foot underneath there and flex. You have the left knee to come in underneath bracelet the hands and sitting. Shoulders just in front of the hips.

Square your hips off and kick the leg up. Hold it. Looking at your belly button. Walk your hands up to your thigh, up to your ankle. Now Curl your left hip a lot. Scoop under, enroll back. Push out through your right heel in opposition. Scoop and come right back up again. Square your hips off. So attach your left. Sit Bone to your right inner thigh. Let's see it right. Sitz bone left inner thigh. Yes, that squares you and come right back up.

You don't really even pelvis over there, Mama curl a Honduran roll. Now hold it. Really scoop that in. Walk down your thighs. Three steps. One, two, three till the shoulders are even with the box. And then come back up scooping, keeping the left leg on your center and come back down and right back up again. Look at your belly button. One more time down and come back up. Take your ankle in your hand. Tip forward till your shoulders are just in front of your hips, keeping weight in the left side. There you go. Walk your fingers to your toes and bring your knee or nose, elbows wide.

Press out through your right heel. You're going to come forward for me a little bit there. Yeah, so we don't want to compromise that set up. Shoulders slide down. Yes. Sit up tall. Cross the ankle over the opposite knee. Hold onto the sides of your box for a figure four stretch on this side. Yeah, I'll give you a second there. All right. Second sober. Sit on up.

Come over onto your left hip for sides, sit-ups. So you're gonna keep your right foot underneath here and side set up. Take your left hand to the headrest. Bring your right hand behind your head and stack your hips up. Yeah, so stay lifted. You're going to come all the way up. Come up.

Slide your hips here into the center. There you go. No, stay up. Bring this knee more forward here and the ankle there. There you go. She's, she's slipping cause she's sweating. Okay. Squaring the hips up. I want you to think of pulling both inner thighs together. Then float your bottom hand behind your head and dip down into the well pushed up and into the strap and come back up.

Reach long shoulders lengthen and opposition to your heel and exhale, come back up. Lengthen longer through the spine, away from that heel, and exhale, scoop deep to come up. Don't forget your diamond, you're pulling your diamond up to your surname. On the inhale and exhale, diamond tier sacred. Bring your left hand all the way to the floor. Go all the way to the floor, yes, and stretch your right arm over your head for a big mermaid stretch. Try to keep that push off and into your strap.

Still turn and face the well and put your hands on either side. Stretch your arms out long and pull yourself in opposite directions. So really stretch, lengthen, really stretch. So even longer. Reach your arms out. That's it. Now take your right hand to the left rail and give yourself a little bit of a twist and you want to come underneath your wrist. There you go. And give yourself a little twist. Wringing everything out.

Put the right hand back on its own rail and walk up to do the other side. All right, put the left foot underneath the strap. Turn over onto your right hip. Bring your right hand to the head. Rest left hand behind your head. Push up into the straps, scoop your tail towards your heels and bring your right hand behind length in your body, away from your left heel, reaching long and down into the well. Reach, lengthen and exhale. Come back up.

Lengthen and pull your diamond up underneath your sternum. And exhale diamond to the sacrum. Grade opposition length in your shoulders, away from your left hip. And exhale, pull right back up to more stretch long. Reaching longer on both sides. Yeah, there you go. Now come out and over my hands. You're ready to go. Out and over. Yes, and exhale back up. Right hand comes to the route to the floor. Left arm over your head and stretch. Try to keep your head square. Good.

Keep pushing up through the strap on your foot. Turn and face the rails. Both hands. Come to the rails and stretch yourself along. Oh really? Now take your left hand to the right rail and give yourself a little stretch that way. So underneath your wrist, you're gonna pull yourself just a little bit further around the shoulder. Now good. Keep pushing up and into the strap and opposition.

Now bring your hands back to the rails and come back up nice and slow. Great. Step off to the side for the long stretch series. So football is going to come all the way up. Grab that Black Mat right there. Let's put two uh, two red springs on there.

Now let's do a red and a blue. Sorry. Red, the blue. Good. Take your doubt. Put it underneath your reformer and then take the box and put it away. Place your black mat in the hinge of the head rest and put the head rest all the way up. Just put that black mat right in there. Good. Stand back by the shoulder blocks. Bring your hands to the foot bar and with a straight leg left leg comes over and across. So you're going to bring your feet forward a little bit. Yeah, there you go. Bring your left foot over and across and straight leg.

Oh ladies, come knock at pump. Come back down. You're ready. Stretch down through your feet. Hands to here. Take your inside foot and stretch it right back behind you. So that's the outside. Give me the inside. Sorry. Now take that foot, keep the legs straight, and bring the foot into the hinge of the headrest. Yes. So the, so you're going to go up and over the shoulder block and bring your toes right there. Now step up, keeping the carriage in and Lega Straight and strong.

Looking straight ahead. Funnel your ribs in and press out for long stretch. Reaching out long and exhale, pull back. And the only thing that moves here are your arms on the shoulders. Wrap your shoulders to your back. Lift this up and into my hands. There you go. And press out. And exhale.

Pull yourself long resistance through your heels. Head to heel like steel. Pull this up and press out. Good. And exhale. Come back in one more time. Curl your tail towards your heels. There you go. And don't forget your diamond inhaled diamond comes up underneath your sternum.

Exhale, make a deeper setting and lower your knees to the mat for the down stretch. Feed up against the shoulder blocks. Bring your hips forward to the foot bar and wrap your shoulders onto your back. Now. Don't forget your diamond when your hips even more forward. There you go. Only thing that moves and your arms press out.

Keep pressing back with your legs and pull in with your arms. So we're going to come up, up, up, up, up. Keep resisting with those legs. Initiate the press from your legs. Press out right to there. That's good. And pull in. Take your knees and press them back and opposition to that stretch out.

Knees. Press in. Opposition to coming in. They don't want to come in. They want to stay at the beach. And two more out and stretch legs. Go back. Tesco's up to the ceiling. Reach, reach, reach. And one more time out.

Keep pressing off through the knees and exhale and come back up. Good job. Up. Stretch. Stand on your carriage heels. About three quarters of the way up on Stiletto heels. Rounded back. Head over the end of your carriage. Press out about halfway. Hold the carrot. Go. Keep going. That's not halfway.

Keep going. Yeah, hold the coward still in space and lower your hips down without moving the carriage. Yeah. Now keep rolling up through the back as you come back in. So this has got to stay up. Lift your hips up, lift your hips up. Good. Round your back. Great. Press the carriage about three quarters of the way. So we're going to hold it here still in space. Now keep your head in there.

Lower your hips down. Keep your head in. Very good. Now stay in that position. Keep your head in and just come forward. When you get to the end, lift your hips. You should feel like you're almost gonna fall off. Yeah. Press the carriage out. Yes. Hold it. Lower your hips down. Keep your head in and come forward. Head stays in, rounded back. Yes. And the abdominals lift you up.

School last one out. Hold it still in space. You lower your hips. Keep the diamond moving underneath your sternum and lift your hips up. Great. Stand down onto your heels for elephant. Lift your toes up and round your back.

Strongly head over the end of your carriage. So we're gonna come. Yeah. Round through the back. Press out and pull them out and scoop out and scoop. The try to kiss the carriage, not bang it goop all the way in. Mama. Don't bang. Now stop it right there. Scoop in, head down.

Think of bringing your toes to your nose, curling your tail under an opposition. One more. Hold the carriage out for stork. Bring your right knee into your chest. Scoop and pull in and pull that carriage home and press out and scoop and pull in for to keep the heel high to your seat and the needy or nose and scoop and Polin. Good. One more time. Keep that. He'll hide your seat. Yeah. Last one. Stay out. Put that foot down and take the other one off.

So heel to seat. We want to really pull the heel in. Keep your hips squared off and pull the carriage home. Yes. And home tight into your seat. So yeah, push my hand away with your knee. Good. And, and two more. Keeping the hips squared off. And last one, hold the carriage out. Put that foot straight down onto the mat for Arabesques too.

So at this level, we teach two before one, lengthen your right leg straight out behind you. Even with the hips and flex your heels strongly. Keep your hips squared off. Scoop and pull in. Press out and opposition with the back heel. So really stretch that heel away. Yeah, so right here. Go ahead. Push it into my hands. Push as you pull in.

Push into my hand. Scoop. Good. Two more. Shoulders down. Last one. Hold it out. Switch your feet. Left leg comes out. Keep your hips squared off. This is your wonky hip, so keep it on this side. Push it into my hands. Scoop and pull in around her back. Right here. Yes. Keep pushing into my hand. Even when you're pulling in. Lengthen out through this side of your waist.

Now lift this side up without, yeah, and one more. There you go. And lower that foot down. Step off to the side for stomach massage. So let's put your foot bar in the middle level again y'all right, she sweating. Foot bar in the middle level. Let's have four springs on there and slide the black mat down to about a hands distance away from the end of your carriage. And I like it. Vertical. Sorry. Yeah, this is the lose the pants exercise.

And we're not trying to try not to lose the pants. So sit your hips right in the middle of the Black Mat. Doing this vertically helps to have the carriage slide and not grab your pants. All right, so feet up onto the foot bar. Employee stance for stomach massage around and bring your shoulders in front of your hips and lengthen out through the crown of your head. Yeah, and press out.

Lower your heels. Lift your heels, scoop deep to come in in how the diamond underneath your sternum. Exhale and stretch your spine long or there you go. Out Lower and lift and scoop deep and out. Lower and lift. Elbows wide. Pull up behind you with your ribs. That's it. One more time.

Lower and lift and come all the way and take off one of those springs for hands back. Bring your hands back to the shoulder blocks. Lifting up as tall as you can. So think of bringing your, your shoulder, your spine through your shoulders and press out. Lower your heels, lift your heels. Spine grows longer as you come in. Funnel your ribs and press out lower and lift and exhale. Lengthen. Pull up the diamond. Keep it up there. Lower and lift and exhale. Make a deeper setting.

Two more and lower and lift. And one more and lower and lift. Okay, take off another spring for reaching arms. Reach out to a high diagonal and shoulders. Come down your back. Now keeping us tall as you can. Stretch out. Hold it. Funneled the ribs. Lift taller to come back in.

Good. Pull your heels to your seat and stretch out. Lengthening your spine. Exhale, pull your heels so we don't lower left here. You just gonna pull your hill in that. Press out. Lengthen and lift. As you come in for twisting, press out and twist to your right stretch. Keep your shoulders over your hips. There you go. And come back in.

Wrap your seat, press out, twist to your left, keeping your shoulders over your hips. So fold. We'll do a little bow right there, there, and come back in and press out and twist. Push against my hand to get more of a twist. Wrap your seat and come back in. Um, you know, it's twist up, up, up, up, up. Wrap your shoulders to your back. There you go. And come back in. Okay, here's your treat. Hands on the foot bar and press out for the monkey stretch.

Try to sync your heels if you can, but keep your shoulders going down your back. Great. Lift your heels up them and nice and come all the way in. Step off to the side. Put your foot bar all the way up for the advanced tendon. Stretch you guys up for this.

Take the black mat and turn it and put it horizontal. Now on your carrots, have a seat on your bar. Arches on the edge of the carriage. Press down and into your hands. Lift your hips up and bring your nose to your knees. Scoop deep. Pull the diamond up and press the carriage out. Lowering your hips just past the foot bar. Keep your head in, rounded back and scoop and pull back and again, up, up, up, and press out. Inhale and stretch. Long. Exhale, pull back up.

Go ahead one more time. Inhale, stretch out long and exhale. Keep your head in there and exhale, come back up, sit down. Step off to the side. I am going to spare you guys the semi-circle today and you'll thank me later for it. Take your foot bar all the way down and keep those two springs on there.

Put your black mat on the end there. We're going to come back to that and kneel on your carriage. You can put right here, kneel on your carrots facing your shoulder blocks. Oh, grab your straps before you get on there. Walk back to your feet. Are Dorsey flexed over the end of your carriage, and if anybody's going to lose a client, it will be during this one, so please don't make me look bad. Hold on to your loops. Full hand grip.

Curl your tail towards the floor and turn your palms to face back. Lengthen your head straight up to the ceiling. Inhale, pull back, hold it. Turn your head right and left and exhale and grow taller as you let your arms go forward. Great. All right, so pull that up. Yeah. Inhale, lift your spine long. Now stay there and turn your head left and right and exhale, grow taller to come forward. One more. Inhale, pull back. Lengthen your spine right and left.

Wrap your shoulders and center and Exhale, grow taller. One more time. Stretch. Reach your fingers for the floor and center and release. Put another spring on for thigh stretch. Almost done girls for you. Knees forward.

And we're going to take your hands through the loops like this and grab that so I don't lose you. Okay. Feet straight out from your knees. Scoop your abs deeply. We're not going to do this with a, an arch today. Just a straight back. So curl your chin to your chest, keep your ribs funneled in and lean your shoulders back beyond your toes. Keep pressing your knees forward, pulling your ribs in and lift your arms up and come all the way back up. Scoop this more. Yeah. Inhale and hinge back. Reach your shoulders, past your toes. Keep along on exhale. Lift your arms up.

Try not to arch there one more time. Keeping your ribs connected to your back and lift your arms up. There you go. And come back up. Hang up your loops. Good job. Step off to the side and lower down onto your mat for corkscrew. Let's take off one of those red springs before you lie down. Okay.

Lie All the way down and hold onto the things. Take your head rest down, not address. Hold onto the silver pegs and get your elbows long. Length your legs to the ceiling and squeeze the side rails with your elbows. Scoop the abdominals in and up. We're only going to do one, so make it good. Lower your feet down to 45 scoop your abs in and up. Pull your diamond up and lift your hips over your shoulders.

Legs reach long behind you. Parallel with the floor. Roll down one bone at a time. Keeping both sides of your waist long. [inaudible] bringing your legs over to the right, down and around to the left and roll up the left side of your spine. Okay, roll down the left side of your spine. Pinch those rails with your arms.

Swing your legs around to the right. Roll up the right side of your spine. Scoop that diamond and roll down the right side of your spine and then come back and into the center and hold. All right. Bring the loops over your feet for frog and leg circles. You learned you earned these. Put your head rest back up.

Start with your heels to your seat arms. Press down into the mat. Try to send your tailbone down. Yep. And stretch your legs out long on a 45 degree angles. Squeeze your center line, funnel your ribs, and pull your heels back to your seat. Knees only as wide as the straps in Helen's stretch. Exhale and pull the diamond down deep in Helen stretch.

Exhale, pull that diamond down. Deep. Heel to seat. Pull in and two more. Stretch straight out on. Exhale and pull that diamond in. Send your tailbone down. Yeah, and one more. Hold it there for circles. Bring your legs up to 90 degrees. Separate. Just the width of your reformer. Stretch long into the straps.

Come all the way to 45 zip your legs together and come back through the center. Separate reach and stretch your straps away longer. Pull back through the abdominals in opposition. One more time. Scoop the up up underneath your sternum. Yes, and exhale back up. Reverse that circle stretch long. Reach into the straps. Circle out and around.

Keep reaching in and stretch out. Long and strong and circle around. Familiar ribbon. One more time and circle good and take off those loops. Hang them back up. Step off to the side for the knee stretch series. Another one of my most favorite ones. Take your football all the way up, Neil, on your carriage with your feet up against the shoulder blocks. Yeah, in a rounded position. Knees stretch round. Are you already rounded?

Up and over, sitting back over your heels. Scoop up and over like a crest of a wave. Press out just beyond your hips and scoop deep and come in God. Think of that wave and how out. Exhale, scoop and scoop. Two more. Keep pressing. Yeah, shoulders down. One more.

He pushing into the the foot bar. Come all the way in for flat back. Just lengthen your spine. Look forward. Keep your hips where they were pressed out and scoop and pull in. Go longer through your tail, longer through your head, pull your ribs into your back. Resist with your hands against the foot bar. One more good. Hold it in.

Curl everything back and shift your weight over the foot bar for knees off. Lift your knees up and press your legs straight out. Scoop and pull in. Oh, I'd try to stay low. Scoop and pull in. Find the diamond diamond. Good. This is really important. One more.

Good job and come all the way down. Step off to the side for running and pelvic lift for springs guys. Okay. Lie down onto your carriage feed on the foot bar for running. Almost done. Feet in parallel. Just your toes on their arms. Press down into the mat.

Bring your feet together, press out and hold it out. Sync your right heel and lift your left. Stay on the center. Lift up and switch. Lift up and switch. Grow heavy in your hips. Keep your zip tied. Sits bones together. Send your tailbone down so you're not in a tilt.

They're good and stretch and stretch. Good length in longer. Yeah. Two more and one more. Come all the way in. Bend your knees and bring your heels into the corners of the foot bar for pelvic lift. Now I want you to attach a rubber band to your sits bones and your heels and pull your seat to your heels with that rubber band.

So you're going to lengthen out and keeps scoops only about a hands distance away from the mat and lower right back down again. Now I want you to think out and curled. Yeah, that's better right there. Scoop in. Now press out and pull your heat, your seat to your heels. So think of the seat coming to your heels. There sits bones. Yeah, there you go. Length and through there and seat to the heels.

Pole in Lane's running your spine. Take your tailbone down just a tiny bit. Now pubic bone towards me. Yes, there. Now scooped deeper. Make that setting for your diamond without moving the bones. Okay, one more. That's better. And come all the way in. Roll all the way down. Step off to the side for side splits.

Put your foot bar all the way down to springs on there. Let's make them to read and stand on your carriage facing in, in the center of your carriage. Yup. We're going to face that way. All right. Bring your right, your inside foot onto the black mat. Now put all of your weight into your foot, bar foot. Then the knee, heel toe, your outside foot all the way to the shoulder black. That was a big step was that he'll tell him Mama, come back in Devon. Alright, so bend your foot Barney. Put all of your weight in it and show me that foot this way, in and out and and trying to keep the carriage still very good, Hailey.

Now straighten both legs up and curl your tail under arms. Come out to the side. Press out and hold. Pull in and up and hold. Press out to three hole two, three in two, three. Hold two, three. Diamond. Up to your stern.

I'm diamond into your sacrum. Out and stretch and hold and pull up. Up, up. Good. Then your foot bar, knee and Shimmy that foot back. Turn around and face the other way. Turn towards your springs. There you go. And place that other foot on there. Got arms come out, bend your left knee, put all of your weight into it and Shimmy that foot to the same shoulder block.

I'm going to step all the way forward. Good. All right, so bring it all the way to the shoulder black hair. Curl your tail under and press out. Two, three, hold two, three. Grow Taller and pull your inner thighs up and press out and hold. Now pull up through the inner thighs.

There you go and out and pull up. That's it. Think of bringing the diamond up to your sternum and exhale, I'm making a deeper setting. One more curl and exhale. Put all of your weight into that foot bar foot. Then the knee. Bring the foot back into the center. Step into the center of your carriage and step off to set up for the splits and lunges. Foot bar comes all the way up or you can come into the second level. Whatever you guys do it on, that good black mat goes into your head. Rest hands. Take the foot bar and stand in the center of your carriage.

Just in the center of the carriage. Yes. Bring your right foot up onto the foot bar. Even with your right hip, just the ball of your foot. Now put all of your weight into that foot and Shimmy. Shake the other foot back and into the hinge of your head. Rest good. And you want to press the ankle right up against.

So come forward a little bit. Yeah, right there. Press your ankle right up against the shoulder. Black knee over the foot bar. Now stay low. So try to sync your heel. Head goes in and press out with your back leg. Just your back and come back in. Now we're going to press out with both, but lead with your left ready or with your outside.

Press out and stretch long. Keep your head in there ladies and scoop. Bending that right knee. Resist coming in with the back leg. Bend this knee, hips stay low and all the way in. Press out through the back, leg out through the front leg. Keep your hand in there and look at your belly button and pull in with the front knee. Resist with the back and stay low. Good.

Now we're going to do hands off. You're ready. Listen to me. Lengthen out through both sides of your waist. Lift your heel high. Lift your gaze and look forward. Find a spot on the wall. ABS. Draw up and bring your hands behind your head. Standing Tall. Great. Press out with the back leg out with the front.

Pull in with the front. Resist with the back. Bend that knee sink low. Try to really press that back, knee back and one more. Press out with the back leg out with the front. Scoop your diamond up to your sternum as you come back in. Bring your arms up to the ceiling. Hands.

Come down to the foot bar and kneel down on your left knee. Put the left foot up against the shoulder blocks and round your back again. As best you can squaring your hips. Hey, that was good. Same thing. Press out with that back leg first. Just feel it. Yes. Now go out with the front.

Keep pressing back with the back leg in opposition, so don't straighten this out. Yeah, knee points to the ceiling. Pull in with the front leg, resisting with the back hip. Stay low. Do that again. Press out, pull in, resist with the back leg. Hold it in. Lift your chest up. Do two more with a flat back. Stretch out. Lift that diamond underneath your sternum. Pull your right hip behind you.

This needs to stay right even with that hip. Good. And one more. Lengthen up as you come in, but hold that now. Little tiny ticks. You're just going to press that left knee, the back knee back on the forward knee. Forward and opposition out and out and out and out. Good. The opposite hand comes up so that left hand or left hand comes up. Look over your right shoulder and press your left hip forward for a nice stretch. Take the hand down. Take the foot off.

Stand in the center of your carriage for splits and lunges on this side. So left foot comes up, put all of your weight in there. Shimmy. Shake the back leg back and into the hinge and push your ankle against the soldier black lining the heel up with your sitz bones. Head down, round, back. Keep your heel as low as you can. As you press out and stretch this leg. Keep your hips squared off. Yeah, and pull in resisting with that back leg. So the object here is to stretch the back leg, not so much the front.

Press out with the back and then press out with the front and pull in with the front. Resist with the back. All right, stay there. Lift your heel, lift your gaze. Find a place on the wall to look at ABS. Pull in and bring your hands behind your head. Keep your hips square. Press out with the back leg out with the front. Stay long in the tour so and lift back up and in pulling the knee to the ceiling on the center line. There you go. And inhale and stretch out. Keeping the left knee underneath the hip. There you go. Pull in.

Think of bringing your sitz bone to this heel like a rolling like a ball. One more good job and come all the way in. Hands go up. Hands. Come down onto the foot bar. Kneel down on your carriage for lunges on this side. Press your foot up against your shoulder block.

Try to square your hip as much as you can. Rounded position, so up and over like you're going to do the hundred with your knee up and press out with the back leg and out with the front. But keeping that front knee just fractionally bent. Pull in with the front. Resist with the back. Scoop the diamond under and inhale. Pull the diamond up to your sternum. Exhale, pull the diamond into your sacred, trying to keep this hip down. There you go.

One more like that there. And how out. Exhale, diamond. Good. Come all the way in. Flat back two of these. Lengthen your spine. Look forward. Lift your chest to the ceiling. Press out with the back leg out with the front. Now pull your heel up towards your seat. As you come in, press out. Think of the left heel pulling to your sitz bone.

Heal to sitz bone. Yes, hold it in little tiny ticks. So opposition, both legs go opposite. One goes back, one goes forward two more. And lift that arm right arm up. Turn and look over your left shoulder. Pressing the right hip forward, trying to lengthen through this side. Good. And come back, bringing that hand down. Take the foot off, step off to the side for springs on there, and you can put your black mat on the end of your reformer. Stand up tall and pull out ease stance. Heels squeezed together.

Let me have you [inaudible]. You can stay there. You can come right here. Okay. Heels together. And Claudia stance. Now I want you to think of footwork as you're doing this. So you tell curls [inaudible] inhale and lift up on your toes, pulling the diamond up and exhale, sink your heels. But try to stay that tall in how?

Pull the diamond up under your sternum. Exhale, pull the diamond deeper and stay tall. Diamond up and deeper. Bring your arms all the way up to the ceiling in how. Look at your hands. Exhale. Slide your shoulders down and allow the arms just to float down. And there you go. Good job, girl.

You through by [inaudible].


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beautiful class, great cues!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Paola, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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Great work out! Very clear instructions!
I particularly liked the front split/stretch series and the up up stretch-elephant etc series. I liked seeing the 'teaching' component, rather than watching the teacher 'do' the workout. Great for helping teachers. Thank you.
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GREAT CLASS! ....more PEAK please ;)
Thank you all for your comments! I'm glad that the "teachers teacher" format was beneficial. We will have more Peak on PilatesAnytime! Stay tuned!
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Amazing class..amazing instructor!!
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Awesome class. I feel very stretched and limber after this class!
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Awesome and inspiring. I just finished PPS3 in Tokyo. More Peak please! I want to hear original English cues and rhythm.
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More peak pilates reformer workouts, please! I lived this.
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