Class #1732

Reformer/Tower Workout

40 min - Class


Based on special request from viewers, Kristi teaches our first combination Reformer/Tower workout on Pilates Anytime. You will truly challenge your abdominal control and stability as you perform many traditional Tower exercises (such as Leg Springs, Arm Springs, and Roll Backs) on a moving carriage. Enjoy the sense of grounding and balance you will get from this class.
What You'll Need: Reformer/Tower

About This Video


So we're going to try something a little different today. Um, this is sort of dedicated to those of you who've been asking for tower reformer classes. Well this studio has almost all windows, which in...


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This was really lovely Kristi!
I might've missed it, but what spring do you have on the reformer? Thanks Kristi!
Hi Marna I start with one Red Spring. I think I leave it there most of the time, though I possibly add a "half" spring (blue) when I put feet in straps.
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Beautiful and creative
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Great use of the tower without having to move the pulleys and ropes. Would like to see more classes using the tower.
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Okay, that packed a wallop. I slept like a rock after that class. Thanks, Kristi.
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ohhhhhhhh I cant wait to do this one!! I have been waiting for a class featuring the reformer with tower as that is what I have at home.. Thank you Kristi.. Please do more of these soon..maybe with a beginner tone as well? You're the best!
Thanks Jamie... and, let's see if after trying it you like it first!
If you do (I totally appreciate the enthusiasm btw), and y'all aren't hampered by my "made up" Tower/Reformer combo... well sure! I'd be happy too!
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Thank you Kristi ... a great fusion reformer tower class
You are one of my favorite teachers ..
a terrific communicator, a true pilates devotee.

Thank you so much Anne!
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