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Intensity and flow was the theme... Build on skills you already have with variations on Double Leg Stretch, Roll Over and Spine Stretch. Come to class ready to explore familiar exercises more deeply.
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Jun 02, 2010
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Let's go sitting tall, find your sits bones and um, I, you know me, I like to have a word. If there's a word you can give me that sort of would set the tone. Go ahead, Deborah. Anything? No intensity. And what'd you say? Wow. Intensity and flow. Oh, okay. I'm glad I asked. I'm really gonna have to work. Okay, so let's, let's go for that intensity and flow.

I'm going to just sort of see what that means for me. I would decide what that means for you. If you don't like those words, pick something else. Nice points. Straight up. Okay. Hold on. Underneath. Support Yourself. Okay. Support Yourself. So starting, I, I tend to talk in bone sometimes. So for me, I can feel the sit bones, so Groot them into the ground and then the lift up off of them. Find space between the hips and the ribs and support the space with your abs.

Breathing however you want. But I would go a little deeper than probably have been all day. Just sort of letting go and then pay attention to your leg bones. The starting. Yes, the toes. Relax them as best you can. Nice pointing straight ahead, drawing the inner thighs or the muscles around the bones toward each other to support you.

Take your shoulders up to your ears and really stretch your whole waist as you do it. And then leave the waist, stretch with the shoulders gently fall down, eyes straight ahead, even if they're close. One more of those. Inhale filling up and notice that when you draw down on the shoulders, the elbows can just sort of pop out to the side giving you support. One more firm and we'll move with this. Inhale, shoulders down. If they're not already exhale as you roll the pelvis back. I'm only going about halfway, maybe not even to the middle back.

Hold for a full inhale and then exhale, continue holding on. And the reason I'm saying that just for a couple of is you can pull back against it. You can create your own resistance. Restacking your spine at the end. Inhale, exhale. Almost like you don't want to get come away from your legs, but the pelvis is making it so. Exactly, exactly. Looking forward, noticing all the little adjustments you have to make. Inhale, exhale, pull back with the abdominals to almost force the bones forward and then restack listening to your body. Inhale. Exhale, setting your tone. Now feel free to modify whenever you need to. Okay.

Inhaling there. Exhale, soften through your neck and shoulders. Not An easy thing to do at the end of the day as you come back up. Yep. You know the drill. I'm giving you two more of those. Inhale, growing taller. Look for space. You're not sure is there. Exhale as you reach back. Good. Keep going a little further now my feet a little further, little further, a little further. Lovely. Inhale and exhale to come on.

Finding that space. And last one. So we talked about intensity and flow. I'm going to do my best with that. Inhale, exhaling up, but so often what we need is to find the ease and in the body before we expect to get to some efficient intensity. Here's what we're going to do. Tuck the pelvis or really, I keep saying tuck and I want to kind of get away from it. I probably won't, but draw the hips backwards by via the ads. Walk your feet in a little bit so they're hovering.

I'm going to do a rocking so we're not going to land at just rock back and forth. Inhale, exhale, rock. Inhale, exhale, rock. Keeping the shape the same. Minimize tension. Notice you can hold the shape really no matter where your arms are in space, although it's nice. Might as well keep it easy for the moment. One more time. Up and hold or GAM up and hold. Make it a good one. Feet back down from the moment. Crossed the feet.

So you just like so use your hands. Set yourself up a little taller. I did a little push first, then a pole a hold on and then with that gently make, you know we're not quite there yet. As far as warmth is concerned. You're going to reach your spine forward. Yep. Contract the abdominals. Let yourself round. You can use your hands here. Roll back up. Just a vertical like you're sitting against a wall tall.

Use your hands to help you hinge forward, not just the ribs with the whole pelvis. That's it. And then round and rule up giving you one more looking for the subtle spine so we can push a little further in how reaching out as you are. Let your head and chest fall. You pull back on the lower end, right from there. Taking your, actually I'm gonna change it a little. We're going to go to the back this time. So you first draw back until you're really almost hanging out in your self but not collapsed, right? So it was, it was. It's still all one piece from there. Lead with the crown of your head forward. I'm still contracted to the ABS, almost like a serpent. Push down with the arms if you want, and then lengthen and articulate coming up to straight from here.

So I just sort of reversed the circle and made it bigger from the hips around and draw back. Trying not to drop too much. Leading with the crown of the head. You'd roll forward, forward, forward. Start articulating the back of the head, the thoracic spine, the middle back until you're up again. Let's just stay here. My suggestion is to double check that the ribs came in cause we might not finish it. All right. Can you guys hear okay? Okay. From here, just take your arms and assist yourself toward the window. Okay. When you let go, hopefully it's not so much assistance that you'll fall out of it.

Take the hands off and see about assisting a little more and I'm talking fingertips to the ground at the moment just to kind of wake it up and unwind a little assistance to the back. You can put your hands wherever you need to. I sort of do the knees first, then the hands on the floor and it's really a fingertip situation from here. Everybody think about your maybe where the top of your hip bones are in the front. Gently pull them into your body. I don't really mean change the spine that much. Just feel the contraction unwind. Come back to center and we are off.

Stretch your legs out. Zip them up together. Okay. You have options here. We've got to just go right into a roll-up. So if you want to bend the knees, if you know your low back is tight, you should. Otherwise, everything's together starting with your back straight, believe it or not, hinge forward like you did a moment ago with your knees bent. Great. From there, we pull the hipbones back and create the c curve. Just the curve details. Okay? Just trying to get you set up. This is your start and finish position. So your starting position, my feel, end up shoulders over hips a little more forward. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Now we'll all go together. Inhale the whole deal. You know at Exhale, rolling down. Imprinting your bones into the back of the mat.

Touch down and right away lifting up. Inhale. Exhale. The lift off those ribs. Use your breath and in exhaling down, try and feel your body in the space around you. You nailed the lift and in that space you're, you're easy, you're strong, you're intense. We're flowing, but you're easy. In other words, you're not crowded. You're not hunched here was looking good and back and right away you're going to feel the ribs drop in to come up. Your head's a little low, Andy. Firs. That's it. Inhale and exhale, come back.

Good, good. And inhale, coming up. Exhaling forward. What I'm gonna do for you, Jennifer, is just widened. Yes. Good. Good. I'm going to pull on you. You keep going back with your shoulders a little. Pull your shoulders away from [inaudible] more there and head up a bit. A lot. There you go. In downtown. One more guys.

Nice. Going all the way back down. Good. Putting some flair on Andy [inaudible]. I like opening up the shoulders. Okay, so take the arms out to a tee position and remind yourself that we're not just hanging out there, but you are extending energy. [inaudible] is very much about dispersion of energy.

Heavy bones bend your right knee extended up to the ceiling, reaching the lower leg. Everything's reaching. We flex the foot for legs. Circles, crossing the middle of the body. It's a full inhale. First Circle, same direction. Exhale, circle and inhale, two. Exhale, looking for stability through the trunk. Let the leg be free and exhale. One more time. Inhale to exhale are changing directions. Go outside.

Inhale around, up. Exhale around. Your range of motion is dictated by your ability to stay still. So you've got to monitor that to certain degree, right, and I think that's it. Hold it there. Point the toe, bend the knee, cross the knee over the body, over the body and bring it back. Slide that foot down onto the mat. Reach it long. Adjust the position of the hips, bringing the other side of flex that before we go.

Reach the heel through through the ceiling and gently reach the other end of the leg through the mat. Find your opposition. Cross the midline. We go. Inhale around. Exhale, inhale. So this can be done with a bent knee. It's almost easier to bend the leg on the ground though first. That would be appropriate. Finish this next exhale, hold. Are you under control?

Other way? Inhale around up. There's a bit of a personality to it. X and drop and pick up and exhale. That's it. Drop and pick up and exhale. One more cycle. Try and pin that lower leg to the ground. That must be it. Point the toes, bend the knee and cross it over the body first stretch. So within all of our exercises, there's levels, right?

So you may decide you want to kick it up a notch. You may decide you want to pull back a little and focus. All of that was is fine as long as the integrity is there, and that means you're going to set up. So to begin, let's draw one knee to tabletop. Grab onto it. Doesn't matter. Other one, pressing inward with the leg bones. So the did you get the inner thigh and glue? Curl your head, neck and shoulders up. I'm going to do variations on this theme. Izer forward. The whole shoulder complex is reaching towards your waist.

From there, just let go. Reach the arms up and back. Keep the knee bend. Tap the toes at most Xcel circle arms or just bring it back over and grab on again. Legs are light, light, light. Inhale, we open up. There's no pressure. Changes of the bones of your back and back in no changes whatsoever. Let's go a little bit faster. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale.

So you get to move the legs, right if you want to, you don't have to of course. And that's good. Jennifer, one more time. And same thing, a little different though. If you want to do it, you would go the same thing. Tap the dose, slide the legs out, pick them up and come back. So we're going to go a little slow. Inhale, tap toes, slide and bring back. You don't actually have to touch. You can get close. Eyes forward the whole time. Rich and and inhale, exhale and any place in between the regular spine to last one for real and around. Bring your heads down, made you think so.

That usually kicks in the neck. Inhale. Exhale. Roll right back up please. And extend the like closest to the window. [inaudible] line up your Shin so that it's not down here, that it's parallel to the ground. Legs soft. Squeeze your glutes and totally relax. Feet for a second. Then make it look pretty by slightly pointing them. Change legs.

Hold for a second. Make sure your glutes are still squeezed and then do it again and hold. Please hold for one second. You've got the glutes without pulling from the front of the hip. Pull from up right under the chest to bring the knee in closer. Come on, come on. Act like you're getting up.

You know that Q is working for us but don't actually move. Just thinking cause you'll recruit more. Change. Hang out here for one and then I'll promise I'll go pull it in deeper, deeper, deeper. Here's your intensity. Now we go for flow arm, straight ahead hole or you could support your head to two. You keep that sense of inward contraction in the middle and four for which you'd like to know. How many? Five. Five. I'm thinking. Eight. Six, six. Control. Seven. Seven, eight.

Pull both knees in, head goes down, arms reach back overhead. Keep take the legs to tabletop. That means 90 at the hip, 90 at the knee or you could pull him closer for a break. Leave the legs there. Exhale to curl, head, neck and shoulders up, reaching forward. Inhale, go back down. Never quite letting go of the abdominals. Exhale, right pickup chin toward chest, looking forward and reach. Inhale back down. Exhale to Corolla. Good. He will reach now. One more sort of reaching forward. Hold it there. Just hold it here. You, I'm going to tell you, you all look good. Maybe Chin down a little Helen. Um, imagine you're going to get up this strength. It would take from a little bit, probably higher in your abdominals to get up. That's your intention is forward. No matter what. Ab Exercise I give you arms down and back. Head down and back.

You. Okay? So then what was I gonna do? Curl back up one more time. Right? Take your hands behind your head, Chris. Cross. It is extending one leg and twist toward the window. Sorry. Toward the window and, and change one and two to I would prefer, in fact, I'm gonna ask all fingers fully together if I'm seeing too many deviations with yoga and I started the count hoping we'd get to eight. Seven. Good. A you'll tell me. Eight, eight Ben, the knees and arrest. Well done. Well done.

The thing about the elbows is it's absolutely fine to have them here if you don't move them, it's not as heavy as if they were here and fully laced. What isn't. Okay is independence from the other one. All right, fair enough. With that feeder apart and down, I'm in a pelvic curl, like position. Reach the arms and even here, even though you're not curled up, I want you to think you're about to get up with no use of your arms. You're just gonna get up with your trunk. Keep that energy there or some of it. Anyway, pelvic curl. Inhale, exhale. Rolling the hips up, guiding the hips toward heels. Again, if only in your mind from that place, we're going to take the leg closest to the back of the room and reach it up.

Okay. I'm, I'm doing this very slow, so what we're going to do is reach the leg long. The leg itself is quite relaxed. Keep reaching, keep reaching. If it starts to move your back, you're done, but otherwise you're going to the floor and then you drag the leg back into place. It's the bicycle we did the other day. Draw the knee toward the nose. Elongate the leg, reach the leg out, out, out. It may or may not touch. Draw back in and reaching to get along and the long part matters.

And I, Emily, you cramping. Yup. That's what happens. Find the glute in it. One more time. Reach and slide it back into place. Take a momentary check. Are Your hips still level? What is your low back? Feel like? Hopefully fine if not re tactic the other leg up way up there. Slowly reaching it.

Long as if we're connected right under the chest. Find the ground or near it and pull in right up to your nose. Don't sacrifice that. You can make a big, big, big circle as long as you don't change the torso. That's what we're thinking about here. Primarily stillness. You don't need to know what muscle it comes from.

You need to know what does it feel like when I'm still, how could I be still and all the way down. I think that's it. Don't you put it back. Thank you. Inhale, we're going halfway down the rib cage with the roll. Oh, Emily, I feel for you. That's usually me. We're going right back up where we were checked down your body. Do you feel a stretch really in the front? Maybe it doesn't feel like a stretch, but that's should look like one. Take that first leg but like closest to the backup again. Yes, and now we're not reaching quite to the floor where reaching as far away.

It's going to probably go a little lower than like, I mean then the other leg and flex and bring it up and let's do five more here. One little quicker and two I'm going to exhale down I think three, four and five. Bring it up this time. Replace it to pick the other one up. Inhale, do one slow. Just so you know where you're headed. Retreat reach. How far and inhale flexing up.

Exhale down one and two. Reaching those shoulders. Three and four. One more time. Come back up, replace it. Inhale, exhale, roll down. You might as well reach the arms as you roll. Put them right back into place when you feel the tailbone touch. Pick both feet up, tabletop, getting ready for a hundred from here. Inhale, get ready. Exhale, slide everything forward as you come into the a hundred position.

Good and inhale. Let's go. Exhale, two, three, four, five and inhale and exhale, two, three, four, five and Ian, I would encourage you to check that you're not bouncing. It looks good though. Yeah. Some windows for you people. Andy's going to tell you when you're even near a hundred I'm over here opening windows, making myself go through your wall. How are we doing Andy? Two more. Thank you.

Keep acting like you're getting up until even now when it's time to bend the knees. Thank you. Thank you. Bend the knees, but you're getting up. You're getting up. You're getting up. Then you go down. Right. Thank you. Excellent. It was good for me, right? Taking your arms overhead and falling. [inaudible] lead like it. Reach them to, if you're really needing to stretch, you should take it.

Go ahead and Arciv and enjoy it, but otherwise they come back. It's true that your legs are still in the air. Then extend the knee a little bit. So it's like you're heading towards straight legs. And from here, let's try and Tuck the pelvis to lift the tailbone off the ground. So is a gentle rock up and a gentle release down, gentle rock up, gentle release down my lawn. This one, you know, may not be great. So what you could do is with your feet on the ground. Okay.

All right. Okay. So at the idea is that you're getting more forward and lift rather than this swinging action, changing it slightly. Support your head with your hands or your head and neck and shoulders are going to float off the ground. It would be absolutely fine to be in a full chest lift to just floating. It's is fine. Here we go. Lift and down. So now, or I'm going to shift the focus is your legs will come forward towards you a little bit, but emphasize more vertical now.

Okay. Yeah. It's pretty teeny tiny. Whether or not you actually clear the floor isn't that big of a deal and but make it come from the bottom. And so the upper end is pretty still. Alright. If you want a little more, which you might, you do the same thing but you allow the legs to drift away and come back if they drift away, that your back doesn't change. Full support of your head. I'm talking myself. Good.

Let's do two more and oh and yeah, we're leaving it like that. Let your head come down. Arms down by your side. Okay. If you need it back, I fully expect you to take care of yourself. So I'm not, if I'm not building an arrest for you and you need it or stretch, you got to take it from here. Check with yourself. Bring your size close enough to your chest that you've, you know that your low back is down on the ground. Okay. Because of where we're headed.

Extend your legs only if you can keep that low back down cause that, that I am encouraging that. Now for the rollover. Inhale. Exhale up to go over finding horizontal with the legs, keeping the glutes, someone engaged, flex your feet, separate them, lower the feet without changing the spine and now roll down, reaching in opposition, finding the table and point the toe circle close. Inhale, exhale up to go over. Being mindful not to drive energy through the knees, but rather to the bottoms of the feet. Inhale, open, separate and lower and down, blowing out your air, massaging it. The rules, the same on terms of the back, staying on the Mat. If you've got to lift your back to make your legs go lower, you're in infect, not working your abs more, which is the goal here coming down, I'm going to reverse it. When we get to the bottom circle to close.

Then it becomes inhale open to the V. It's not worldwide, just about hip distance. Exhale up and over in. He'll close it up. Find the connections high in the inner thigh and down we go. Room. We keep reaching through the bottoms of your feet, adjusting your shoulders. Point Open. Inhale, exhale, lifting over from that 90 degrees so your whole body's involved. Flex and close. Lower the legs down, down, down. [inaudible]. One more time. Point. Circle, open and over.

When you close up the legs, who you're trying to feel the ribs close to a hug, the mid line and down when we go. Hm. Finding your way to 90 degrees. Feel free to bend the knees a little. Tilting your legs to the front of the room. Inhale, tilt. It's corkscrew basic. Exhale, circle down and around to the other side.

Slice back to center again can be small. I'll get you out of these in a minute. In health the other way. Exhale down around and center and Ian, he'll slice to the front, making a d shape as you circle around and then slice to the back. It's really coming from the waist and with that, bend the knees. Set the feet on the ground. Sorry, I didn't mean to rush it.

Roll yourself up through pelvic curl. Using it this time as a stretch. Hopefully I'm actually going to even say, let's turn the feet out a little bit. Let the knees follow that line that you just did with your toes so the feet can be a little wider than normal and then roll just halfway down. Create a really scoop belly or a tuck or whatever you want to call it.

I'm trying to get the front of the legs to stretch a little bit and the hip to do that. Probably for most of you, once you've made that little Tuck, press into it, so you're also going to get some glute work while you're at it. Trying to lift the hips to the ceiling, stretching through. Okay, and still protecting your back by not through thrusting the ribs to the ceiling. All right. I know it's not that satisfying, but it's better than what you are going to get next, which is still what you're going to get next. It just, you had a little break sort of, and that is hamstring pull. So curl yourselves up. Please. Extend one leg up toward the ceiling. The other leg. You want that one on the ground? The way I'm teaching it. Okay.

This is straight from rail on the ground. If you've got to bend one leg, let it be the top, intend to get up. But just to fold it, the waste, it's not to get you higher. Just so I'm clear. Okay. It, it's like take a break. I know I've just ruined flow. Sorry Mary. But take a break for one second and check this out. Cause I keep saying it and I'll keep saying it and it probably is even more frustrating if you don't know what I mean. So rest. Yeah. Um, doesn't this look different? God, I hope this works. Doesn't this look different? Okay. Pretend I'm doing the legs good. Okay.

I can't think of two things at once versus that. Can you not tell the difference? And I guess I should've said look around here. This to me feels like I'm doing something from up here versus [inaudible]. There's nothing going on in the middle. I'm intending to get up. That's, I mean, or I'm just flexing. Keep your flection. That's all I need to say. I'm not anchored, but, but even still, even if I were still and doing it, I'm saying this cause I, I have too many clients who I have neglected on occasion thinking they look like they're in the right position, but they're just not energized or they know it so well.

So it's less likely to happen to someone newer than it is to someone who knows this exercise and just thinks they've mastered it. And now what? Rather funded? Wow. I don't know where that came from, but let's do that. Um, there you probably, it's more folding at the chest. Probably like accordion that way rather than the sky for most everybody in this room. Here we go. It's pulse, pulse and pulse. Pulse and sh.

And it's just like if you're in class and you want to be working your abs, do you feel them? Jennifer, you can actually come down a tiny bit. Yep. And I know you can't win, right? A couple more. Even yourselves out. And then bring both legs up to the top. Good. Support your head, lower the legs, maybe two inches, but out on the diagonal, exhale, bring them back up. Inhale as you open or stretch down, and exhale, pull from under the chest to lift up.

Inhale as you stretch out and feel right under the chest line, pulling you up. Good. Inhale and right under the chest line. Last one for real and vengeances. I'll leave you alone on that. Good work. Just rock yourselves up to seated. So the whole like, pretend you're getting up. It's not to get you higher, it's to get you more contracted. And, and I'm going to have to find a new one that I think it's working for most of you, but I'm not sure. Uh, here we are sitting tall.

You have flexors, okay, you need a quick stretch, stretch, get slipped round continually felt like a lot of hip flection with a lot of chatting. Take your, let's say the right foot forward, lean, come forward and take weight off the kneecap to get yourself just in front of the kneecap and then sync forward. So although we can maybe take more of a stretch you want to settle in, I'm just going to change my life for the description. Settle in to open up this whole area. Okay. Then encourage, I'm going to ask you to think about lifting your chest or actually lift your chest, but bring the pubic bone with it so you automatically ought to get some glue. Just tightening a sense of reaching the knee back.

Maybe everyone's got good positions in the knee. If you need more, either support yourself with the hands above the knee or you can take the arms up if you're warm enough at this point, I do have weight on the back leg just so you know, it's not all dropped forward. It's, I could lift almost from here. Use the forward leg to unload the back leg to lift up and shift your weight forward into a bit of a hamstring stretch. Looking for flat backs here, which often means, and I didn't think to bring any. Um, that's good. Um, any supports for you seem to be probably up on the fingertips and again, feel free to have a bent knee. But rather have a flat back and then I'm going back again. So again, unload the kneecap before you roll over it and either we're going to repeat the same one, or if you'd like to change it a little, you curl the back toes under and come to a straight line with a pretty strong flex through the back heel. As you reaching long, if you want more, it's the same deal, right?

You can keep that back like straight. You're gonna find yourself lifting your chest, attempting to bring the pubic bone or the pelvis with you, right? All the while, the foot of the back leg is reaching well behind you. Good, good, good. And then allow yourself to go forward with your body. I'm bringing my back leg in.

Just a step before I actually put weight on it and then come into your hamstring stretch. [inaudible] so same foot forward is as was. So we're still on the same side, reaching the tailbone backwards. If, um, if you're in the standing position, um, you can either bend the knee for a flat back or you can come up onto the Shin for a little bit more. Ease with that [inaudible] and then allow yourself to come down. And now we'll be changing legs starting with the niece of the other leg comes forward, the knee in the back is down, sink forward. Each side is different, right? So you just allow that to happen. Maybe you'll stay here and just for point of reference, my foot is in knees straight out of the hip rather than, sometimes people think it's meant to be in the middle, it's just straight out of the head. Help yourself into more if you want more. Ah, ah, and the opportunity that you have if you are going up to kind of zero in on those upper back extensors is quite nice.

So often you hear what's the cue I like lengthen the front of your body probably rather obviously, but open up the upper back too as well as the chest. And then when you're ready, shift forward, use the right layer forward. Like to push the hips back, reaching for a long spine. And I will tell you that a very common thing to do, and I caught myself just now doing it, was I'm trying for a flat back. So I lift my head and therefore I think I am, but in fact if I was flat and most likely would be looking down. Okay. A couple of deep breaths, knowing that that's sort of what allows the muscle to release a bit more and then helping yourself forward either to repeat the same stretch by sinking forward or curling the back toes under to come into a long lunch.

This is no excuse to rest on the thigh here, right? Rather keep the shoulders still slightly down the upper back active. There you go. And then, um, Jennifer the phone, but you just want to be able to be on the heel. So either move, yeah, this heel shouldn't be able to come up. Okay, go ahead. If you're going to make it a little more intense so you're gonna start coming up to the knee, keep the back leg straight. If that's the stretch you're doing it for modifying for something else, go for it.

[inaudible] and it's like how much space can you give your waist? That's the idea. If you're up this far, how about one more deep breath? Use the forward leg to help you hinge forward. Again, I bring my back like forward just a little bit. It doesn't have to be fully down, but you're looking for a stretch to the entire backside of that right leg. Good, very good.

Since since we're here, palms to the ground, you're going to be in the forward leg. Step back into a plank and again, still just like you were a moment ago, you could feel the back legs both now straight and stretching. Elongate through the spine, just hanging. You can be on your forearms if you'd rather otherwise. Let's take the like closest to the window, lift it up, point it from there. Lifted a little higher from the thigh. One, two. I'm not really going all the way down 30 it's a regional lift for two more. Put that foot down. Listen Up. Widen your stance.

I'm stepping a little out with one leg, a little out with the other leg swivel so that you are going to turn your hips towards me. The front of your hips towards me. Other way, Emily? Yep. Pick up the arm. Okay. A knee down. We'll be fine. And knee down is absolutely fine. What happened when d Oh, okay. Coming back. Switch. Now just drop the feet the other way. They get up. Lovely.

Energize through the length of your body. It gets much easier on that arm. Bring it back. You're going to swivel the arm and the other. Adjust your feet a little closer. Pick up that other leg, which we started close to the window. So here we go. Lift one, two. It's gonna get hard on your shoulders and neck. Do your best to just know that to be the case and don't tend to come up in resistance to it. Just as nice, as easy as before that six, eight. Fair enough. I'm happy. I'm happy. Lower the knees and Raul back.

I'm really good. I believe you. Um, even if I didn't, I do. No, I do. [inaudible] and then just one more here before we transition. When you're ready, come up to kneeling up upright again. Um, I'm heading into the thigh hinge. Um, not great for everybody. So if you don't want to be on your knees, but you could stand to do a, at least a stretch of the quad, come down and unload them. Otherwise you're here. And before we even hinge it all, I would like you to try to feel what's feels like a bit of a stretch. And that might be all you do. So just think tall first. Haven't done anything other than think that then I'm going to Tuck my pelvis literally and allow my spine to round slightly.

So that means my shoulders are going to feel like their, well, my whole chest is gonna feel like it's going forward. How little from there, if you haven't already squeezed inner thighs and hinge back, that means hamstrings are moving towards calves. Hold Nice Mfi. Inhale, hold, exhale. Come back. And I will tell you I am using my shins. I don't think it's a cheap, I think it's just helpful. Good. Re tuck if you haven't, and hinge back. Good.

Keeping your eyes on the imaginary horizon. They're not okay there. Inhale and exhale. Help yourself back up. Good. Listen to your body. A lot of instructors always want to do this because there's usually a bar here. That's what I'm going to do. I kind of need the help tonight. Even if only imaginary eyes are forward, chest is in or down, and exhale come up.

Good. Here's what I want to do. Two more. Just go like this. Now. Inhale, exhale. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Last one. You know, good. And just look down a little bit right there and that's good. That's good. You're still getting all the legs stuff. You Bet. You Bet. Okay, now swing round. Let your legs be in front of you. Please. Let's try it.

Starting with just a simple of rolling like a ball into open leg rockers. So this'll be your first choice if you don't want to do open league rocker, but you will. I'm pretty sure. All right, you've got the little bit of a, the glutes and abs working together. We go. Inhale, roll back, exhale up hold and it's another exercise in starting or staying where you start. If nothing shifts around, go ahead. I'll be there. Yeah, one more or you'll just keep going with these. Otherwise you're going to help yourself ride into open like rocker cause we've got the main part already. Elongate your spine.

Even if your legs are bent and a little tuck back. Again, I said the Tuck and really it's abdominals keeping those shoulders in their pocket despite what your teacher does. An extent feeling for the gentle curve of the spine into the gentle but effective and important back extension. [inaudible] one more. Up we go. We find it. Just bring them these and we're going to set the feet down and come right into the sauce so they're coming apart.

I'll do the arm variation. That'll let us really focus on the spine. So let's just go here first, everybody a little lifting up. At this point, you've done a lot of hip flection. If you want to bend the knees, you will inhale toward the window, extend the arms. Once you're done, almost done with that. Inhale. Exhale the reach forward. Inhale, sitting up, fold the arms and Exhale, center, and now rotating and lifting. Extend the arms there. Exhale as you're reaching long spine anchored hips. Inhale, lifting up, working all parts of it. Exhale home especially right there.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, keep growing on that inhale, exhale, center. Inhale to exhale, extend. Inhale, lifting and center and inhale. Keep in mind your heads part of your spine so it shouldn't do this. Huge change. Inhaling up and center one more to reach my mom back and centered.

Slide the feet together. Just round yourself over looking for the stretch. [inaudible] if you're holding on somewhere, let go and roll up. Separate your feet, the width of your mat. We'll go on down again for a stretch holding on somewhere and from wherever you landed. Encouragement. We talked about the front of the hipbones a moment ago. We won't look like much of a pole. The hip bones back into your body a little bit more so it might feel like perhaps I'm not even trying to straighten my spine. If anything, I'm, I'm not.

Um, it's almost, you're just pulling your abs up is really all I'm asking for. From there, wherever you're holding on, that's relatively comfortable changing the direction of the hip bones. You're going to reach the hip bones forward extending your spine on a diagonal. Now here you're going to have to lift your chest a little bit. I'm pretty sure your head will come into line at the last moment. Yeah, gorgeous.

Muffy and Mary and then re bend and do that again by pulling the hip bones back. If that que, if you might need to see it from the back of your body. Whatever works to have that subtle little shift in the pelvis to allow for these changes here at gums, lengthening the low back, the middle back, the upper back without coming off the sit bone. So there's still weight down and back and it starts from the low hipbones, perhaps even inner thighs you round over. Maybe you'll be able to climb yourself a little further forward. I don't know.

Let me check it out and as you inhale to flatten and draw the scapula down, shoulder blades down. Let's just see those positions challenging it. Okay. Either stay there or float the arms up right alongside the ears. Getting longer from the lowest part of your waist. Rotate to the front. Please. Inhale. You're welcome to put one hand down, but it'd be in the middle.

Exhale center. Notice that your legs don't change. Rotate to the back, leaning into it. Barely pull the hipbones backwards. A little Muffy just slightly tuck your pelvis ever so slightly. Yep, I want to, that's it. That's exactly it. And Center. Exactly it because you've got the flexibility there. We've got a control four. Excellent. Come back center. Can you challenge your stretch and round over?

[inaudible] ruling yourself up. I'm going to leave your upper back. Engage. If you need a low back stretch, you can take it, but otherwise lie on your side. Facing the front. [inaudible] I want you to just from where you were, just head there. So that's where you were headed there. Yeah. You don't have to flip, but you can.

I want you to stay exactly as you are. You are as unique. No, Mary, I'll switch Merritt switch. I seem to just switch. No, I, it's from me actually. Jennifer, she's perfect. Now we're all together and I'll sleep ball tonight. From there, reaching along through your legs all the way down. Deborah, for side lift.

Exhale to lift both legs. Try to fully relax your legs. So basically it's not going to look like much. Inhale as you then reach further to touch down, recommit to the abdominals. The legs are soft and they're just weighed against the center. That's good. And down. Inhale. Exhale to lift.

Yes. Are you telling me? Oh, okay. I'm all paranoid. I totally, totally. Well, someone told me around eight five. Okay. How about six? Six it is. Stay there. Reach your top leg. So that is in fact longer than your bottom leg. It's going to pull your hips out of alignment a little bit and then lift from there. One. And really from there, I mean her waist too. That's it. Three letting the leg be soft. Way Softer, way softer. It's here.

Oh, you're tight there too. Wow. Good for you for that's eight already. Good. Nine holding it up on 10 yes. And and then d just like Mary as so tip height. Yup. Bring the bottom leg up to match it. One whole. These are a little slower. Lift. Hold, squeeze. That's it.

Okay. Still more focused on the ABS. Last one I think up and hold it there. Can you make it any longer, longer, longer, longer, right. Keep the legs up. Help yourself up. Use the hand. I'm using the hand that was in the air. If you were having it in the air that come up to your forearm, like still up.

Okay. Swing the legs forward a little that the bottom one down. Lift out of your shoulder more and if you need to pull the elbow in more. Now do that sidekick. Here it comes forward. Kick, kick and back and press. Press. And back. Good. There are, you could make this more advanced by focusing on the valve balance, but let's just think of the important part. Keeping the hips and pelvis under control and reach. Reach, yes. Reach.

Stay back on this next one. Ah, no, one more. Thank you. Hold it there. This is great. I'm going to be symmetrical for the first time. Okay. Everybody just barely or a lot. Press your hips top, hip forward and the leg back. It actually should translate to not much changed except for me who needed to change something there. From there, press the thigh, the one in the air a little further back. It probably won't go right, so then you're going to bend the knee. Don't let the thigh come forward yet. Straighten it.

The thigh is still where it was and bib it. Pull it in again as if you're pulling against resistance. That's right. Sorry. And push an extend and bend and pull. Pull. I'm looking for hamstring, some glute push. One more time to straighten and then let's go to the other side. I'll stretch later. Okay, good. All the way down. Six 10 10 is a good idea sometimes is to get a lift of the lower waist. Now, and I don't necessarily mean literally, I actually don't. I can't clear space.

Some people can, but you, the idea that you're reaching already legs are soft. Check it out, somewhat subtle for you in help prepare, you might want your legs forward, married, tiny bit. Exhale to lift. Inhaling down and exhale to lift. It's as if I'm you. If I could I. You're doing this little tiny side bend basically all from right there.

Only your against gravity. Good feet basically relaxed, but I like how everyone's got them together. Check in with your back so you look good from here and you look good from the side views that I can see right now, but check that. Okay, next one, hold it there. Now you stretch the waist a little bit again so that if you're looking down at your feet, hopefully you can actually see your feet too by the way, that this top one gets longer. Now lift out and up one out in a two 35 if you took your fingers in there, you'd feel it.

Good. Two more. And then if your leg was getting high, just bring it down to hip height. Bring up that other leg with his line up through the inner size one and lift two. When you kick in the inner thighs in this kind of a position, it's real high potential that the low back muscles will start to take over and they're sneaky. So just kind of check for that. Sometimes you have to feel literally with your hand to see if there's action there. I want, I really, we can limit that to almost none. Here we go.

Bring it up, hold, stretch a little longer if you can, without tension in the feet. Keep them up as you help yourself that they don't have, even if they have to go down, keep the energy right. And then we brought the feet forward a little bit. We lifted ourselves out of the elbow, a tiny bit, top leg up and flex to kick forward pulse, pulse and swing holes and exhaling to in allowing that sense of the leg coming out of the hip. And now we say that all the time, but it's something I'm sort of refocusing on because of the tendency I see in myself and other people as they go back to grip and pull in. So let it be free. Find some different things given you about two more.

Hmm. Okay. Get there and hang out for a second. Check yourself. Are you pulling it in or can you really let it go? It's gonna feel a lot heavier if you let it go from there. We pressed back, we bent the knee, keeping the side on there and then we straightened it again and we're watching for what I was doing, which was rotating and dropping the ribs. Don't do that. You're fine. You're fine.

Grass looking for or resistance that you're creating for work to build the strength. Last one's coming. Wow. Big Difference. Okay, let it down and we're going to just sit up. You can just face the front for the moment. Soles are the feet together, sitting tall.

And since we did the one side is you're going to feel it more there right now. So just sort of rock gently side to side or you can stay still and press the knees down and emphasize one more than the other. That's not doing it for you. You can round over. That might do it for you. Another option, depending on your flexibility, would be to cross the legs and go over it. In which case you'd have to switch in a moment.

I'm going to give you about 30 more seconds. So pick, pick a stretch. If you were cross changed the cross gearing up for one more push. Let's take ourselves down to the forearms and the abdominals. Allow the elbows to come out from underneath you. So rather than being directly underneath you take them four or five inches more forward. I would like to do it where you can feel almost what definitely the lowest rib on the Mat. Yeah, if not a little higher.

Almost up to the where the sternum begins. All right. And if I, if you've gone low enough and you need your elbows wide, do like Andy, I think you're gonna want your elbows reach your legs off the back edge of your mat rather than just lifting them, reach them so you almost length and low back. Then they'll hover. Here we go. It's going to be kick, kick, kick, kick. Just keep that pattern going and we'll inhale for four, two, three, one and exhale two, three. So why I pulled you forward like this. I almost want you in a position where you don't need your arms at all.

Don't take them off cause we're all too high for that. But the idea that what really is holding you up here is your upper back muscles, not your lower back muscles. They're working two but not a lot. Give it one more pass and we'll take that both knees together. Slide your arms down, turn your heads to the front of the room. We're doing double leg kick. Grab onto fingers or laced fingers.

Does anybody want to tell or a theraband so you have more space? We're good. All right, hands are high. Shoulders are down. Elbows try for the floor, but gently and carefully we go kicking your feet to your glutes. One, two, three. Inhale, straighten legs and arms. Head down, turn face the other way. Kick oh one kick to kick three and stretching straight and I'm going to go a little slower for next two for. Here's why. When you kick, you should feel the front of your hip pinned to the ground. Then Straight and change. So do not let the button come up at all. Two, three and straight in good work.

And let's do last two little quicker and all one, two, three and stir and and stretch. Let the tops of your feet go to the floor, the abdominals that literally try to pull them off the ground. Not working for me, but I'm trying and it really helps my back from their raise the arms one and bring them down. Keep your head forward maybe slightly looking down too. If you're not liking, holding on, just undo the hands and recheck. It's fine. Head down just a little bit long. Just a little. Yup. On the next one everybody let go. Turn the palms over so they face the ground.

Re pull up on the abdominal, feel the pubic bone more on the floor, maybe keep rotating the arms of the thumbs end up at the ceiling. You can lower your upper body a bit. Raise the arms again, everybody keep raising them until you have to bring them overhead and down. Rest Larry's job. When it's when you feel ready to come up to your rest position. [inaudible] and then come to a comfortable seated position. If you like, just feel like being on your knees. You can be underneath. I'm just going to finish with a little neck role sort of.

And you can truly sit however you want. If it's not here, instead on Cadillac if you want. Alright. All I want to do is find your spine again. Take a couple of deep breaths here and then let your left ear go to your left shoulder. Just drop it and just notice if your whole body wants to go with it. And rather keep it upright. Take your right hand to the floor or the opposite hand to the floor, maintaining your height. Just walk the fingers away just a little bit, just so you feel a sense of length through the side and be gentle with this.

Keep what you've got going on. Turn your face down. So you're looking at thigh, just another option is so from there, take your face and just look up in the corner. So I didn't lift my head, I just took my eyes and look to the opposite corner. I was looking down to the right. It turned my face and eyes up into the left. One of those will probably feel better for you. Go to the one that does or look for one that might feel even better than that. And then eventually let your head just fall to the center. Pick it back up and switch right here to right shoulder, left hand off, walking it away, breathing at a rate that feels comfortable to you yet supportive.

And then the first one we did was we just took our gaze down. We took everything with it toward the thigh. That right there you'll find too, the inhale, the inspiration can often release through the neck, right? That's partly what they're there for, those muscles, so if they get tight, makes it hard to take those deep breaths. If you'd like, you can change the gaze to looking up. If that does nothing for you, go back where you were or find a spot for you meant to feel good. Don't work too hard and eventually settle back in the center to pick your head up. Sitting tall for two deep breaths would be sort background of feeling good about the time you took for yourself again. That was a good one. Whoever did that one. I'm doing that too.

Yeah. Thanks for coming.


Another great workout. I really liked the side floor work towards the end - very intense! Thanks.
Hi Kristi. Any chance you could offer this class in low def??? It looks like a nice feel good workout.
HI Susan! So Sorry! This one slipped by. It has been "up" for a year and a half like this unbeknownst to us! Thank you for letting me know about it. I have fixed it so it is offerred in all resolutions. I hope you like it.
Thanks Kristi. Still won't play for me... all other classes are playing fine. Is there anything else I can do???
I'll see what Ted or Perry can find out...Sorry.

Hi Susan,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The low and medium formats have been added and they both played correctly for me so they should work for you now.
Success!!! Thank you Perry and Kristi. Some great stretches in that class. It was worth the wait!!!
Phew!! Thank you for your patience!

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